EHI Export

EHI Export Database Output Format

The TruBridge EHR platform database table export program generates a file in JSON format.

Table of contents

1. Database Output File Naming Scheme

2. JSON File Output Format Definition

3. Table and Field Name Definitions

Database Output File Naming Scheme

profile-<profile number>.json
visit-<visit number>.json

JSON File Output Definition

   "Patient": [
      "facility":"facility name",
      "table:" [
         "field": [
         "data": [

Table and Field Definitions

Table: abn

Description: Abn


Name Description
abn_prof_spid Profile Spid
abn_signed Signed
abn_visit_id Visit Number
abn_status Abn Status
abn_ubl Ubl
abn_prof_c_profilenum Profile C Profile Num
abn_date Date
abn_prof_cpsiarid Profile Cpsi Accounts Receivable Id
abn_sch5appt_id Scheduling Id
abn_print_type Abn Print Type
abn_time Time
abn_engine_ver Engine Version
abn_id Serial Key
abn_db_ver Db Version

Table: account_card

Description: Account card


Name Description
acc_cof_id Acc cof id
acc_arid Acc arid
acc_account Acc account
acc_id Acc id

Table: accounts_payable_images

Description: Scanned Images Accounts Payable


Name Description
apimg_acct Image 3 Company Vendor Number
apimg_fidx_key Image 3 Fidx-Key
apimg_dt Image 3 Stored Date
apimg_title Image 3 Title
apimg_num Image 3 Document Num
apimg_opt Image 3 Optical Disk
apimg_memo Image 3 Memo
apimg_storagenum Image 3 Storage Num
apimg_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: ack_order_or_result_messages

Description: Order Result Messages


Name Description
aoorm_order_no Order Num
aoorm_a_name Ack Emp Name
aoorm_msgid1orignum Msg Body Text Orig Num
aoorm_s_init Signed In Emp Init
aoorm_phylnk Tty Device Type
aoorm_clo3acktm Clord Key Ack Time
aoorm_a_num Ack Emp Num
aoorm_msgid1note Aoorm msgid1note
aoorm_clo3ackdt Clord Key Ack Date
aoorm_stat Stat Line Sub
aoorm_s_time Sending Time
aoorm_msgid1com_e_init Msg Body Text Com E Init
aoorm_text_l3 Oe Ques Line Sub3
aoorm_cancel Can Line Sub
aoorm_text_l2 Oe Ques Line Sub2
aoorm_text2 Aoorm text2
aoorm_s_num Signed In Emp Num
aoorm_form Req Form Flag
aoorm_s_tty Sending Tty
aoorm_msgid1sch Msg Body Text Sch
aoorm_text_l4 Oe Ques Line Sub4
aoorm_time Msg Time Created
aoorm_s_name Signed In Emp Name
aoorm_status Current Msg Status
aoorm_clo3seq Clord Key Ack Sequence
aoorm_a_time Ack Time
aoorm_tty Msg Mail Terminal
aoorm_a_date Ack Date
aoorm_msgid1pname Pat Name
aoorm_s_dnum Sending Dept
aoorm_need_by Sched Line Sub
aoorm_msgid1room Room Number
aoorm_msgid1proc Procedure Description
aoorm_a_init Ack Emp Init
aoorm_arid Aoorm arid
aoorm_a_dnum Ack Dept
aoorm_text_l1 Oe Ques Line Sub1
aoorm_remote Ref Lab Flag
aoorm_date Msg Date Created
aoorm_s_date Sending Date
aoorm_msgid1pnum Account Number

Table: ack_phys_office_result_msgs

Description: Order Result Messages


Name Description
aporm_s_num Signed In Emp Num
aporm_text_l1 Oe Ques Line Sub1
aporm_arid Accounts Receivable Id
aporm_a_dnum Ack Dept
aporm_clo3seq Clord Key Ack Sequence
aporm_a_num Ack Emp Num
aporm_s_init Signed In Emp Init
aporm_s_name Signed In Emp Name
aporm_phylnk Tty Device Type
aporm_form Req Form Flag
aporm_a_name Ack Emp Name
aporm_msgid1orignum Msg Body Text Orig Num
aporm_s_date Sending Date
aporm_status Current Msg Status
aporm_text_l3 Oe Ques Line Sub3
aporm_remote Ref Lab Flag
aporm_s_tty Sending Tty
aporm_clo3ackdt Clord Key Ack Date
aporm_a_time Ack Time
aporm_stat Stat Line Sub
aporm_a_date Ack Date
aporm_s_time Sending Time
aporm_text2 Aporm text2
aporm_need_by Sched Line Sub
aporm_s_dnum Sending Dept
aporm_msgid1pname Msg Body Text Pat Name
aporm_time Msg Time Created
aporm_msgid1proc Msg Body Text Proc
aporm_text_l2 Oe Ques Line Sub2
aporm_msgid1pnum Msg Body Text Pat Num
aporm_msgid1sch Msg Body Text Sch
aporm_msg7phylink_id Msg Link Id
aporm_text_l4 Oe Ques Line Sub4
aporm_msgid1note Aporm msgid1note
aporm_a_init Ack Emp Init
aporm_clo3acktm Clord Key Ack Time
aporm_cancel Can Line Sub
aporm_date Msg Date Created
aporm_msg7phylink_cs Msg Link Csnum
aporm_msgid1room Msg Body Text Room
aporm_order_no Order Num
aporm_msgid1com_e_init Msg Body Text Com E Init

Table: advanced_beneficiary_code_information

Description: Advanced Beneficiary Code Information


Name Description
clabn2_status Cpt Status
clabn2_cptcd Cpt Code
clabn2_time Advanced Beneficiary Time
clabn2_freqcd Cpt Frequency Code
clabn2_mn2status Coverage Status
clabn2_num Visit Number
clabn2_mn2covgtype Coverage Type
clabn2_cptdesc Cpt Description
clabn2_arid Accounts Receivable Id
clabn2_freq Cpt Frequency
clabn2_price Item Price
clabn2_phy_price Item Physician Price
clabn2_seq Record Sequence
clabn2_date Advanced Beneficiary Date

Table: advanced_beneficiary_notice

Description: Advanced Beneficiary Notice


Name Description
clabn1_error Diagnosis Code Error
clabn1_date Advanced Beneficiary Date
clabn1_signed Advanced Beneficiary Notice Signed
clabn1_num Visit Number
clabn1_init Advanced Beneficiary Notice Initials
clabn1_diagcd Diagnosis Code
clabn1_diag_desc Diagnosis Code Description
clabn1_prsw Advanced Beneficiary Notice Printed
clabn1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
clabn1_time Advanced Beneficiary Time

Table: advanced_beneficiary_notice_change

Description: Advanced Beneficiary Notice Changes


Name Description
clabn3_arid Accounts Receivable Id
clabn3_signed Advanced Beneficiary Notice Signed
clabn3_date Advanced Beneficiary Date
clabn3_prsw Advanced Beneficiary Notice Printed
clabn3_num Visit Number
clabn3_init Advanced Beneficiary Notice Initials
clabn3_reason Advanced Beneficiary Notice Reason Code
clabn3_time Advanced Beneficiary Time

Table: adverse_drug_reaction

Description: Event Record


Name Description
adr2_freq Adr2 freq
adr2_phy Adr2 phy
adr2_therapyto Adr2 therapyto
adr2_lot Adr2 lot
adr2_test Adr2 test
adr2_pat Adr2 pat
adr2_outcomes Adr2 outcomes
adr2_route Adr2 route
adr2_abated Adr2 abated
adr2_exp Adr2 exp
adr2_dose Adr2 dose
adr2_therapyfr Adr2 therapyfr
adr2_init Adr2 init
adr2_otherhist Adr2 otherhist
adr2_date Adr2 date
adr2_indication Adr2 indication
adr2_recurred Adr2 recurred
adr2_event Adr2 event
adr2_time Adr2 time
adr2_other Adr2 other
adr2_arid Adr2 arid
adr2_title Adr2 title
adr2_drug Adr2 drug

Table: age_of_majority_registration_log

Description: Age of majority registration log


Name Description
aomr_arid Aomr arid
aomr_profilenum Aomr profilenum
aomr_ack_ts Aomr ack ts
aomr_logname Aomr logname
aomr_spid Aomr spid
aomr_removal_ts Aomr removal ts
aomr_email Aomr email

Table: algver1

Description: Patient Allergy Verification Info


Name Description
algv1_del_ver_emp_num Delete Verifying Employee Number
algv1_del_ver_phy_sw Delete Verifing Physician Employee Type
algv1_emp_pr Entering Employee Pr
algv1_emp_num Entering Employee Number
algv1_del_phy_sw Deleting Physician Employee Type
algv1_del_ver_phy_low Delete Verifiying If Physician
algv1_del_date Date Delete Placed
algv1_del_ver_emp_co Delete Verifying Employee Co
algv1_ver_phy_sw Verifying Physician Employee Type
algv1_ver_phy_low Verifying If Physician
algv1_algcd Alergy Code
algv1_phy_sw Verifying Physician Employee Type
algv1_del_emp_co Deleting Employee Co
algv1_ver_emp_num Verifying Employee Number
algv1_ver_emp_co Verifying Employee Co
algv1_phy_low Entering Physician Number Low
algv1_del_phy_low Deleting If Physician
algv1_del_ver_date Date Delete Verified
algv1_del_time Time Delete Place
algv1_merge Merge Allergy Versions
algv1_react Reaction Code
algv1_ver_emp_pr Verifying Employee Pr
algv1_patnum Patient Number
algv1_del_ver_time Time Delete Verified
algv1_severity Allergy Severity
algv1_emp_co Entering Employee Co
algv1_time Time Created
algv1_ver_time Time Verified
algv1_del_phy_num Deleting Physician Number
algv1_arid Algv1 arid
algv1_type Record Type
algv1_ver_phy_num Verifying Physician Number
algv1_del_ver_emp_pr Delete Verifying Employee Pr
algv1_priority Allergy Priority
algv1_del_ver_phy_num Delete Verifying Physician Number
algv1_ver_date Date Verified
algv1_del_emp_pr Deleting Employee Pr
algv1_phy_num Entering Physician Number
algv1_del_emp_num Deleting Employee Number
algv1_date Date Created

Table: algver2

Description: Patient Allergy Verification Info 2


Name Description
algv2_phy_low Creating If Physician
algv2_merge Merge Alergy Versions
algv2_time Time Created
algv2_date Date Created
algv2_arid Algv2 arid
algv2_patnum Patient Number
algv2_emp_co Creating Employee Co
algv2_emp_num Creating Employee Number
algv2_phy_sw Creating Physician Employee Type
algv2_type Record Type
algv2_algcd Allergy Code
algv2_phy_num Creating Physician Number
algv2_emp_pr Creating Employee Pr

Table: allergies1

Description: Patient Allergy Record


Name Description
alg1_enter_ubl Allergies Entry Ubl
alg1_severity Severity Code
alg1_del_ver_phy_num Deleted Verify Physician Number
alg1_inact_date Allergies Inactive Date
alg1_priority Priority Code
alg1_del_time Allergy Deleted Time
alg1_del_ver_emp_pr Deleted Verify Employee Payroll Type
alg1_patnum Person Profile Number
alg1_last_updated Allergies Last Updated Timestamp
alg1_emp_num Employee Number
alg1_time Allergy Entry Time
alg1_del_emp_pr Deleting Employee Payroll Type
alg1_algcd Allergy Code
alg1_clinrec_import Alg1 clinrec import
alg1_ver_emp_num Verifying Employee Id
alg1_inact_ubl Allergies Inactivating Ubl
alg1_rmvd_ubl Allergies Removal Ubl
alg1_ver_emp_co Verifying Employee Company
alg1_spid Shared Profile Id
alg1_source Allergies Source
alg1_ndfrt Alg1 ndfrt
alg1_del_ver_phy_sw Deleted Verify Physician Employee Type
alg1_ver_phy_num Verifying Physician Number
alg1_del_emp_num Deleting Employee Id Number
alg1_del_ver_phy_low Deleted Verify If Physician
alg1_ver_phy_sw Verifying Physician Employee Type
alg1_merge Merge Duplication Check
alg1_del_phy_sw Deleting Physician Employee Type
alg1_del_phy_low Deleting If Physician
alg1_severity_desc Allergies Severity Description
alg1_del_ver_emp_num Deleted Verify Employee Id Number
alg1_phy_num Physician Number
alg1_del_ver_date Deleted Verify Date
alg1_phy_low If Physician Check
alg1_inact_time Allergies Inactive Time
alg1_react Allergy Reaction Code
alg1_onset_dt Allergy Onset Date
alg1_emp_co Employee Company Code
alg1_phy_sw Physician Employee Type Switch
alg1_del_date Allergy Deleted Date
alg1_ver_date Allergy Verified Date
alg1_date Allergy Entry Date
alg1_arid Allergies Arid
alg1_severity_snomed Allergy Reaction Severity Snomed Code
alg1_snomed Alg1 snomed
alg1_emp_pr Employee Payroll Code
alg1_ver_time Allergy Verified Time
alg1_rxnorm Allergen Rxnorm
alg1_ver_phy_low Verifying If Physician
alg1_medrt Allergies Medrt Code
alg1_del_ver_time Deleted Verify Time
alg1_type Allergy Type Code
alg1_del_ver_emp_co Deleted Verify Employee Company Code
alg1_del_phy_num Deleting Physician Number
alg1_ver_emp_pr Verifying Employee Payroll Code
alg1_del_emp_co Deleting Employee Company Code

Table: allergies2

Description: Patient Allergy Record 2


Name Description
alg2_emp_num Followup Employee Id Number
alg2_emp_co Followup Employee Company Code
alg2_spid Shared Profile Id
alg2_merge Merge Duplication Check
alg2_emp_pr Followup Employee Payroll Type
alg2_phy_sw Followup Physician Employee Type
alg2_patnum 10 Digit Social Security Number
alg2_date Followup Verify Date
alg2_type Allergy Type
alg2_time Followup Verify Time
alg2_phy_num Followup Physician Number
alg2_phy_low Followup If Physician
alg2_algcd Allergy Code

Table: allergy_intolerance

Description: Allergy intolerance


Name Description
algint_onset_range_low_value Algint onset range low value
algint_onset_age Algint onset age
algint_onset_range_low_unit_code Algint onset range low unit code
algint_verified_concept_uuid Algint verified concept uuid
algint_code_concept_uuid Algint code concept uuid
algint_onset_age_unit Algint onset age unit
algint_timestamp Algint timestamp
algint_asserter_ref_uuid Algint asserter ref uuid
algint_onset_period_end Algint onset period end
algint_onset_range_high_value Algint onset range high value
algint_onset_range_low_unit Algint onset range low unit
algint_last_occurrence Algint last occurrence
algint_patient_id Algint patient id
algint_asserter_id Algint asserter id
algint_patient_ref_uuid Algint patient ref uuid
algint_onset_range_high_uri Algint onset range high uri
algint_onset_string Algint onset string
algint_onset_range_high_unit Algint onset range high unit
algint_recorder_ref_uuid Algint recorder ref uuid
algint_onset_timestamp Algint onset timestamp
algint_encounter_id Algint encounter id
algint_criticality Algint criticality
algint_onset_range_high_unit_code Algint onset range high unit code
algint_onset_range_low_uri Algint onset range low uri
algint_onset_period_start Algint onset period start
algint_recorder_type Algint recorder type
algint_onset_precision Algint onset precision
algint_status_concept_uuid Algint status concept uuid
algint_type Algint type
algint_arid Algint arid
algint_spid Algint spid
algint_recorder_id Algint recorder id
algint_last_occur_precision Algint last occur precision
algint_onset_type Algint onset type
algint_uuid Algint uuid
algint_encounter_ref_uuid Algint encounter ref uuid
algint_asserter_type Algint asserter type

Table: allergy_verification_change_history

Description: Allergy Verification Change History


Name Description
alrg1_dreac Alrg1 dreac
alrg1_type Alrg1 type
alrg1_food Alrg1 food
alrg1_alrgtype Alrg1 alrgtype
alrg1_empnum Alrg1 empnum
alrg1_location Alrg1 location
alrg1_empname Alrg1 empname
alrg1_num Alrg1 num
alrg1_prog Alrg1 prog
alrg1_time Alrg1 time
alrg1_arid Alrg1 arid
alrg1_empinit Alrg1 empinit
alrg1_dalcd Alrg1 dalcd
alrg1_date Alrg1 date
alrg1_seq Alrg1 seq

Table: alternating_dose_additive

Description: Alternating Dose Additive Record


Name Description
ada_seq Key Sequence Number
ada_add_sub Additive Subscript
ada_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ada_ipanum Visit Number
ada_add Additive Information
ada_ipbad_seq Ipb Alternating Dose Sequence Number

Table: alternating_dose_global

Description: Alternating Dose Global Record


Name Description
adg_firstdosedt First Dose Date
adg_stop_init Stop Initials
adg_ipanum Visit Number
adg_stop_time Stop Time
adg_alt_freq Component Frequency
adg_sfreq Standard Frequency
adg_start_date Start Date
adg_volume Volume
adg_ipbad_seq Ip Bad Sequence Number
adg_start_time Start Time
adg_stop_date Stop Date
adg_freq Frequency
adg_start_init Start Initials
adg_decflowrate Decimal Flow Rate
adg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
adg_add_sub Additive Subscript
adg_time Dose Time
adg_intflowrate Flow Rate
adg_seq Key Sequence Number
adg_firstdosetm First Dose Time
adg_stop_code Stop Code

Table: ancillary_orders_pat_index

Description: Patient Orders


Name Description
orp_testnum Patient Order Test Number
orp_rec Patient Order Number
orp_seq Key Sequence Number
orp_num Patient Number
orp_arid Accounts Receivable Id
orp_com_dt Patient Order Complete Date
orp_date Patient Order Date

Table: ancillary_purged_orders

Description: Purged Ancillary Orders


Name Description
dbord_or1combtrans Combined Transcription Flag
dbord_or1stop_tm Order Stop Time
dbord_or1rptloc Order Report Location
dbord_or1coldt Collect Date
dbord_or1rad_exam_strt_date Exam Start Date
dbord_or1examroom Order Exam Room Code
dbord_or1recdt Order Received Date
dbord_or1dict_dt Order Dictated Date
dbord_or1resultimage Order Result Image Flag
dbord_or1text1 Order Entry Question Line 1
dbord_arpname Patient Name
dbord_or1clo3acktm Chartlink Order Acknowledged Time
dbord_or1dict_tm Order Dictated Time
dbord_or1coltm Order Collect Time
dbord_or1com_tm Order Complete Time
dbord_or1time Order Time
dbord_or1ns Ordering Department
dbord_or1stat Order Stat Flag
dbord_or1origord Original Order Number
dbord_or1loinc Loinc Code
dbord_or1rad_exam_end_init Ended Exam Initials
dbord_or1reflab_init Sent To Ref Lab Initials
dbord_or1text2 Order Entry Question Line 2
dbord_or1colinit Order Collect Initials
dbord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
dbord_clinic_arid Dbord clinic arid
dbord_or1stop_dt Order Stop Date
dbord_or1signdt Order Signed Date
dbord_ip1room Patient Room
dbord_or1chg_gl Order Charge Gl
dbord_or1chg_tm Order Charge Time
dbord_or1freq Order Frequency
dbord_or1credit_emp_init Order Credited By Initials
dbord_or1phychg Order Physician Charge
dbord_or1transcribe Order Transcribe Flag
dbord_or1signtm Order Signed Time
dbord_or1freqcd Order Frequency
dbord_or1modality Order Modality
dbord_or1rad_exam_end_time Exam End Time
dbord_or1ifrslttrxdt Result Transmit Date
dbord_or1cancel_reason Order Cancel Reason
dbord_or1clo3ackdt Chartlink Order Acknowledged Date
dbord_or1examtype Order Exam Type Code
dbord_or1phy Ordering Physician
dbord_or1result1 Order Entry Question Line 3
dbord_or1has_images Order Has Image Flag
dbord_or1chgqty Order Charge Quantity
dbord_or1xrn Xray Number
dbord_or1stop_e_init Order Stopped By Initials
dbord_arpsex Patient Gender
dbord_or1remote_item Remote Site Item Number
dbord_or1recinit Order Received Initials
dbord_or1verbal Verbal Flag
dbord_ar0s_type Patient Subtype
dbord_or1remote_ord Remote Order Number
dbord_or1mpmpatnum Mpm Patient Number
dbord_or1result2 Order Entry Question Line 4
dbord_or1bodysnomedcd Body Site Snomed Code
dbord_or1remote_site Remote Site Code
dbord_or1chg_rate Order Charge Rate
dbord_or1stop_cd Order Stop Code
dbord_or1signinit Order Signed Initials
dbord_or1com_e_init Order Completed By Initials
dbord_or1p_type Order Patient Type Code
dbord_or1testnum Test Number
dbord_or1num Order Number
dbord_or1mpmadir Mpm Directory Code
dbord_or1procsnomedcd Procedure Snomed Code
dbord_or1rectm Order Received Time
dbord_or1reflab_time Sent To Ref Lab Time
dbord_or1cat Order Batch Category
dbord_or1cr_dt Order Credited Date
dbord_or1reflexord Reflexed Order Flag
dbord_auc_uuid Dbord auc uuid
dbord_or1cr_tm Order Credited Time
dbord_or1mpmactnum Mpm Action Number
dbord_ip1species Species Code
dbord_or1start_tm Order Start Time
dbord_or1e_init Ordering Employee Initials
dbord_or1isol Isolation Flag
dbord_or1clo3seq Chartlink Order Key Sequence
dbord_or1chorderserial Clinical History Orders Serial Key
dbord_or1pat Patient Number
dbord_or1inbclinord Clinic Inbound Switch
dbord_or1rad_exam_end_date Exam End Date
dbord_or1chg_dt Order Charge Date
dbord_or1sws Order Control Switches
dbord_or1testdesc Test Description
dbord_or1start_dt Order Start Date
dbord_or1resinit Order Resulting Initials
dbord_or1rad_exam_strt_time Exam Start Time
dbord_or1rad_exam_strt_init Exam Start Initials
dbord_or1phyc Order Physician Code
dbord_or1com_dt Order Complete Date
dbord_or1reflab_date Sent To Ref Lab Date
dbord_or1value Order Value Amount
dbord_or1date Order Date

Table: appointment_scheduling_index

Description: Appointment Scheduling


Name Description
schedxp_statusdate Schedule Status Changed Date
schedxp_init Schedule Initials
schedxp_fee_tkt Schedule Feeticket
schedxp_8digit Profile Number
schedxp_status Schedule Status
schedxp_time Schedule Time
schedxp_arpname Schedule Patient Name
schedxp_date Schedule Date
schedxp_arid Schedxp arid
schedxp_code Schedule Appointment Code
schedxp_act1seq Schedule Action Sequence
schedxp_dura Schedule Appointment Duration
schedxp_statustime Schedule Status Changed Time
schedxp_statuscomm Schedule Status Changed Comment
schedxp_comment Schedule Comment
schedxp_seq Schedule Sequence
schedxp_phone Schedule Phone
schedxp_phy Schedule Physician

Table: appropriate_use_criteria

Description: Appropriate Use Criteria Record.


Name Description
auc_req_cpt_code Auc req cpt code
auc_logname Auc logname
auc_mods Auc mods
auc_consult_ts Auc consult ts
auc_sel_cpt_code Auc sel cpt code
auc_arid Auc arid
auc_score Auc score
auc_cdsm_gcode Auc cdsm gcode
auc_req_procedure Auc req procedure
auc_cdsm_seqnum Auc cdsm seqnum
auc_id Auc id
auc_item_num Auc item num
auc_sel_procedure Auc sel procedure
auc_consult_id Auc consult id
auc_scoretext Auc scoretext
auc_entry_type Auc entry type
auc_visit_num Auc visit num
auc_phy_npi Auc phy npi

Table: appropriate_use_criteria_history

Description: Appropriate use criteria history


Name Description
auch_req_cpt_code Auch req cpt code
auch_cdsm_seqnum Auch cdsm seqnum
auch_req_procedure Auch req procedure
auch_cdsm_gcode Auch cdsm gcode
auch_arid Auch arid
auch_phy_npi Auch phy npi
auch_consult_ts Auch consult ts
auch_score Auch score
auch_visit_num Auch visit num
auch_entry_type Auch entry type
auch_logname Auch logname
auch_scoretext Auch scoretext
auch_id Auch id
auch_item_num Auch item num
auch_consult_id Auch consult id
auch_sel_procedure Auch sel procedure
auch_mods Auch mods
auch_sel_cpt_code Auch sel cpt code

Table: ar_charge

Description: Patient Charge Information. Most Of The Fields Will Be Found On A Patient'S Account Detail After A Charge Is Posted.


Name Description
arch_misc_ola Charge Miscellaneous
arch_chgtype Account Detail, Type Column.
arch_element Charge Element Position
arch_init Initials Of Who Posted The Charge. Found In The Account Detail Under Code Column When You Press The \Iniitials\ Button.
arch_arid Deals With The Facility The Charge Was Posted In.
arch_cahlevelofcare Chrg Critical Access Level Of Care Value
arch_splitlevelofcare Charge Split Level Of Care
arch_3mchgflg 3m Charge Flag
arch_order Charge Order Or Ews Event Number
arch_type Charge Code Record Type
arch_visit_key Charge Visit Key
arch_subcomp Charge Subcomp Code
arch_narcctl Charge Narcotic Control Number
arch_sumcd Charge Summary Code
arch_arxseq Charge Record Sequence
arch_or_dept Charge Order Dept
arch_date Account Detail, Ar Date Column
arch_gl Gl Associated With Item Being Charged. Gl Is Loaded On P3 Of The Item Master For The Specific Item.
arch_amt Located In The Account Detail, \Charge\ Collumn
arch_sdate Charge Service Date
arch_chgno Located In The Account Detail In The Chg/Rec# Column
arch_qty Charge Qty

Table: ar_charge_history

Description: Ar charge history


Name Description
archh_misc_ola Archh misc ola
archh_date Archh date
archh_type Archh type
archh_qty Archh qty
archh_subcomp Archh subcomp
archh_sumcd Archh sumcd
archh_sdate Archh sdate
archh_order Archh order
archh_gl Archh gl
archh_chgno Archh chgno
archh_splitlevelofcare Archh splitlevelofcare
archh_cahlevelofcare Archh cahlevelofcare
archh_3mchgflg Archh 3mchgflg
archh_init Archh init
archh_arid Archh arid
archh_amt Archh amt
archh_arxseq Archh arxseq
archh_chgtype Archh chgtype
archh_visit_key Archh visit key
archh_element Archh element
archh_narcctl Archh narcctl
archh_or_dept Archh or dept

Table: ar_file_index

Description: Ar File Index


Name Description
arfi_id_num Id Number
arfi_profilenum Profile Number
arfi_seq Record Sequence
arfi_id Id
arfi_appt_id Arfi appt id
arfi_ordernum Order Number
arfi_shared_prof Shared Profile
arfi_patordkey Arfi patordkey
arfi_id_company Company

Table: ar_high_value

Description: Ar High Value


Name Description
arhigh_arxnum Visit Number
arhigh_arid Deals With The Directory The Flar Process Took Place
arhigh_element Notates The \Position\ The Element Of Flar Took Place On The Account.
arhigh_arxseq Counts The Amount Of Flar Processes On The Account

Table: ar_high_value_history

Description: Ar High Value


Name Description
arhighh_element Arhighh element
arhighh_arxseq Arhighh arxseq
arhighh_arid Arhighh arid
arhighh_arxnum Arhighh arxnum

Table: ar_ltch_stay

Description: Ltch Interrupted Stay Log Information


Name Description
altch_disch_cond Ltch Discharge Condition
altch_visit_key Ltch Visit Number
altch_arxseq Ltch Record Sequence
altch_arid Accounts Receivable Id
altch_admit_date Ltch Admit Date
altch_date Ltch Date
altch_disch_code Ltch Discharge Code
altch_admit_init Ltch Admit Initials
altch_disch_init Ltch Discharge Initials
altch_facility Ltch Facility
altch_admit_cond Ltch Admit Condition
altch_disch_date Ltch Discharge Date
altch_admit_code Ltch Admit Code
altch_element Ltch Element Position

Table: ar_ltch_stay_history

Description: Ar ltch stay history


Name Description
altchh_arxseq Altchh arxseq
altchh_admit_code Altchh admit code
altchh_admit_date Altchh admit date
altchh_visit_key Altchh visit key
altchh_facility Altchh facility
altchh_disch_init Altchh disch init
altchh_disch_cond Altchh disch cond
altchh_admit_init Altchh admit init
altchh_element Altchh element
altchh_arid Altchh arid
altchh_disch_code Altchh disch code
altchh_admit_cond Altchh admit cond
altchh_date Altchh date
altchh_disch_date Altchh disch date

Table: ar_managed_care

Description: Ar managed care


Name Description
armc_arhdate Managed Care Date
armc_arxseq Managed Care Record Sequence
armc_subscrib_emp_code Managed Care Subscrbr Guar Employee Code
armc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
armc_patient_emp_code Managed Care Patient Employee Code
armc_element Managed Care Element Position
armc_visit_key Managed Care Visit Number
armc_spouse_emp_code Managed Care Spouse Employee Code

Table: ar_managed_care_history

Description: Ar managed care history


Name Description
armch_subscrib_emp_code Armch subscrib emp code
armch_arhdate Armch arhdate
armch_arxseq Armch arxseq
armch_spouse_emp_code Armch spouse emp code
armch_visit_key Armch visit key
armch_patient_emp_code Armch patient emp code
armch_arid Armch arid
armch_element Armch element

Table: ar_note

Description: Ar note


Name Description
arn_arxseq Notes Record Sequence
arn_misc Comments Miscellaneous
arn_note Comments Note
arn_initials Comments Initials
arn_code Comments Code
arn_date Comments Date
arn_visit_key Comments Care Visit Number
arn_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arn_element Notes Element Position

Table: ar_note_history

Description: Ar note history


Name Description
arnh_note Arnh note
arnh_element Arnh element
arnh_code Arnh code
arnh_misc Arnh misc
arnh_visit_key Arnh visit key
arnh_arxseq Arnh arxseq
arnh_date Arnh date
arnh_initials Arnh initials
arnh_arid Arnh arid

Table: ar_payment

Description: Ar payment


Name Description
arp_misc Payment Miscellaneous
arp_gl Payment General Ledger Number
arp_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arp_rtype Payment Receipt Code
arp_init Payment Initials
arp_date Payment Date
arp_ins Payment Insurance Code
arp_amt Payment Amount
arp_paycd_reject Payment Code
arp_recno Payment Receipt Number
arp_element Payment Element Position
arp_arxseq Payment Record Sequence
arp_visit_key Payments Care Visit Number
arp_set Payment Set Number

Table: ar_payment_history

Description: Ar payment history


Name Description
arph_element Arph element
arph_arxseq Arph arxseq
arph_visit_key Arph visit key
arph_date Arph date
arph_set Arph set
arph_ins Arph ins
arph_gl Arph gl
arph_misc Arph misc
arph_rtype Arph rtype
arph_recno Arph recno
arph_init Arph init
arph_paycd_reject Arph paycd reject
arph_arid Arph arid
arph_amt Arph amt

Table: ar_phy_charge

Description: Ar phy charge


Name Description
arphc_date Physician Charge Date
arphc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arphc_activity Home Health Contract Activity
arphc_pr_num Home Health Employee Payroll Number
arphc_desc Physician Charge Description
arphc_visit_key Home Health Care Visit Number
arphc_reason Home Health Contract Reason
arphc_costcenter Home Health Contract Cost Center
arphc_time_in Home Health Time In
arphc_phy Physician Charge Number
arphc_flag Home Health Flag
arphc_time_out Home Health Time Out
arphc_miles Home Health Miles
arphc_amt Physician Charge Amount
arphc_arxseq Sequential Number Of The Record This Charge Was Pulled From
arphc_element Physician Charge Element Position
arphc_paysource Home Health Contract Pay Source

Table: ar_phy_charge_history

Description: Ar phy charge history


Name Description
arphch_phy Arphch phy
arphch_visit_key Arphch visit key
arphch_desc Arphch desc
arphch_time_in Arphch time in
arphch_miles Arphch miles
arphch_paysource Arphch paysource
arphch_arid Arphch arid
arphch_time_out Arphch time out
arphch_activity Arphch activity
arphch_element Arphch element
arphch_costcenter Arphch costcenter
arphch_arxseq Arphch arxseq
arphch_reason Arphch reason
arphch_flag Arphch flag
arphch_date Arphch date
arphch_amt Arphch amt
arphch_pr_num Arphch pr num

Table: ar_room_charge

Description: Ar room charge


Name Description
arrc_arxseq Accounts Receivable Room Record Sequence
arrc_amt Room Amount
arrc_visit_key Room Visit Number
arrc_date Room Date
arrc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arrc_accomcd Room Accommodation Code
arrc_sdate Room Service Date
arrc_serv Room Service Code
arrc_ns Room Nursing Station
arrc_cahlevelofcare Room Critical Access Level Of Care Code
arrc_element Room Charge Element Position
arrc_cond Room Condition Code
arrc_typrm Room Type Code
arrc_gl Room General Ledger Number
arrc_room Room Number
arrc_init Room Initials
arrc_misc Room Miscellaneous
arrc_splitlevelofcare Room Split Level Of Care Code
arrc_ness Room Privateness Code
arrc_p_type Room Stay Type
arrc_sumcd Room Summary Code

Table: ar_room_charge_history

Description: Ar room charge history


Name Description
arrch_sumcd Arrch sumcd
arrch_splitlevelofcare Arrch splitlevelofcare
arrch_p_type Arrch p type
arrch_cond Arrch cond
arrch_arxseq Arrch arxseq
arrch_ns Arrch ns
arrch_sdate Arrch sdate
arrch_serv Arrch serv
arrch_arid Arrch arid
arrch_accomcd Arrch accomcd
arrch_element Arrch element
arrch_misc Arrch misc
arrch_cahlevelofcare Arrch cahlevelofcare
arrch_visit_key Arrch visit key
arrch_init Arrch init
arrch_gl Arrch gl
arrch_ness Arrch ness
arrch_room Arrch room
arrch_typrm Arrch typrm
arrch_date Arrch date
arrch_amt Arrch amt

Table: ari_admits

Description: Admit Or Discharge Index


Name Description
ariad_arinum Visit Number
ariad_aridate Admit Or Discharge Date
ariad_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: ari_discharges

Description: Admit Or Discharge Index


Name Description
aridc_aridate Admit Or Discharge Date
aridc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
aridc_arinum Visit Number

Table: ari_new_accounts

Description: Admit Or Discharge Index


Name Description
arina_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arina_aridate Admit Or Discharge Date
arina_arinum Visit Number

