EHI Export

TruBridge EHR v2106 Overview

The TruBridge EHR Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export feature allows users to generate a data extract containing all Protected Health Information (PHI) stored in the TruBridge EHR for a single patient or a population of patients. The export generates four main categories of data:


Category Description
Clinical Data The clinical data export consists of ancillary transcriptions, medical records transcriptions, electronic forms, medication history, point of care documentation and prescribing messages.
Full Database Export The complete TruBridge EHR database is exported into a JSON formatted file including table, field, description and data. This format is described in depth.
Images and Documents The exported files are produced from stored digital signature files, scanned images and documents exported from the document management system.
Insurance and Eligibility The exported files consist of XML message files generated during the request and response processing of insurance eligibility transactions, real time benefit processing and electronic prior authorization determinations.

File Naming Convention

The TruBridge EHR EHI Export process produces files that follow a common file naming convention.

Key Description
RepoCode A storage location and/or category of the TruBridge EHR document source
SPID A TruBridge EHR identifier
PROFILE A TruBridge EHR patient identifier
VISIT A TruBridge EHR encounter identifier
TITLE A specific document title
CREATIONDATE The date of document creation
CREATIONTIME The time of document creation
KEY A unique document identifier