Table: ari_pre_admits

Description: Admit Or Discharge Index


Name Description
aripa_arinum Visit Number
aripa_aridate Admit Or Discharge Date
aripa_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: associated_diagnosis

Description: Associated Diagnosis Record


Name Description
assocdiag_code Grouper
assocdiag_desc Grouper
assocdiag_seq Grouper
assocdiag_type Grouper
Icd9=1 Icd10=2
assocdiag_poa Grouper
assocdiag_arid Accounts Receivable Id
assocdiag_visit_num Visit Number

Table: associated_items_parent_item

Description: Associated Items Parent Item


Name Description
labchgxr_assoc_itemnum Labchgxr assoc itemnum
labchgxr_chg_date Labchgxr chg date
labchgxr_arid Labchgxr arid
labchgxr_parent_item Labchgxr parent item
labchgxr_visitnum Labchgxr visitnum
labchgxr_chg_seq Labchgxr chg seq

Table: associated_procedure

Description: Associated Procedure


Name Description
assocproc_date Grouper > Proc
assocproc_type Grouper > Proc
Icd9=1 Icd10=2
assocproc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
assocproc_cpt4mod1 Cpt Modifier 1
assocproc_cpt4mod2 Cpt Modifier 2
assocproc_visit_num Visit Number
assocproc_phy Grouper > Proc
assocproc_seq Grouper > Proc
assocproc_cpt4mod3 Cpt Modifier 3
assocproc_cpt4mod4 Cpt Modifier 4
assocproc_desc Grouper > Proc
assocproc_code Grouper > Proc

Table: bad_vitals

Description: Out of range vitals


Name Description
badv_arid Accounts Receivable Id
badv_visit_id Visit Id
badv_type Vital Type
badv_key Vital Key

Table: blood_sugar_documentation

Description: Blood Sugar Documentation Key


Name Description
bsux_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
bsux_ss_com_rec Sliding Scale Comment Record Flag
bsux_orig_decdose Original Decimal Dose
bsux_action_cd Problem Action Code
bsux_ss_type Sliding Scale Type
bsux_moseq Problem Sequence
bsux_full_interv Full Intervention
bsux_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
bsux_action_tm Problem Action Time
bsux_ubl Bsu Ubl
bsux_date Entry Date
bsux_acctnum Visit Number
bsux_method Method
bsux_moedate Problem Entry Date
bsux_highlevel Alphanumeric Or Numeric High Level Value
bsux_historic Historic Account Flag
bsux_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
bsux_delete_tm Amend Delete Time
bsux_actual_tm Amend Actual Time
bsux_type Blood Sugar Type
bsux_action_seq Problem Action Sequence
bsux_origord Original Order Number
bsux_arid Accounts Receivable Id
bsux_site Site
bsux_time Entry Time
bsux_nurse Entering Nurse
bsux_super_amend_ubl Bsu Super Amend Ubl
bsux_super_amend Bsu Super Amend
bsux_late_chart Late Chart Flag
bsux_delete_dt Amend Delete Date
bsux_bolus2 Larger Bolus Field
bsux_witness_init Witness Initials
bsux_orig_dose Original Dose
bsux_dose Dose
bsux_ss_seq Sliding Scale Comment Sequence Number
bsux_mopatnum Problem Patient Number
bsux_bolus Bolus
bsux_clo7key Chartlink Order Type 7 Key
bsux_intervention Intervention
bsux_one_time One Time Switch
bsux_actionother Problem Action Other
bsux_actual_dt Amend Actual Date
bsux_ss_medorder Sliding Scale Medical Order Number
bsux_decdose Decimal Dose
bsux_probnum Problem Number
bsux_ss_itemtype Sliding Scale Item Type
bsux_method2 Method2
bsux_orig_bolus Original Bolus
bsux_given Given Medication Item Number
bsux_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
bsux_moetime Problem Entry Time
bsux_order Order Number
bsux_ss_title Sliding Scale Title
bsux_id Sql Sequence
bsux_medorder Medical Order Number
bsux_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
bsux_action_dt Problem Action Date

Table: callback

Description: Callbacks


Name Description
callback1_forwardubl Callback Forwarded By Ubl
callback1_serialkey Callback Key
callback1_item Callback Item Number
callback1_arxnum Callback Visit Number
callback1_status Callback Status
callback1_forwarddate Callback Forwarded Date
callback1_lastchangeubl Callback Last Changed Ubl
callback1_phynum Callback Physician Number
callback1_profilenum Callback Profile Number
callback1_enterdate Callback Entry Date
callback1_callmsg Callback Title
callback1_callphone Callback Phone Number
callback1_forwardphynum Callback Forward To Physician Number
callback1_forwardtime Callback Forwarded Time
callback1_lastchangetm Callback Last Changed Time
callback1_refillrequest Callback Refill Request Switch
callback1_lastchangedt Callback Last Changed Date
callback1_spid Callback Shared Profile Id
callback1_enterubl Callback Employee Ubl
callback1_arid Callback Visit Arid
callback1_entertime Callback Entry Time

Table: cancer_case_diagnosis

Description: Cancer case diagnosis


Name Description
ccd_pathologic_stager Ccd pathologic stager
ccd_primary_tumor_clinical Ccd primary tumor clinical
ccd_pathologic_stage_observation_date Ccd pathologic stage observation date
ccd_regional_lymph_nodes_pathologic Ccd regional lymph nodes pathologic
ccd_status Ccd status
ccd_distant_metastases_pathologic Ccd distant metastases pathologic
ccd_pathologic_stage Ccd pathologic stage
ccd_clinical_stager Ccd clinical stager
ccd_clinical_stage Ccd clinical stage
ccd_diagnosis Ccd diagnosis
ccd_pathologic_stage_descriptor Ccd pathologic stage descriptor
ccd_primary_site Ccd primary site
ccd_behavior Ccd behavior
ccd_clinical_stage_observation_date Ccd clinical stage observation date
ccd_clinical_stage_descriptor Ccd clinical stage descriptor
ccd_arid Ccd arid
ccd_grade Ccd grade
ccd_histologic_type Ccd histologic type
ccd_regional_lymph_nodes_clinical Ccd regional lymph nodes clinical
ccd_distant_metastases_clinical Ccd distant metastases clinical
ccd_primary_tumor_pathologic Ccd primary tumor pathologic
ccd_sent_dttm Ccd sent dttm
ccd_laterality Ccd laterality
ccd_version Ccd version
ccd_arxnum Ccd arxnum
ccd_diagnostic_confirmation Ccd diagnostic confirmation
ccd_coding_complete Ccd coding complete
ccd_disease_id Ccd disease id

Table: cancer_case_narrative

Description: Cancer case narrative


Name Description
ccn_social_history Ccn social history
ccn_medications_administered Ccn medications administered
ccn_arid Ccn arid
ccn_payers Ccn payers
ccn_medications Ccn medications
ccn_visit Ccn visit
ccn_cancer_diagnosis Ccn cancer diagnosis
ccn_vital_signs Ccn vital signs
ccn_assessment Ccn assessment
ccn_results Ccn results
ccn_problem Ccn problem
ccn_plan_of_treatment Ccn plan of treatment
ccn_family_history Ccn family history
ccn_procedures Ccn procedures

Table: care_plan_table

Description: Care Plan Data


Name Description
careplan_arid Arid Of Visit When Added To Plan Of Care.
careplan_last_mod_logname Last Modification User
careplan_last_mod_time Last Modification Time
careplan_entry_time Entry Time
careplan_entry_logname Entry User
careplan_prob_snomed Problem Snomed
careplan_entry_date Entry Date
careplan_status Status
careplan_serial Care Plan Id
careplan_visit_num Visit When Added To Plan Of Care
careplan_last_mod_date Last Modification Date
careplan_spid Shared Profile Id
careplan_profilenum Patient Profile Number

Table: careplan_medical_order_key

Description: Careplan medical order key


Name Description
cpmok_unverdept Cpmok unverdept
cpmok_seq Cpmok seq
cpmok_careplaninter_id Cpmok careplaninter id
cpmok_arid Cpmok arid
cpmok_patnum Cpmok patnum
cpmok_etime Cpmok etime
cpmok_edate Cpmok edate

Table: careplan_pharmacy_order_key

Description: Careplan pharmacy order key


Name Description
careplok_careplaninter_id Careplok careplaninter id
careplok_arid Careplok arid
careplok_ipaseq Careplok ipaseq
careplok_ipanum Careplok ipanum

Table: case_report

Description: Case report


Name Description
cr_create_ts Cr create ts
cr_content Cr content
cr_code Cr code
cr_arid Cr arid
cr_visit_id Cr visit id
cr_code_sys Cr code sys
cr_id Cr id

Table: ccda_job

Description: Ccda Jobs


Name Description
cj_status Cj status
cj_expired_ts Cj expired ts
cj_thrive_logname Cj thrive logname
cj_completed_ts Cj completed ts
cj_created_ts Cj created ts
cj_visit_id Cj visit id
cj_doc_type Cj doc type
cj_uuid Cj uuid
cj_file_path Cj file path
cj_arid Cj arid
cj_spec_version Cj spec version
cj_started_ts Cj started ts

Table: cds_action

Description: Cds Alert Actions


Name Description
cdsa_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cdsa_visit_num Visit Number
cdsa_status Status
cdsa_task_id Task Id
cdsa_time Time
cdsa_date Date
cdsa_logname Logname
cdsa_alert_measure_id Alert Measure Id

Table: census_address

Description: Census Addresses


Name Description
cnad_address3 Address Three
cnad_number Visit Number
cnad_address4 Address Four
cnad_phone Phone Number
cnad_address2 Address Two
cnad_cell Cell Phone Number
cnad_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cnad_state State
cnad_address5 Address Five
cnad_email Email Address
cnad_address1 Address One
cnad_country Country
cnad_zip Zip
cnad_city City
cnad_type Address Type

Table: census_associations

Description: Census Associations


Name Description
cnassoc_cg_decline_to_specify Cnassoc cg decline to specify
cnassoc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cnassoc_authrepprofilenum Authorized Rep Profile Number
cnassoc_authreprelation Authorized Rep Relationship
cnassoc_caregiverprofilenum Cnassoc caregiverprofilenum
cnassoc_patnum Visit Number

Table: census_service_log_change

Description: Census Service Log Changes


Name Description
cnchg_active Active
cnchg_time Field Changed Time
cnchg_initials Initials
cnchg_new2 Field Changed To 2
cnchg_newpt First Time Visit New Pt
cnchg_dt Change Date
cnchg_effdt Effective Date
cnchg_seq Change Seq
cnchg_field Type Field Changed
cnchg_new Field Changed To
cnchg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cnchg_num Visit Number
cnchg_orig Field Changed From
cnchg_xrn_new Mr Xray Changed To
cnchg_orig2 Field Changed From 2
cnchg_xrnorig Mr Xray Changed From

Table: census_transfer

Description: Transfer File


Name Description
tr1_type Record Type
tr1_date Transfer Date
tr1_init Employee Initials
tr1_hours Length Of Stay Hours
tr1_mins Length Of Stay Minutes
tr1_seq Sequence
tr1_time Transfer Time
tr1_newrm New Room
tr1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
tr1_newacc New Accommodation Code
tr1_prevns Previous Nursing Station
tr1_prevacc Previous Accommodation Code
tr1_patnum Patient Number
tr1_roomtype Room Type
tr1_days Length Of Stay Days
tr1_prevrm Previous Room
tr1_ubl Displays The Employee Login Effecting The Account.
tr1_stats_cnt Denotes If The \Counted In Ei Stats\ Prompt Was Acknowledged
tr1_reversed Reversed Indicator
tr1_newns New Nursing Station
tr1_action Denotes What Action Was Produced Via Adt Functions.
tr1_reason Reason For Transfer

Table: changelog_table

Description: Changelog Table


Name Description
chglog_field_id Field Change Identification
chglog_time Field Change Time
chglog_tmpordseq Temporary Order Sequence
chglog_action Field Change Action
chglog_src Field Change Source
chglog_comp Payroll Company
chglog_num Visit Number
chglog_value Field Change Value
chglog_eetype Employee Type
chglog_pr Payroll Type
chglog_arid Accounts Receivable Id
chglog_eenum Employee Number
chglog_phynum Physician Number
chglog_seq Key Sequence Number
chglog_date Field Change Date

Table: chart_communication

Description: Chart communication


Name Description
cc_serialkey Cc serialkey
cc_arxnum Cc arxnum
cc_status Cc status
cc_spid Cc spid
cc_profilenum Cc profilenum
cc_arid Cc arid

Table: chart_location

Description: Chart Location


Name Description
cloc_type Chart location type
cloc_init Chart location initials
cloc_drop Chart location drop
cloc_com2 Chart location comment 2
cloc_patnum Chart location visit number
cloc_num Chart location number
cloc_loc Chart location
cloc_arid Facility Id
cloc_date Chart location date
cloc_patname Chart location patient name
cloc_time Chart location time
cloc_com1 Chart location comment 1

Table: chartlink_orders

Description: Chartlink Orders


Name Description
clord_time Time
clord_clo8pcahidden_purge Hidden Purge
clord_clo5momdesc Category
clord_clo3durationqty Duration Quantity
clord_clo5dept Department
clord_hidden_redays Standing Order Reorder Days
clord_ad2addaltfreq Additive Alternate Frequency
clord_apriority Priority
clord_tempackbynursing Verify Acknowledge 2 By Nursing
clord_ad3myaltordgss Selected Alternating Order Group Seq
clord_pca_4hrlimit Pca 4hr Limit
clord_apca_4hrlimit Pca 4hr Limit
clord_ad3altordmednum Alternating Item Number
clord_clo3q3 Question 3
clord_clo5momitem2 Description Line 2
clord_clo7ipord Pharmacy Order Number
clord_clo8pca_infrate Infusion Rate
clord_pca_delay Pca Delay
clord_clo8ipseq Pharmacy Order Number
clord_clo7filler Filler Not Used
clord_from_physdoc From Physdoc Flag
clord_apca_delay Pca Delay
clord_achg Item Number
clord_clo2subtype Clo2 Sub Type
clord_lock_tbanum_low Is Physician Check
clord_priority Priority
clord_stop_init Stop Initials
clord_clo2link_next Next Link-Order
clord_clo8pcahidden_route Route
clord_apig_ivrate Piggy Iv Rate
clord_clo5momjetcode Jet To Code
clord_clo7sscalecomments Sliding Scale Comments
clord_clo3time Time
clord_clo5filler Filler Not Used
clord_pubkey_ele Signature Flphypublic Key Element
clord_clo3chg Item Number
clord_lock_user Record Lock User
clord_clo2stoptime Stop Time
clord_apca_infrate Pca Infusion Rate
clord_ahidden_redays Standing Order Reorder Days
clord_tempacktm Verify Acknowledge Time 2
clord_sigdt Signed Date
clord_afreq Frequency
clord_clo5momacuity Acuity
clord_alt_version Alternate Record Version
clord_clo7subtype Clo7 Sub Type
clord_clo5momseq Sequence Number
clord_clo3dept Department
clord_aaltmedsw Alternate Med Switch
clord_clo8pcahidden_protocol Hidden Protocol
clord_chg Item Number
clord_cosig_inprogress Cosignature In Progress Flag
clord_cosigtm Cosigned Time
clord_aivchg Iv Additive Item Number
clord_clo3q4 Question 4
clord_atype Clo1adata Type
clord_duration Duration
clord_lock_time Record Lock Time
clord_ad2addaltsched Additive Alternate Schedule
clord_pca_bolus Pca Bolus
clord_clo5momskillmix Skill Mix
clord_filler Filler Not Used
clord_cosigdt Cosigned Date
clord_clo3duration Duration
clord_cosig_dcreason Cosignature Dc Reason
clord_clo6nsmedokey Nursing Order Key
clord_aroute Route
clord_ageneric Generic
clord_clo5mompatcensus Patient Census Flag
clord_atime Time
clord_clo6subtype Clo6 Sub Type
clord_pubkey_seq Signature Flphypublic Key Sequence
clord_sigtm Signed Time
clord_clo3reptnums Send Report To Nums
clord_lock_phy_sw Employee Type
clord_readback Verbal Order Readback
clord_clo5date Date
clord_ahidden_maxqty Standing Order Max Quantity
clord_adate Date
clord_apca_padose Pca Pa Dose
clord_clo5type Clo5data Type
clord_verbal_order Verbal Order Type
clord_pca_padose Pca Dose
clord_clo8filler Filler Not Used
clord_hidden_maxqty Standing Order Max Quantity
clord_clo4startdate Start Date
clord_clo2starttime Start Time
clord_clo6stopdate Stop Date
clord_lock_tbanum Record Lock Physician Number
clord_date Date
clord_pca_protocol Pca Protocol
clord_clo3with_stat With Stat
clord_clo8subtype Clo8 Sub Type
clord_acmdata Clinical Monitoring Data
clord_clo8pca_bolus Bolus
clord_clo5momitem4 Description Line 4
clord_ack_init Verify Acknowledge Initials 1
clord_clo6type Clo6data Type
clord_clo3_maxdose Maximum Number Of Doses
clord_clo3days Days
clord_ahidden_standkey Standing Order Key
clord_clo3type Clo3data Type
clord_clo2startdate Start Date
clord_freq Frequency
clord_adose Dose
clord_on_hold Clord on hold
clord_iv_noniv_rate Rate
clord_acomment Comment
clord_clo3q1 Question 1
clord_ahidden_times Standing Order Times
clord_clo4procname Procedure Name
clord_clo8pca_syamt Sy Amt
clord_tempackinit Verify Acknowledge Initials 2
clord_phynum Physician Number
clord_clo4subtype Clo4 Sub Type
clord_clo6orderdesc Order Description
clord_clo2stopdate Stop Date
clord_clo5momitem5 Description Line 5
clord_apsdoverride Psd Override
clord_clo4starttime Start Time
clord_data2type Clo1data2 Type
clord_hidden_reqty Standing Order Reorder Quantity
clord_clo5time Time
clord_clo2medname Medication Name
clord_comment Comment
clord_clo3filler Filler Not Used
clord_cosig_pubkey_ele Cosignature Flphypublic Key Element
clord_acktm Verify Acknowledge Time 1
clord_clo2route Route
clord_ahidden_hrsstrt Clord ahidden hrsstrt
clord_clo6filler Filler Not Used
clord_clo5hidden_standkey Standing Order Key
clord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
clord_apca_syamt Pca Syamt
clord_hidden_standkey Standing Order Key
clord_clo5momitems Description Line 1
clord_cosig Electronic Cosignature Data
clord_neworderkeydata Order Key Data
clord_clo2type Clo2data Type
clord_lock_pr1num_x Employee Number
clord_clo5momhasgoals Has Goals Flag
clord_clo8pca_delay Delay
clord_cmdata Clinical Monitoring Data
clord_generic Generic
clord_clo2link_first First Link Order
clord_apca_route Pca Route
clord_apca_bolus Pca Bolus
clord_clo5mombox Box Number
clord_hidden_daysdisc Standing Order Days To Discontinue
clord_ahidden_hrsdisc Clord ahidden hrsdisc
clord_aivrate Rate
clord_seq Key Sequence
clord_lock_date Record Lock Date
clord_patord1serialkey Clord patord1serialkey
clord_clo2freq Frequency
clord_clo8type Clo8data Type
clord_apca_protocol Pca Protocol
clord_ahidden_maxdose Standing Order Maximum Number Of Doses
clord_clo4dept Department
clord_aduration Duration
clord_clo3freq Frequency
clord_cosigner Cosigner
clord_clo7sscaledata Sliding Scale Data
clord_clo3notifchg Notification Item Number
clord_apatsown Patients Own Med Flag
clord_route Route
clord_clo4stopdate Stop Date
clord_pca_infrate Pca Infusion Rate
clord_ad3altordgss Alternating Order Group Sequence
clord_cosig_pubkey_seq Cosignature Flphypublic Key Sequence
clord_aduration_qty Duration Quantity
clord_changekey Change Serial Key
clord_dose Dose
clord_clo4stoptime Stop Time
clord_clo3priority Priority
clord_clo3overrides Clord clo3overrides
clord_clo3qty Quantity
clord_clo3itemname Item Name
clord_stop_date Stop Date
clord_clo3hidden_standkey Standing Order Key
clord_type Clo1data Type
clord_clo5hidden_sortseq Standing Order Sequence
clord_ahidden_daysstrt Standing Order Days Till Start
clord_clo3q2 Question 2
clord_ivchg Iv Additive Item Number
clord_clo4filler Filler Not Used
clord_ahidden_reqty Standing Order Reorder Quantity
clord_vophynum Verbal Order Physician Number
clord_clo7stopcd Stop Code
clord_clo3printlabel Print Label
clord_pca_syamt Pca Syamt
clord_clo5mompacuity Predictive Acuity
clord_verbal_type Old Verbal Type Field
clord_serialkey Serial Key
clord_duration_qty Duration Quantity
clord_apca_purge Pca Purge
clord_clo6startdate Start Date
clord_ahidden_daysdisc Standing Order Days To Discontinue
clord_tempackprinted Temp Acknowledge Printed Flag
clord_afiller Filler Not Used
clord_clo2filler Filler Not Used
clord_hidden_daysstrt Standing Order Days Till Start
clord_hidden_times Standing Order Times
clord_stop_time Stop Time
clord_cancelkey Cancel Serial Key
clord_pca_route Pca Route
clord_clo5momitem3 Description Line 3
clord_a_maxdose Maximum Number Of Doses
clord_aivdose Iv Additive Dose
clord_pat Patient Number
clord_shortdesc Short Description
clord_esig Electronic Signature Data
clord_pca_purge Pca Purge
clord_ashortdesc Short Description
clord_clo5momprobnum Problem Number
clord_dept Order Dept
clord_clo8pca_padose Pa Dose
clord_tempackdt Verify Acknowledge Date 2
clord_clo5subtype Clo5 Sub Type
clord_clo3date Date
clord_clo6stoptime Stop Time
clord_ackdt Verify Acknowledge Date 1
clord_stop_code Stop Code
clord_clo4type Clo4data Type
clord_ivdose Iv Additive Dose
clord_clo8pca_4hrlimit 4hr Limit
clord_clo6starttime Start Time
clord_data2signsw Clo1data2 Sign Switch
clord_clo7type Clo7data Type

Table: chartlink_problem_list

Description: Problem List


Name Description
clpl1_seq Clpl1 seq
clpl1_patnum Clpl1 patnum
clpl1_arid Clpl1 arid
clpl1_resolvetm Clpl1 resolvetm
clpl1_rank Clpl1 rank
clpl1_entryphy Clpl1 entryphy
clpl1_resolvedt Clpl1 resolvedt
clpl1_entrydt Clpl1 entrydt
clpl1_resolvephy Clpl1 resolvephy
clpl1_desc Clpl1 desc
clpl1_entrytm Clpl1 entrytm

Table: clinical_autorec_allergy

Description: Clinical auto reconcile allergies


Name Description
crara_user Crara user
crara_autorec_timestamp Crara autorec timestamp
crara_review_timestamp Crara review timestamp
crara_profile Crara profile
crara_spid Crara spid

Table: clinical_autorec_immunization

Description: Clinical auto reconcile immunizations


Name Description
crari_user Crari user
crari_autorec_timestamp Crari autorec timestamp
crari_profile Crari profile
crari_review_timestamp Crari review timestamp
crari_spid Crari spid

Table: clinical_autorec_medication

Description: Clinical auto reconcile medications


Name Description
crarm_profile Crarm profile
crarm_user Crarm user
crarm_autorec_timestamp Crarm autorec timestamp
crarm_review_timestamp Crarm review timestamp
crarm_spid Crarm spid

Table: clinical_autorec_problem

Description: Clinical auto reconcile problems


Name Description
crarp_autorec_timestamp Crarp autorec timestamp
crarp_user Crarp user
crarp_spid Crarp spid
crarp_review_timestamp Crarp review timestamp
crarp_profile Crarp profile

Table: clinical_demographic_note

Description: Clinical Demographic Note


Name Description
chdnote_arid Facility Arid
chdnote_data Clinical Demographic Tab Note
chdnote_profilenum Profile Number
chdnote_spid Shared Profile Id

Table: clinical_history_comment

Description: Clinical History Comments


Name Description
chc_acctseq Chc acctseq
chc_beg Chc beg
chc_comment Chc comment
chc_title Chc title
chc_end Chc end
chc_acctnum Chc acctnum
chc_arid Chc arid

Table: clinical_monitoring_audit

Description: Triggered Clinical Monitoring


Name Description
cma_item Cma item
cma_arid Cma arid
cma_id Serial Id
cma_visit_number Cma visit number
cma_monograph_id Monograph Id
cma_timestamp Timestamp
cma_detail Warning Detail
cma_type Warning Type

Table: clinical_monitoring_override_reasons

Description: Clinical monitoring override reasons


Name Description
cmover_pccmo_subnum Sub Number
cmover_pccmo_reason Reason
cmover_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cmover_pccmo_first_30 Override Reason First 30
cmover_pccmo_emppr Employee Payroll Type
cmover_pccmo_empcomp Employee Payroll Company
cmover_pccmo_last_20 Override Reason Last 20
cmover_pccmo_seqnum Sequence Number
cmover_pccmo_patnum Visit Number
cmover_pccmo_origin Origin
cmover_pccmo_second_30 Override Reason Second 30
cmover_pccmo_employee Employee

Table: clinical_recon_allergies

Description: Clinical Reconciliation Allergies


Name Description
crallergy_allergy_severity Allergy Severity
crallergy_severity_snomed Crallergy severity snomed
crallergy_code_system Code System
crallergy_status Status
crallergy_last_modified Last Modification Date
crallergy_serialkey Serial Key
crallergy_reaction_snomed Crallergy reaction snomed
crallergy_onset_date Crallergy onset date
crallergy_description Description
crallergy_code Code
crallergy_spid Shared Profile Id
crallergy_allergy_reactions Allergy Reactions
crallergy_source Source
crallergy_profilenum Profile Number

Table: clinical_recon_meds

Description: Clinical reconciliation medications


Name Description
crmed_home_med_route Home Med Route
crmed_home_med_route_code Crmed home med route code
crmed_spid Shared Profile Id
crmed_home_med_freq_code Home Med Frequency Code
crmed_home_med_freq Home Med Frequency
crmed_serialkey Serial Key
crmed_dc_date Crmed dc date
crmed_home_med_unit Home Med Unit
crmed_code_system Code System
crmed_home_med_dose Home Med Dose
crmed_profilenum Profile Number
crmed_home_med_order_date Home Med Order Date
crmed_directions Directions
crmed_last_modified Last Modification Date
crmed_rx_pharmnum Pharmnum
crmed_source Source
crmed_description Description
crmed_code Code
crmed_home_med_ucum Crmed home med ucum
crmed_status Status
crmed_prescriber Crmed prescriber

Table: clinical_recon_problems

Description: Clinical reconciliation problems


Name Description
crprob_code_system Code System
crprob_last_modified Last Modification Date
crprob_resolve_date Resolved Date
crprob_serialkey Serial Key
crprob_status Status
crprob_code Code
crprob_spid Shared Profile Id
crprob_source Source
crprob_onset_date Crprob onset date
crprob_description Description
crprob_profilenum Profile Number
crprob_onset_time Crprob onset time

Table: clinical_reconcile

Description: Clinical reconcile by app


Name Description
clinrec_userid Clinrec userid
clinrec_dttm Clinrec dttm
clinrec_app Clinrec app
clinrec_arxnum Clinrec arxnum
clinrec_arid Clinrec arid

Table: collection_agency_charity_care

Description: Collection agency charity care


Name Description
cacc_cost_report_year_claimed Cacc cost report year claimed
cacc_collection_agency_code Cacc collection agency code
cacc_amount Cacc amount
cacc_status Cacc status
cacc_application_sent_date Cacc application sent date
cacc_orig_collection_agency_date Cacc orig collection agency date
cacc_comment Cacc comment
cacc_write_off_date Cacc write off date
cacc_medicare_write_off_date Cacc medicare write off date
cacc_return_from_collections_date Cacc return from collections date
cacc_arid Cacc arid
cacc_beneficiary_responsible Cacc beneficiary responsible
cacc_visit_num Cacc visit num
cacc_information_provided_date Cacc information provided date
cacc_other_discount_amount Cacc other discount amount
cacc_collections_ceased_date Cacc collections ceased date
cacc_delivery_method Cacc delivery method
cacc_application_received_date Cacc application received date

Table: collection_agency_charity_care_history

Description: Collection agency charity care history


Name Description
cacch_other_discount_amount Cacch other discount amount
cacch_orig_collection_agency_date Cacch orig collection agency date
cacch_return_from_collections_date Cacch return from collections date
cacch_status Cacch status
cacch_cost_report_year_claimed Cacch cost report year claimed
cacch_beneficiary_responsible Cacch beneficiary responsible
cacch_visit_num Cacch visit num
cacch_delivery_method Cacch delivery method
cacch_application_sent_date Cacch application sent date
cacch_information_provided_date Cacch information provided date
cacch_collections_ceased_date Cacch collections ceased date
cacch_write_off_date Cacch write off date
cacch_comment Cacch comment
cacch_amount Cacch amount
cacch_arid Cacch arid
cacch_collection_agency_code Cacch collection agency code
cacch_medicare_write_off_date Cacch medicare write off date
cacch_application_received_date Cacch application received date

Table: collection_tickler_file_account

Description: Collection Tickler File Accounts


Name Description
artic1_letdt Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_prior_col Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_reviewdt Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_col_id Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_begdt Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_arid Artic1 arid
artic1_findt Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_reviewcds Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_patnum Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_changedt Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance
artic1_letcd Master Selection > Collections Tickler > Account Maintenance

Table: comfort_measure

Description: Comfort Measures


Name Description
comfmeas_entry_date Entry Date
comfmeas_comfmeas_only Comfort Measures Only
comfmeas_visit_num Visit Number
comfmeas_comfmeasures_only Recieving Comfort Measures Only
comfmeas_snomed Comfort Measures Only Snomed
comfmeas_entry_time Entry Time
comfmeas_entry_logname Entry User
comfmeas_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: communication_query

Description: Communication Query


Name Description
mrcomq1_physician_num Mrcomq1 physician num
mrcomq1_physician_sign_dttm Mrcomq1 physician sign dttm
mrcomq1_created_by_ubl Mrcomq1 created by ubl
mrcomq1_account_num Mrcomq1 account num
mrcomq1_id Mrcomq1 id
mrcomq1_form_key Mrcomq1 form key
mrcomq1_response_acknwld_ubl Mrcomq1 response acknwld ubl
mrcomq1_sent_to_phys_dttm Mrcomq1 sent to phys dttm
mrcomq1_arid Mrcomq1 arid
mrcomq1_creation_dttm Mrcomq1 creation dttm
mrcomq1_response_acknwld_dttm Mrcomq1 response acknwld dttm

Table: contract_billing_transfer_charge

Description: Contract Billing Transfer Charges


Name Description
contbtranschg_contr_chg_date Contbtranschg contr chg date
contbtranschg_element Contbtranschg element
contbtranschg_visitnum Contbtranschg visitnum
contbtranschg_arxseq Contbtranschg arxseq
contbtranschg_arid Contbtranschg arid

Table: creatinine_clearance_history

Description: Creatine Clearance History


Name Description
cch_serum Creatinine Clearance Serum History
cch_weight Creatinine Clearance Weight History
cch_time Creatinine Clearance History Time
cch_age Creatinine Clearance Age History
cch_type Creatinine Clearance History Type
cch_agecode Creatinine Clearance Age History Code
cch_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cch_crcl Creatinine Clearance History
cch_num Creatinine Clearance History Patient Number
cch_date Creatinine Clearance History Date
cch_height Creatinine Clearance Height

Table: credit_score

Description: Credit Score Table


Name Description
crscore_profnum Credit Score Profile Number
crscore_2ndprev_repdt Credit Score 2 Prev Reported Dt
crscore_curr_city Credit Score Curr City
crscore_curr_repdt Credit Score Curr Reported Date
crscore_score Credit Score Score
crscore_2ndprev_addr Credit Score 2 Prev Addr
crscore_prev_city Credit Score Prev City
crscore_spid Credit Score Shared Profile Id
crscore_date Credit Score Date
crscore_2ndprev_city Credit Score 2 Prev City
crscore_2ndprev_st Credit Score 2 Prev State
crscore_prev_repdt Credit Score Prev Reported Date
crscore_curr_addr Credit Score Curr Addr
crscore_prev_state Credit Score Prev State
crscore_curr_state Credit Score Curr State
crscore_2ndprev_zip Credit Score 2 Prev Zip
crscore_prev_zip Credit Score Prev Zip
crscore_filler Score
crscore_prev_addr Credit Score Prev Addr
crscore_curr_zip Credit Score Curr Zip

Table: critical_access

Description: Critical Access Record


Name Description
ca1_newacctnum New Visit Number
ca1_is3netwkcd Managed Care Network Code
ca1_ip1p_cell Patient Cell Phone Number
ca1_ip0sub_sex Patient Gender
ca1_revised Revised
ca1_ar0s_type Patient Sub Type
ca1_isbprioramt Prior Amount
ca1_isacert_type Percertification Number/Type
ca1_ip1p_state Patient Address State
ca1_is3sub_empcd Managed Care Subscriber Employer Code
ca1_is3gbhcno Georgia Better Healthcare Number
ca1_ip0eradmdt Er Log Admit Date
ca1_is1co_used Covered Days Used
ca1_is1a_ded Deductible
ca1_is1effdt Insurance Effective Date
ca1_is1copay Copay Rate
ca1_is1diem Ins Company Perdiem Amount
ca1_newar0p_type New Patient Stay Type
ca1_ip1no_cell Emergency Notify Cell Phone Number
ca1_isbmisc3 Miscellaneous 3
ca1_ip1guar_profilenum Guarantor Profile Number
ca1_isbmedigapno Medigap Number
ca1_ip1acc_event Accident Event
ca1_newar0serv New Patient Service Code
ca1_is1bl_ded Blood Deductible
ca1_ip1acc_state Accident State
ca1_is1colim Copay Limit
ca1_isas_zip Subscriber Zip
ca1_ip1pre_init Pre Admitting Employee Initials
ca1_is1_isas_addr_id Ca1 is1 isas addr id
ca1_isas_empa Subscriber Employer Address
ca1_levelofcare Level Of Care
ca1_isac_state Insurance Company State
ca1_ip0erdistm Er Log Discharge Time
ca1_ip1c_profilenum Profile Number
ca1_ip2diet Diet
ca1_isacert2 Not Used
ca1_ip1language Patient Language
ca1_is1contract_old Ca1 is1contract old
ca1_ip1condition Patient Condition Code
ca1_prim Primary
ca1_ip1ethnic Patient Ethnicity
ca1_ip1ad_time Patient Admit Time
ca1_ip1acc_place Accident Place
ca1_ip0ercomplaint Er Log Chief Complaint
ca1_isas_addr1 Subscriber Address1
ca1_ip0famphy Family Physician Number
ca1_ar0doc Patient Admitting Physician
ca1_isaprecert_ph Precertification Phone Number
ca1_isas_emp Subscriber Employer
ca1_time Level Of Care Change Time
ca1_isac_name Insurance Company Name
ca1_ip1c_ssn_10dig 10 Digit Social Security Number
ca1_ar0admcd Patient Admit Code
ca1_is1nondays Noncovered Days
ca1_isapat_r_sub Patients Relationship To Subscriber
ca1_isbpsrofrom Psro Approval From Date
ca1_ip1acc_time Accident Time
ca1_isac_city Insurance Company City
ca1_ip1origin Admission Origin Code
ca1_isbspecprog Special Program Id
ca1_ar0discd Patient Discharge Code
ca1_is1covdays Covered Days
ca1_ip0erlog Er Log Code
ca1_is1contr2 Contract Number Last 4 Characters
ca1_ip2misc1 Miscellaneous 1
ca1_isaesc Employee Status Code
ca1_arpreploca Report Location
ca1_ip1guar_email Guarantor Email
ca1_is1set Insurance Claim Set Number
ca1_isac_addr1 Insurance Company Address1
ca1_ip2com1 Last Field On The \Clinical\ Tab
ca1_ip1req_room Patient Requires Room Code
ca1_ip2chiefcomplnt Chief Complaint
ca1_ip0erdispositn Er Log Disposition Code
ca1_ip1moms_num Patient Mother Visit Number
ca1_ip1ex_date Preadmit Expect Date
ca1_ip0sub_birthdt Patient Birthdate
ca1_is1lifeused Life Days Used
ca1_is1semi_rate Ins Company Semi Private Room Rate
ca1_ip1care Care Level
ca1_ip0eradmtm Er Log Admit Time
ca1_isacert Not Used
ca1_isas_city Subscriber City
ca1_ip1dis_init Discharging Employee Initials
ca1_posted Charge Posted
ca1_is1dayfull Full Days
ca1_ar0p_type Patient Stay Type
ca1_is1app_rec Approval Received Date
ca1_ip0erdisdt Er Log Discharge Date
ca1_isas_addr2 Subscriber Address2
ca1_ar0d_cond Discharge Condition Code
ca1_isas_state Subscriber State
ca1_ip1isolation Isolation
ca1_isaeid Employer Identification Number
ca1_ip1emp Guarantor Employer
ca1_ip0dnr Do Not Resuscitate Code
ca1_ip0ermodearriv Er Log Mode Of Arrival Code
ca1_is1_isac_addr_id Ca1 is1 isac addr id
ca1_isbpsroto Psro Approval To Date
ca1_ip1guar_cell Guarantor Cell Phone Number
ca1_ip1p_email Patient Email
ca1_isac_addr2 Insurance Company Address2
ca1_isac_zip Insurance Company Zip
ca1_ip0erdoc Er Log Physician Number
ca1_isbpriorcd Prior Code
ca1_ip2admit_wgt Admit Weight
ca1_ar0admdt Patient Admit Date
ca1_is1direct Direct Pay
ca1_ar0serv Patient Service Code
ca1_ip1indwel Indigent Code
ca1_ip0ertriagelev Er Log Triage Level Code
ca1_isaperson Insurance Company Contact Person
ca1_is1daylife Life Days
ca1_is1app_sent Approval Sent Date
ca1_ip0eradmcd Er Log Admit Code
ca1_ip1phy2 Secondary Physician
ca1_ip1ad_init Admitting Employee Initials
ca1_is3clinic Clinic Code
ca1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ca1_ar0a_cond Patient Admit Condition Code
ca1_is1covrmrate Covered Room Rate
ca1_ip1dis_time Patient Discharge Time
ca1_is1covrate Insurance Coverage Rate
ca1_is3payerid Policy Info Payer Id
ca1_is1dayco Covered Days
ca1_isac_phone Insurance Company Phone
ca1_is3plancd Managed Care Plan Code
ca1_isbben1 Benefit Description
ca1_is1contract Contract Number
ca1_patnum Visit Number
ca1_isas_sex Subscriber Sex
ca1_ip2abn Advanced Beneficiary Notice Code
ca1_ip2p_emp Patient Employer
ca1_ip1hosp_dir Hospital Directory
ca1_ar0ins Patient Financial Class
ca1_ip1acc_date Accident Date
ca1_is1endcare Date Care Ended
ca1_ip2abnreason Advanced Beneficiary Notice Reason
ca1_date Level Of Care Change Date
ca1_ip0erdiscd Er Log Discharge Code
ca1_ip1pvtness Private Room Necessity
ca1_isasub Subscriber Name
ca1_ip0restraints Use Restraints Code
ca1_isbsub_dob Subscriber Birthdate
ca1_ar0disdt Patient Discharge Date
ca1_ip1language_code Language Code
ca1_isagroup Insurance Group Number

Table: cycle_bill_master

Description: Cycle Bill Master Table


Name Description
cm1_visitnum Cm1 visitnum
cm1_arid Cm1 arid
cm1_pay_src_complete_date Cm1 pay src complete date
cm1_computed_cyle_end_date Cm1 computed cyle end date
cm1_exception Cm1 exception
cm1_review_date Cm1 review date

Table: cycle_bill_pay_source

Description: Cycle Bill Pay Source Table


Name Description
cbps1_pre_cert_from_date Cbps1 pre cert from date
cbps1_genned_set_number Cbps1 genned set number
cbps1_coverage_to Cbps1 coverage to
cbps1_pre_cert_type Cbps1 pre cert type
cbps1_pre_cert_to_date Cbps1 pre cert to date
cbps1_co_pay Cbps1 co pay
cbps1_contact_phone Cbps1 contact phone
cbps1_co_ins Cbps1 co ins
cbps1_from_date Cbps1 from date
cbps1_primary Cbps1 primary
cbps1_visitnum Cbps1 visitnum
cbps1_ins_genned_date Cbps1 ins genned date
cbps1_ins Cbps1 ins
cbps1_arid Cbps1 arid
cbps1_pre_cert_num Cbps1 pre cert num
cbps1_deductible Cbps1 deductible
cbps1_contact_name Cbps1 contact name

Table: dept_registration_notification

Description: Dept Registration Notification


Name Description
drn_s_num Msgn Sending Num
drn_fil2 Dept Registration Notification
drn_arid Accounts Receivable Id
drn_s_mach Msgn Sending Mach
drn_s_time Msgn Sending Time
drn_s_dnum Msgn Sending Dept
drn_a_date Ack Date
drn_tty Msgn Tty
drn_status Msgn Message Status
drn_s_date Msgn Sending Date
drn_patname Msgn Pat Name
drn_date Msgn Date
drn_a_init Ack Init
drn_s_name Msgn Sending Name
drn_dept Msgn Dept
drn_time Msgn Time
drn_a_tty Ack Tty
drn_s_init Msgn Sending Init
drn_patnum Msgn Pat Num
drn_a_num Ack Num
drn_text Msgn Text
drn_a_time Ack Time
drn_a_dnum Ack Dept
drn_a_name Ack Num
drn_s_tty Msgn Sending Tty

Table: digital_signature_images

Description: Scanned Images Digital Signature


Name Description
dsigimg_fidx_key Image 5 Fidx-Key
dsigimg_deaddttm Image 5 File Change Date Time
dsigimg_acct Image 5 Account Number
dsigimg_comdttm Image 5 Comment Date Time
dsigimg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
dsigimg_seq Image 5 Seq Number
dsigimg_deadreason Image 5 Reason For Change
dsigimg_title Image 5 Title
dsigimg_auddttm Image 5 Last Accesed Date Time
dsigimg_allsigs_acquired All Signatures Acquired
dsigimg_loc Image 5 File Location
dsigimg_dt Image 5 Stored Date

Table: direct_msg_data

Description: Direct Msg Data


Name Description
direct1_xtype Direct Msg Image Type
direct1_creationdate Direct Msg Creation Date
direct1_body Direct Msg Body
direct1_creationtime Direct Msg Creation Time
direct1_arid Direct Msg Arid
direct1_subjectline Direct Msg Subject
direct1_transtype Direct1 transtype
direct1_xnum Direct Msg Image Num
direct1_emailfrom Direct Msg Email From
direct1_acct Direct Msg Account
direct1_emailto Direct Msg Email To
direct1_xacct Direct Msg Image Acct
direct1_inboundpath Direct Msg Inbound Path
direct1_xtitle Direct Msg Image Title
direct1_senslevel Direct1 senslevel
direct1_serialkey Direct Msg Seria Lkey

Table: dose_calculation

Description: Dose Calculation


Name Description
dosecalc_patordkey Patient Orders Key
dosecalc_time Time
dosecalc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
dosecalc_serialkey Serial Key
dosecalc_weightkg Patient Weight
dosecalc_admindose Administer Dose
dosecalc_rounding Rounding Decimal Places
dosecalc_dose Dose For Calculation
dosecalc_frequency Frequency
dosecalc_adminamount Administer Amount
dosecalc_overridedose Override Administer Dose
dosecalc_concentration Concentration
dosecalc_visit Visit Number
dosecalc_logname Logname
dosecalc_ipseq Ip Sequence
dosecalc_unit Unit
dosecalc_date Date

Table: drug_comment

Description: Drug Comments


Name Description
mbdc_isolate_id Isolate Id
mbdc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mbdc_ordered_time Order Time
mbdc_comment Drug Comment
mbdc_account_number Visit Number
mbdc_cmmt_seq Drug Comment Sequence
mbdc_comment_loc Comment Location
mbdc_ordered_date Order Date
mbdc_drug_seq Drug Sequence
mbdc_order_number Order Number

Table: drug_use_history

Description: Drug Use History


Name Description
sochistdrug_alcohol_start_date Sochistdrug alcohol start date
sochistdrug_alcohol_type_wine Sochistdrug alcohol type wine
sochistdrug_alcohol_freq_unit Sochistdrug alcohol freq unit
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_rare Sochistdrug alcohol use rare
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_abuse_his Sochistdrug alcohol use abuse his
sochistdrug_tob_packs_unit Sochistdrug tob packs unit
sochistdrug_caffeine_use_coffee_serv Sochistdrug caffeine use coffee serv
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_in_recovery Sochistdrug alcohol use in recovery
sochistdrug_spid Sochistdrug spid
sochistdrug_tob_smokeless_end_date Sochistdrug tob smokeless end date
sochistdrug_tob_packs_per_unit Sochistdrug tob packs per unit
sochistdrug_tob_smokeless_per_unit Sochistdrug tob smokeless per unit
sochistdrug_tob_drtn_cigarette_years Sochistdrug tob drtn cigarette years
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_occasional Sochistdrug alcohol use occasional
sochistdrug_elec_cig_end_date Sochistdrug elec cig end date
sochistdrug_tob_drtn_cigars_years Sochistdrug tob drtn cigars years
sochistdrug_elec_cig_use Sochistdrug elec cig use
sochistdrug_profile_num Profile Number
sochistdrug_alcohol_type_liquor Sochistdrug alcohol type liquor
sochistdrug_alcohol_type_beer Sochistdrug alcohol type beer
sochistdrug_removed_flag Removed Flag
sochistdrug_alcohol_screening_dttm Sochistdrug alcohol screening dttm
sochistdrug_alcohol_freq_per_unit Sochistdrug alcohol freq per unit
sochistdrug_tob_smokeless_years Sochistdrug tob smokeless years
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_frequent Sochistdrug alcohol use frequent
sochistdrug_tob_drtn_pipes_years Sochistdrug tob drtn pipes years
sochistdrug_caffeine_use_tea_serv Sochistdrug caffeine use tea serv
sochistdrug_alcohol_duration_years Sochistdrug alcohol duration years
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_binge Sochistdrug alcohol use binge
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_never Sochistdrug alcohol use never
sochistdrug_elec_cig_start_date Sochistdrug elec cig start date
sochistdrug_tob_smokeless_unit Sochistdrug tob smokeless unit
sochistdrug_tob_smokeless_start_date Sochistdrug tob smokeless start date
sochistdrug_alcohol_end_date Sochistdrug alcohol end date
sochistdrug_caffeine_use_soda_serv Sochistdrug caffeine use soda serv
sochistdrug_alcohol_use_quit Sochistdrug alcohol use quit
sochistdrug_elec_cig_duration_years Sochistdrug elec cig duration years

Table: eb_claim_note

Description: Eb Claim Note


Name Description
ebcn_set Ebcn set
ebcn_num Ebcn num
ebcn_note Ebcn note
ebcn_arid Ebcn arid
ebcn_qualifier Ebcn qualifier
ebcn_ins Ebcn ins

Table: ecr_log

Description: Electronic case report log


Name Description
ecrl_code Ecrl code
ecrl_parent_uuid Ecrl parent uuid
ecrl_sent_dttm Ecrl sent dttm
ecrl_arid Ecrl arid
ecrl_code_sys Ecrl code sys
ecrl_visit Ecrl visit
ecrl_uuid Ecrl uuid

Table: ecr_log_history

Description: Electronic case report log history


Name Description
ecrlhis_code_sys Ecrlhis code sys
ecrlhis_arid Ecrlhis arid
ecrlhis_code Ecrlhis code
ecrlhis_parent_uuid Ecrlhis parent uuid
ecrlhis_sent_dttm Ecrlhis sent dttm
ecrlhis_visit Ecrlhis visit
ecrlhis_uuid Ecrlhis uuid

Table: efhistccda_forms

Description: Eforms history ccda forms table


Name Description
efhist_start_dttm Efhist start dttm
efhist_seq Efhist seq
efhist_origin_type Efhist origin type
efhist_version Efhist version
efhist_arid Efhist arid
efhist_visit Efhist visit
efhist_fidx_key Efhist fidx key
efhist_deleted Efhist deleted
efhist_completed_dttm Efhist completed dttm
efhist_origin_dttm Efhist origin dttm
efhist_formcd Efhist formcd

Table: ehi_export_audit

Description: Ehi export audit


Name Description
eea_spid Eea spid
eea_completed_ts Eea completed ts
eea_type_run Eea type run
eea_job_id Eea job id
eea_visit_id Eea visit id
eea_profilenum Eea profilenum
eea_start_ts Eea start ts
eea_arid Eea arid

Table: employee_images

Description: Scanned Images Employee


Name Description
empimg_title Image 2 Title
empimg_dt Image 2 Stored Date
empimg_acct Image 2 Pr Type Company Employeenum
empimg_arid Empimg arid
empimg_num Image 2 Document Number
empimg_fidx_key Image 2 Fidx-Key
empimg_opt Image 2 Optical Disk

Table: eob_claim

Description: Explanation Of Benefits Claim Level


Name Description
eob1_set Eob1 set
eob1_pps_capital Eob1 pps capital
eob1_remark4 Eob1 remark4
eob1_hic Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_covered Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_outlier_days Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_coins_days Eob1 coins days
eob1_arid Eob1 arid
eob1_adjust_reason Eob1 adjust reason
eob1_clm_stat Eob1 clm stat
eob1_rc1seq Eob1 rc1seq
eob1_drg_weight Eob1 drg weight
eob1_pps_cap_dsh_drg Eob1 pps cap dsh drg
eob1_denied_chgs Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_payer_natl_id Eob1 payer natl id
eob1_pps_cap_exception Eob1 pps cap exception
eob1_adjust_amt Eob1 adjust amt
eob1_non_chgs Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_net_reim Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_coinsurance Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_seq Eob1 seq
eob1_payer Eob1 payer
eob1_indirect_teaching Eob1 indirect teaching
eob1_trace Eob1 trace
eob1_disp_share Eob1 disp share
eob1_pps_cap_ime Eob1 pps cap ime
eob1_contractual Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_era_file Eob1 era file
eob1_ins Eob1 ins
eob1_adjust_grp Eob1 adjust grp
eob1_per_diem Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_msp_pass_thru Eob1 msp pass thru
eob1_adjust_type Eob1 adjust type
eob1_num Eob1 num
eob1_pps_cap_outlier Eob1 pps cap outlier
eob1_reimb_rate Eob1 reimb rate
eob1_reported_chgs Eob1 reported chgs
eob1_cov_days Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_deductible Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_fiscal_period Eob1 fiscal period
eob1_drg_amount Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_npi Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_patient Eob1 patient
eob1_ncov_days Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_drg Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_life_reserve_days Eob1 life reserve days
eob1_pps_oper Eob1 pps oper
eob1_hcpcs_allowed Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_life_psych_days Lifetime Psychiatric Days Count
eob1_pcn Eob1 pcn
eob1_pat_stat Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_pps_cap_fsp_drg Eob1 pps cap fsp drg
eob1_interest Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_crossins Eob1 crossins
eob1_rc1num Eob1 rc1num
eob1_remark1 Eob1 remark1
eob1_rc1date Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_from Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_file_date Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_remark3 Eob1 remark3
eob1_mrn Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
Listed As Mrn
eob1_bill_type Detail Charges
eob1_outlier Eob1 outlier
eob1_to Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_icn Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit
eob1_pps_cap_hsp_drg Eob1 pps cap hsp drg
eob1_remark2 Eob1 remark2
eob1_cost_rpt_days Account > Insurance >Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit

Table: eob_detail

Description: Explanation Of Benefits Detail Level


Name Description
eob2_eob2trace Eob2 eob2trace
eob2_eob2paid_amt Eob2 eob2paid amt
eob2_eob2cov_visits Eob2 eob2cov visits
eob2_eob2mod Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2srvcdt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2adjust_grp Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2ncov_visits Eob2 eob2ncov visits
eob2_eob2ncov_amt Eob2 eob2ncov amt
eob2_eob2num Eob2 eob2num
eob2_eob2adjust_amt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2era_file Eob2 eob2era file
eob2_eob2rc1date Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2detnum Eob2 eob2detnum
eob2_eob2det_match Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2adjust_type Eob2 eob2adjust type
eob2_eob2rcode Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2detset Insurance Detail Set Number
eob2_eob2rc1seq Eob2 eob2rc1seq
eob2_eob2detins Insurance Detail Insurance Code
eob2_eob2processed_hcpc Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2seq Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2contract_amt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2allowed_amt Eob2 eob2allowed amt
eob2_eob2adjust_reason Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2ins Eob2 eob2ins
eob2_eob2remark Eob2 eob2remark
eob2_eob2detseq Insurance Detail Record Sequence
eob2_arid Eob2 arid
eob2_eob2rc1num Eob2 eob2rc1num
eob2_eob2submitted_chg Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2ded_amt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2set Eob2 eob2set
eob2_eob2copay_amt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2reim_amt Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2submitted_hcpc Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail
eob2_eob2detscd Insurance Detail Summary Code
eob2_eob2units Eob2 eob2units
eob2_eob2apchipps Eob2 eob2apchipps
eob2_eob2per_diem Account > Insurance > Claim > Claim Status Screen > Receipt Information > \E\Ob/Remit > Detail

Table: eob_scanned_remit

Description: Explanation Of Benefits Scanned Remit


Name Description
eob3_arid Eob3 arid
eob3_num Eob3 num
eob3_ins Eob3 ins
eob3_rc1num Eob3 rc1num
eob3_rc1date Eob3 rc1date
eob3_rc1seq Eob3 rc1seq
eob3_seq Eob3 seq
eob3_remit_title Eob3 remit title
eob3_set Eob3 set
eob3_remit_acct Eob3 remit acct

Table: er_log

Description: Er Log


Name Description
cnerlog_triagelev Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_dispositn Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_admtm Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_services Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_provseentimestamp Cnerlog provseentimestamp
cnerlog_arid Accounts Receivable Id
cnerlog_arrivaltime Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_modearriv Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_doc Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_admdt Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_discd Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_transport_person Cnerlog transport person
cnerlog_disdt Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_obstimestamp Cnerlog obstimestamp
cnerlog_trans_person_rel Cnerlog trans person rel
cnerlog_seq Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_admcd Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_dis_cond Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_complaint Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_arrivaldt Account > Census > Er Log
cnerlog_patnum Patient Visit Number
cnerlog_distm Account > Census > Er Log

Table: esign_home_health_orders

Description: Esign Hh Orders


Name Description
eshmord_seid Shared Ews Id
eshmord_hmckey_seq Key Sequence
eshmord_patkey_seq Patient Key Sequence
eshmord_type Record Type
eshmord_hmckey_date Key Date
eshmord_hmckey_pnum Patient Number
eshmord_patkey_date Patient Key Date

Table: ews_change

Description: Ews Schedule Changes Detail


Name Description
ewschg_proc_comment Event Change Procedure Comment
ewschg_init Event Change Initials
ewschg_arid Facility Arid
ewschg_dt Event Change Date
ewschg_seid Shared Ews Id
ewschg_patnum Visit Number
ewschg_tm Event Change Time
ewschg_orig Event Field Original Data
ewschg_new Event Field New Data
ewschg_patname Patient Name
ewschg_confirmnum Event Change Confirmation Number
ewschg_field Event Change Field
ewschg_dept Event Change Department
ewschg_birth Patient Birth
ewschg_tty Event Change Tty
ewschg_eventnum Event Number
ewschg_seq Event Change Sequence
ewschg_loca Event Change Location
ewschg_reason Event Change Reason

Table: ews_event_details

Description: Ews Schedule Detail


Name Description
evdet_mdstart_mn Surgeon Start Minute
evdet_stop_cd Schedule stop code
evdet_freq_last_schdt Frequency last schedule date
evdet_freq_interval Frequency interval
evdet_esp1date Schedule Date
evdet_beg Schedule begin time
evdet_chorderserial Ews Chorders Serial Key
evdet_seq Appointment'S Sequence For Date And Time
evdet_dept Task or procedure department
evdet_stop_init Scheduler stop initials
evdet_entry_tm Schedule entry time
evdet_entry_dt Schedule entry date
evdet_ntfyloca Schedule notification location
evdet_date Appointment Date For Task
evdet_arid Ews Facility Ar Id
evdet_freq_stop_dt Frequency stop date
evdet_freq_cd Frequency Code Daily Weekly Monthly
evdet_time Time needed for task or procedure
evdet_mpmadir Old Mpm Account Directory Letter
evdet_mpmpatnum Visit number
evdet_freq_dow Frequency days of the week
evdet_seid Shared Ews Id
evdet_eventnum Schedule event number
evdet_mpmactnum Mpm Action Number
evdet_stop_reason Schedule stop reason
evdet_end Schedule end time
evdet_stop_dt Schedule stop date
evdet_task Scheduled task or procedure
evdet_cleanup_time Task or procedure cleanup time
evdet_loca Location code
evdet_mdstop_mn Surgeon Stop Minute
evdet_stop_tm Schedule stop time
evdet_entry_init Scheduler entry initials
evdet_prep_time Task Or Procedure Time
evdet_esp1seq Schedule'S Sequence Number
evdet_freq_wom Frequency weeks of the month

Table: ews_pat

Description: Ews Patient Schedule Index


Name Description
esp1_stop_reason Schedule Stop Reason
esp1_schbeg Schedule Begin Time
esp1_anest_type Anesthesia Type
esp1_modality Patient Modality
esp1_patname Patient Name
esp1_stop_init Initials Of Stop Scheduler
esp1_date Schedule Date
esp1_schloca Scheduled Location Code
esp1_surgeon Surgeon Number
esp1_arid Facility Ar Id
esp1_eventnum Schedule Event Number
esp1_anest Anesthesiologist
esp1_task Scheduled Task Or Procedure
esp1_add_comment Task Or Procedure Additional Comments
esp1_hhdiscipline Discipline Code
esp1_hmsched_key Schedule Key To Flhmsched
esp1_icd9code Icd9 Codes
esp1_equip Equipment Used
esp1_seq Same Date Sequence
esp1_seid Shared Ews Id
esp1_birth Patient Birthdate
esp1_schdtd Schedule Date
esp1_stop_dt Schedule Stop Date
esp1_comment Scheduled Task Or Procedure Comment
esp1_schseq Same Date Time Sequence
esp1_stop_cd Schedule Stop Code
esp1_dept Scheduled Task Or Procedure Department
esp1_pat Visit Number
esp1_stop_tm Schedule Stop Time

Table: excluded_careteam

Description: Excluded careteam


Name Description
exclcare_patphys_pat_num Exclcare patphys pat num
exclcare_patphys_arid Exclcare patphys arid
exclcare_patphys_rel_type Exclcare patphys rel type
exclcare_excloption_uuid Exclcare excloption uuid
exclcare_patphys_phy_num Exclcare patphys phy num
exclcare_uuid Exclcare uuid

Table: excluded_clinical_note

Description: Excluded clinical note


Name Description
exclcn_arid Exclcn arid
exclcn_uuid Exclcn uuid
exclcn_excloption_uuid Exclcn excloption uuid
exclcn_visit_id Exclcn visit id
exclcn_fidx_seq Exclcn fidx seq

Table: excluded_diagnosis

Description: Excluded diagnosis


Name Description
excldiag_pdiag_id Excldiag pdiag id
excldiag_arid Excldiag arid
excldiag_excloption_uuid Excldiag excloption uuid
excldiag_uuid Excldiag uuid
excldiag_visit Excldiag visit

Table: excluded_image

Description: Excluded image


Name Description
exclimage_patimg_acct Exclimage patimg acct
exclimage_excloption_uuid Exclimage excloption uuid
exclimage_patimg_num Exclimage patimg num
exclimage_uuid Exclimage uuid
exclimage_patimg_title Exclimage patimg title
exclimage_patimg_arid Exclimage patimg arid

Table: excluded_problem

Description: Excluded problem


Name Description
exclproblem_excloption_uuid Exclproblem excloption uuid
exclproblem_uuid Exclproblem uuid
exclproblem_pl1_profilenum Exclproblem pl1 profilenum
exclproblem_visit Exclproblem visit
exclproblem_arid Exclproblem arid
exclproblem_pl1_spid Exclproblem pl1 spid
exclproblem_pl1_seq Exclproblem pl1 seq

Table: excluded_procedure

Description: Excluded procedure


Name Description
exclproc_excloption_uuid Exclproc excloption uuid
exclproc_visit Exclproc visit
exclproc_uuid Exclproc uuid
exclproc_arid Exclproc arid
exclproc_pproc_id Exclproc pproc id

Table: excluded_result

Description: Excluded result


Name Description
exclres_r1_received_date Exclres r1 received date
exclres_uuid Exclres uuid
exclres_excloption_uuid Exclres excloption uuid
exclres_r1_order_number Exclres r1 order number
exclres_r1_arid Exclres r1 arid
exclres_r1_seq Exclres r1 seq
exclres_r1_received_time Exclres r1 received time
exclres_r1_account_number Exclres r1 account number

Table: excluded_transcription

Description: Excluded transcription


Name Description
excltrans_fitype_seq Excltrans fitype seq
excltrans_visit Excltrans visit
excltrans_uuid Excltrans uuid
excltrans_excloption_uuid Excltrans excloption uuid
excltrans_arid Excltrans arid

Table: excluded_visit

Description: Excluded visit


Name Description
exclvisit_ipv1_num Exclvisit ipv1 num
exclvisit_excloption_uuid Exclvisit excloption uuid
exclvisit_ipv1_arid Exclvisit ipv1 arid
exclvisit_uuid Exclvisit uuid

Table: exercise_history

Description: Exercise History


Name Description
sochistexer_exer_frequency_amount Sochistexer exer frequency amount
sochistexer_spid Sochistexer spid
sochistexer_exer_type_yoga_stretching Sochistexer exer type yoga stretching
sochistexer_exer_type_cardiovascular Sochistexer exer type cardiovascular
sochistexer_exer_type_aerobic Sochistexer exer type aerobic
sochistexer_exer_type_none Sochistexer exer type none
sochistexer_exer_type_str_training Sochistexer exer type str training
sochistexer_exer_frequency_unit Sochistexer exer frequency unit
sochistexer_exer_type_team_sports Sochistexer exer type team sports
sochistexer_exer_type_swimming Sochistexer exer type swimming
sochistexer_profile_num Sochistexer profile num
sochistexer_exer_type_walking Sochistexer exer type walking
sochistexer_exer_type_running Sochistexer exer type running
sochistexer_exer_type_non_aerobic Sochistexer exer type non aerobic
sochistexer_exer_type_other_text Sochistexer exer type other text
sochistexer_exer_type_other Sochistexer exer type other
sochistexer_removed_flag Sochistexer removed flag
sochistexer_exer_routine Sochistexer exer routine

Table: extended_ar_charge

Description: Extended Info Ar1type Recs


Name Description
arext1_dosage Extended Info Arext1dosage
arext1_mod2 Extended Info Arext1mod2
arext1_mod3 Extended Info Arext1mod3
arext1_narseq Extended Info Arext1narseq
arext1_p_type Extended Info Arext1 Pat-Type
arext1_ndc Extended Info Arext1ndc
arext1_mod1 Extended Info Arext1mod1
arext1_pointer Arext1 pointer
arext1_mod4 Extended Info Arext1mod4
arext1_idcode Extended Info Arext1idcode
arext1_entrytime Extended Info Arext1 Entry-Time
arext1_ref_used Extended Info Arext1ref-Used
arext1_prempcomp Extended Info Arext1prempcomp
arext1_arxel_sub Extended Info Ar1 Element
arext1_pr1num Extended Info Arext1pr1num
arext1_arxseq Extended Info Ar1 Sequence
arext1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
arext1_premptype Extended Info Arext1premptype
arext1_dispqty Extended Info Arext1dispqty
arext1_drlicense Extended Info Arext1 Drivers-License
arext1_note Extended Info Arext1note
arext1_time Extended Info Arext1time
arext1_ex_qty Extended Info Arext1ex-Qty
arext1_narsub Extended Info Arext1narsub
arext1_entrydate Extended Info Arext1 Entry-Date
arext1_servcd Extended Info Arext1 Service-Cd
arext1_patnum Extended Info Ar1 Patnum
arext1_nurs Extended Info Arext1nurs

Table: external_identifier_profile

Description: External identifier profile


Name Description
eiprof_venfac_id Eiprof venfac id
eiprof_spid Eiprof spid
eiprof_external_id Eiprof external id
eiprof_external_id_type Eiprof external id type
eiprof_thrive_profile Eiprof thrive profile
eiprof_arid Eiprof arid
eiprof_id Eiprof id

Table: external_identifier_visit

Description: External identifier visit


Name Description
eivisit_external_id Eivisit external id
eivisit_id Eivisit id
eivisit_arid Eivisit arid
eivisit_venfac_id Eivisit venfac id
eivisit_external_id_type Eivisit external id type
eivisit_thrive_visit Eivisit thrive visit

Table: fake_visit

Description: Fake visit


Name Description
visit_call_ref_acct Visit call ref acct
visit_contrbill Visit contrbill
visit_rep_loc Visit rep loc
visit_disch_cond_key Visit disch cond key
visit_xrn Visit xrn
visit_mr_num Visit mr num
visit_online_acct Visit online acct
visit_guar_addr1 Visit guar addr1
visit_disch_date Visit disch date
visit_cycle_sw Visit cycle sw
visit_stay_type Visit stay type
visit_admit_init Visit admit init
visit_terms_amt Visit terms amt
visit_terms_dt Visit terms dt
visit_guar_zip Visit guar zip
visit_optch Visit optch
visit_race Visit race
visit_drg Visit drg
visit_sex Visit sex
visit_col_sw Visit col sw
visit_cr_rate Visit cr rate
visit_temp_acct Visit temp acct
visit_restored_dt Visit restored dt
visit_arpaddress_id Visit arpaddress id
visit_cur_name Visit cur name
visit_marital Visit marital
visit_serv_old Visit serv old
visit_vre Visit vre
visit_admit_phy_key Visit admit phy key
visit_arid Visit arid
visit_ss Visit ss
visit_guar_city Visit guar city
visit_advdir Visit advdir
visit_bill_sw Visit bill sw
visit_vpat Visit vpat
visit_admit_code Visit admit code
visit_disch_code Visit disch code
visit_ins Visit ins
visit_subtype_key Visit subtype key
visit_mr_fdt Visit mr fdt
visit_guar_phone Visit guar phone
visit_name Visit name
visit_date_of_birth Visit date of birth
visit_chart_type Visit chart type
visit_terms_cd Visit terms cd
visit_misc2 Visit misc2
visit_servicecd_key Visit servicecd key
visit_guar_state Visit guar state
visit_chart Visit chart
visit_optar Visit optar
visit_guar_ss Visit guar ss
visit_admit_cond_key Visit admit cond key
visit_admit_date Visit admit date
visit_guar_addr2 Visit guar addr2
visit_id Visit id
visit_final_drg Visit final drg
visit_notes_num Visit notes num
visit_mrsa Visit mrsa
visit_new_acct Visit new acct
visit_hold_clord Visit hold clord
visit_guar_name Visit guar name

Table: family_health_history

Description: Family Health History


Name Description
fhh_relation_code Relation Code
fhh_age_of_onset Age Of Onset
fhh_sequence Fhh sequence
fhh_spid Shared Profile Id
fhh_age Fhh age
fhh_notes Notes
fhh_status Fhh status
fhh_diagnosis_cpcode Diagnosis Code
fhh_age_at_death Fhh age at death
fhh_profilenum Profile Number
fhh_deactivated_date Deactivated Date
fhh_ethnicity_code Ethnicity Code
fhh_race_code Fhh race code
fhh_transaction_date Transaction Date
fhh_source Fhh source
fhh_transaction_time Transaction Time
fhh_deactivated_time Deactivated Time

Table: family_history_reviewed

Description: Family history reviewed table


Name Description
fhrev_logname Fhrev logname
fhrev_arid Fhrev arid
fhrev_reviewed_ts Fhrev reviewed ts
fhrev_spid Fhrev spid
fhrev_profile_num Fhrev profile num

Table: fax_table

Description: Fax Table


Name Description
fxtb_fxattempts Num Retries Before Fail
fxtb_fxttyreal Sending Tty Num
fxtb_fxcust_phnum Custom Fax Num
fxtb_fxempinit Senders Initials
fxtb_fxlogname Senders Logname
fxtb_fxdestname Fax Recipient Name
fxtb_arid Accounts Receivable Id
fxtb_fxjob Fax Job Id
fxtb_fxpages Num Of Pages Sent
fxtb_fxphnum Fax Num + Areacode
fxtb_fxprnum Printer Num
fxtb_fxtime Time Fax Created
fxtb_fxfilename Tmp Fax Filename
fxtb_fxdept Sending Dept Num
fxtb_fxdocinfo Test Description
fxtb_fxlongd Fax Num Leading 1
fxtb_fxstatus Current Fax Status
fxtb_fxdate Date Fax Created
fxtb_fxdoctype Fax Document Type
fxtb_fxpat_num Patient Num

Table: fhir_query_lola

Description: Fhir Query Lola


Name Description
fhirqlola1_seq Fhirqlola1 seq
fhirqlola1_visit_dt Fhirqlola1 visit dt
fhirqlola1_profnum Fhirqlola1 profnum
fhirqlola1_uuid Fhirqlola1 uuid
fhirqlola1_spid Fhirqlola1 spid
fhirqlola1_lola Fhirqlola1 lola
fhirqlola1_provider Fhirqlola1 provider

Table: fidx_lab_result

Description: File index lab result


Name Description
fidlr_seq Sequence
fidlr_r1_order_number Test Result Order Number
fidlr_r1_account_number Test Result Visit Number
fidlr_r1_arid Test Result Arid
fidlr_r1_received_time Test Result Received Time
fidlr_r1_received_date Test Result Received Date
fidlr_r1_seq Test Result Sequence
fidlr_fidx_seq File Index Sequence Id

Table: film_tracking

Description: Film Tracking


Name Description
flmtrk_proc Flmtrk proc
flmtrk_film_cnt Flmtrk film cnt
flmtrk_given_to Flmtrk given to
flmtrk_given_by Flmtrk given by
flmtrk_seq Flmtrk seq
flmtrk_num Flmtrk num
flmtrk_acct Flmtrk acct
flmtrk_movedt Flmtrk movedt
flmtrk_loc Flmtrk loc
flmtrk_arid Flmtrk arid
flmtrk_type Flmtrk type
flmtrk_date Flmtrk date

Table: final_daily_census

Description: Final Daily Census


Name Description
aricn_arid Accounts Receivable Id
aricn_num Visit Number
aricn_date Final Census Date

Table: general_ledger_images

Description: Scanned Images General Ledger


Name Description
glimg_acct Image 6 Cs Batch Number
glimg_fidx_key Image 6 Fidx-Key
glimg_opt Image 6 Optical Disk
glimg_storagenum Image 6 Image File Name
glimg_num Image 6 Scan Seq Num
glimg_memo Image 6 Scan Memo
glimg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
glimg_dt Image 6 Stored Date
glimg_title Image 6 Title

Table: guarantor_note

Description: Guarantor note


Name Description
guarnote_update_logname Guarnote update logname
guarnote_profile Guarnote profile
guarnote_seq Guarnote seq
guarnote_create_ts Guarnote create ts
guarnote_spid Guarnote spid
guarnote_arid Guarnote arid
guarnote_update_ts Guarnote update ts
guarnote_create_logname Guarnote create logname
guarnote_text Guarnote text

Table: health_concern

Description: Health concern


Name Description
hc_arid Hc arid
hc_id Hc id
hc_comment Hc comment
hc_spid Hc spid
hc_dttm Hc dttm
hc_status_of_concern Hc status of concern
hc_description Hc description
hc_author Hc author
hc_last_modified_dttm Hc last modified dttm
hc_health_status_snomed Hc health status snomed
hc_arxnum Hc arxnum
hc_userid Hc userid
hc_profilenum Hc profilenum

Table: health_concern_to_problem_list

Description: Health concern to problem list


Name Description
hctopl_spid Hctopl spid
hctopl_hc_id Hctopl hc id
hctopl_profilenum Hctopl profilenum
hctopl_pl_removed Hctopl pl removed
hctopl_pl_seq Hctopl pl seq

Table: hie_doc_query

Description: Hie document query


Name Description
hiedq_hieent_uid Hiedq hieent uid
hiedq_logname Hiedq logname
hiedq_hieent_arid Hiedq hieent arid
hiedq_visit_arid Hiedq visit arid
hiedq_visit_id Hiedq visit id
hiedq_uuid Hiedq uuid
hiedq_timestamp Hiedq timestamp

Table: hie_doc_submitted

Description: Hie document submitted


Name Description
hieds_status Hieds status
hieds_visit_id Hieds visit id
hieds_hieent_arid Hieds hieent arid
hieds_action Hieds action
hieds_uuid Hieds uuid
hieds_docsent Hieds docsent
hieds_timestamp Hieds timestamp
hieds_hieent_uid Hieds hieent uid
hieds_visit_arid Hieds visit arid
hieds_logname Hieds logname

Table: hie_pid

Description: Hie Patient Id Indexing


Name Description
hiepid_arid Hiepid arid
hiepid_ent_uid Exchange unique id
hiepid_affpid_namespace Affpid assigning authority namespace
hiepid_sharedprof_id Shared profile id
hiepid_profile_number Profile number
hiepid_affpid_number Affinity patient id number
hiepid_affpid_assauth Affinity patient id assigning authority

Table: history

Description: History Record


Name Description
his_hisoptar History optical disc ar
his_hisaddr1 History guarantor address1
his_hisbirth History patient date of birth
his_hisxrn History xray number
his_arid Facility Id
his_hismrnum History medical record number
his_hisbadebt History bad debt code
his_hisprocs2 History procedure codes page 2
his_hisguar History guarantor name
his_hischart History chart code
his_hisclin_note History clinic note
his_hisguarss History guarantor social security number
his_hispdates2 History procedure dates page 2
his_hisdisdt History discharge date
his_hiscity History guarantor city
his_hisvpat History Violent Patient
his_hiss_type History subtype code
his_hisphone History patient phone
his_hisc_ssn_10dig History Social Security Number
his_hisdiags2 History diagnosis codes page 2
his_hispdates History procedure dates
his_hisstate History guarantor state
his_hisblip_num History Blip Number
his_hisdoc History admiting physician
his_hisdiags History diagnosis codes
his_hispaadm History pat diagnosed at admit
his_his_room History room number
his_hisaddr2 History guarantor address2
his_hiscitizenship His hiscitizenship
his_hisaddr_id History Guarantor Address Uuid
his_hisserv History service code
his_hisoptch History Optical Disc Ch
his_hismar_stat History marital status
his_hisadvdir History advanced directive
his_hisrace History patient race
his_hisadmdt History admit date
his_hiscom1 History comments1
his_hisc_profilenum History profile number
his_hisroll_num History Roll Number
his_hisdms_id His hisdms id
his_hisguar_profilenum History guarantor profile number
his_hisprivacy History privacy code
his_hisname History patient name
his_hiscom2 History comments2
his_hisnum History account number
his_hisss Hist pat Social security number
his_hisprivacy_dt History privacy date
his_hisvre History Vancomycin Resistant Enzyme Patient
his_histype History patient type
his_hisexpired_dt History expired date
his_hisins History financial class code
his_hisdrg History drg code
his_hissex History patient sex
his_hisprevmrnum History previous medical record number
his_hisdis_cd History discharge code
his_hismrsa History Multi Resistant Staph Patient
his_hisdelete_dt History delete date
his_hiscurname History current name
his_hiszip History guarantor zip
his_hisprocs History procedure codes

Table: hmo2_oasis_assessment

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_cert_da2 Hmo2 c2 oc pps cert da2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 2
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_hhrg Hmo2 c2 oc pps hhrg
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_19 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 19
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_5 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 5
hmo2_c2_ock_m2016 Hmo2 c2 ock m2016
hmo2_c2_oca_m0040 Hmo2 c2 oca m0040
hmo2_c2_oce_m1302 Hmo2 c2 oce m1302
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1900c Hmo2 c2 ocj m1900c
hmo2_c2_och_m1620 Hmo2 c2 och m1620
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401a Hmo2 c2 oco m2401a
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_15 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 15
hmo2_c2_oci_m1730a Hmo2 c2 oci m1730a
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_4 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 4
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1850 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1850
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_d2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 d2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_icdb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 icdb
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_4 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 4
hmo2_c2_ock_m2010 Hmo2 c2 ock m2010
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3a Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3a
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102g Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102g
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1800 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1800
hmo2_c2_ock_m2001 Hmo2 c2 ock m2001
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_lupa Hmo2 c2 oc pps lupa
hmo2_c2_oca_m0018 Hmo2 c2 oca m0018
hmo2_c2_oci_hmocode Hmo2 c2 oci hmocode
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_6 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 6
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102d Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102d
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_2 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 2
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_13 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 13
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icda Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icda
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_1 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 1
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_16 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 16
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_b Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 b
hmo2_c2_ock_m2005 Hmo2 c2 ock m2005
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2200a Hmo2 c2 ocm m2200a
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250f Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250f
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1021_icda Hmo2 c2 ocb m1021 icda
hmo2_c2_oco_m0903 Hmo2 c2 oco m0903
hmo2_c2_oci_m1720 Hmo2 c2 oci m1720
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1810 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1810
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4a Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4a
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4b Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4b
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_6 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 6
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diagd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diagd
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_16 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 16
hmo2_c2_occ_m1100 Hmo2 c2 occ m1100
hmo2_c2_oca_create_tm Hmo2 c2 oca create tm
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4f Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4f
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_6 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 6
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_9 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 9
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_5 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 5
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1030_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1030 2
hmo2_c2_oce_m1306 Hmo2 c2 oce m1306
hmo2_c2_och_m1615 Hmo2 c2 och m1615
hmo2_c2_oca_m0102_dt Hmo2 c2 oca m0102 dt
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_2 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_7 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 7
hmo2_c2_oco_m2420 Hmo2 c2 oco m2420
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1200 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1200
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_eocosts Hmo2 c2 oc pps eocosts
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_icdf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 icdf
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3b Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3b
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_a1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 a1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diage Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diage
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_2 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 2
hmo2_c2_oci_m1745 Hmo2 c2 oci m1745
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_icdc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 icdc
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diagc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diagc
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_5 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 5
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_2 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 2
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1870 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1870
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_7 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 7
hmo2_90 Hmo2 90
hmo2_c2_oci_m1700 Hmo2 c2 oci m1700
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3f Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3f
hmo2_c2_oce_m1340 Hmo2 c2 oce m1340
hmo2_c2_oca_m0064 Hmo2 c2 oca m0064
hmo2_c2_oce_m1322 Hmo2 c2 oce m1322
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_b2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 b2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icdd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icdd
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1046 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1046
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icde Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icde
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 1
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250b Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250b
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_12 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 12
hmo2_c2_oce_m1332 Hmo2 c2 oce m1332
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_4 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 4
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diagb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diagb
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1845 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1845
hmo2_c2_ocj_gg0170c_goal Hmo2 c2 ocj gg0170c goal
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_2 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4e Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4e
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_14 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 14
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1900d Hmo2 c2 ocj m1900d
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401b Hmo2 c2 oco m2401b
hmo2_seq Hmo2 seq
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1840 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1840
hmo2_c2_oci_m1730b Hmo2 c2 oci m1730b
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1210 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1210
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_5 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 5
hmo2_c2_oca_m0060 Hmo2 c2 oca m0060
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_17 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 17
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_3 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 3
hmo2_c2_och_m1610 Hmo2 c2 och m1610
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icdd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icdd
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_eopmt Hmo2 c2 oc pps eopmt
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_3 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 3
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_14 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 14
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_matchkey Hmo2 c2 oc pps matchkey
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_stvis Hmo2 c2 oc pps stvis
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1030_3 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1030 3
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1220 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1220
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_1 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 1
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_reim Hmo2 c2 oc pps reim
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1890 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1890
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_1 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 1
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1910 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1910
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icdf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icdf
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_3 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 3
hmo2_date Hmo2 date
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_other Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 other
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_4 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 4
hmo2_c2_oca_m0063_na Hmo2 c2 oca m0063 na
hmo2_c2_ocf_m1410_2 Hmo2 c2 ocf m1410 2
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_eototal Hmo2 c2 oc pps eototal
hmo2_c2_oco_m2410 Hmo2 c2 oco m2410
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1060_weight Hmo2 c2 ocb m1060 weight
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_c Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 c
hmo2_c2_ocr_init Hmo2 c2 ocr init
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102f Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102f
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_na Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 na
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102c Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102c
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_hipps Hmo2 c2 oc pps hipps
hmo2_c2_oca_m0104 Hmo2 c2 oca m0104
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_seve Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 seve
hmo2_c2_oce_m1320 Hmo2 c2 oce m1320
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_diagb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 diagb
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_7 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 7
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_6 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 6
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_8 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 8
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4a Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4a
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_21 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 21
hmo2_c2_oca_m0064_uk Hmo2 c2 oca m0064 uk
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1028_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1028 1
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_manifest Hmo2 c2 oc pps manifest
hmo2_c2_ock_m2030 Hmo2 c2 ock m2030
hmo2_c2_oci_inactivate Hmo2 c2 oci inactivate
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_6 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 6
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1021_seva Hmo2 c2 ocb m1021 seva
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_9 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 9
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 2
hmo2_c2_oca_m0069 Hmo2 c2 oca m0069
hmo2_c2_oca_m0065 Hmo2 c2 oca m0065
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1880 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1880
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_6 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 6
hmo2_c2_oca_m0065_na Hmo2 c2 oca m0065 na
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_20 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 20
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4e Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4e
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_c2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 c2
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_11 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 11
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1830 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1830
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_6 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 6
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 1
hmo2_c2_oce_m1342 Hmo2 c2 oce m1342
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_5 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 5
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_5 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 5
hmo2_c2_oca_m0102_na Hmo2 c2 oca m0102 na
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1005 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1005
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_18 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 18
hmo2_c2_oci_m1710 Hmo2 c2 oci m1710
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icdf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icdf
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_11 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 11
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3e Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3e
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_finish Hmo2 c2 oc pps finish
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3c Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3c
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diagd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diagd
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_10 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 10
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_10 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 10
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_6 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 6
hmo2_c2_oco_m0906 Hmo2 c2 oco m0906
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3e Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3e
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3d Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3d
hmo2_c2_oca_m0030 Hmo2 c2 oca m0030
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icdb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icdb
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_8 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 8
hmo2_c2_ocl_xmit Hmo2 c2 ocl xmit
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_5 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 5
hmo2_c2_oca_m0014 Hmo2 c2 oca m0014
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icde Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icde
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_cert_da Hmo2 c2 oc pps cert da
hmo2_c2_ocf_m1410_3 Hmo2 c2 ocf m1410 3
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_8 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 8
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1056 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1056
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 2
hmo2_c2_oca_m0063 Hmo2 c2 oca m0063
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_diagc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 diagc
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_sevf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 sevf
hmo2_c2_ocj_gg0170c_perform Hmo2 c2 ocj gg0170c perform
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2301 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2301
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_4 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 4
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250d Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250d
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401e Hmo2 c2 oco m2401e
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_cert_dt Hmo2 c2 oc pps cert dt
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102e Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102e
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1030_4 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1030 4
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_17 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 17
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_13 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 13
hmo2_c2_oca_m0032 Hmo2 c2 oca m0032
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diagf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diagf
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_4 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 4
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_8 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 8
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250a Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250a
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_6 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 6
hmo2_c2_ock_m2040b Hmo2 c2 ock m2040b
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diagc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diagc
hmo2_patnum Hmo2 patnum
hmo2_c2_och_m1630 Hmo2 c2 och m1630
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_e1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 e1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1060_height Hmo2 c2 ocb m1060 height
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_c1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 c1
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1900a Hmo2 c2 ocj m1900a
hmo2_c2_oce_m1334 Hmo2 c2 oce m1334
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icdc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icdc
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_eothresh Hmo2 c2 oc pps eothresh
hmo2_c2_oca_m0066 Hmo2 c2 oca m0066
hmo2_c2_oca_m0016 Hmo2 c2 oca m0016
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4d Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4d
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1242 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1242
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_4 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 4
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3b Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3b
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_icdd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 icdd
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_19 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 19
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_5 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 5
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_diagf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 diagf
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1240 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1240
hmo2_c2_oce_m1324 Hmo2 c2 oce m1324
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102b Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102b
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_2 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_diagd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 diagd
hmo2_c2_oca_m0040_suffix Hmo2 c2 oca m0040 suffix
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1820 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1820
hmo2_c2_oca_m0040_first Hmo2 c2 oca m0040 first
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1034 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1034
hmo2_c2_oce_m1350 Hmo2 c2 oce m1350
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3a Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3a
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_fin_ready Hmo2 c2 oc pps fin ready
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_other Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 other
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4d Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4d
hmo2_c2_ock_m2003 Hmo2 c2 ock m2003
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_sevb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 sevb
hmo2_c2_oca_m0110 Hmo2 c2 oca m0110
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_icdc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 icdc
hmo2_arid Hmo2 arid
hmo2_c2_ocl_date Hmo2 c2 ocl date
hmo2_c2_oca_m0080 Hmo2 c2 oca m0080
hmo2_c2_ocf_m1410_4 Hmo2 c2 ocf m1410 4
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_7 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 7
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_4 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 4
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_3 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 3
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag3f Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag3f
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_12 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 12
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2200b Hmo2 c2 ocm m2200b
hmo2_c2_oca_m0100 Hmo2 c2 oca m0100
hmo2_c2_oce_m1300 Hmo2 c2 oce m1300
hmo2_c2_ock_m2040a Hmo2 c2 ock m2040a
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_b1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 b1
hmo2_c2_ocf_m1400 Hmo2 c2 ocf m1400
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_f Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 f
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_10 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 10
hmo2_c2_oca_create_dt Hmo2 c2 oca create dt
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_11 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 11
hmo2_c2_oci_m1730 Hmo2 c2 oci m1730
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2110 Hmo2 c2 ocl m2110
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401c Hmo2 c2 oco m2401c
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1030_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1030 1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3d Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3d
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1860 Hmo2 c2 ocj m1860
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_3 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 3
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diaga Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diaga
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_calc_type Hmo2 c2 oc pps calc type
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_9 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 9
hmo2_c2_oca_m0010 Hmo2 c2 oca m0010
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250e Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250e
hmo2_c2_oca_create_eenum Hmo2 c2 oca create eenum
hmo2_c2_oca_m0020 Hmo2 c2 oca m0020
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_9 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 9
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_9 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 9
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_cbsa Hmo2 c2 oc pps cbsa
hmo2_c2_ocr_date Hmo2 c2 ocr date
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1051 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1051
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icda Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icda
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_d1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 d1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_1 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 1
hmo2_c2_oci_m1750 Hmo2 c2 oci m1750
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_f1 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 f1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1028_2 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1028 2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1041 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1041
hmo2_c2_ocj_m1900b Hmo2 c2 ocj m1900b
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401f Hmo2 c2 oco m2401f
hmo2_c2_ocd_m1230 Hmo2 c2 ocd m1230
hmo2_c2_oca_m0032_na Hmo2 c2 oca m0032 na
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4f Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4f
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_3 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 3
hmo2_c2_oca_m0018_uk Hmo2 c2 oca m0018 uk
hmo2_c2_oci_hmodate Hmo2 c2 oci hmodate
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_10 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 10
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_sevd Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 sevd
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_6 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 6
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_13 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 13
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250g Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250g
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1018_7 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1018 7
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_snvis Hmo2 c2 oc pps snvis
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1036_5 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1036 5
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4c Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4c
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_validity Hmo2 c2 oc pps validity
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_18 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 18
hmo2_c2_oci_m1740_7 Hmo2 c2 oci m1740 7
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_12 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 12
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_20 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 20
hmo2_code Hmo2 code
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diagb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diagb
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_icdb Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 icdb
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_mswvis Hmo2 c2 oc pps mswvis
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_5 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 5
hmo2_c2_ock_m2020 Hmo2 c2 ock m2020
hmo2_c2_oca_m0040_mid Hmo2 c2 oca m0040 mid
hmo2_c2_ocl_m2102a Hmo2 c2 ocl m2102a
hmo2_c2_oci_hmopatnum Hmo2 c2 oci hmopatnum
hmo2_c2_ocf_m1410_1 Hmo2 c2 ocf m1410 1
hmo2_c2_oca_m0040_last Hmo2 c2 oca m0040 last
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1501 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1501
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1021_diaga Hmo2 c2 ocb m1021 diaga
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1000_8 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1000 8
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_15 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 15
hmo2_c2_och_m1600 Hmo2 c2 och m1600
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_ptvis Hmo2 c2 oc pps ptvis
hmo2_c2_oco_m2401d Hmo2 c2 oco m2401d
hmo2_c2_oca_m0050 Hmo2 c2 oca m0050
hmo2_version Hmo2 version
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_4 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 4
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_sevc Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 sevc
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_d Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 d
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diaga Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diaga
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_init Hmo2 c2 oc pps init
hmo2_c2_oce_m1330 Hmo2 c2 oce m1330
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_8 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 8
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_1 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 1
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_e Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 e
hmo2_c2_oce_m1307_dt Hmo2 c2 oce m1307 dt
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_diage Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 diage
hmo2_c2_oco_m2430_3 Hmo2 c2 oco m2430 3
hmo2_c2_oce_m1307 Hmo2 c2 oce m1307
hmo2_c2_oce_m1313_a Hmo2 c2 oce m1313 a
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_rap_ready Hmo2 c2 oc pps rap ready
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1023_icde Hmo2 c2 ocb m1023 icde
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_diage Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 diage
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_f2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 f2
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd3c Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd3c
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_1 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 1
hmo2_c2_oca_create_eecomp Hmo2 c2 oca create eecomp
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_3 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 3
hmo2_c2_ocn_m2310_4 Hmo2 c2 ocn m2310 4
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_otvis Hmo2 c2 oc pps otvis
hmo2_c2_oc_pps_hhavis Hmo2 c2 oc pps hhavis
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1033_7 Hmo2 c2 ocb m1033 7
hmo2_c2_oca_create_eepr Hmo2 c2 oca create eepr
hmo2_c2_oca_m0150_3 Hmo2 c2 oca m0150 3
hmo2_correct Hmo2 correct
hmo2_c2_ocg_m1511_1 Hmo2 c2 ocg m1511 1
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_diag4b Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 diag4b
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_e2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 e2
hmo2_c2_oce_m1311_a2 Hmo2 c2 oce m1311 a2
hmo2_c2_ocm_m2250c Hmo2 c2 ocm m2250c
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1011_diagf Hmo2 c2 ocb m1011 diagf
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1025_icd4c Hmo2 c2 ocb m1025 icd4c
hmo2_c2_oca_m0140_3 Hmo2 c2 oca m0140 3
hmo2_c2_ocb_m1017_na Hmo2 c2 ocb m1017 na

Table: hmo9_oasis_assessment

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4e Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4e
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_diagf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 diagf
hmo0_c1_oca_m0065 Oasisca Medicaid Number
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1200 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1200
hmo0_c1_oca_m0080 Oasisca Discipline Of Assessor
hmo0_patnum Hmo0 patnum
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1041 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1041
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400a Hmo0 c1 oco m2400a
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_8 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 8
hmo0_c1_oce_m1307_dt Hmo0 c1 oce m1307 dt
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1030_3 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1030 3
hmo0_c1_ocl_xmit Hmo0 c1 ocl xmit
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1051 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1051
hmo0_c1_oca_m0064_uk Oasisca Security Number Unknown
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3a Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3a
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_3 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 3
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1900c Hmo0 c1 ocj m1900c
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2200b Hmo0 c1 ocm m2200b
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308b Hmo0 c1 oce m1308b
hmo0_c1_oco_m0906 Hmo0 c1 oco m0906
hmo0_c1_ocf_m1410_4 Hmo0 c1 ocf m1410 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_3 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 3
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_6 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 6
hmo0_c1_ocl_date Hmo0 c1 ocl date
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diage Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diage
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_6 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 6
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_lupa Pps Estimated Lupa
hmo0_c1_ock_m2020 Hmo0 c1 ock m2020
hmo0_c1_oca_m0018 Oasisca Referring Phy
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250e Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250e
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_2 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 2
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308a Hmo0 c1 oce m1308a
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icde Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icde
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_4 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_2 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 2
hmo0_c1_oca_m0018_uk Oasisca Referring Phy Unknown
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_4 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3f Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3f
hmo0_c1_ock_m2002 Hmo0 c1 ock m2002
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1870 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1870
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3f Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3f
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_init Pps Initials
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icdb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icdb
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_3 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 3
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3d Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3d
hmo0_c1_och_m1620 Hmo0 c1 och m1620
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_3 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 3
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diagf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diagf
hmo0_c1_ock_m2040a Hmo0 c1 ock m2040a
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1810 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1810
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_icdd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 icdd
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_eocosts Pps Estimated Outlier Cost
hmo0_c1_oce_m1309_a Hmo0 c1 oce m1309 a
hmo0_c1_oca_m0030 Oasisca Start Of Care Date
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_diage Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 diage
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3b Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3b
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_6 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_sevd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 sevd
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_14 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 14
hmo0_date Hmo0 date
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_6 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diaga Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diaga
hmo0_code Hmo0 code
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_manifest Pps-Manifest
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_7 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 7
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_eothresh Pps Estimated Outlier Thresh
hmo0_c1_oca_m0050 Oasisca Patient State
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_17 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 17
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3b Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3b
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_10 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 10
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_4 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 4
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1220 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1220
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_4 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 4
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_20 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 20
hmo0_c1_oca_m0063 Oasisca Medicare Number
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_11 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 11
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102b Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102b
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1830 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1830
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_matchkey Pps Matchkey
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_20 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 20
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_3 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 3
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308d2 Hmo0 c1 oce m1308d2
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_10 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 10
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102f Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102f
hmo0_version Hmo0 version
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_9 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 9
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1046 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1046
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_5 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 5
hmo0_c1_oci_m1745 Hmo0 c1 oci m1745
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icde Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icde
hmo0_c1_oca_m0060 Oasisca Patient Zip Code
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400e Hmo0 c1 oco m2400e
hmo0_c1_oca_m0040_mid Oasisca Patient Mid Name
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_7 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 7
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_2 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 2
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_other Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 other
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_eototal Pps Estimated Outlier Total
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1242 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1242
hmo0_c1_oce_m1342 Hmo0 c1 oce m1342
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_9 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 9
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102g Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102g
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1030_1 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1030 1
hmo0_c1_oce_m1334 Hmo0 c1 oce m1334
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_snvis Pps Skilled Nursing Visit
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250d Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250d
hmo0_c1_oca_m0032_na Oasisca Resumption Of Care Na
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1850 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1850
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diagd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diagd
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1030_2 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1030 2
hmo0_c1_oca_m0020 Oasisca Patient Id Number
hmo0_c1_oce_m1330 Hmo0 c1 oce m1330
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_5 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 5
hmo0_c1_oce_m1350 Hmo0 c1 oce m1350
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3e Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3e
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_15 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 15
hmo0_c1_oco_m2410 Hmo0 c1 oco m2410
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_7 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 7
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4d Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4d
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_finish Pps Finish Date
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2300 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2300
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_2 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 2
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1910 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1910
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1020_diaga Hmo0 c1 ocb m1020 diaga
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_9 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 9
hmo0_c1_oce_m1302 Hmo0 c1 oce m1302
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1030_4 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1030 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diagc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diagc
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_2 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 2
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_5 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 5
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_3 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 3
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diaga Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diaga
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_5 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 5
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102e Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102e
hmo0_c1_ock_m2040b Hmo0 c1 ock m2040b
hmo0_c1_oca_m0102_na Oasisca M0102 Na
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_5 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 5
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_7 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 7
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_2 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 2
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_cbsa Pps Cbsa
hmo0_c1_ocf_m1410_3 Hmo0 c1 ocf m1410 3
hmo0_c1_oca_m0064 Oasisca Social Security Number
hmo0_c1_och_m1615 Hmo0 c1 och m1615
hmo0_c1_ocf_m1410_2 Hmo0 c1 ocf m1410 2
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_1 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 1
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_cert_da Pps Certified Day
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icdc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icdc
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_1 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 1
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_6 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_icde Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 icde
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250a Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250a
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_15 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 15
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_5 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 5
hmo0_c1_oce_m1320 Hmo0 c1 oce m1320
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_21 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 21
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_16 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 16
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_4 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icda Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icda
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_hhrg Pps Hhrg
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1005 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1005
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2110 Hmo0 c1 ocl m2110
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4f Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4f
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_8 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 8
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102c Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102c
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3a Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3a
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_otvis Pps Occupational Therapy Visit
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_8 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 8
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4a Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4a
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_rap_ready Pps Rap Ready
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_5 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 5
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1900d Hmo0 c1 ocj m1900d
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diagb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diagb
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_11 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 11
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_10 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 10
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_8 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 8
hmo0_c1_oci_m1700 Hmo0 c1 oci m1700
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_diagb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 diagb
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_19 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 19
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3e Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3e
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_16 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 16
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_5 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 5
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_na Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 na
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1020_icda Hmo0 c1 ocb m1020 icda
hmo0_c1_oci_inactivate Hmo0 c1 oci inactivate
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icdf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icdf
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4c Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4c
hmo0_c1_oca_m0040_suffix Oasisca Patient Name Suffix
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_1 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 1
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_13 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 13
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308d1 Hmo0 c1 oce m1308d1
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308c Hmo0 c1 oce m1308c
hmo0_c1_oce_m1324 Hmo0 c1 oce m1324
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_4 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icdd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icdd
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_4 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 4
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400b Hmo0 c1 oco m2400b
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1900a Hmo0 c1 ocj m1900a
hmo0_c1_ocr_date Hmo0 c1 ocr date
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_10 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 10
hmo0_c1_ock_m2015 Hmo0 c1 ock m2015
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_icdf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 icdf
hmo0_c1_oca_m0010 Oasisca Medicare Provider Number
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250g Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250g
hmo0_90 Not Used
hmo0_c1_oci_hmopatnum Hmo0 c1 oci hmopatnum
hmo0_c1_oca_m0016 Oasisca Agency Branch Id Number
hmo0_c1_ock_m2004 Hmo0 c1 ock m2004
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_12 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 12
hmo0_c1_oce_m1309_c Hmo0 c1 oce m1309 c
hmo0_c1_oce_m1322 Hmo0 c1 oce m1322
hmo0_c1_oci_m1750 Hmo0 c1 oci m1750
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_1 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 1
hmo0_correct Hmo0 correct
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diagb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diagb
hmo0_c1_ock_m2000 Hmo0 c1 ock m2000
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_6 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 6
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_6 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1034 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1034
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_4 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 4
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_ptvis Pps Physical Therapy Visit
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4d Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4d
hmo0_c1_oci_m1710 Hmo0 c1 oci m1710
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1820 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1820
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1880 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1880
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_cert_dt Pps Certified Date
hmo0_c1_oce_m1309_b Hmo0 c1 oce m1309 b
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_1 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 1
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_icdb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 icdb
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_hhavis Pps Hha Visit
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_sevf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 sevf
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1900b Hmo0 c1 ocj m1900b
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diagc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diagc
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_hipps Pps Hipps Code
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1020_seva Hmo0 c1 ocb m1020 seva
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_fin_ready Pps Fin Ready
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250c Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250c
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_2 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 2
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_13 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 13
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_12 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 12
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1860 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1860
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_1 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 1
hmo0_c1_oca_m0014 Oasisca Agency Branch State
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400c Hmo0 c1 oco m2400c
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_2 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 2
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_17 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 17
hmo0_c1_ocr_init Hmo0 c1 ocr init
hmo0_c1_oca_m0100 Oasisca Reason For Care
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_2 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 2
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_9 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 9
hmo0_c1_oce_m1332 Hmo0 c1 oce m1332
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3d Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3d
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_6 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4a Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4a
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diagd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diagd
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_1 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 1
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400f Hmo0 c1 oco m2400f
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_14 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 14
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_19 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 19
hmo0_c1_oci_m1730a Hmo0 c1 oci m1730a
hmo0_c1_oca_m0065_na Oasisca Medicaid Na
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102d Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102d
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_reim Pps Estimated Reimbursement
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1033_8 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1033 8
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_4 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 4
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_sevc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 sevc
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icdd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icdd
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_diagc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 diagc
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1800 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1800
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_9 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 9
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd4b Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd4b
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2200a Hmo0 c1 ocm m2200a
hmo0_c1_occ_m1100 Hmo0 c1 occ m1100
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_3 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 3
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1840 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1840
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1500 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1500
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_3 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 3
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4e Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4e
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_validity Pps Validity
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_other Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 other
hmo0_c1_oca_m0040_last Oasisca Patient Last Name
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_4 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 4
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_18 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 18
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4b Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4b
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_icda Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 icda
hmo0_c1_och_m1610 Hmo0 c1 och m1610
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_13 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 13
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_6 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 6
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4c Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4c
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_5 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 5
hmo0_c1_ocf_m1400 Hmo0 c1 ocf m1400
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_1 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 1
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_stvis Pps St Visit
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_diagf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 diagf
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250f Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250f
hmo0_c1_och_m1630 Hmo0 c1 och m1630
hmo0_c1_oca_m0102_dt Oasisca M0102 Date
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icdc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icdc
hmo0_c1_ock_m2010 Hmo0 c1 ock m2010
hmo0_c1_oci_m1730 Hmo0 c1 oci m1730
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_eopmt Pps Estimated Outlier Payment
hmo0_c1_oca_m0069 Oasisca Patient Gender
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_calc_type Pps Calc Type
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_cert_da2 Pps Cert Day
hmo0_c1_ocl_m2102a Hmo0 c1 ocl m2102a
hmo0_c1_ock_m2030 Hmo0 c1 ock m2030
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_8 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 8
hmo0_c1_oci_m1720 Hmo0 c1 oci m1720
hmo0_c1_oce_m1306 Hmo0 c1 oce m1306
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_5 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 5
hmo0_c1_oce_m1309_d Hmo0 c1 oce m1309 d
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_7 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 7
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1210 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1210
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_icdc Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 icdc
hmo0_seq Hmo0 seq
hmo0_c1_oco_m2400d Hmo0 c1 oco m2400d
hmo0_c1_oca_m0110 Oasisca Episode Timing
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icdb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icdb
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag3c Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag3c
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_icd3c Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 icd3c
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_diagd Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 diagd
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1016_diage Hmo0 c1 ocb m1016 diage
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1890 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1890
hmo0_c1_oca_m0040 Oasisca Patient Full Name
hmo0_c1_oce_m1300 Hmo0 c1 oce m1300
hmo0_c1_oca_m0040_first Oasisca Patient First Name
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1024_diag4f Hmo0 c1 ocb m1024 diag4f
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_sevb Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 sevb
hmo0_c1_oci_hmocode Hmo0 c1 oci hmocode
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1018_1 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1018 1
hmo0_c1_ocg_m1510_3 Hmo0 c1 ocg m1510 3
hmo0_c1_oco_m2420 Hmo0 c1 oco m2420
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_12 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 12
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1000_1 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1000 1
hmo0_c1_oci_hmodate Hmo0 c1 oci hmodate
hmo0_c1_ocf_m1410_1 Hmo0 c1 ocf m1410 1
hmo0_c1_oce_m1340 Hmo0 c1 oce m1340
hmo0_c1_oca_m0032 Oasisca Resumption Of Care Date
hmo0_c1_oca_m0104 Oasisca M0104
hmo0_c1_oc_pps_mswvis Pps Msw Visit
hmo0_c1_oca_m0066 Oasisca Patient Date Of Birth
hmo0_c1_oca_m0140_3 Hmo0 c1 oca m0140 3
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_11 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 11
hmo0_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmo0_c1_och_m1600 Hmo0 c1 och m1600
hmo0_c1_oca_m0063_na Oasisca Medicare Na
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1240 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1240
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1036_6 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1036 6
hmo0_c1_ocn_m2310_18 Hmo0 c1 ocn m2310 18
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1056 Hmo0 c1 ocb m1056
hmo0_c1_oce_m1307 Hmo0 c1 oce m1307
hmo0_c1_ocm_m2250b Hmo0 c1 ocm m2250b
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1022_seve Hmo0 c1 ocb m1022 seve
hmo0_c1_oce_m1308d3 Hmo0 c1 oce m1308d3
hmo0_c1_oci_m1740_2 Hmo0 c1 oci m1740 2
hmo0_c1_ocj_m1845 Hmo0 c1 ocj m1845
hmo0_c1_oco_m2430_7 Hmo0 c1 oco m2430 7
hmo0_c1_ocb_m1010_icdf Hmo0 c1 ocb m1010 icdf
hmo0_c1_oci_m1730b Hmo0 c1 oci m1730b
hmo0_c1_oca_m0150_7 Hmo0 c1 oca m0150 7
hmo0_c1_ocd_m1230 Hmo0 c1 ocd m1230
hmo0_c1_oco_m0903 Hmo0 c1 oco m0903

Table: hmoasis

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmo_c_oca_m0040_suffix Oasisc patient name suffix
hmo_b_j_m0640p Oasis-B Grooming prior
hmo_c_ock_m2002 Oasisc Medication followup switch
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4e Oasis-B Payment diag 4e
hmo_c_oco_m2400e Oasisc Intervention prevent pressure ulcers
hmo_b_pps_eopmt Oasisb pps eo payment
hmo_b_a_m0063_na Oasis-B Medicare na
hmo_c_ocb_m1045 Oasisc Influenza vaccine not received reason
hmo_c_oce_m1308c Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage 4
hmo_b_pps_reim Oasisb pps estimated reimbursement
hmo_c_oc_pps_eothresh Oasisc Pps estimated outlier thresh
hmo_c_oc_pps_ptvis Oasisc Pps physical therapy visit
hmo_c_ocb_m1005 Oasisc Inpatient discharge date
hmo_b_pps_otvis Oasisb pps occupational therapist visit
hmo_b_b_m0180 Oasis-B Most recent discharge date
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3b Oasis-B Payment icd 3b
hmo_b_m0320_other Oasis-B other
hmo_b_b_m0230_diagf Oasis-B Primary diag f
hmo_b_i_m0560 Oasis-B Cognitive functioning
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3c Oasisc Case mix icd 3c
hmo_c_oca_m0040_first Oasisc patient first name
hmo_c_oc_pps_stvis Oasisc Pps st visit
hmo_b_b_m0230_icde Oasis-B Primary icd e
hmo_c_ocl_date Oasisc lock date
hmo_c_oco_m2420 Oasisc Discharge disposition
hmo_b_a_m0040_mid Oasis-B Patient mid name
hmo_c_ocn_m2310_ary Oasisc Emergency care reason
hmo_c_oc_pps_finish Oasisc Pps finish date
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4d Oasis-B Payment icd 4d
hmo_c_oce_m1300 Oasisc Ressure ulcer assessment
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4f Oasisc Case mix icd 4f
hmo_c_oca_m0064 Oasisc social security number
hmo_c_ocl_m2100g Oasisc Type and source of assistance
hmo_b_j_m0680c Oasis-B Toilet mobility current
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_na Oasisc Changed medical regimen diag na
hmo_b_m0160_other Oasis-B other
hmo_c_ocg_m1500 Oasisc Heart failure symptoms
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_seve Oasisc Other service code e
hmo_b_m0610_ary Oasis-B Weekly behaviors demonstrated
hmo_b_f_m0450c Oasis-B Two ulcers and stages
hmo_c_ocj_m1820 Oasisc Ability to dress lower body
hmo_b_j_m0680p Oasis-B Toilet mobility prior
hmo_c_oci_m1720 Oasisc When reported or observed anxious
hmo_b_e_m0420 Oasis-B Pain frequency
hmo_b_pps_hhrgbs Oasisb pps hhrgbs
hmo_c_ocj_m1830 Oasisc Bathing ability
hmo_c_oca_m0050 Oasisc patient state
hmo_c_ocd_m1210 Oasisc Hearing quality
hmo_c_oci_hmocode Oasisc Correction code
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3e Oasis-B Payment diag 3e
hmo_c_ocj_m1900a Oasisc Prior functioning self care
hmo_b_m0590_ary Oasis-B Depression reported or observed
hmo_b_j_m0670c Oasis-B Bathe body current
hmo_c_oc_pps_cert_dt Oasisc Pps certified date
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_icdf Oasisc Other icd f
hmo_c_ocr_init Oasics review initials
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3b Oasis-B Payment diag 3b
hmo_c_oc_pps_validity Oasisc Pps validity
hmo_c_oce_m1334 Oasisc Status most problematic stasis ulcer
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diagd Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis d
hmo_c_oc_pps_hhrg Oasisc Pps hhrg
hmo_b_f_m0488 Oasis-B Status most problematic surgical wound
hmo_c_ocj_m1860 Oasisc Ambulation locomotion ability
hmo_b_a_m0065 Oasis-B Patient medicaid number
hmo_c_oce_m1308d1_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d1 on admit
hmo_b_a_m0016 Oasis-B Agency branch id number
hmo_b_pps_mswvis Oasisb pps msw visit
hmo_c_oci_m1710 Oasisc When reported or observed confused
hmo_c_oce_m1306 Oasisc Unhealed pressure ulcer present
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3d Oasisc Case mix icd 3d
hmo_c_oca_m0016 Oasisc agency branch id number
hmo_c_oce_m1324 Oasisc Stage most problematic unhealed
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diagf Oasisc Changed medical regimen diag f
hmo_c_ocj_m1850 Oasisc Transferring ability
hmo_b_d_m0360 Oasis-B Primary caregiver
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_icdc Oasisc Inpatient Procedure C
hmo_90 Hmo 90
hmo_b_j_m0650c Oasis-B Dress upper body current
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_icdb Oasisc Other icd b
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_icda Oasisc Inpatient Procedure A
hmo_c_oca_m0065_na Oasisc medicaid na
hmo_c_ocb_m1020_icda Oasisc History icd9
hmo_c_oca_m0150_other Oasisc Other Current Payment Sources
hmo_b_ci_inactivate Oasis-B Correction info inactive switch
hmo_b_pps_scdays2 Oasisb pps scdays2
hmo_c_ocl_m2110 Oasisc Frequency of adl iadl assistance
hmo_c_oci_hmopatnum Oasisc Patient visit number
hmo_c_oc_pps_snvis Oasisc Pps skilled nursing visit
hmo_b_pps_ptvis Oasisb pps physical thereapist visit
hmo_c_oc_pps_matchkey Oasisc Pps matchkey
hmo_version Hmo version
hmo_b_e_m0410 Oasis-B Speach quality
hmo_b_f_m0445 Oasis-B Pressure ulcer present
hmo_b_a_m0064 Oasis-B Patient social security number
hmo_c_ock_m2040b Oasisc Prior medication management injectable
hmo_b_m0175_ary Oasis-B Discharged from
hmo_date Oasisc Assessment completed date
hmo_c_oca_m0150_ary Oasisc Current Payment Sourches
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4e Oasis-B Payment icd 4e
hmo_b_pps_calc_type Oasis-B pps calc type
hmo_c_ocd_m1240 Oasisc Pain assessment test given
hmo_b_a_m0030 Oasis-B Start of care date
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4f Oasis-B Payment diag 4f
hmo_c_oco_m0903 Oasisc Most recent home visit date
hmo_c_oce_m1307 Oasisc Oldest nonepithelizlized stage2 ulcer
hmo_b_a_m0040 Oasis-B Patient full name
hmo_c_och_m1620 Oasisc Bowel incontinence frequency
hmo_c_oc_pps_cert_da Oasisc Pps certified day
hmo_b_b_m0245_icdb Oasis-B Payment icd b
hmo_b_pps_cert_da Oasisb pps cert day
hmo_b_pps_manifest Oasisb pps manifest
hmo_c_ocb_m1040 Oasisc Influenza vaccine
hmo_b_b_m0245_diaga Oasis-B Payment diag a
hmo_b_b_m0230_seve Oasis-B Primary severity e
hmo_b_pps_hipps Oasisb pps hipps
hmo_c_ocj_m1910 Oasisc Multifactor fall risk assessment given
hmo_c_oco_m2400f Oasisc Intervention treat pressure ulcers
hmo_c_oce_m1320 Oasisc Status most problem pressure ulcer
hmo_b_j_m0730p Oasis-B Transportation prior
hmo_b_f_m0470 Oasis-B Number of stasis ulcers
hmo_c_oc_pps_hhavis Oasic Pps hha visit
hmo_c_och_m1630 Oasisc Ostomy switch
hmo_c_ocb_m1018_ary Oasisc Condition prior to regimen change
hmo_b_pps_msa Oasisb pps msa
hmo_b_pps_daysbs Oasisb pps daysbs
hmo_c_oca_m0063 Oasisc medicare number
hmo_b_pps_init Oasisb pps initials
hmo_b_b_m0190_icda Oasis-B Inpatient within last 14days icd9 a
hmo_b_b_m0210_diaga Oasis-B Change regimen diag a
hmo_b_f_m0450b Oasis-B One ulcer and stage
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_diagf Oasisc Other diagnosis f
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icde Oasisc Inpatient facility icde
hmo_code Oasisc Type of care
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_icde Oasisc Other icd e
hmo_b_pps_hhavis Oasisb pps hha visit
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4e Oasisc Case mix icd 4e
hmo_b_j_m0710p Oasis-B Feeding prior
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4b Oasis-B Payment diag 4b
hmo_c_oc_pps_eopmt Oasisc Pps estimated outlier payment
hmo_b_f_m0468 Oasis-B Stasis ulcer present
hmo_b_pps_fin_ready Oasisb pps fin ready
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4f Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4f
hmo_b_a_m0065_na Oasis-B Medicaid na
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4c Oasis-B Payment icd 4c
hmo_b_pps_daysas Oasisb pps daysas
hmo_b_b_m0230_diagc Oasis-B Primary diag c
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icdf Oasic Inpatient facility icdf
hmo_b_m0160_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_c_oca_m0040 Oasisc patient full name
hmo_b_b_m0245_diagb Oasis-B Payment diag b
hmo_c_ocm_m2250b Oasisc Diabetic foot
hmo_b_b_m0230_sevf Oasis-B Primary severity f
hmo_c_oco_m2400a Oasisc Intervention synopsis diabetic foot
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_diage Oasisc Other diagnosis e
hmo_b_j_m0650p Oasis-B Dress upper body prior
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diage Oasisc Changed medical regimen diag e
hmo_c_oca_m0040_mid Oasisc patient mid name
hmo_b_f_m0440 Oasis-B Lesion or open wound
hmo_c_oca_m0032 Oasisc resumption of care date
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_icdb Oasisc Inpatient Procedure B
hmo_c_ocl_m2100c Oasisc Medication administer need
hmo_b_f_m0476 Oasis-B Status observed problematic ulcer
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4d Oasisc Case mix icd 4d
hmo_c_oca_m0020 Oasisc patient id number
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4d Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4d
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3d Oasis-B Payment icd 3d
hmo_b_pps_validity Oasisb pps validity
hmo_b_a_m0063 Oasis-B Patient medicare number
hmo_b_pps_stvis Oasisb pps st visit
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_procd Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Code D
hmo_c_ocl_m2100e Oasisc Management of equipment need
hmo_c_oca_m0104 Oasisc Date Of Referral
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4f Oasis-B Payment icd 4f
hmo_b_b_m0210_icdb Oasis-B Change regimen icd9 b
hmo_c_ocj_m1840 Oasisc Toilet transferring ability
hmo_b_a_m0100 Oasis-B Reason for care
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3c Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3c
hmo_c_ocb_m1055 Oasisc Reason ppv not received
hmo_c_ock_m2000 Oasis Drug regimen review
hmo_c_oce_m1308a Oasisc Pressure ulcers stage 2
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_procb Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Code B
hmo_b_c_m0300_other Oasis-B Current resident other
hmo_c_ocj_m1810 Oasisc Ability to dress upper body
hmo_c_oce_m1332 Oasisc Number observable stasis ulcers
hmo_b_k_m0800c Oasis-B Manage injectable meds current
hmo_b_f_m0482 Oasis-B Surgical wound present
hmo_c_ocd_m1230 Oasisc Expression of language quality
hmo_b_pps_screim2 Oasisb pps screim2
hmo_c_oco_m2410 Oasisc Inpatient facility admitted
hmo_c_oci_m1745 Oasisc Frequency disruptive behavior symptoms
hmo_c_oca_m0060 Oasisc patient zip code
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_icdc Oasisc Other icd c
hmo_b_f_m0486 Oasis-B Non observable surgical wound present
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_sevb Oasisc Other sevice code b
hmo_b_b_m0190_diagb Oasis-B Inpatient within last 14days diag b
hmo_b_i_m0570 Oasis-B When confused
hmo_b_a_m0014 Oasis-B Agency branch state
hmo_b_j_m0710c Oasis-B Feeding current
hmo_c_ocn_m2300 Oasisc Emergency care
hmo_b_f_m0464 Oasis-B Status of most problematic ulcer
hmo_c_oc_pps_cbsa Oasisc Pps Cbsa
hmo_c_oc_pps_hipps Oasisc Pps hipps code
hmo_b_j_m0700c Oasis-B Ambulation locomotion current
hmo_b_b_m0230_icdf Oasis-B Primary icd f
hmo_c_oce_m1308b Oasisc Pressure ulcers stage 3
hmo_b_j_m0720c Oasis-B Plan prepare small meal current
hmo_c_occ_m1100 Oasisc Patient living arangement
hmo_c_oce_m1307_dt Oasisc Nonepithelialized stage2 noticed date
hmo_b_pps_scdays1 Oasisb pps scdays1
hmo_c_ocm_m2200a Oasisc Therapy need number visits
hmo_b_b_m0260 Oasis-B Overall prognosis
hmo_b_pps_cbsa Oasisb pps cbsa
hmo_c_oc_pps_mswvis Oasic Pps msw visit
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_na Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Na
hmo_c_oce_m1310 Oasisc Pressure ulcer length
hmo_c_oci_m1730b Oasisc Phq2 pfizer b
hmo_c_ocb_m1020_diaga Oasisc History diagnosis
hmo_c_oc_pps_manifest Oasisc Pps-Manifest
hmo_c_ocb_m1020_seva Oasisc History service code
hmo_c_oco_m0906 Oasisc Discharge transfer death date
hmo_b_a_m0080 Oasis-B Discipline of assessor
hmo_b_a_m0050 Oasis-B Patient state
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icdc Oasisc Inpatient facility icdc
hmo_c_oco_m2430_ary Oasisc Hospitalization reason
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3a Oasis-B Payment icd 3a
hmo_b_b_m0210_diagc Oasis-B Change regimen diag c
hmo_b_m0150_other Oasis-B Payment source other
hmo_c_oca_m0018_uk Oasisc referring phy unknown
hmo_c_ocl_m2100d Oasisc Medical procedure need
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4a Oasis-B Payment diag 4a
hmo_b_b_m0210_icdc Oasis-B Change regimen icd9 c
hmo_c_ocb_m1000_ary Oasisc Patient discharged inpatient facility
hmo_c_oca_m0102_dt Oasisc Date Physician Ordered Soc/Roc
hmo_c_och_m1610 Oasisc Urinary incontinence or urinary catheter
hmo_b_pps_rap_ready Oasisb pps rap ready
hmo_b_a_m0032 Oasis-B Resumption of care date
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3a Oasisc Case mix icd 3a
hmo_b_b_m0210_diagb Oasis-B Change regimen diag b
hmo_b_c_m0300 Oasis-B Current resident switch
hmo_c_oce_m1308d3_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d3 on admit
hmo_c_oca_m0010 Oasisc medicare provider number
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4c Oasisc Case mix icd 4c
hmo_b_pps_eototal Oasisb pps eo total
hmo_b_pps_pepdays Oasisb pps pepdays
hmo_b_n_m0903 Oasis-B Date of last home visit
hmo_c_oca_m0063_na Oasisc medicare na
hmo_c_och_m1600 Oasisc Urinary tract infection past 14days
hmo_c_ocl_m2100f Oasisc Supervision cognitive need
hmo_b_j_m0700p Oasis-B Ambulation locomotion prior
hmo_c_ocd_m1242 Oasisc Frequency of pain interference
hmo_c_ocj_m1880 Oasisc Ability to plan light meals
hmo_c_ocm_m2250a Oasisc Plan of care synopsis
hmo_c_oca_m0069 Oasisc patient gender
hmo_c_ocb_m1032_ary Oasisc Risk for patient hospitalization
hmo_b_b_m0230_sevd Oasis-B Primary severity d
hmo_b_h_m0530 Oasis-B When urinary incontinence occurs
hmo_b_n_m0890 Oasis-B Acute care hospitalization
hmo_c_oc_pps_rap_ready Oasisc Pps rap ready
hmo_c_oci_m1740_ary Oasisc Cognitive behavior psychiatric symptoms
hmo_b_m0830_ary Oasis-B Emergency care given
hmo_c_ocb_m1034 Oasisc Patients overall health status
hmo_b_b_m0230_icdc Oasis-B Primary icd c
hmo_b_k_m0790p Oasis-B Manage mist inhalers prior
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diaga Oasisc Changed medical regimen diag a
hmo_c_ocj_m1900d Oasisc Prior functioning household task
hmo_b_m0150_ary Oasis-B Payment source for homecare
hmo_b_n_m0906 Oasis-B Date of discharge transfer or death
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_icdd Oasisc Other icd d
hmo_b_f_m0450d Oasis-B Three ulcers and stages
hmo_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmo_b_k_m0780c Oasis-B Manage oral meds current
hmo_b_a_m0072_uk Oasis-B Primary referring phy unknown
hmo_b_ci_hmocode Oasis-B Correction info code
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3c Oasis-B Payment diag 3c
hmo_b_a_m0072 Oasis-B Primary referring physician
hmo_correct Oasisc Assessment correction key
hmo_b_m0600_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_b_e_m0400 Oasis-B Hearing quality
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icdb Oasisc Changed medical regimen icd b
hmo_c_oce_m1342 Oasisc Number problematic surgical wounds
hmo_c_oc_pps_cert_da2 Oasisc Pps cert day
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3d Oasis-B Payment diag 3d
hmo_b_b_m0230_diagb Oasis-B Primary diag b
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icdc Oasisc Changed medical regimen icd c
hmo_b_b_m0190_diaga Oasis-B Inpatient within last 14days diag a
hmo_c_oc_pps_lupa Oasic Pps estimated lupa
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diagd Oasic Changed medical regimen diag d
hmo_b_f_m0484 Oasis-B Number observable surgical wounds
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icda Oasic Changed medical regimen icd a
hmo_c_ocm_m2250d Oasisc Depression intervention
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3f Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3f
hmo_b_pps_lupa Oasisb pps lupa
hmo_b_b_m0210_diagd Oasis-B Change regimen diag d
hmo_c_oca_m0040_last Oasisc patient last name
hmo_c_oce_m1308d2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d2 unstageable
hmo_b_pps_cert_da2 Oasisb pps certda2
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_sevd Oasisc Other service code d
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icdd Oasisc Changed medical regimen icd d
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diagf Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis f
hmo_b_m0310_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3a Oasis-B Payment diag 3a
hmo_b_j_m0730c Oasis-B Transportation current
hmo_c_ocb_m1036_ary Oasisc Patient high risk factors
hmo_b_ol_date Oasis-B lock date
hmo_b_pps_matchkey Oasisb pps matchkey
hmo_b_f_m0450e Oasis-B Four or more ulcer and stages
hmo_c_oca_m0030 Oasisc start of care date
hmo_c_oca_m0140_ary Oasisc Race/Ethnicity
hmo_c_ock_m2020 Oasisc Management of oral medications
hmo_c_ocr_date Oasisc review date
hmo_c_ocb_m1000_other Oasisc Patient discharged from other
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4a Oasis-B Payment icd 4a
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3f Oasis-B Payment icd 3f
hmo_c_ocj_m1890 Oasisc Ability to use telephone
hmo_b_m0880_ary Oasis-B Assistance after discharge
hmo_b_b_m0280 Oasis-B Life expectancy
hmo_b_ci_hmodate Oasis-B Correction info date
hmo_c_oce_m1312 Oasisc Pressure ulcer width
hmo_b_j_m0720p Oasis-B Plan prepare small meal prior
hmo_c_oc_pps_calc_type Oasisc Pps calc type
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3a Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3a
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icda Oasisc Inpatient facility icda
hmo_b_or_init Oasis-B review initials
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag3f Oasis-B Payment diag 3f
hmo_b_b_m0230_seva Oasis-B Primary serverity a
hmo_c_oci_hmodate Oasisc Correction date
hmo_c_oce_m1340 Oasisc Surgical wound present
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diagb Oasic Changed medical regimen diag b
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_diagb Oasisc Other diagnosis b
hmo_b_m0340_ary Oasis-B Patient lives with
hmo_b_f_m0474 Oasis-B Stasis ulcer unobserved
hmo_b_m0330_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_c_ocl_m2100a Oasisc Adl assistance need
hmo_b_k_m0780p Oasis-B Manage oral meds prior
hmo_b_pps_snvis Oasisb pps skilled-Nursing visit
hmo_c_oc_pps_otvis Oasic Pps occupational therapy visit
hmo_b_i_m0630 Oasis-B Receiving psychiatric nursing service
hmo_b_h_m0510 Oasis-B Treatment of urinary tract infection
hmo_c_oco_m2400b Oasisc Intervention fall prevention
hmo_b_b_m0200 Oasis-B Treatment regimen change last14days
hmo_c_ocj_m1800 Oasisc Ability to groom self
hmo_b_b_m0230_icdd Oasis-B Primary icd d
hmo_b_b_m0230_diaga Oasis-B Primary diag a
hmo_c_ock_m2010 Oasisc Patient caregiver risk drug educated
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icdd Oasisc Inpatient facility icdd
hmo_b_k_m0790c Oasis-B Manage mist inhalers current
hmo_b_h_m0550 Oasis-B Ostomy for bowel
hmo_b_l_m0825 Oasis-B Therapy needed
hmo_c_oce_m1308d3 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d3 unstageable
hmo_b_b_m0230_diagd Oasis-B Primary diag d
hmo_c_oc_pps_eocosts Oasisc Pps estimated outlier cost
hmo_c_oca_m0110 Oasisc episode timing
hmo_b_m0840_ary Oasis-B Emergency care reason
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4b Oasisc Case mix icd 4b
hmo_c_oc_pps_init Oasic Pps initials
hmo_b_l_m0826a Oasis-B Therapy need number of visits
hmo_b_i_m0580 Oasis-B Anxiety reported or observed
hmo_b_m0140_ary Oasis-B Race ethnicity
hmo_c_ock_m2015 Oasisc Caregiver drug education intervention
hmo_b_j_m0740p Oasis-B Laundry prior
hmo_b_m0290_ary Oasis-B High risk factors
hmo_b_a_m0040_suffix Oasis-B Patient name suffix
hmo_b_pps_eocosts Oasisb pps eo costs
hmo_b_a_m0012 Oasis-B Agency medicaid provider number
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_sevc Oasisc Other service code c
hmo_c_ocl_m2100b Oasisc Iadl assistance need
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diaga Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis a
hmo_b_a_m0040_first Oasis-B Patient first name
hmo_c_ocj_m1900b Oasisc Prior functioning ambulation
hmo_c_ock_m2030 Oasisc Management of injectable medications
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icde Oasisc Changed medical regimen icd e
hmo_c_och_m1615 Oasisc When urinary incontinence occurs
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diage Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis e
hmo_b_d_m0370 Oasis-B Primary caregiver frequency
hmo_b_a_m0066 Oasis-B Patient birth date
hmo_b_j_m0750p Oasis-B Housekeeping prior
hmo_c_oce_m1302 Oasisc Risk of developing pressure ulcers
hmo_c_oce_m1330 Oasisc Stasis ulcer present
hmo_b_l_m0826b Oasis-B Therapy visits na
hmo_b_e_m0430 Oasis-B Intractable pain
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd4b Oasis-B Payment icd 4b
hmo_b_l_m0810 Oasis-B Patient manage equipment
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_proca Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Code A
hmo_b_a_m0020 Oasis-B Patient id number
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3b Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3b
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4e Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4e
hmo_c_ocl_xmit Oasisc transmit date
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4b Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4b
hmo_b_j_m0770c Oasis-B Phone ability current
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_icdb Oasisc Inpatient facility icdb
hmo_b_j_m0640c Oasis-B Grooming current
hmo_b_l_m0820 Oasis-B Caregiver manage equipment
hmo_c_oce_m1308b_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage 3 on admit
hmo_b_b_m0270 Oasis-B Rehabilitation prognosis
hmo_c_oce_m1308c_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage 4 on admit
hmo_b_k_m0800p Oasis-B Manage injectable meds prior
hmo_c_ock_m2004 Oasisc Medication intervention
hmo_c_oc_pps_reim Oasisc Pps estimated reimbursement
hmo_c_ocm_m2250c Oasisc Fall preventions
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_diagc Oasic Changed medical regimen diag c
hmo_b_a_m0064_uk Oasis-B Social security number unknown
hmo_c_oci_m1730a Oasisc Phq2 pfizer a
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3b Oasisc Case mix icd 3b
hmo_c_ock_m2040a Oasisc Prior medication management oral
hmo_b_b_m0210_icda Oasis-B Change regimen icd9 a
hmo_c_oce_m1308d2_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d2 on admit
hmo_b_j_m0660p Oasis-B Dress lower body prior
hmo_b_b_m0245_icda Oasis-B Payment icd a
hmo_b_pps_reprt_scic Oasisb pps reprt scic
hmo_c_ocm_m2200b Oasisc Therapy need na
hmo_b_a_m0060 Oasis-B Patient zip code
hmo_b_pps_cert_dt Oasisb pps cert date
hmo_c_oce_m1350 Oasisc Skin lesion or open wound present
hmo_b_m0500_ary Oasis-B Respitary treatment at home
hmo_b_g_m0490 Oasis-B Notice shortness of breath
hmo_c_ocj_m1845 Oasisc Toileting hygiene
hmo_c_oco_m2400c Oasisc Intervention depression
hmo_b_pps_eothresh Oasisb pps eo thresh
hmo_c_oc_pps_fin_ready Oasisc Pps fin ready
hmo_b_m0350_ary Oasis-B Assisting persons
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3d Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3d
hmo_c_oci_m1750 Oasisc Patient receive psychiatric nursing care
hmo_b_j_m0750c Oasis-B Housekeeping current
hmo_b_b_m0230_icda Oasis-B Primary icd a
hmo_b_j_m0690p Oasis-B Transferring prior
hmo_c_ocj_m1900c Oasisc Prior functioning transfer
hmo_b_b_m0230_sevb Oasis-B Primary severity b
hmo_b_b_m0230_diage Oasis-B Primary diag e
hmo_c_oca_m0064_uk Oasisc security number unknown
hmo_b_h_m0520 Oasis-B Urinary incontinence or catherter
hmo_b_j_m0670p Oasis-B Bathe body prior
hmo_b_m0320_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_uk Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Code Unknown
hmo_b_n_m0855 Oasis-B Inpatient facility
hmo_b_ol_xmit Oasis-B lock transmit date
hmo_patnum Oasisc Visit number
hmo_c_oc_pps_eototal Oasisc Pps estimated outlier total
hmo_c_oce_m1308a_2 Oasisc Pressure ulcers stage 2 on admit
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diagb Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis b
hmo_b_m0250_ary Oasis-B Therapies received at home
hmo_c_ocb_m1050 Oasisc Pneumococcal vaccine
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4a Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4a
hmo_c_ocm_m2250f Oasisc Pressure ulcer intervention
hmo_b_or_date Oasis-B review date
hmo_c_ocb_m1030_ary Oasisc Therapies patient receives at home
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3e Oasisc Case mix icd 3e
hmo_b_a_m0110 Oasis-B Episode timing
hmo_b_j_m0740c Oasis-B Laundry current
hmo_c_ocf_m1400 Oasisc Patient dyspneic or short of breath
hmo_c_oca_m0066 Oasisc patient date of birth
hmo_c_ocb_m1016_icdf Oasisc Changed medical regimen icd f
hmo_b_m0170_other Oasis-B other
hmo_b_e_m0440 Oasis-B Lesion or wound
hmo_c_ocd_m1200 Oasisc Vision quality
hmo_c_oci_m1700 Oasisc Cognitive functioning
hmo_b_f_m0450a Oasis-B No pressure ulcer
hmo_b_j_m0760c Oasis-B Shopping current
hmo_c_oca_m0018 Oasisc referring phy
hmo_c_ocj_m1870 Oasisc Feeding eating ability
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4c Oasis-B Payment diag 4c
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3e Oasis-B Payment icd 3e
hmo_b_b_m0246_icd3c Oasis-B Payment icd 3c
hmo_c_oce_m1314 Oasisc Pressure ulcer depth
hmo_b_b_m0230_icdb Oasis-B Primary icd b
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag3e Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 3e
hmo_c_oce_m1308d1 Oasisc Pressure ulcer stage d1 unstageable
hmo_c_ocg_m1510_ary Oasisc Heart failure followup
hmo_b_pps_hhrg Oasisb pps hhrg
hmo_c_ocf_m1410_ary Oasisc Respiratory treatments used at home
hmo_c_oco_m2440_ary Oasisc Nursing home admit reason
hmo_c_oca_m0014 Oasisc agency branch state
hmo_b_a_m0032_na Oasis-B Resumption of care na
hmo_c_oci_inactivate Oasisc Correction inactive switch
hmo_b_j_m0690c Oasis-B Transferring current
hmo_b_e_m0390 Oasis-B Vision quality
hmo_b_m0380_ary Oasis-B Primary caregiver assistance code
hmo_b_h_m0540 Oasis-B Bowel incontinence frequency
hmo_seq Oasisc Sequence number
hmo_c_oco_m2400d Oasisc Intervention pain
hmo_b_m0220_ary Oasis-B Condition prior to regimen
hmo_b_pps_hhrgas Oasisb pps hhrgas
hmo_c_oci_m1730 Oasisc Depression screening performed
hmo_b_b_m0246_diag4d Oaiss-B Payment diag 4d
hmo_b_a_m0010 Oasis-B Medicare provider number
hmo_b_j_m0770p Oasis-B Phone ability prior
hmo_b_b_m0190_icdb Oasis-B Inpatient within last 14days icd9 b
hmo_c_oca_m0102_na Oasisc Na Soc Ordered By Physician
hmo_b_pps_screim1 Oasisb pps screim1
hmo_c_oca_m0032_na Oasisc resumption of care na
hmo_b_m0895_ary Oasis-B Reason for acute care
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd4a Oasisc Case mix icd 4a
hmo_c_ocm_m2250e Oasisc Pain intervention
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_diagd Oasic Other diagnosis d
hmo_b_m0170_ary Oasis-B options
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_sevf Oasisc Other service code f
hmo_b_pps_finish Oasisb pps finish date
hmo_b_pps_sctotal Oasisb pps sc total
hmo_b_f_m0460 Oasis-B Stage of most problematic ulcer
hmo_b_a_m0069 Oasis-B Patient gender
hmo_b_a_m0040_last Oasis-B Patient last name
hmo_c_ocb_m1010_diagc Oasisc Inpatient facility diagnosis c
hmo_c_ocm_m2250g Oasisc Pressure ulcer treatment
hmo_c_ocd_m1220 Oasisc Comprehension quality
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_diag4c Oasisc Case mix diagnosis 4c
hmo_c_oce_m1322 Oasisc Number stage one pressure ulcers
hmo_b_ci_hmopatnum Oasis-B Correction info number
hmo_b_m0330_other Oasis-B other
hmo_b_j_m0660c Oasis-B Dress lower body current
hmo_c_oca_m0100 Oasisc reason for care
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_procc Oasisc Inpatient Procedure Code C
hmo_b_j_m0760p Oasis-B Shopping prior
hmo_b_b_m0210_icdd Oasis-B Change regimen icd9 d
hmo_c_ocb_m1022_diagc Oasisc Other diagnosis c
hmo_b_i_m0620 Oasis-B Frequency of behavior problems
hmo_c_oca_m0065 Oasisc medicaid number
hmo_b_n_m0870 Oasis-B Discharge disposition
hmo_b_pps_pep Oasisb pps pep
hmo_c_ocb_m1024_icd3f Oasisc Case mix icd 3f
hmo_c_ocb_m1012_icdd Oasisc Inpatient Procedure D
hmo_c_oca_m0080 Oasisc discipline of assessor
hmo_b_m0900_ary Oasis-B Admitted to nursing home reason
hmo_b_b_m0230_sevc Oasis-B Primary severity c

Table: hmod1_oasis_assessment

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmod1_18_gg0170o3 Hmod1 18 gg0170o3
hmod1_pps2_hhrg Hmod1 pps2 hhrg
hmod1_4_m1033_3 Hmod1 4 m1033 3
hmod1_pps_manifest Hmod1 pps manifest
hmod1_4_m1000_2 Hmod1 4 m1000 2
hmod1_18_gg0130c2 Hmod1 18 gg0130c2
hmod1_18_gg0170f4 Hmod1 18 gg0170f4
hmod1_pps2_matchkey Hmod1 pps2 matchkey
hmod1_12_m1860 Hmod1 12 m1860
hmod1_lock_xmit Hmod1 lock xmit
hmod1_4_m1051 Hmod1 4 m1051
hmod1_18_gg0170l1 Hmod1 18 gg0170l1
hmod1_17_m2401c Hmod1 17 m2401c
hmod1_a_m0040_mid Hmod1 a m0040 mid
hmod1_pps_acute_other Hmod1 pps acute other
hmod1_14_m2102a Hmod1 14 m2102a
hmod1_a_m0040 Hmod1 a m0040
hmod1_a_m0150_11 Hmod1 a m0150 11
hmod1_4_m1023_sevb Hmod1 4 m1023 sevb
hmod1_pps_stvis Hmod1 pps stvis
hmod1_4_m1000_5 Hmod1 4 m1000 5
hmod1_a_m0063_na Hmod1 a m0063 na
hmod1_pps_eothresh Hmod1 pps eothresh
hmod1_18_gg0170q4 Hmod1 18 gg0170q4
hmod1_18_gg0170l4 Hmod1 18 gg0170l4
hmod1_18_gg0170g2 Hmod1 18 gg0170g2
hmod1_10_m1600 Hmod1 10 m1600
hmod1_18_gg130e2 Hmod1 18 gg130e2
hmod1_13_m2010 Hmod1 13 m2010
hmod1_4_m1028_1 Hmod1 4 m1028 1
hmod1_code Hmod1 code
hmod1_pps2_acute_other Hmod1 pps2 acute other
hmod1_pps_cert_da2 Hmod1 pps cert da2
hmod1_18_gg0130a4 Hmod1 18 gg0130a4
hmod1_a_m0150_4 Hmod1 a m0150 4
hmod1_13_m2005 Hmod1 13 m2005
hmod1_4_m1033_8 Hmod1 4 m1033 8
hmod1_18_gg0170n2 Hmod1 18 gg0170n2
hmod1_18_gg0170k2 Hmod1 18 gg0170k2
hmod1_18_gg0170b2 Hmod1 18 gg0170b2
hmod1_18_gg0170r4 Hmod1 18 gg0170r4
hmod1_18_gg0170a2 Hmod1 18 gg0170a2
hmod1_11_m1700 Hmod1 11 m1700
hmod1_16_m2310_10 Hmod1 16 m2310 10
hmod1_4_m1023_diagd Hmod1 4 m1023 diagd
hmod1_seq Hmod1 seq
hmod1_a_m0064_uk Hmod1 a m0064 uk
hmod1_4_m1046 Hmod1 4 m1046
hmod1_a_m0016 Hmod1 a m0016
hmod1_11_m1745 Hmod1 11 m1745
hmod1_18_gg0130b3 Hmod1 18 gg0130b3
hmod1_18_gg0170i3 Hmod1 18 gg0170i3
hmod1_7_m1334 Hmod1 7 m1334
hmod1_a_m0100 Hmod1 a m0100
hmod1_12_m1810 Hmod1 12 m1810
hmod1_18_gg0170c3 Hmod1 18 gg0170c3
hmod1_18_gg0130a3 Hmod1 18 gg0130a3
hmod1_12_m1850 Hmod1 12 m1850
hmod1_18_gg0170d3 Hmod1 18 gg0170d3
hmod1_pps_finish Hmod1 pps finish
hmod1_18_gg0170m1 Hmod1 18 gg0170m1
hmod1_7_m1311_a1 Hmod1 7 m1311 a1
hmod1_18_gg0170j4 Hmod1 18 gg0170j4
hmod1_4_m1005 Hmod1 4 m1005
hmod1_18_gg0170q1 Hmod1 18 gg0170q1
hmod1_4_m1060_weight Hmod1 4 m1060 weight
hmod1_18_gg0170rr3 Hmod1 18 gg0170rr3
hmod1_11_m1740_4 Hmod1 11 m1740 4
hmod1_oci_hmocode Hmod1 oci hmocode
hmod1_90 Hmod1 90
hmod1_4_m1056 Hmod1 4 m1056
hmod1_4_m1023_icdf Hmod1 4 m1023 icdf
hmod1_pps_mswvis Hmod1 pps mswvis
hmod1_12_m1840 Hmod1 12 m1840
hmod1_pps_otvis Hmod1 pps otvis
hmod1_18_gg0170o2 Hmod1 18 gg0170o2
hmod1_4_m1023_diage Hmod1 4 m1023 diage
hmod1_pps_calc_type Hmod1 pps calc type
hmod1_7_m1311_e1 Hmod1 7 m1311 e1
hmod1_a_m0150_2 Hmod1 a m0150 2
hmod1_7_m1322 Hmod1 7 m1322
hmod1_18_gg0100d Hmod1 18 gg0100d
hmod1_pps2_rap_ready Hmod1 pps2 rap ready
hmod1_a_m0040_last Hmod1 a m0040 last
hmod1_14_m2102f Hmod1 14 m2102f
hmod1_18_gg0170a4 Hmod1 18 gg0170a4
hmod1_18_gg0170b3 Hmod1 18 gg0170b3
hmod1_4_m1033_10 Hmod1 4 m1033 10
hmod1_a_create_eenum Hmod1 a create eenum
hmod1_pps_cert_da Hmod1 pps cert da
hmod1_a_m0140_1 Hmod1 a m0140 1
hmod1_a_m0140_2 Hmod1 a m0140 2
hmod1_a_m0018_uk Hmod1 a m0018 uk
hmod1_pps2_acute_dt Hmod1 pps2 acute dt
hmod1_pps_acute_dt Hmod1 pps acute dt
hmod1_18_gg0170q3 Hmod1 18 gg0170q3
hmod1_11_m1740_3 Hmod1 11 m1740 3
hmod1_a_m0150_1 Hmod1 a m0150 1
hmod1_oci_hmodate Hmod1 oci hmodate
hmod1_18_gg0110a Hmod1 18 gg0110a
hmod1_a_m0080 Hmod1 a m0080
hmod1_4_m1000_4 Hmod1 4 m1000 4
hmod1_4_m1000_8 Hmod1 4 m1000 8
hmod1_a_m0040_first Hmod1 a m0040 first
hmod1_20_j1900b Hmod1 20 j1900b
hmod1_18_gg0170e1 Hmod1 18 gg0170e1
hmod1_patnum Hmod1 patnum
hmod1_4_m1033_7 Hmod1 4 m1033 7
hmod1_18_gg0170r1 Hmod1 18 gg0170r1
hmod1_a_m0150_5 Hmod1 a m0150 5
hmod1_4_m1033_4 Hmod1 4 m1033 4
hmod1_8_m1400 Hmod1 8 m1400
hmod1_18_gg0100b Hmod1 18 gg0100b
hmod1_a_m0063 Hmod1 a m0063
hmod1_4_m1030_2 Hmod1 4 m1030 2
hmod1_a_m0064 Hmod1 a m0064
hmod1_10_m1620 Hmod1 10 m1620
hmod1_4_m1030_3 Hmod1 4 m1030 3
hmod1_pps_ptvis Hmod1 pps ptvis
hmod1_17_m2401a Hmod1 17 m2401a
hmod1_pps_hipps Hmod1 pps hipps
hmod1_4_m1023_icde Hmod1 4 m1023 icde
hmod1_a_m0110 Hmod1 a m0110
hmod1_arid Hmod1 arid
hmod1_10_m1630 Hmod1 10 m1630
hmod1_18_gg0170ss3 Hmod1 18 gg0170ss3
hmod1_4_m1033_1 Hmod1 4 m1033 1
hmod1_a_m0140_6 Hmod1 a m0140 6
hmod1_11_m1730b Hmod1 11 m1730b
hmod1_18_gg0110b Hmod1 18 gg0110b
hmod1_a_create_eepr Hmod1 a create eepr
hmod1_18_gg0100c Hmod1 18 gg0100c
hmod1_13_m2016 Hmod1 13 m2016
hmod1_18_gg0130g1 Hmod1 18 gg0130g1
hmod1_12_m1870 Hmod1 12 m1870
hmod1_18_gg0130h2 Hmod1 18 gg0130h2
hmod1_pps2_fin_ready Hmod1 pps2 fin ready
hmod1_18_gg130e1 Hmod1 18 gg130e1
hmod1_18_gg0170k1 Hmod1 18 gg0170k1
hmod1_16_m2301 Hmod1 16 m2301
hmod1_a_m0090 Hmod1 a m0090
hmod1_18_gg0170m4 Hmod1 18 gg0170m4
hmod1_18_gg0170g3 Hmod1 18 gg0170g3
hmod1_18_gg0130f1 Hmod1 18 gg0130f1
hmod1_4_m1023_sevc Hmod1 4 m1023 sevc
hmod1_4_m1023_sevf Hmod1 4 m1023 sevf
hmod1_12_m1800 Hmod1 12 m1800
hmod1_a_m0102_dt Hmod1 a m0102 dt
hmod1_18_gg0130c1 Hmod1 18 gg0130c1
hmod1_13_m2001 Hmod1 13 m2001
hmod1_a_m0150_8 Hmod1 a m0150 8
hmod1_13_m2020 Hmod1 13 m2020
hmod1_pps_rap_ready Hmod1 pps rap ready
hmod1_18_gg0130b2 Hmod1 18 gg0130b2
hmod1_18_gg0170j1 Hmod1 18 gg0170j1
hmod1_18_gg0110z Hmod1 18 gg0110z
hmod1_17_m2420 Hmod1 17 m2420
hmod1_18_gg0170c4 Hmod1 18 gg0170c4
hmod1_18_gg0170d4 Hmod1 18 gg0170d4
hmod1_18_gg0170l3 Hmod1 18 gg0170l3
hmod1_7_m1311_a2 Hmod1 7 m1311 a2
hmod1_20_j1900c Hmod1 20 j1900c
hmod1_7_m1311_f1 Hmod1 7 m1311 f1
hmod1_pps_validity Hmod1 pps validity
hmod1_18_gg0170i2 Hmod1 18 gg0170i2
hmod1_pps_eototal Hmod1 pps eototal
hmod1_20_j1800 Hmod1 20 j1800
hmod1_4_m1021_icda Hmod1 4 m1021 icda
hmod1_18_gg0170n3 Hmod1 18 gg0170n3
hmod1_a_m0069 Hmod1 a m0069
hmod1_a_m0032 Hmod1 a m0032
hmod1_pps2_reim Hmod1 pps2 reim
hmod1_4_m1033_6 Hmod1 4 m1033 6
hmod1_7_m1306 Hmod1 7 m1306
hmod1_18_gg0110d Hmod1 18 gg0110d
hmod1_18_gg0170s2 Hmod1 18 gg0170s2
hmod1_a_m0030 Hmod1 a m0030
hmod1_11_m1740_6 Hmod1 11 m1740 6
hmod1_14_m2102c Hmod1 14 m2102c
hmod1_pps_eopmt Hmod1 pps eopmt
hmod1_13_m2003 Hmod1 13 m2003
hmod1_a_m0014 Hmod1 a m0014
hmod1_a_m0150_6 Hmod1 a m0150 6
hmod1_18_gg0170b1 Hmod1 18 gg0170b1
hmod1_a_m0150_3 Hmod1 a m0150 3
hmod1_11_m1740_1 Hmod1 11 m1740 1
hmod1_7_m1330 Hmod1 7 m1330
hmod1_a_m0140_5 Hmod1 a m0140 5
hmod1_18_gg0170n1 Hmod1 18 gg0170n1
hmod1_a_m0150_10 Hmod1 a m0150 10
hmod1_17_m2401b Hmod1 17 m2401b
hmod1_18_gg0130a2 Hmod1 18 gg0130a2
hmod1_version Hmod1 version
hmod1_a_m0066 Hmod1 a m0066
hmod1_18_gg0170e2 Hmod1 18 gg0170e2
hmod1_11_m1740_2 Hmod1 11 m1740 2
hmod1_pps2_hipps Hmod1 pps2 hipps
hmod1_a_m0010 Hmod1 a m0010
hmod1_18_gg0170o1 Hmod1 18 gg0170o1
hmod1_7_m1332 Hmod1 7 m1332
hmod1_18_gg0170r2 Hmod1 18 gg0170r2
hmod1_12_m1845 Hmod1 12 m1845
hmod1_a_m0065 Hmod1 a m0065
hmod1_4_m1030_4 Hmod1 4 m1030 4
hmod1_7_m1311_d1 Hmod1 7 m1311 d1
hmod1_4_m1023_diagb Hmod1 4 m1023 diagb
hmod1_7_m1311_e2 Hmod1 7 m1311 e2
hmod1_7_m1340 Hmod1 7 m1340
hmod1_4_m1030_1 Hmod1 4 m1030 1
hmod1_4_m1021_seva Hmod1 4 m1021 seva
hmod1_18_gg0170i1 Hmod1 18 gg0170i1
hmod1_18_gg0170p2 Hmod1 18 gg0170p2
hmod1_18_gg0170b4 Hmod1 18 gg0170b4
hmod1_18_gg0170r3 Hmod1 18 gg0170r3
hmod1_18_gg0110c Hmod1 18 gg0110c
hmod1_a_create_eecomp Hmod1 a create eecomp
hmod1_pps_fin_ready Hmod1 pps fin ready
hmod1_7_m1324 Hmod1 7 m1324
hmod1_a_m0150_9 Hmod1 a m0150 9
hmod1_7_m1311_b2 Hmod1 7 m1311 b2
hmod1_4_m1023_diagf Hmod1 4 m1023 diagf
hmod1_4_m1060_height Hmod1 4 m1060 height
hmod1_7_m1311_c1 Hmod1 7 m1311 c1
hmod1_a_m0018 Hmod1 a m0018
hmod1_18_gg0130f3 Hmod1 18 gg0130f3
hmod1_18_gg0170e4 Hmod1 18 gg0170e4
hmod1_pps2_validity Hmod1 pps2 validity
hmod1_correct Hmod1 correct
hmod1_a_m0104 Hmod1 a m0104
hmod1_pps_reim Hmod1 pps reim
hmod1_18_gg0170f2 Hmod1 18 gg0170f2
hmod1_18_gg0170d1 Hmod1 18 gg0170d1
hmod1_18_gg0170i4 Hmod1 18 gg0170i4
hmod1_17_m2401f Hmod1 17 m2401f
hmod1_18_gg0130a1 Hmod1 18 gg0130a1
hmod1_18_gg0170c1 Hmod1 18 gg0170c1
hmod1_a_m0020 Hmod1 a m0020
hmod1_15_m2200b Hmod1 15 m2200b
hmod1_18_gg0170f1 Hmod1 18 gg0170f1
hmod1_18_gg0170m3 Hmod1 18 gg0170m3
hmod1_4_m1000_3 Hmod1 4 m1000 3
hmod1_18_gg0170s3 Hmod1 18 gg0170s3
hmod1_4_m1023_sevd Hmod1 4 m1023 sevd
hmod1_18_gg0170l2 Hmod1 18 gg0170l2
hmod1_6_m1242 Hmod1 6 m1242
hmod1_pps_hhrg Hmod1 pps hhrg
hmod1_a_m0065_na Hmod1 a m0065 na
hmod1_a_m0060 Hmod1 a m0060
hmod1_18_gg0170j2 Hmod1 18 gg0170j2
hmod1_18_gg0130h3 Hmod1 18 gg0130h3
hmod1_4_m1000_7 Hmod1 4 m1000 7
hmod1_pps_late_exc Hmod1 pps late exc
hmod1_18_gg0130b1 Hmod1 18 gg0130b1
hmod1_date Hmod1 date
hmod1_4_m1000_other Hmod1 4 m1000 other
hmod1_11_m1730 Hmod1 11 m1730
hmod1_a_m0150_7 Hmod1 a m0150 7
hmod1_7_m1307 Hmod1 7 m1307
hmod1_18_gg130e3 Hmod1 18 gg130e3
hmod1_11_m1710 Hmod1 11 m1710
hmod1_4_m1033_2 Hmod1 4 m1033 2
hmod1_4_m1000_1 Hmod1 4 m1000 1
hmod1_11_m1730a Hmod1 11 m1730a
hmod1_12_m1910 Hmod1 12 m1910
hmod1_11_m1740_7 Hmod1 11 m1740 7
hmod1_pps2_claim2_dt Hmod1 pps2 claim2 dt
hmod1_18_gg0110e Hmod1 18 gg0110e
hmod1_18_gg0170f3 Hmod1 18 gg0170f3
hmod1_18_gg0170ss1 Hmod1 18 gg0170ss1
hmod1_pps_init Hmod1 pps init
hmod1_12_m1820 Hmod1 12 m1820
hmod1_a_m0040_suffix Hmod1 a m0040 suffix
hmod1_oci_hmopatnum Hmod1 oci hmopatnum
hmod1_4_m1000_6 Hmod1 4 m1000 6
hmod1_4_m1033_9 Hmod1 4 m1033 9
hmod1_16_m2310_1 Hmod1 16 m2310 1
hmod1_17_m2401d Hmod1 17 m2401d
hmod1_a_m0150_12 Hmod1 a m0150 12
hmod1_a_m0050 Hmod1 a m0050
hmod1_a_m0140_4 Hmod1 a m0140 4
hmod1_pps_eocosts Hmod1 pps eocosts
hmod1_10_m1610 Hmod1 10 m1610
hmod1_a_create_tm Hmod1 a create tm
hmod1_18_gg0170s1 Hmod1 18 gg0170s1
hmod1_18_gg0170rr1 Hmod1 18 gg0170rr1
hmod1_pps2_init Hmod1 pps2 init
hmod1_4_m1023_seve Hmod1 4 m1023 seve
hmod1_16_m2310_20 Hmod1 16 m2310 20
hmod1_18_gg0170e3 Hmod1 18 gg0170e3
hmod1_11_m1720 Hmod1 11 m1720
hmod1_18_gg0130c3 Hmod1 18 gg0130c3
hmod1_pps_matchkey Hmod1 pps matchkey
hmod1_18_gg0130g2 Hmod1 18 gg0130g2
hmod1_18_gg0170n4 Hmod1 18 gg0170n4
hmod1_a_m0150_other Hmod1 a m0150 other
hmod1_18_gg0170g1 Hmod1 18 gg0170g1
hmod1_pps_lupa Hmod1 pps lupa
hmod1_a_m0032_na Hmod1 a m0032 na
hmod1_pps_snvis Hmod1 pps snvis
hmod1_4_m1028_none Hmod1 4 m1028 none
hmod1_pps_hhavis Hmod1 pps hhavis
hmod1_4_m1023_icdc Hmod1 4 m1023 icdc
hmod1_a_create_dt Hmod1 a create dt
hmod1_18_gg0130c4 Hmod1 18 gg0130c4
hmod1_5_m1100 Hmod1 5 m1100
hmod1_18_gg0170a3 Hmod1 18 gg0170a3
hmod1_20_j1900a Hmod1 20 j1900a
hmod1_17_m2410 Hmod1 17 m2410
hmod1_4_m1023_diagc Hmod1 4 m1023 diagc
hmod1_18_gg0170p3 Hmod1 18 gg0170p3
hmod1_14_m2102d Hmod1 14 m2102d
hmod1_18_gg0130b4 Hmod1 18 gg0130b4
hmod1_7_m1311_f2 Hmod1 7 m1311 f2
hmod1_18_gg0170a1 Hmod1 18 gg0170a1
hmod1_pps2_finish Hmod1 pps2 finish
hmod1_18_gg0170j3 Hmod1 18 gg0170j3
hmod1_rev_date Hmod1 rev date
hmod1_7_m1311_b1 Hmod1 7 m1311 b1
hmod1_a_m0102_na Hmod1 a m0102 na
hmod1_18_gg0170c2 Hmod1 18 gg0170c2
hmod1_18_gg0170p1 Hmod1 18 gg0170p1
hmod1_11_m1740_5 Hmod1 11 m1740 5
hmod1_4_m1028_2 Hmod1 4 m1028 2
hmod1_rev_init Hmod1 rev init
hmod1_pps_cbsa Hmod1 pps cbsa
hmod1_17_m2401e Hmod1 17 m2401e
hmod1_lock_date Hmod1 lock date
hmod1_4_m1023_icdb Hmod1 4 m1023 icdb
hmod1_4_m1041 Hmod1 4 m1041
hmod1_18_gg0100a Hmod1 18 gg0100a
hmod1_18_gg0130h1 Hmod1 18 gg0130h1
hmod1_13_m2030 Hmod1 13 m2030
hmod1_6_m1200 Hmod1 6 m1200
hmod1_16_m2310_19 Hmod1 16 m2310 19
hmod1_18_gg0170d2 Hmod1 18 gg0170d2
hmod1_a_m0150_13 Hmod1 a m0150 13
hmod1_a_m0140_3 Hmod1 a m0140 3
hmod1_7_m1311_d2 Hmod1 7 m1311 d2
hmod1_18_gg0170k3 Hmod1 18 gg0170k3
hmod1_17_m0906 Hmod1 17 m0906
hmod1_7_m1307_dt Hmod1 7 m1307 dt
hmod1_12_m1830 Hmod1 12 m1830
hmod1_4_m1021_diaga Hmod1 4 m1021 diaga
hmod1_4_m1023_icdd Hmod1 4 m1023 icdd
hmod1_18_gg0130f2 Hmod1 18 gg0130f2
hmod1_oci_inactivate Hmod1 oci inactivate
hmod1_15_m2200a Hmod1 15 m2200a
hmod1_18_gg0170m2 Hmod1 18 gg0170m2
hmod1_4_m1033_5 Hmod1 4 m1033 5
hmod1_18_gg0130g3 Hmod1 18 gg0130g3
hmod1_7_m1342 Hmod1 7 m1342
hmod1_7_m1311_c2 Hmod1 7 m1311 c2
hmod1_pps_cert_dt Hmod1 pps cert dt

Table: hmod_oasis_assessment

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmod_pps_stvis Hmod pps stvis
hmod_pps_manifest Hmod pps manifest
hmod_pps_lupa Hmod pps lupa
hmod_12_m1840 Hmod 12 m1840
hmod_17_m2401e Hmod 17 m2401e
hmod_15_m2200a Hmod 15 m2200a
hmod_18_gg0170i4 Hmod 18 gg0170i4
hmod_oci_hmopatnum Hmod oci hmopatnum
hmod_4_m1023_sevf Hmod 4 m1023 sevf
hmod_7_m1340 Hmod 7 m1340
hmod_a_m0150_2 Hmod a m0150 2
hmod_a_m0040_last Hmod a m0040 last
hmod_4_m1023_icdd Hmod 4 m1023 icdd
hmod_a_create_tm Hmod a create tm
hmod_a_m0018 Hmod a m0018
hmod_11_m1740_7 Hmod 11 m1740 7
hmod_10_m1620 Hmod 10 m1620
hmod_pps_cert_da Hmod pps cert da
hmod_4_m1023_sevb Hmod 4 m1023 sevb
hmod_18_gg0170b2 Hmod 18 gg0170b2
hmod_14_m2102a Hmod 14 m2102a
hmod_lock_date Hmod lock date
hmod_pps_eototal Hmod pps eototal
hmod_18_gg130e3 Hmod 18 gg130e3
hmod_18_gg0170r2 Hmod 18 gg0170r2
hmod_18_gg0130c4 Hmod 18 gg0130c4
hmod_18_gg0130b1 Hmod 18 gg0130b1
hmod_a_m0150_other Hmod a m0150 other
hmod_a_m0040_mid Hmod a m0040 mid
hmod_4_m1030_2 Hmod 4 m1030 2
hmod_4_m1000_8 Hmod 4 m1000 8
hmod_18_gg0170j1 Hmod 18 gg0170j1
hmod_4_m1023_diagd Hmod 4 m1023 diagd
hmod_7_m1307_dt Hmod 7 m1307 dt
hmod_4_m1021_diaga Hmod 4 m1021 diaga
hmod_7_m1311_a2 Hmod 7 m1311 a2
hmod_a_m0102_na Hmod a m0102 na
hmod_a_m0140_2 Hmod a m0140 2
hmod_4_m1000_5 Hmod 4 m1000 5
hmod_20_j1900a Hmod 20 j1900a
hmod_18_gg0170e1 Hmod 18 gg0170e1
hmod_18_gg0170e3 Hmod 18 gg0170e3
hmod_pps_snvis Hmod pps snvis
hmod_4_m1023_icdc Hmod 4 m1023 icdc
hmod_18_gg0130f3 Hmod 18 gg0130f3
hmod_4_m1033_9 Hmod 4 m1033 9
hmod_4_m1033_3 Hmod 4 m1033 3
hmod_11_m1740_4 Hmod 11 m1740 4
hmod_pps_eothresh Hmod pps eothresh
hmod_a_m0030 Hmod a m0030
hmod_18_gg0170m3 Hmod 18 gg0170m3
hmod_a_m0140_6 Hmod a m0140 6
hmod_5_m1100 Hmod 5 m1100
hmod_4_m1033_8 Hmod 4 m1033 8
hmod_16_m2310_19 Hmod 16 m2310 19
hmod_a_create_dt Hmod a create dt
hmod_a_m0150_7 Hmod a m0150 7
hmod_20_j1900c Hmod 20 j1900c
hmod_18_gg0170l4 Hmod 18 gg0170l4
hmod_18_gg0100a Hmod 18 gg0100a
hmod_10_m1610 Hmod 10 m1610
hmod_a_m0040 Hmod a m0040
hmod_a_m0150_13 Hmod a m0150 13
hmod_18_gg0110d Hmod 18 gg0110d
hmod_4_m1030_4 Hmod 4 m1030 4
hmod_18_gg0170o3 Hmod 18 gg0170o3
hmod_7_m1311_d2 Hmod 7 m1311 d2
hmod_oci_inactivate Hmod oci inactivate
hmod_18_gg0170r1 Hmod 18 gg0170r1
hmod_4_m1000_1 Hmod 4 m1000 1
hmod_13_m2020 Hmod 13 m2020
hmod_correct Hmod correct
hmod_pps_finish Hmod pps finish
hmod_pps_init Hmod pps init
hmod_18_gg0170s1 Hmod 18 gg0170s1
hmod_a_m0063 Hmod a m0063
hmod_pps_hhrg Hmod pps hhrg
hmod_18_gg0130a2 Hmod 18 gg0130a2
hmod_11_m1720 Hmod 11 m1720
hmod_12_m1800 Hmod 12 m1800
hmod_11_m1740_3 Hmod 11 m1740 3
hmod_7_m1311_e2 Hmod 7 m1311 e2
hmod_a_m0150_1 Hmod a m0150 1
hmod_18_gg0130a4 Hmod 18 gg0130a4
hmod_12_m1870 Hmod 12 m1870
hmod_18_gg0170k3 Hmod 18 gg0170k3
hmod_17_m2410 Hmod 17 m2410
hmod_18_gg0130c3 Hmod 18 gg0130c3
hmod_4_m1000_4 Hmod 4 m1000 4
hmod_a_m0040_suffix Hmod a m0040 suffix
hmod_4_m1023_diage Hmod 4 m1023 diage
hmod_18_gg0110a Hmod 18 gg0110a
hmod_a_create_eenum Hmod a create eenum
hmod_4_m1023_sevc Hmod 4 m1023 sevc
hmod_18_gg0170m4 Hmod 18 gg0170m4
hmod_a_m0069 Hmod a m0069
hmod_13_m2030 Hmod 13 m2030
hmod_12_m1850 Hmod 12 m1850
hmod_18_gg0130h2 Hmod 18 gg0130h2
hmod_4_m1056 Hmod 4 m1056
hmod_a_m0110 Hmod a m0110
hmod_18_gg0100b Hmod 18 gg0100b
hmod_13_m2003 Hmod 13 m2003
hmod_18_gg0170ss1 Hmod 18 gg0170ss1
hmod_18_gg0170j3 Hmod 18 gg0170j3
hmod_pps_eopmt Hmod pps eopmt
hmod_a_m0150_9 Hmod a m0150 9
hmod_18_gg0170rr3 Hmod 18 gg0170rr3
hmod_18_gg0170m1 Hmod 18 gg0170m1
hmod_7_m1311_c2 Hmod 7 m1311 c2
hmod_pps_cert_dt Hmod pps cert dt
hmod_18_gg0170a2 Hmod 18 gg0170a2
hmod_a_m0150_6 Hmod a m0150 6
hmod_a_m0064 Hmod a m0064
hmod_a_m0102_dt Hmod a m0102 dt
hmod_7_m1311_a1 Hmod 7 m1311 a1
hmod_pps_ptvis Hmod pps ptvis
hmod_18_gg0170i3 Hmod 18 gg0170i3
hmod_4_m1030_1 Hmod 4 m1030 1
hmod_18_gg0130g3 Hmod 18 gg0130g3
hmod_12_m1860 Hmod 12 m1860
hmod_4_m1033_5 Hmod 4 m1033 5
hmod_4_m1000_7 Hmod 4 m1000 7
hmod_18_gg0170e2 Hmod 18 gg0170e2
hmod_pps_validity Hmod pps validity
hmod_a_m0063_na Hmod a m0063 na
hmod_17_m2401b Hmod 17 m2401b
hmod_a_m0150_12 Hmod a m0150 12
hmod_pps_eocosts Hmod pps eocosts
hmod_18_gg0170j4 Hmod 18 gg0170j4
hmod_date Hmod date
hmod_14_m2102f Hmod 14 m2102f
hmod_a_m0140_3 Hmod a m0140 3
hmod_18_gg0170p3 Hmod 18 gg0170p3
hmod_rev_date Hmod rev date
hmod_18_gg0170o2 Hmod 18 gg0170o2
hmod_4_m1033_4 Hmod 4 m1033 4
hmod_4_m1030_3 Hmod 4 m1030 3
hmod_18_gg0170g3 Hmod 18 gg0170g3
hmod_11_m1740_5 Hmod 11 m1740 5
hmod_7_m1311_d1 Hmod 7 m1311 d1
hmod_11_m1710 Hmod 11 m1710
hmod_a_m0018_uk Hmod a m0018 uk
hmod_a_create_eecomp Hmod a create eecomp
hmod_10_m1630 Hmod 10 m1630
hmod_18_gg0170a1 Hmod 18 gg0170a1
hmod_18_gg0170rr1 Hmod 18 gg0170rr1
hmod_18_gg0100c Hmod 18 gg0100c
hmod_4_m1028_1 Hmod 4 m1028 1
hmod_a_m0040_first Hmod a m0040 first
hmod_18_gg0130a3 Hmod 18 gg0130a3
hmod_a_m0060 Hmod a m0060
hmod_12_m1820 Hmod 12 m1820
hmod_4_m1000_3 Hmod 4 m1000 3
hmod_rev_init Hmod rev init
hmod_18_gg0170c4 Hmod 18 gg0170c4
hmod_14_m2102d Hmod 14 m2102d
hmod_17_m0906 Hmod 17 m0906
hmod_4_m1000_2 Hmod 4 m1000 2
hmod_7_m1311_e1 Hmod 7 m1311 e1
hmod_4_m1028_none Hmod 4 m1028 none
hmod_7_m1342 Hmod 7 m1342
hmod_18_gg0130h3 Hmod 18 gg0130h3
hmod_11_m1730b Hmod 11 m1730b
hmod_7_m1324 Hmod 7 m1324
hmod_4_m1023_sevd Hmod 4 m1023 sevd
hmod_a_m0150_11 Hmod a m0150 11
hmod_18_gg0130c2 Hmod 18 gg0130c2
hmod_14_m2102c Hmod 14 m2102c
hmod_7_m1332 Hmod 7 m1332
hmod_a_m0065_na Hmod a m0065 na
hmod_18_gg0170g2 Hmod 18 gg0170g2
hmod_4_m1041 Hmod 4 m1041
hmod_4_m1033_6 Hmod 4 m1033 6
hmod_18_gg0170j2 Hmod 18 gg0170j2
hmod_a_m0090 Hmod a m0090
hmod_18_gg0170n4 Hmod 18 gg0170n4
hmod_4_m1060_height Hmod 4 m1060 height
hmod_18_gg0110z Hmod 18 gg0110z
hmod_patnum Hmod patnum
hmod_a_m0014 Hmod a m0014
hmod_18_gg0170i2 Hmod 18 gg0170i2
hmod_18_gg0170s3 Hmod 18 gg0170s3
hmod_18_gg0170b4 Hmod 18 gg0170b4
hmod_18_gg0170q4 Hmod 18 gg0170q4
hmod_18_gg0170l3 Hmod 18 gg0170l3
hmod_4_m1033_1 Hmod 4 m1033 1
hmod_a_m0010 Hmod a m0010
hmod_16_m2310_10 Hmod 16 m2310 10
hmod_a_m0065 Hmod a m0065
hmod_20_j1900b Hmod 20 j1900b
hmod_18_gg0170d2 Hmod 18 gg0170d2
hmod_version Hmod version
hmod_17_m2401c Hmod 17 m2401c
hmod_pps_calc_type Hmod pps calc type
hmod_18_gg0170a3 Hmod 18 gg0170a3
hmod_a_m0150_5 Hmod a m0150 5
hmod_16_m2310_20 Hmod 16 m2310 20
hmod_18_gg0170r4 Hmod 18 gg0170r4
hmod_18_gg0170o1 Hmod 18 gg0170o1
hmod_11_m1700 Hmod 11 m1700
hmod_11_m1730 Hmod 11 m1730
hmod_18_gg0130g2 Hmod 18 gg0130g2
hmod_17_m2420 Hmod 17 m2420
hmod_11_m1740_1 Hmod 11 m1740 1
hmod_4_m1023_icdb Hmod 4 m1023 icdb
hmod_18_gg0170d1 Hmod 18 gg0170d1
hmod_18_gg0130b3 Hmod 18 gg0130b3
hmod_18_gg0170k1 Hmod 18 gg0170k1
hmod_4_m1000_other Hmod 4 m1000 other
hmod_a_m0064_uk Hmod a m0064 uk
hmod_18_gg0130f2 Hmod 18 gg0130f2
hmod_18_gg130e1 Hmod 18 gg130e1
hmod_18_gg0130f1 Hmod 18 gg0130f1
hmod_18_gg0170q3 Hmod 18 gg0170q3
hmod_a_m0016 Hmod a m0016
hmod_7_m1306 Hmod 7 m1306
hmod_pps_cert_da2 Hmod pps cert da2
hmod_4_m1023_icdf Hmod 4 m1023 icdf
hmod_18_gg0170f2 Hmod 18 gg0170f2
hmod_4_m1060_weight Hmod 4 m1060 weight
hmod_7_m1311_f2 Hmod 7 m1311 f2
hmod_18_gg0130c1 Hmod 18 gg0130c1
hmod_17_m2401f Hmod 17 m2401f
hmod_18_gg0130h1 Hmod 18 gg0130h1
hmod_7_m1311_b2 Hmod 7 m1311 b2
hmod_a_m0150_8 Hmod a m0150 8
hmod_a_m0050 Hmod a m0050
hmod_pps_fin_ready Hmod pps fin ready
hmod_18_gg0170q1 Hmod 18 gg0170q1
hmod_18_gg0170k2 Hmod 18 gg0170k2
hmod_18_gg0100d Hmod 18 gg0100d
hmod_a_m0140_4 Hmod a m0140 4
hmod_a_m0104 Hmod a m0104
hmod_18_gg0110b Hmod 18 gg0110b
hmod_a_m0150_10 Hmod a m0150 10
hmod_4_m1023_diagb Hmod 4 m1023 diagb
hmod_18_gg0170f1 Hmod 18 gg0170f1
hmod_15_m2200b Hmod 15 m2200b
hmod_18_gg0170c2 Hmod 18 gg0170c2
hmod_90 Hmod 90
hmod_8_m1400 Hmod 8 m1400
hmod_18_gg0170n3 Hmod 18 gg0170n3
hmod_a_m0100 Hmod a m0100
hmod_pps_hhavis Hmod pps hhavis
hmod_18_gg0170a4 Hmod 18 gg0170a4
hmod_oci_hmodate Hmod oci hmodate
hmod_7_m1311_c1 Hmod 7 m1311 c1
hmod_4_m1005 Hmod 4 m1005
hmod_13_m2010 Hmod 13 m2010
hmod_pps_reim Hmod pps reim
hmod_seq Hmod seq
hmod_10_m1600 Hmod 10 m1600
hmod_4_m1051 Hmod 4 m1051
hmod_18_gg0170f4 Hmod 18 gg0170f4
hmod_17_m2401d Hmod 17 m2401d
hmod_13_m2005 Hmod 13 m2005
hmod_4_m1033_2 Hmod 4 m1033 2
hmod_code Hmod code
hmod_pps_hipps Hmod pps hipps
hmod_18_gg0170b3 Hmod 18 gg0170b3
hmod_pps_cbsa Hmod pps cbsa
hmod_4_m1023_diagc Hmod 4 m1023 diagc
hmod_18_gg0170c3 Hmod 18 gg0170c3
hmod_18_gg0170l2 Hmod 18 gg0170l2
hmod_4_m1023_seve Hmod 4 m1023 seve
hmod_a_m0032_na Hmod a m0032 na
hmod_18_gg0130b2 Hmod 18 gg0130b2
hmod_a_m0066 Hmod a m0066
hmod_11_m1740_2 Hmod 11 m1740 2
hmod_18_gg0170m2 Hmod 18 gg0170m2
hmod_a_m0150_3 Hmod a m0150 3
hmod_a_m0020 Hmod a m0020
hmod_18_gg0130a1 Hmod 18 gg0130a1
hmod_7_m1334 Hmod 7 m1334
hmod_12_m1810 Hmod 12 m1810
hmod_18_gg130e2 Hmod 18 gg130e2
hmod_4_m1023_diagf Hmod 4 m1023 diagf
hmod_4_m1023_icde Hmod 4 m1023 icde
hmod_18_gg0170l1 Hmod 18 gg0170l1
hmod_11_m1745 Hmod 11 m1745
hmod_13_m2016 Hmod 13 m2016
hmod_pps_rap_ready Hmod pps rap ready
hmod_18_gg0170p2 Hmod 18 gg0170p2
hmod_20_j1800 Hmod 20 j1800
hmod_18_gg0170b1 Hmod 18 gg0170b1
hmod_a_m0080 Hmod a m0080
hmod_4_m1000_6 Hmod 4 m1000 6
hmod_11_m1740_6 Hmod 11 m1740 6
hmod_7_m1311_b1 Hmod 7 m1311 b1
hmod_18_gg0170d3 Hmod 18 gg0170d3
hmod_4_m1021_icda Hmod 4 m1021 icda
hmod_6_m1200 Hmod 6 m1200
hmod_12_m1830 Hmod 12 m1830
hmod_18_gg0170g1 Hmod 18 gg0170g1
hmod_a_m0032 Hmod a m0032
hmod_16_m2310_1 Hmod 16 m2310 1
hmod_7_m1311_f1 Hmod 7 m1311 f1
hmod_18_gg0170f3 Hmod 18 gg0170f3
hmod_17_m2401a Hmod 17 m2401a
hmod_11_m1730a Hmod 11 m1730a
hmod_18_gg0170r3 Hmod 18 gg0170r3
hmod_4_m1033_7 Hmod 4 m1033 7
hmod_16_m2301 Hmod 16 m2301
hmod_4_m1033_10 Hmod 4 m1033 10
hmod_18_gg0170p1 Hmod 18 gg0170p1
hmod_12_m1845 Hmod 12 m1845
hmod_18_gg0170c1 Hmod 18 gg0170c1
hmod_18_gg0130g1 Hmod 18 gg0130g1
hmod_lock_xmit Hmod lock xmit
hmod_18_gg0170ss3 Hmod 18 gg0170ss3
hmod_pps_mswvis Hmod pps mswvis
hmod_4_m1028_2 Hmod 4 m1028 2
hmod_18_gg0170e4 Hmod 18 gg0170e4
hmod_13_m2001 Hmod 13 m2001
hmod_pps_otvis Hmod pps otvis
hmod_18_gg0170n1 Hmod 18 gg0170n1
hmod_a_m0140_5 Hmod a m0140 5
hmod_a_m0150_4 Hmod a m0150 4
hmod_4_m1021_seva Hmod 4 m1021 seva
hmod_oci_hmocode Hmod oci hmocode
hmod_18_gg0170s2 Hmod 18 gg0170s2
hmod_18_gg0110e Hmod 18 gg0110e
hmod_6_m1242 Hmod 6 m1242
hmod_7_m1307 Hmod 7 m1307
hmod_18_gg0170d4 Hmod 18 gg0170d4
hmod_18_gg0170n2 Hmod 18 gg0170n2
hmod_7_m1322 Hmod 7 m1322
hmod_pps_matchkey Hmod pps matchkey
hmod_a_m0140_1 Hmod a m0140 1
hmod_18_gg0170i1 Hmod 18 gg0170i1
hmod_7_m1330 Hmod 7 m1330
hmod_4_m1046 Hmod 4 m1046
hmod_18_gg0110c Hmod 18 gg0110c
hmod_arid Hmod arid
hmod_18_gg0130b4 Hmod 18 gg0130b4
hmod_a_create_eepr Hmod a create eepr
hmod_12_m1910 Hmod 12 m1910

Table: home_health_care_team

Description: Home Health Care Team


Name Description
hmcaretm_end_date Hmcaretm end date
hmcaretm_role_code Hmcaretm role code
hmcaretm_phone Hmcaretm phone
hmcaretm_cert_date Hmcaretm cert date
hmcaretm_fax Hmcaretm fax
hmcaretm_num Hmcaretm num
hmcaretm_last_name Hmcaretm last name
hmcaretm_case_conf Hmcaretm case conf
hmcaretm_first_name Hmcaretm first name
hmcaretm_arid Hmcaretm arid
hmcaretm_seq Hmcaretm seq
hmcaretm_eenum Hmcaretm eenum
hmcaretm_eepr Hmcaretm eepr
hmcaretm_eecomp Hmcaretm eecomp
hmcaretm_eff_date Hmcaretm eff date

Table: home_health_cert_diagnosis

Description: Cert Home Health Diagnosis


Name Description
hmc4_diagphy Cert Diagnosis Physicians
hmc4_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc4_diagdt Cert Diagnosis Dates
hmc4_vonum Cert Diagnosis Verbal Order Numbers
hmc4_diagcd Cert Diagnosis Codes
hmc4_date Cert Date
hmc4_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc4_seq Cert Sequence
hmc4_diagdesc Cert Diagnosis Descriptions

Table: home_health_cert_goal

Description: Cert Home Health Goals


Name Description
hmc6_goals Cert Type6 Goals Additional
hmc6_date Cert Date
hmc6_seq Cert Sequence
hmc6_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc6_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: home_health_cert_info

Description: Cert Home Health Information


Name Description
hmc2_seq Cert Sequence
hmc2_unuenv Cert Med Update Unusual Home
hmc2_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc2_suppoc_yn Cert Med Update Supplementary Poc Yn
hmc2_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc2_funlim Cert Med Update Functional Limitations
hmc2_supplylist2 Cert Miscinfo Supplylist2
hmc2_date Cert Date
hmc2_supplylist1 Cert Miscinfo Supplylist1
hmc2_suppoc Cert Med Update Supplementary Poc

Table: home_health_cert_master

Description: Cert Home Health


Name Description
hmc0_date Cert Date
hmc0_print485dt Cert 485 Date
hmc0_lastadmdt Cert Date Last Ip Stay
hmc0_mental_ot Cert Mental Status Other
hmc0_type Cert Type 0
hmc0_prognosis Cert Prognosis
hmc0_reviewdt Cert Review Date
hmc0_funclim Cert Functional Limitations
hmc0_print486dt Cert Date 486 Print
hmc0_nutreq Cert Nutritional Requirements
hmc0_mental Cert Mental Status
hmc0_reviewinit Cert Review Initials
hmc0_care1861j1 Cert Care 1861 Skilled Nurse Fac
hmc0_lastdisdt Cert Date Last Ip Discharge
hmc0_physeendt Cert Physician Last Seen Date
hmc0_actperm_ot Cert Activities Permitted Other
hmc0_seq Cert Sequence
hmc0_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc0_cert_days Cert Days
hmc0_safety Cert Safety Measures
hmc0_mcarecov Cert Medicare Covered Yn
hmc0_phycontdt Cert Date Last Contacted Phy
hmc0_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc0_actperm Cert Activities Permitted
hmc0_crm Cert Recert Modification
hmc0_facility Cert Type Facility
hmc0_funclim_ot Cert Functional Limitations Other
hmc0_goals Cert Type0 Goals

Table: home_health_cert_med_update_pat_info

Description: Cert Home Health Medical Update Patient Information


Name Description
hmc3_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc3_date Cert Date
hmc3_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc3_seq Cert Sequence
hmc3_nothome Cert Visit Patient Not Home
hmc3_leavehome Cert Reasons Patient Leaves Home

Table: home_health_cert_medication

Description: Cert Home Health Medications


Name Description
hmcm_item Cert Med Item
hmcm_class Cert Med Class
hmcm_stopdt Cert Med Stop Date
hmcm_oldnewchg Cert Med New Changed Discontinued
hmcm_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmcm_administered Hmcm administered
hmcm_comment Cert Med Comment
hmcm_vonum Cert Med Verbal Order Number
hmcm_startdt Cert Med Start Date
hmcm_afd Cert Med Afd
hmcm_afd2 Cert Med Afd2
hmcm_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmcm_seq Cert Sequence
hmcm_date Cert Date
hmcm_prn_indicator Cert Med As Needed Indicator
hmcm_desc Cert Med Item Description
hmcm_phynum Cert Med Physician Number
hmcm_phyname Cert Med Physician Name

Table: home_health_cert_order

Description: Cert Home Health Orders


Name Description
hmco_oldnewchg Cert Orders New-Changed Discontinued
hmco_duration Cert Orders A/F/D Duration
hmco_definition1 Cert Orders Definition1
hmco_discipline Cert Orders Discipline
hmco_afd_schvisits Cert Orders A/F/D Scheduled Visits
hmco_afd_totvisits Cert Orders A/F/D Total Visits
hmco_def1last15 Cert Orders Definition1 15bytes
hmco_prn_reason2 Cert Orders As Needed Reason2
hmco_acuity_level Cert Orders Acuity Level
hmco_item Cert Orders Item Number
hmco_stopdt Cert Orders Stop Date
hmco_range Cert Orders Range
hmco_date Cert Date
hmco_code Cert Orders Item Code
hmco_completed Cert Orders Completed
hmco_vonum Cert Orders Verbal Order Number
hmco_afd_text Cert Orders A/F/D
hmco_afd_bdate Cert Orders A/F/D Begdate
hmco_definition2 Cert Orders Definition2
hmco_phyname Cert Orders Physician Name
hmco_desc Cert Orders Item Description
hmco_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmco_amt Cert Orders A/F/D Amount
hmco_prn_reason1 Cert Orders As Needed Reason1
hmco_startdt Cert Orders Start Date
hmco_prn Cert Orders As Needed
hmco_phynum Cert Orders Physician Number
hmco_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmco_freq Cert Orders A/F/D Frequency
hmco_last_done Cert Orders Last Done
hmco_seq Cert Sequence
hmco_scheduled Cert Orders Scheduled

Table: home_health_cert_phy_sign

Description: Cert Home Health Physician Signatures


Name Description
hmc1_supplylist1 Cert Type1 Supply List1
hmc1_prt485phy Cert 485 Physician
hmc1_prt485sgndt Cert 485 Sign Date
hmc1_seq Cert Sequence
hmc1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc1_date Cert Date
hmc1_supplylist2 Cert Type1 Supply List2
hmc1_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc1_prt485prtdt Cert 485 Print Date
hmc1_supplylist3 Cert Type1 Supply List3

Table: home_health_cert_procedure

Description: Cert Home Health Procedures


Name Description
hmc5_procphy Cert Procedure Physicians
hmc5_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmc5_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmc5_procdesc Cert Procedure Descriptions
hmc5_seq Cert Sequence
hmc5_proccd Cert Procedure Codes
hmc5_vonum Cert Procedure Verbal Order Numbers
hmc5_procdt Cert Procedure Dates
hmc5_date Cert Date

Table: home_health_cert_verbal_order

Description: Cert Home Health Verbal Order Information


Name Description
hmcv_readback_name Cert Verbal Order Read Back Name
hmcv_med_updt Cert Verbal Order Medication Update
hmcv_signdt Cert Verbal Order Signed Date
hmcv_wpfile Cert Verbal Order Wpfile
hmcv_startdt Cert Verbal Order Start Date
hmcv_stopdt Cert Verbal Order Stop Date
hmcv_dnpseq Cert Verbal Order Pointer Dnp Sequence
hmcv_date Cert Date
hmcv_transaction Cert Verbal Order Pointer Transaction
hmcv_updt Hmcv updt
hmcv_sup_updt Cert Verbal Order Supplies Update
hmcv_signinit Cert Verbal Order Signed Initials
hmcv_reviewdt Cert Verbal Order Review Date
hmcv_pnum Cert Patient Number
hmcv_hmckey Cert Verbal Order Pointer Key
hmcv_diag_updt Cert Verbal Order Diagnosis Update
hmcv_starttime Cert Verbal Order Start Time
hmcv_seq Cert Sequence
hmcv_reviewinit Cert Verbal Order Review Initials
hmcv_num Cert Verbal Order Number
hmcv_supplylist1 Cert Verbal Order Supply List1
hmcv_phynum Cert Verbal Order Physician Number
hmcv_receivedby Cert Verbal Order Received By
hmcv_trantype Cert Verbal Order Pointer Transaction Type
hmcv_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hmcv_ord_updt Cert Verbal Order Order Update
hmcv_proc_updt Cert Verbal Order Procedure Update
hmcv_readback Cert Verbal Order Read Back Yn
hmcv_supplylist2 Cert Verbal Order Supply List2

Table: home_health_contacts_table

Description: Home Health Contacts Table


Name Description
hhct_state Hhct state
hhct_email Hhct email
hhct_sec_phone Hhct sec phone
hhct_city Hhct city
hhct_secphone_type Hhct secphone type
hhct_on_file Hhct on file
hhct_last_name Hhct last name
hhct_end_date Hhct end date
hhct_first_name Hhct first name
hhct_prov_ter Hhct prov ter
hhct_address3 Hhct address3
hhct_postalcd Hhct postalcd
hhct_pnum Hhct pnum
hhct_relation Hhct relation
hhct_address1 Hhct address1
hhct_eff_date Hhct eff date
hhct_zip Hhct zip
hhct_arid Hhct arid
hhct_prim_phone Hhct prim phone
hhct_address2 Hhct address2
hhct_seq Hhct seq
hhct_primphone_type Hhct primphone type
hhct_country_cd Hhct country cd
hhct_comments Hhct comments

Table: home_health_demographics

Description: Home Health Demographics


Name Description
hm1_refersourcena Refer source name
hm1_allergy2 Allergy2
hm1_nonsched_date Nonscheduled Date
hm1_evalcomment2 Evaluation comment2
hm1_df_emp10 Discipline employee10
hm1_servcontact1 Service contact
hm1_dmesupname Medical supplier name
hm1_servtime1 Service time
hm1_evaladmit Evaluation admit switch
hm1_servinit1 Service initials
hm1_df_serv6 Discipline code 6
hm1_servtime Service time
hm1_safety2 Saftey Measures 2
hm1_servneed1 Service needed code2
hm1_allergy1 Allergy1
hm1_df_serv3 Discipline code 3
hm1_addltime_df3 Additional Visit Time 3
hm1_empname Employee name
hm1_caregiverph Caregiver phone
hm1_pnum Patient Account Number
hm1_refersourceph Refer source phone
hm1_rescaredt Restart of care date
hm1_df_emp4 Discipline employee4
hm1_nonsched_code Nonscheduled Code
hm1_dmesuporddt Medical support date
hm1_arrive Arrive time
hm1_nutreq1 Nutrition required1
hm1_direction1 Direction 1
hm1_evaldate Evaluation date
hm1_evalagency Evaluation agency
hm1_cmplaint Complaint
hm1_noa_cancel_date Hm1 noa cancel date
hm1_ivthersupname Iv therapy supplier name
hm1_df_serv8 Discipline code 8
hm1_addltime_df6 Additional Visit Time 6
hm1_nutreq2 Nutrition required2
hm1_refcreate_eecomp Hm1 refcreate eecomp
hm1_dmesuplist Medical supply list
hm1_referdate Refer date
hm1_odmbegin Odometer begin
hm1_lstayroom Stay room
hm1_dmeotsupname1 Other supplier 1
hm1_caregivername Caregiver name
hm1_depart Depart time
hm1_arid Hm1 arid
hm1_noa_sent_date Hm1 noa sent date
hm1_nonsched_period Nonscheduled Period
hm1_direction4 Directions to patients home
hm1_refnotifydt Refer notify date
hm1_aculevel Acute level
hm1_dmesuplist2 Medical supply list
hm1_dissumreqdt Discharge summary request date
hm1_reason Assessment reason
hm1_emglevel Emergency level code
hm1_cmplaint2 Complaint2
hm1_evaltime Evaluation time
hm1_addltime_df4 Additional Visit Time 4
hm1_direction2 Direction 2
hm1_servneed Service needed code1
hm1_df_serv5 Discipline code 5
hm1_lphysvisitnam Doctor visit name
hm1_visitdt Visit date
hm1_service4 Service4
hm1_refcreate_date Hm1 refcreate date
hm1_df_emp7 Discipline employee7
hm1_df_serv2 Discipline code 2
hm1_refcreate_eepr Hm1 refcreate eepr
hm1_stcaredt Start care date
hm1_refersourcecd Refer source code
hm1_df_serv7 Discipline code 7
hm1_servinit Service initials
hm1_direction3 Direction 3
hm1_df_emp6 Discipline employee6
hm1_addltime_df1 Additional Visit Time 1
hm1_dissumreqinit Discharge summary request initials
hm1_evalcomment1 Evaluation comment1
hm1_df_emp8 Discipline employee8
hm1_lstayadmdt Stay admit date
hm1_seq Sequence
hm1_service1 Service1
hm1_location Location
hm1_df_serv1 Discipline code 1
hm1_addltime_df7 Additional Visit Time 7
hm1_addltime_df5 Additional Visit Time 5
hm1_evalnacode Evaluation na code
hm1_df_emp1 Discipline employee1
hm1_lstayhosp Stay hospital
hm1_dmesupphone Medical supplier phone
hm1_df_emp3 Discipline employee3
hm1_refcreate_time Hm1 refcreate time
hm1_servdate Service date
hm1_odmend Odometer end
hm1_service5 Service5
hm1_evalnurse Evaluation nurse
hm1_dnr_eff_date Hm1 dnr eff date
hm1_lphysvisitdt Doctor visit date
hm1_service2 Service2
hm1_df_serv9 Discipline code 9
hm1_df_serv10 Discipline code 10
hm1_df_emp5 Discipline employee5
hm1_verbnum Verbal orders count
hm1_addltime_df8 Additional Visit Time 8
hm1_df_serv4 Discipline code 4
hm1_refcreate_eenum Hm1 refcreate eenum
hm1_branch Branch
hm1_addltime_df2 Additional Visit Time 2
hm1_servdate1 Service date
hm1_refertime Hm1 refertime
hm1_addltime_df9 Additional Visit Time 9
hm1_emgcomment Emergency comment
hm1_addltime_df10 Additional Visit Time 10
hm1_lstaydisdt Stay discharge date
hm1_df_emp9 Discipline employee9
hm1_servcontact Service contact
hm1_df_emp2 Discipline employee2
hm1_service6 Service6
hm1_safety1 Safety Measures 1
hm1_service3 Service3
hm1_empnum Employee number

Table: home_health_discharge_plan

Description: Home Health Discharge Plan


Name Description
hmdisplan_text Hmdisplan text
hmdisplan_arid Hmdisplan arid
hmdisplan_cert_date Hmdisplan cert date
hmdisplan_num Hmdisplan num

Table: home_health_patient_certification

Description: Home Health Patient Certification


Name Description
hmpcert_vonum Hmpcert vonum
hmpcert_create_date Hmpcert create date
hmpcert_hmcctrl_seq Hmpcert hmcctrl seq
hmpcert_create_time Hmpcert create time
hmpcert_create_eecomp Hmpcert create eecomp
hmpcert_create_eepr Hmpcert create eepr
hmpcert_stop_date Hmpcert stop date
hmpcert_num Hmpcert num
hmpcert_arid Hmpcert arid
hmpcert_action Hmpcert action
hmpcert_comments Hmpcert comments
hmpcert_create_eenum Hmpcert create eenum
hmpcert_date Hmpcert date
hmpcert_start_date Hmpcert start date

Table: home_health_patient_measurable_goal

Description: Home Health Patient Measurable Goals


Name Description
hmgoals_seq Hmgoals seq
hmgoals_create_eepr Hmgoals create eepr
hmgoals_create_eecomp Hmgoals create eecomp
hmgoals_start_date Hmgoals start date
hmgoals_comments Hmgoals comments
hmgoals_arid Hmgoals arid
hmgoals_goal_code Hmgoals goal code
hmgoals_cert_date Hmgoals cert date
hmgoals_create_date Hmgoals create date
hmgoals_vonum Hmgoals vonum
hmgoals_create_time Hmgoals create time
hmgoals_text Hmgoals text
hmgoals_num Hmgoals num
hmgoals_target_date Hmgoals target date
hmgoals_create_eenum Hmgoals create eenum
hmgoals_action Hmgoals action
hmgoals_comp_date Hmgoals comp date

Table: home_health_verbal_order

Description: Home Health Verbal Orders


Name Description
hmvord_sign_init Hmvord sign init
hmvord_start_dt Hmvord start dt
hmvord_diagproc_updt Hmvord diagproc updt
hmvord_create_eepr Hmvord create eepr
hmvord_text Hmvord text
hmvord_arid Hmvord arid
hmvord_readbk_name Hmvord readbk name
hmvord_received_by Hmvord received by
hmvord_create_eenum Hmvord create eenum
hmvord_pnum Hmvord pnum
hmvord_start_tm Hmvord start tm
hmvord_phy_num Hmvord phy num
hmvord_sign_dt Hmvord sign dt
hmvord_cert_date Hmvord cert date
hmvord_med_updt Hmvord med updt
hmvord_create_eecomp Hmvord create eecomp
hmvord_mgoal_updt Hmvord mgoal updt
hmvord_create_tm Hmvord create tm
hmvord_create_dt Hmvord create dt
hmvord_seq Hmvord seq
hmvord_read_back Hmvord read back
hmvord_review_init Hmvord review init
hmvord_review_dt Hmvord review dt
hmvord_vonum Hmvord vonum
hmvord_ord_updt Hmvord ord updt
hmvord_sup_updt Hmvord sup updt

Table: home_health_verbal_order_transaction

Description: Home Health Verbal Order Transactions


Name Description
hmvotrans_arid Hmvotrans arid
hmvotrans_type Hmvotrans type
hmvotrans_vonum Hmvotrans vonum
hmvotrans_pointer_key Hmvotrans pointer key
hmvotrans_hmvord_pnum Hmvotrans hmvord pnum
hmvotrans_seq Hmvotrans seq
hmvotrans_hmvord_seq Hmvotrans hmvord seq
hmvotrans_hmvord_cert_date Hmvotrans hmvord cert date

Table: hospital_orders_link

Description: Clinic Hospital Cross Reference


Name Description
holink_clinvisitnum Clinic Patient Visit Number
holink_patordkey Patord File Key
holink_clinarid Clinics Arid
holink_status Order Status
holink_serialkey Serial Key Value
holink_hospprofilenum Hospital Patient Profile Number
holink_hospvisitnum Hospital Patient Visit Number
holink_patternkey Recurrence Event Pattern Key
holink_maactionseq Maaction File Sequence
holink_hospspid Hospital Shared Profile Id
holink_arid Accounts Receivable Id
holink_clinprofilenum Clinic Patient Profile Number
holink_timestamp Recurrence Event Timestamp
holink_clinicspid Clinic Shared Profile Id

Table: ifxpmtin_error_log

Description: Ifxpmtin Error Log


Name Description
ifxpmtlog1_confirmation_number Confirmation Number
ifxpmtlog1_error_message Error Message
ifxpmtlog1_transaction_amt Transaction Amount
ifxpmtlog1_transaction_date Transaction Date
ifxpmtlog1_time Time
ifxpmtlog1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ifxpmtlog1_vend Vendor
ifxpmtlog1_date Date
ifxpmtlog1_receipt_code Receipt Code
ifxpmtlog1_pname Patient Name
ifxpmtlog1_pnum Patient Number

Table: image_audit_log

Description: Scanned Images Audit Log


Name Description
imgaud_seq Image Audit 1 Sequence
imgaud_fidx_key Facility Id
imgaud_accttoname Image Audit 1 Account To Name
imgaud_revision Image Audit 1 Revision
imgaud_type Image Audit 1 Type
imgaud_logname Image Audit Logname
imgaud_descfrom Image Audit 1 Description From
imgaud_title Image Audit 1 Title
imgaud_dttm Image Audit 1 Date Time
imgaud_descto Image Audit 1 Description To
imgaud_num Image Audit 1 Number
imgaud_acct Image Audit 1 Account
imgaud_acctfromname Image Audit 1 Account From Name
imgaud_empname Image Audit 1 Employee Name
imgaud_arid Accounts Receivable Id
imgaud_acctto Image Audit 1 Account To
imgaud_acctfrom Image Audit 1 Account From
imgaud_action Image Audit 1 Action
imgaud_reason Image Audit 1 Reason
imgaud_emp Image Audit 1 Employee

Table: immunization

Description: Immunization.


Name Description
immune1_lot Immunization Lot
immune1_series_complete Immunization Vaccine Series Complete
immune1_entry_tm Entry Time
immune1_pat Person Profile Number
immune1_vis_barcode4 Immunization Vis Barcode4
immune1_vaccinegroup Vaccine Group
immune1_vac_info_stmnt_rvwd_dt Vaccine Information Statement Reviewed Date
immune1_ad_addrss2 Immunization Location Address 2
immune1_phy_num Administering Physician Number
immune1_ncit_route_code Immunization Ncit Route Code
immune1_publicspld Immunization Vfc Publicly Supplied
immune1_sched_desc Immunization Schedule Desc
immune1_vfcstatus Immunization Vfc Status Code
immune1_ad_city Immunization Location City
immune1_reason_code Immunization Reason Code
immune1_ucum_cd Immunization Ucum Code
immune1_ad_county Immunization Location County
immune1_nip Nip Code
immune1_code Immunization Code
immune1_vis_barcode5 Immunization Vis Barcode5
immune1_vis_barcode2 Immunization Vis Barcode2
immune1_last_updated Immunization Last Updated Timestamp
immune1_ipanum Visit Number
immune1_give_time Time Given
immune1_clinrec_import Immunization Clinical Recon Import
immune1_admnstr_name Immunization Administering Provider
immune1_maact1seq Immunization Maaction Sequence
immune1_series_status Immunization Series Status
immune1_source Immunization Source
immune1_dc_phy_sw Discontinue Physician Employee Type
immune1_not_used_1 Not Used
immune1_dc_dt Immunization Discontinue Date
immune1_event_id Immunization Event Id
immune1_evdnccode Evidence Of Immunity Code
immune1_cv_dt Conversion Date
immune1_dose_number Immunization Dose Number
immune1_spid Shared Profile Id
immune1_dose_subpotent Immunization Dose Subpotent
immune1_ipaseq Pharmacy Order Sequence
immune1_omit_reason Omit Reason
immune1_dc_phy_low Discontinue If Physician
immune1_dc_comp Discontinue Employee Company Code
immune1_seq Key Sequence Number
immune1_vaccine_funding_src Immunization Vaccine Funding Source
immune1_vac_info_stmnt_vrsn_dt Vaccine Information Statement Version Date
immune1_not_admin_snomed Immunization Reason Not Administered Snomed
immune1_ad_zip Immunization Location Zip
immune1_sched_type Immunization Schedule Type
immune1_cmpnt_vis_date Vaccine Component Vis Date Reviewed
immune1_cmpnt_vac_grp Vaccine Component Group
immune1_cpt Immunization Cpt
immune1_pr Employee Payroll Type
immune1_entry_dt Entry Date
immune1_dc_pr Discontinue Employee Payroll Type
immune1_cmpnt_vis_vrsn_date Vaccine Component Vis Version Date
immune1_primary_doses Immunization Primary Series Doses
immune1_sitecode Immunization Site Code
immune1_dose_validity Immunization Dose Validity
immune1_emp Administering Employee Id Number
immune1_ad_state Immunization Location State
immune1_vaccine_grp_cvx Immunization Vaccine Group
immune1_comp Employee Company Code
immune1_site Immunization Site
immune1_vac_info_stmnt_rvwd Vaccine Information Statement Reviewed
immune1_series_position Immunization Primary Series Position
immune1_ref_reason Immunization Refusal Reason
immune1_cv_tm Conversion Time
immune1_dc_phy_num Discontinue Physician Number
immune1_vis_barcode Immunization Vis Barcode1
immune1_vis_barcode3 Immunization Vis Barcode3
immune1_manufacturer Immunization Manufacturer
immune1_admnstrd_amnt Immunization Administered Amount
immune1_route Immunization Route
immune1_active_sw Is Immunization Active Or Not
immune1_admnstrd_unit Immunization Administered Units
immune1_refusal Immunization Refusal
immune1_arid Immunization Arid
immune1_ad_addrss1 Immunization Location Address 1
immune1_dc_emp Discontinue Employee Id Number
immune1_phy_sw Administering Physician Employee Type
immune1_dose_status Immunization Dose Status
immune1_cv_code Conversion Code
immune1_date Immunization Date
immune1_entry_init Entry Employee Initials
immune1_vac_cmpnt_info_stmnt_rvwd Vaccine Component Information Statement Reviewed
immune1_routecode Immunization Route Code
immune1_lotexpdt Immunization Expiration Date
immune1_dc_tm Immunization Discontinue Time
immune1_phy_low Administering If Physician

Table: immunization_error

Description: Immunization Error Table


Name Description
immerr1_profile_num Immerr1 profile num
immerr1_seq Immerr1 seq
immerr1_date_timestamp Immerr1 date timestamp
immerr1_profid Immerr1 profid
immerr1_error_desc Immerr1 error desc
immerr1_arid Immerr1 arid
immerr1_error_code Immerr1 error code
immerr1_visit_num Immerr1 visit num
immerr1_imm_cvx Immerr1 imm cvx

Table: immunization_forecast

Description: Immunization Forecast


Name Description
immfcst1_sched_type Immfcst1 sched type
immfcst1_dose_validity Immfcst1 dose validity
immfcst1_late_dose_date Immfcst1 late dose date
immfcst1_profid Immfcst1 profid
immfcst1_seq Immfcst1 seq
immfcst1_primary_doses Immfcst1 primary doses
immfcst1_timestamp Immfcst1 timestamp
immfcst1_recommend_dose_date Immfcst1 recommend dose date
immfcst1_series_status Immfcst1 series status
immfcst1_primary_series_position Immfcst1 primary series position
immfcst1_early_dose_date Immfcst1 early dose date
immfcst1_vaccine_grp_cvx Immfcst1 vaccine grp cvx
immfcst1_overdue_dose_date Immfcst1 overdue dose date
immfcst1_reason_code Immfcst1 reason code
immfcst1_profilenum Immfcst1 profilenum
immfcst1_sched_desc Immfcst1 sched desc

Table: implantable_device_history

Description: Implantable device history


Name Description
idh_procedure Procedure
idh_status Status
idh_tissue_code Tissue Code
idh_type Type
idh_expiration_mmyy_format Expiration Mmyy Format
idh_lastupdated_timestamp Last Updated Timestamp
idh_lot_number Lot Number
idh_manufacture_timestamp Manufacture Timestamp
idh_latex_rubber_label Latex Rubber Label
idh_di Device Identification
idh_quantity Quantity
idh_serialkey Serial Key
idh_expiration_timestamp Expiration Timestamp
idh_arid Idh arid
idh_description Description
idh_body_structure Body Structure
idh_serial_number Serial Number
idh_spid Spid
idh_snomed_code Idh snomed code
idh_procedure_timestamp Procedure Timestamp
idh_entry_timestamp Entry Timestamp
idh_udi Unique Device Identification
idh_brand_name Brand Name
idh_mri_safety_info Mri Safety Info
idh_implant_explant Implant Explant
idh_pproc_id Patient Procedure Id
idh_profilenum Profile Number
idh_manufacturer Manufacturer
idh_version_model Version Model

Table: imported_icd10_dx_code

Description: Imported Icd10 Diagnosis Code Table


Name Description
impicd10dx_arid Accounts Receivable Id
impicd10dx_code Imported Icd10 Diagnosis Code
impicd10dx_poa Imported Icd10 Diagnosis Code Present On Admission
impicd10dx_visit_num Visit Number
impicd10dx_desc Impicd10dx desc
impicd10dx_seq Sequence

Table: imported_icd10_proc_code

Description: Imported Icd10 Procedure Code Table


Name Description
impicd10px_date Imported Icd10 Procedure Code Date
impicd10px_visit_num Visit Number
impicd10px_seq Sequence
impicd10px_code Imported Icd10 Procedure Code
impicd10px_phy Imported Icd10 Procedure Code Physician
impicd10px_desc Imported Icd10 Procedure Code Description
impicd10px_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: inbound_ccda_log

Description: Inbound ccda log


Name Description
ibclog_dt Ibclog dt
ibclog_ccda_fatal_reason Ibclog ccda fatal reason
ibclog_arid Ibclog arid
ibclog_ccda_prob_fail Ibclog ccda prob fail
ibclog_ccda_patname Ibclog ccda patname
ibclog_ccda_patid Ibclog ccda patid
ibclog_ccda_fatal Ibclog ccda fatal
ibclog_profnum Ibclog profnum
ibclog_ccda_med_pass Ibclog ccda med pass
ibclog_ccda_med_fail Ibclog ccda med fail
ibclog_ccda_docid Ibclog ccda docid
ibclog_ccda_immu_pass Ibclog ccda immu pass
ibclog_ccda_docloinc Ibclog ccda docloinc
ibclog_ccda_doctitle Ibclog ccda doctitle
ibclog_ccda_prob_pass Ibclog ccda prob pass
ibclog_ccda_immu_fail Ibclog ccda immu fail
ibclog_id Ibclog id
ibclog_ccda_alg_fail Ibclog ccda alg fail
ibclog_spid Ibclog spid
ibclog_ccda_docdate Ibclog ccda docdate
ibclog_ccda_custodian Ibclog ccda custodian
ibclog_ccda_alg_pass Ibclog ccda alg pass

Table: insurance1

Description: Insurance Claim Information 1


Name Description
is1_crossdate Crossover Date
is1_aapc_ded Apc Detail Screen
is1_aapc_copay Apc Detail Screen
is1_totchg Total Charges
is1_excchgs Shows Non-Billable Charges
This Setup Is In The Summary Code Table Page 1 Field Non-Billable F/C
is1_eapc_copay Apc Detail Screen
is1_print Check Box In Detail Charges
is1_opdate Outpatient Date
is1_serv Service Code
is1_pd_amt2 Receipt Information Screen
is1_contract_old Contract Number
is1_pd_dt3 Receipt Information Screen
is1_expay Detail Charges Screen
is1_printcross Detail Charges Screen - Print Crossover Check Box (Ins Co Table Page 6 Auto Crossover Set To Y Along With Form Code)
is1_nondays Noncovered Days
is1_diem Ins Company Perdiem Amount
is1_otset Other Coverage Set
is1_pdtype3 Paid Type Third Payment
is1_opchg Outpatient Charges
is1_new_op_medicare Pulls When Claim Is Moved To Billed.
04 - Ub
05 - 1500
is1_reim_amt Claim Status Screen
is1_orig_bl_d_amt Original Billed Amount
is1_excrep Policy Information Screen
is1_opdesc Outpatient Description
is1_set Order Of Insurance In Claim Status Screen
is1_apc_sw Insurance Company Table Page 4 Apc Reimburse Field
is1_opcd Outpatient Summary Code
is1_ck_dt Date Moved To Ready To Bill
is1_disc Discharge Date
is1_semi_rate Detail Benefits Screen
is1_bl_n_rep Detail Charges Screen
is1_bl_ded Detail Benefits Screen
is1_pd_amt3 Receipt Information Screen
is1_drg_icd10 Icd 10 Computed Drg
is1_elecbill Detail Charges - Elec Bill ? Check Box
is1_birth Patient Birthdate
is1_covrmrate Detail Benefits Screen
is1_drg Insurance Drg
is1_typrm Room Types
is1_from Service From Date
is1_covdays Detail Benefits Screen
is1_chg Detail Charges Screen
is1_covcalctype Not Used
is1_contract Contract Number
is1_typebill Detail Charges Screen
is1_orig_drg Original Drg
is1_dayfull Detail Benefits Screen
is1_covgoverride Override Option Is In The Coverages Screen On The Claim
is1_psrocode Detail Benefits
is1_lifeused Detail Benefits Screen
is1_app_sent Policy Information Screen
is1_eapc_outlr Estimated Apc Outlier Amount
is1_bl_chg Detail Charges Screen
is1_covgcsnum Coverage Cs Number
is1_eapc_reim Apc Detail Screen
is1_pd_dt1 Receipt Information Screen
is1_cd Summary Codes
is1_totnon Detail Charges Screen
is1_covrate Detail Benefits Screen - Coverage % Field
is1_filetype Insurance Company Table Page 6
is1_stay Stay Type
is1_med_ness Blood Medical Necessity
is1_exccov Policy Information Screen
is1_pd_dt2 Receipt Information Screen
is1_mr_okayed Medical Records > Grouper > Ins Button
is1_copay Detail Benefits Screen
is1_ins_full Insurance Company Code
is1_qty Quantity
is1_arid Facility Number
is1_pd_amt1 Receipt Information Screen
is1_eapc_ded Apc Detail Screen
is1_dayco Detail Benefits Screen
is1_covglogname Coverage Logname
is1_ppscode Detail Benefits
is1_genviaautocl Generated Via Auto Close
is1_pdtype2 Paid Type Second Payment
is1_aapc_outlr Actual Apc Outlier Amount
is1_to Service To Date
is1_origin Origin Code
is1_endcare Detail Beneifts
is1_num Account Number
is1_bill_dt Billed Date
is1_direct Policy Information Screen
is1_bl_d_amt Detail Charges Screen
is1_app_rec Policy Information Screen
is1_bl_furn Detail Charges Screen
is1_netcalc Policy Information Screen
is1_covverified Not Used
is1_isacomp_addr_id Is1 isacomp addr id
is1_prim Policy Information
is1_aapc_reim Apc Detail Screen
is1_orig_a_ded Original Deductible Amount
is1_pd_status Payment Status Code
is1_p_name Patient Name
is1_isapat_addr_id Is1 isapat addr id
is1_otins Other Coverage Insurance Code
is1_autobill Autobill
is1_releaseinfo Policy Information Screen
is1_coins Detail Charges Screen
is1_mr_ok_init Medical Records > Grouper > Ins Button
is1_contr2 Contract Number Last 4 Characters
is1_gen_dt Claim Generated Date
is1_daylife Detail Benefits Screen
is1_eapc_contr Apc Detail Screen
is1_typary Claim Status Screen - 2nd Character In Claim Generated Field
D - Outpatient Charges Exist And Max Charge Lines Are Less Than 25
Y - Outpatient Charges Exist And Max Charge Lines Are Greater Than 24
X - Inpatient Charges Exist And Max Charge Lines Are Greater Than 24
Blank - Inpatient Charges Exist And Max Charge Line Are Less Than 25
is1_orig_expay Original Expected Pay
is1_otprim Other Coverage Primary
is1_admit Admit Date
is1_coveragesetby Not Used
is1_colim Detail Benefits Screen
is1_totlines Active Charge Lines Total In The Detail Charges Screen
is1_formver Form Version
is1_a_ded Part-A Deduct Field On The Detail Benefits Screen
is1_bl_rep Detail Charges Screen
is1_opphy Outpatient Physician
is1_netreim Net Reimbursement
is1_pdtype1 Paid Type First Payment
is1_orig_coamt Original Copay Amount
is1_co_used Detail Benefits Screen
is1_elecdate Electronic Billed Date
is1_mndays Detail Charges Screen
is1_orig_covdays Original Covered Days
is1_bl_rate Detail Charges Screen
is1_coamt Detail Charges Screen
is1_effdt Detail Benefits Screen
is1_isasub_addr_id Is1 isasub addr id
is1_bl_non Detail Charges Screen
is1_non Detail Charges Screen
is1_maxlines Insurance Company Table Page 4
is1_aapc_contr Apc Detail Screen

Table: insurance2

Description: Insurance Claim Information 2


Name Description
is2_opphy Outpatient Physician
is2_opchg_qty Outpatient Charge Quantity
is2_num Account Number
is2_opnon Is2 opnon
is2_srcx0length Elec Billing Work File Length
is2_ins Financial class
is2_set Set Number
is2_arid Is2 arid
is2_opdesc Outpatient Description
is2_srcx0rec_type Elec Billing Work File Record Type
is2_opchg Outpatient Charges
is2_srcx0data_new New Electronic Billing Information
is2_opcd Outpatient Summary Code
is2_srcx0pos Elec Billing Work File Position
is2_srcx0rec_seq Elec Billing Work File Sequence
is2_opdate Outpatient Date
is2_opmods Outpatient Modifiers
is2_popupsw Claim Edits Popup Sw

Table: insurance3

Description: Insurance Claim Information 3


Name Description
is3_plancd Policy Information
is3_misc6 Detail Benefits
is3_coins2 Receipt Information
is3_a_ded1 Receipt Information
is3_msa3 Home Health Msa Code 3
is3_hhdt2 Stay Information
is3_expay Contract Mgmt > Claims List > Expected Allow Amount
is3_coins1 Receipt Information
is3_edt2_da Claim Status Screen
is3_misc5 Detail Benefits
is3_hhmkey Precert #/Type
is3_rejectcds Receipt Information
is3_appeal_ltr Acct > Contract Mgmt > Claim Maintenance
is3_orig_expay Detail Charges
is3_pay_emp_init Contract Billing Auto Acknowledge Pay
is3_remit_dt1 Receipt Information
is3_contrgl3 Receipt Information
is3_noncov2 Receipt Information
is3_contrgl2 Receipt Information
is3_adjamt Detail Charges Screen > Cob Pmt > Claim Level Cob
is3_arid Is3 arid
is3_contract1 Receipt Information
is3_ins Financial Class
is3_mc_status Contract Billing Status
is3_newinsrec New Insurance Receipt
is3_msa1 Home Health Msa Code 1
is3_appeal_sw Acct > Contract Management > Claim Maintenance
is3_cobdate Detail Charges Screen > Cob Pmt
is3_reim_amt2 Receipt Information
is3_contrgl1 Receipt Information
is3_reim_amt3 Receipt Information
is3_tot_chg Detail Charges
is3_orig_tot_chg Detail Charges
is3_hhipps3 Stay Information
is3_a_ded3 Receipt Information
is3_contract3 Receipt Information
is3_edt2_mo Claim Status Screen
is3_approved3 Receipt Information
is3_orig_contract Original Contractual Amount
is3_hhipps1 Stay Information
is3_adjquan Detail Charges > Claim Level Cob
is3_hhipps2 Stay Information
is3_misc4 Detail Benefits
is3_ack_emp_init Expected Pay Acknowledge
is3_num Account Number
is3_den_chgs Detail Charges
is3_remit_dt3 Receipt Information
is3_approved1 Receipt Information
is3_sub_empcd Policy Information
is3_coamt2 Receipt Information
is3_reasoncd Detail Charges > Claim Level Cob
is3_clinic Policy Information
is3_coamt1 Receipt Information
is3_set Set Number
is3_pat_empcd Census > Patient > Employer Information
is3_a_ded2 Receipt Information
is3_hhdt1 Stay Information
is3_remit_dt2 Receipt Information
is3_approved Receipt Information
is3_contract Receipt Information
is3_mc_chg Managed Care Charge
is3_edt2_yr Claim Status Screen
is3_netwkcd Policy Information
is3_no_plan Has No Plan Code
is3_payerid Policy Information
is3_cal_dt Contract Mgmt > Claims List
is3_delaycd Detail Benefits > Delay Reason
is3_noncov1 Receipt Information
is3_mc_meth Managed Care Method
is3_ltchend Detail Benefits
is3_reim_amt1 Receipt Information
is3_cobupdtsw Detail Charges > Cob Pmt
A = Auto
M = Manual
is3_coamt3 Receipt Information
is3_contrgl Receipt Information
is3_has_pps Stay Information
is3_noncov3 Receipt Information
is3_gen_type Claim Generation Method
A = Auto
M = Manual
C = Ccbcp
H = Home Health
is3_orig_billdt Claim Status Screen > 2nd Billed Date
is3_grpcdsw Cob Group Code Switch
is3_contract2 Receipt Information
is3_approved2 Receipt Information
is3_noncov Receipt Information
is3_emp_init Contract Management Auto Calc Employee Initials
is3_msa2 Home Health Msa Code 2
is3_coins3 Receipt Information
is3_orig_elecdt Detail Charges
is3_hhdt3 Stay Information
is3_gbhcno Policy Information

Table: insurance_coverage_1

Description: Insurance Coverage Claim Info 1


Name Description
ic1_elecdate Ic1 elecdate
ic1_covrate Ic1 covrate
ic1_bl_chg Ic1 bl chg
ic1_pd_amt2 Ic1 pd amt2
ic1_filetype Ic1 filetype
ic1_app_sent Ic1 app sent
ic1_bl_n_rep Ic1 bl n rep
ic1_opphy Ic1 opphy
ic1_eapc_contr Ic1 eapc contr
ic1_chg Ic1 chg
ic1_pd_amt1 Ic1 pd amt1
ic1_lifeused Ic1 lifeused
ic1_opchg Ic1 opchg
ic1_netreim Ic1 netreim
ic1_bl_non Ic1 bl non
ic1_eapc_copay Ic1 eapc copay
ic1_totlines Ic1 totlines
ic1_coamt Ic1 coamt
ic1_covgoverride Ic1 covgoverride
ic1_opcd Ic1 opcd
ic1_app_rec Ic1 app rec
ic1_orig_covdays Ic1 orig covdays
ic1_eapc_outlr Ic1 eapc outlr
ic1_non Ic1 non
ic1_orig_a_ded Ic1 orig a ded
ic1_aapc_contr Ic1 aapc contr
ic1_bl_ded Ic1 bl ded
ic1_printcross Ic1 printcross
ic1_typary Ic1 typary
ic1_isapat_addr_id Ic1 isapat addr id
ic1_orig_drg Ic1 orig drg
ic1_nondays Ic1 nondays
ic1_bl_furn Ic1 bl furn
ic1_eapc_ded Ic1 eapc ded
ic1_releaseinfo Ic1 releaseinfo
ic1_isasub_addr_id Ic1 isasub addr id
ic1_pd_dt2 Ic1 pd dt2
ic1_set Ic1 set
ic1_from Ic1 from
ic1_covglogname Ic1 covglogname
ic1_coins Ic1 coins
ic1_otins Ic1 otins
ic1_semi_rate Ic1 semi rate
ic1_contract Ic1 contract
ic1_daylife Ic1 daylife
ic1_co_used Ic1 co used
ic1_otset Ic1 otset
ic1_aapc_ded Ic1 aapc ded
ic1_admit Ic1 admit
ic1_qty Ic1 qty
ic1_genviaautocl Ic1 genviaautocl
ic1_endcare Ic1 endcare
ic1_netcalc Ic1 netcalc
ic1_new_op_medicare Ic1 new op medicare
ic1_effdt Ic1 effdt
ic1_pdtype1 Ic1 pdtype1
ic1_typrm Ic1 typrm
ic1_gen_dt Ic1 gen dt
ic1_contract_old Ic1 contract old
ic1_isacomp_addr_id Ic1 isacomp addr id
ic1_colim Ic1 colim
ic1_mndays Ic1 mndays
ic1_aapc_copay Ic1 aapc copay
ic1_prim Ic1 prim
ic1_contr2 Ic1 contr2
ic1_dayco Ic1 dayco
ic1_totnon Ic1 totnon
ic1_disc Ic1 disc
ic1_pd_amt3 Ic1 pd amt3
ic1_eapc_reim Ic1 eapc reim
ic1_formver Ic1 formver
ic1_covrmrate Ic1 covrmrate
ic1_arid Ic1 arid
ic1_cd Ic1 cd
ic1_bl_rate Ic1 bl rate
ic1_to Ic1 to
ic1_orig_bl_d_amt Ic1 orig bl d amt
ic1_ins_full Ic1 ins full
ic1_stay Ic1 stay
ic1_med_ness Ic1 med ness
ic1_drg Ic1 drg
ic1_mr_okayed Ic1 mr okayed
ic1_pd_status Ic1 pd status
ic1_aapc_outlr Ic1 aapc outlr
ic1_reim_amt Ic1 reim amt
ic1_dayfull Ic1 dayfull
ic1_num Ic1 num
ic1_diem Ic1 diem
ic1_direct Ic1 direct
ic1_print Ic1 print
ic1_otprim Ic1 otprim
ic1_bill_dt Ic1 bill dt
ic1_pdtype3 Ic1 pdtype3
ic1_apc_sw Ic1 apc sw
ic1_serv Ic1 serv
ic1_ppscode Ic1 ppscode
ic1_totchg Ic1 totchg
ic1_orig_coamt Ic1 orig coamt
ic1_birth Ic1 birth
ic1_covdays Ic1 covdays
ic1_psrocode Ic1 psrocode
ic1_covgcsnum Ic1 covgcsnum
ic1_mr_ok_init Ic1 mr ok init
ic1_typebill Ic1 typebill
ic1_opdesc Ic1 opdesc
ic1_opdate Ic1 opdate
ic1_orig_expay Ic1 orig expay
ic1_profid Ic1 profid
ic1_expay Ic1 expay
ic1_autobill Ic1 autobill
ic1_pd_dt1 Ic1 pd dt1
ic1_aapc_reim Ic1 aapc reim
ic1_drg_icd10 Ic1 drg icd10
ic1_origin Ic1 origin
ic1_p_name Ic1 p name
ic1_crossdate Ic1 crossdate
ic1_exccov Ic1 exccov
ic1_ck_dt Ic1 ck dt
ic1_elecbill Ic1 elecbill
ic1_pdtype2 Ic1 pdtype2
ic1_maxlines Ic1 maxlines
ic1_pd_dt3 Ic1 pd dt3
ic1_excrep Ic1 excrep
ic1_bl_d_amt Ic1 bl d amt
ic1_copay Ic1 copay
ic1_excchgs Ic1 excchgs
ic1_bl_rep Ic1 bl rep
ic1_a_ded Ic1 a ded

Table: insurance_coverage_2

Description: Insurance Coverage Claim Info 2


Name Description
ic2_ins Ic2 ins
ic2_set Ic2 set
ic2_arid Ic2 arid
ic2_profid Ic2 profid
ic2_num Ic2 num

Table: insurance_coverage_3

Description: Insurance Coverage Claim Info 3


Name Description
ic3_plancd Ic3 plancd
ic3_clinic Ic3 clinic
ic3_payerid Ic3 payerid
ic3_num Ic3 num
ic3_misc5 Ic3 misc5
ic3_ltchend Ic3 ltchend
ic3_pat_empcd Ic3 pat empcd
ic3_set Ic3 set
ic3_misc4 Ic3 misc4
ic3_arid Ic3 arid
ic3_misc6 Ic3 misc6
ic3_gbhcno Ic3 gbhcno
ic3_profid Ic3 profid
ic3_sub_empcd Ic3 sub empcd
ic3_newinsrec Ic3 newinsrec
ic3_ins Ic3 ins
ic3_delaycd Ic3 delaycd
ic3_netwkcd Ic3 netwkcd

Table: insurance_coverage_a

Description: Insurance Coverage Claim Info A


Name Description
ica_c_faddr3 Ica c faddr3
ica_firstname Ica firstname
ica_p_midname Ica p midname
ica_c_faddr4 Ica c faddr4
ica_s_empa Ica s empa
ica_phy2 Ica phy2
ica_profid Ica profid
ica_s_fcity Ica s fcity
ica_mar Ica mar
ica_race Ica race
ica_c_addr2 Ica c addr2
ica_p_firstname Ica p firstname
ica_eob_ind Ica eob ind
ica_set Ica set
ica_c_addr1 Ica c addr1
ica_s_city Ica s city
ica_midname Ica midname
ica_cert_type Ica cert type
ica_c_phone Ica c phone
ica_num Ica num
ica_group Ica group
ica_p_empa Ica p empa
ica_cert Ica cert
ica_c_city Ica c city
ica_surgeon Ica surgeon
ica_a_code Ica a code
ica_sub_old Ica sub old
ica_ss Ica ss
ica_esc Ica esc
ica_p_cnty Ica p cnty
ica_c_name Ica c name
ica_precert_ph Ica precert ph
ica_sex Ica sex
ica_p_city Ica p city
ica_s_fstate Ica s fstate
ica_birth Ica birth
ica_lastname Ica lastname
ica_c_zip Ica c zip
ica_p_addr1 Ica p addr1
ica_s_addr1 Ica s addr1
ica_s_fcntry Ica s fcntry
ica_pat_r_sub Ica pat r sub
ica_p_state Ica p state
ica_s_fcntrycd Ica s fcntrycd
ica_p_name Ica p name
ica_phy Ica phy
ica_p_emp Ica p emp
ica_c_faddr5 Ica c faddr5
ica_d_time Ica d time
ica_s_sex Ica s sex
ica_p_zip Ica p zip
ica_s_zip Ica s zip
ica_s_state Ica s state
ica_comm Ica comm
ica_mrnum Ica mrnum
ica_arid Ica arid
ica_p_cnty_o Ica p cnty o
ica_s_fpostcd Ica s fpostcd
ica_person Ica person
ica_ins Ica ins
ica_p_addr2 Ica p addr2
ica_eid Ica eid
ica_s_addr2 Ica s addr2
ica_s_emp Ica s emp
ica_a_time Ica a time
ica_c_state Ica c state
ica_p_lastname Ica p lastname
ica_sub Ica sub

Table: insurance_coverage_b

Description: Insurance Coverage Claim Info B


Name Description
icb_cond_cd Icb cond cd
icb_prior_disc2 Icb prior disc2
icb_diag5c Icb diag5c
icb_oth_clm_qual Icb oth clm qual
icb_prior_adm Icb prior adm
icb_spancd3 Icb spancd3
icb_surg3dt Icb surg3dt
icb_ins Icb ins
icb_msp Icb msp
icb_diag4c Icb diag4c
icb_diag2c Icb diag2c
icb_ccc Icb ccc
icb_acc_time Icb acc time
icb_valamtb Icb valamtb
icb_sub_dob Icb sub dob
icb_spancd4 Icb spancd4
icb_val_ind Icb val ind
icb_priorcd Icb priorcd
icb_discamt Icb discamt
icb_admdiag Icb admdiag
icb_outdays Icb outdays
icb_refphy Icb refphy
icb_num Icb num
icb_oth_clm_id Icb oth clm id
icb_set Icb set
icb_diag3c Icb diag3c
icb_diag1d Icb diag1d
icb_surg1d Icb surg1d
icb_covratio Icb covratio
icb_occ_cd Icb occ cd
icb_prioramt Icb prioramt
icb_occ_dt Icb occ dt
icb_surg5c Icb surg5c
icb_prior_disc4 Icb prior disc4
icb_drgreim Icb drgreim
icb_acc_place_old Icb acc place old
icb_value_amt Icb value amt
icb_relate_mil Icb relate mil
icb_hhoutlier Icb hhoutlier
icb_spancd2 Icb spancd2
icb_other_qual Icb other qual
icb_acc_date Icb acc date
icb_surg1dt Icb surg1dt
icb_nb_date Icb nb date
icb_death Icb death
icb_spancd Icb spancd
icb_misc2 Icb misc2
icb_acc_place Icb acc place
icb_surg4dt Icb surg4dt
icb_misc3 Icb misc3
icb_psroto Icb psroto
icb_surg4c Icb surg4c
icb_d_status Icb d status
icb_prior_adm2 Icb prior adm2
icb_icn Icb icn
icb_valcdb Icb valcdb
icb_medigapno Icb medigapno
icb_surg2c Icb surg2c
icb_psrofrom Icb psrofrom
icb_arid Icb arid
icb_diag2d Icb diag2d
icb_prior_disc Icb prior disc
icb_diag3d Icb diag3d
icb_ben1 Icb ben1
icb_val2_cd Icb val2 cd
icb_hhppsclass Icb hhppsclass
icb_surg5dt Icb surg5dt
icb_relate_auto Icb relate auto
icb_surg3c Icb surg3c
icb_cond_cd2 Icb cond cd2
icb_prior_adm4 Icb prior adm4
icb_outreim Icb outreim
icb_refgvn Icb refgvn
icb_mamedicare Icb mamedicare
icb_val2_amt Icb val2 amt
icb_recver Icb recver
icb_acc_qual Icb acc qual
icb_prior_disc3 Icb prior disc3
icb_value_cd Icb value cd
icb_other_date Icb other date
icb_profid Icb profid
icb_prior_place Icb prior place
icb_diag1c Icb diag1c
icb_surg1c Icb surg1c
icb_prior_adm3 Icb prior adm3
icb_nb_live Icb nb live
icb_relate_emp Icb relate emp
icb_specprog Icb specprog
icb_surg2dt Icb surg2dt

Table: insurance_detail

Description: Insurance Claim Detail


Name Description
insdet1_arid Insdet1 arid
insdet1_est_apc Apc Detail
insdet1_est_apc_reim Apc Detail
insdet1_act_apc Apc Detail
insdet1_diagptr Diagnosis Pointer
insdet1_newcobcd Detail Charges
insdet1_cobpay Coordination Of Benefits Payment
insdet1_litem_copay Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_litem_ded Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_litem_reim Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_opmod Modifiers
insdet1_act_apc_ded Apc Detail
insdet1_date Detail Charges
insdet1_typechg Detail Charges - Ip (1) Or Op (2)
insdet1_chgno Detail Charges Or Account Detail
insdet1_litem_contr Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_litem_proc Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_act_apc_copay Apc Detail
insdet1_act_apc_reim Apc Detail
insdet1_scd Summary Code
insdet1_cobcd Coordination Of Benefits Code
insdet1_typrm Detail Charges
insdet1_opsum Summary Code Table > Summarize Op Insurance Field
insdet1_seq Record Sequence
insdet1_opdesc Detail Charges
insdet1_est_apc_copay Apc Detail
insdet1_chgdept Account Detail
insdet1_chg Detail Charges
insdet1_mc_chg Account > Contract Mgmt > Expected Allow Amount
insdet1_act_apc_rc Apc Detail
insdet1_cpt Cpt
insdet1_mod Detail Charges
insdet1_set Set Number
insdet1_non Detail Charges
insdet1_mc_meth Account > Contract Mgmt > Method
insdet1_clinic_cd Policy Information
insdet1_sumcd Detail Charges
insdet1_todate Ltch To Date
insdet1_est_apc_st Apc Detail
insdet1_litemhcpc Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_pointer Claim Status Screen > Dia
insdet1_qty Detail Charges
insdet1_rcode Physician Charge Revenue Code
insdet1_phy Physician
insdet1_num Account Number
insdet1_grpcdsw Group Code
insdet1_ins Insurance Code
insdet1_act_apc_st Actual Apc Status
insdet1_litem_noncv Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_rcode_old Old Revenue Code
insdet1_est_apc_ded Apc Detail
insdet1_ndc Item Master > Pharmacy Information > Ndc
insdet1_litem_coins Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_litem_appr Line Item Receipt Detail
insdet1_ubphy Ub Charging Physician
insdet1_newcobamt Detail Charges

Table: insurance_rac_claim

Description: Insurance Rac Claims


Name Description
israc_duedt Israc duedt
israc_arid Israc arid
israc_ins Israc ins
israc_stage Israc stage
israc_reason Israc reason
israc_arnum Israc arnum
israc_riskamt Israc riskamt
israc_seq Israc seq
israc_set Israc set
israc_date Israc date
israc_reason_desc Israc reason desc
israc_entry Israc entry
israc_logname Israc logname

Table: insurance_rac_note

Description: Insurance Rac Notes


Name Description
isracn_arnum Isracn arnum
isracn_set Isracn set
isracn_ins Isracn ins
isracn_seq Isracn seq
isracn_note Isracn note
isracn_arid Isracn arid

Table: insurance_tickler_account_notes

Description: Notes For Is Tickler Accounts


Name Description
tic3_seq Tic3 seq
tic3_patnum Tic3 patnum
tic3_notes Tic3 notes
tic3_set Tic3 set
tic3_arid Tic3 arid
tic3_ins Tic3 ins

Table: insurance_tickler_claims_by_collector

Description: Claims By Collector And Review Date


Name Description
tic2_reviewdt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic2_arid Tic2 arid
tic2_col_id Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic2_set Tic2 set
tic2_ins Tic2 ins
tic2_patnum Tic2 patnum

Table: insurance_tickler_claims_by_patient

Description: Claims By Patient And Insurance


Name Description
tic1_patnum Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_reviewcds Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_ins Tic1 ins
tic1_findt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_notes Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_letdt Tic1 letdt
tic1_prior_col Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_changedt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_col_id Tic1 col id
tic1_reviewdt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_letcd Tic1 letcd
tic1_desc_rvw Tic1 desc rvw
tic1_arid Tic1 arid
tic1_stamp_dt Tic1 stamp dt
tic1_response_cds Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
tic1_set Tic1 set
tic1_begdt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance

Table: insurancea

Description: Insurance Claim Information A


Name Description
isa_c_city Policy Information
isa_a_time Stay Information
isa_sub_old Policy Information
isa_d_time Stay Information
isa_p_name Stay Information
isa_p_lastname Patient Last Name
isa_sex Stay Information
isa_a_code Stay Information
isa_p_cnty_o Patient County
isa_arid Facility Number
isa_p_firstname Patient First Name
isa_s_state Policy Information
isa_c_zip Policy Information
isa_precert_ph Policy Information
isa_lastname Policy Information
isa_firstname Policy Information
isa_eob_ind Eob Indicator
isa_p_addr1 Stay Information
isa_comm Claim Status Screen > Comment Field
isa_p_state Stay Information
isa_c_faddr4 Policy Information
isa_mar Stay Information
isa_person Policy Information
isa_s_zip Policy Information
isa_s_fcntrycd Policy Information
isa_surgeon Stay Information
isa_p_midname Patient Middle Name
isa_s_fcity Policy Information
isa_p_cnty Stay Information
isa_cert Policy Information
isa_ins Financial Class
isa_s_fpostcd Policy Information
isa_birth Stay Information
isa_s_emp Policy Information
isa_s_addr2 Policy Information
isa_s_empa Policy Information
isa_c_faddr5 Policy Information
isa_ss Stay Information
isa_sub Policy Information
isa_esc Policy Information
isa_c_faddr3 Policy Information
isa_eid Policy Information
isa_s_fstate Policy Information
isa_c_name Policy Information
isa_group Policy Information
isa_p_empa Stay Information
isa_num Account Number
isa_s_fcntry Policy Information
isa_phy Admitting Physician
isa_c_addr2 Policy Information
isa_set Set Number
isa_c_state Policy Information
isa_s_addr1 Policy Information
isa_s_sex Policy Information
isa_phy2 Census > Stay > Secondary Physician
isa_cert_type Policy Information
isa_c_phone Policy Information
isa_race Stay Information
isa_p_emp Stay Information
isa_p_zip Stay Information
isa_s_city Policy Information
isa_p_city Stay Information
isa_mrnum Stay Information
isa_c_addr1 Policy Information
isa_pat_r_sub Policy Information
isa_midname Policy Information
isa_p_addr2 Stay Information

Table: insuranceb

Description: Insurance Claim Information B


Name Description
isb_prior_adm2 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_prior_place Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_num Account Number
isb_prior_disc4 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_psroto Detail Benefits
isb_covratio Coverage Ratio
isb_acc_place_old Accident place
isb_set Set number
isb_valamtb Coding Screen
isb_refgvn Detail Benefits
isb_prior_adm Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_oth_clm_id Detail Benefits
isb_prior_adm4 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_spancd2 Coding Screen
isb_arid Facility Number
isb_spancd3 Coding Screen
isb_drgreim Drg Reimbursement
isb_sub_dob Policy Information
isb_outdays Outlier Days
isb_cond_cd Stay Information
isb_val2_cd Coding Screen
isb_death Expired Date
isb_priorcd Detail Benefits > Prior Payment Code
isb_surg3c Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_diag3c Medical Records > Grouper
isb_val2_amt Coding Screen
isb_diag4c Medical Records > Grouper
isb_ben1 Policy Information
isb_diag1d Medical Records > Grouper
isb_relate_mil Stay Information
isb_specprog Detail Benefits
isb_diag2c Medical Records > Grouper
isb_relate_auto Stay Information
isb_hhoutlier Stay Information
isb_spancd Coding Screen
isb_surg1dt Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_occ_dt Coding Screen
isb_other_date Stay Information
isb_valcdb Coding Screen
isb_acc_place Stay Information
isb_recver Received Verification
isb_surg2c Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_outreim Coding Screen
isb_msp Detail Benefits
isb_val_ind Value Indicator
isb_ins Financial class
isb_surg4dt Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_val3_cd Coding Screen
isb_nb_date Newborn Date
isb_diag2d Medical Records > Grouper
isb_discamt Discount Amount
isb_surg3dt Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_acc_date Stay Information
isb_prioramt Detail Benefits > Prior Payment Field
isb_diag3d Medical Records > Grouper
isb_surg5c Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_other_qual Stay Information
isb_diag1c Medical Records > Grouper
isb_diag5c Medical Records > Grouper
isb_misc2 Stay Information
isb_acc_time Stay Information
isb_medigapno Policy Information
isb_relate_emp Policy Information
isb_nb_live Live Newborn
isb_prior_disc2 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_refphy Referring Data
isb_acc_qual Stay Information
isb_surg5dt Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_psrofrom Detail Benefits
isb_oth_clm_qual Detail Benefits
isb_value_amt Coding Screen
isb_ccc Detail Benefits
isb_d_status Stay Information
isb_prior_disc3 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_mamedicare Isb mamedicare
isb_surg4c Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_cond_cd2 Coding Screen
isb_surg1d Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_icn Internal Control Number (Icn)
isb_surg2dt Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_hhppsclass Stay Information
isb_prior_adm3 Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_occ_cd Coding Screen
isb_misc3 Policy Information
isb_prior_disc Stay Information > Prior Stay
isb_spancd4 Coding Screen
isb_value_cd Coding Screen
isb_surg1c Medical Records > Grouper > Proc
isb_val3_amt Coding Screen
isb_admdiag Medical Records > Grouper
isb_prior_dt Stay Information > Prior Stay

Table: interface_charge_hash

Description: Interface Charge Hash Table


Name Description
ifxchghash_trans_item Ifxchghash trans item
ifxchghash_trans_type Ifxchghash trans type
ifxchghash_trans_date Ifxchghash trans date
ifxchghash_arid Ifxchghash arid
ifxchghash_vendor_acctnum Ifxchghash vendor acctnum
ifxchghash_message_id Ifxchghash message id
ifxchghash_acctnum Ifxchghash acctnum
ifxchghash_trans_price Ifxchghash trans price

Table: interface_payment_hash

Description: Interface Payment Hash Table


Name Description
ifxpmthash_message_id Ifxpmthash message id
ifxpmthash_eipt_type Ifxpmthash eipt type
ifxpmthash_vendor_acctnum Ifxpmthash vendor acctnum
ifxpmthash_pmt_date Ifxpmthash pmt date
ifxpmthash_cpsi_acctnum Ifxpmthash cpsi acctnum
ifxpmthash_arid Ifxpmthash arid
ifxpmthash_amount Ifxpmthash amount

Table: intervention

Description: Intervention Record


Name Description
adr1_drug Drug Item Number
adr1_phy Physician Id
adr1_intcomment Intervention Comment
adr1_saving Intervention Cost Savings
adr1_intdesc Intervention Description
adr1_accepted Adr1 accepted
adr1_inttype Intervention Type
adr1_date Entry Date
adr1_init Reporter Initials
adr1_intstatus Visit Numbers
adr1_out_w_int Outcome Due To Intervention
adr1_arid Adr1 arid
adr1_out_wo_int Outcome Without Intervention
adr1_status Status
adr1_pat Visit Number
adr1_time Entry Time
adr1_tm Amount Time In Intervention

Table: inventory_images

Description: Scanned Images Inventory


Name Description
invimg_fidx_key Image 4 Fidx-Key
invimg_opt Image 4 Optical-Disk
invimg_title Image 4 Title
invimg_memo Image 4 Memo
invimg_dt Image 4 Stored Date
invimg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
invimg_acct Image 4 Po Number
invimg_num Image 4 Seq Number

Table: ip_diagnosis_desc

Description: Ip diagnosis desc


Name Description
ipdd_seq Record sequence number
ipdd_diag_desc Diagnosis description
ipdd_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipdd_num Visit number

Table: ip_grouper

Description: Ip grouper


Name Description
ipg_grouper_date Grouper Date
ipg_init_remb Initial Drg Reimbursement
ipg_init_drg Initial Drg
ipg_mrcomp_init Medical Record Compute Initials
ipg_mrcomp_date Medical Record Compute Date
ipg_comp_glos Compute Geometric Length Of Stay
ipg_ltch_full_drg Long Term Care Hospital Full Drg
ipg_compicd10_drg Computed Icd10 Drg
ipg_ltch_pay_type Long Term Care Hospital Payment Type
ipg_num Visit Number
ipg_type_phy Physician Type Grouper
ipg_compicd10_glos Computed Icd10 Geometric Length Of Stay
ipg_ltch_cov_expdt Long Term Care Hospital Coverage Exp Date
ipg_init_relwt Initial Drg Relative Weight
ipg_ltchicd10_ipps Long Term Care Hospital Icd10 Inpatient Prosepective Payment System
ipg_cc Complication Comorbisity
ipg_mcc Major Complication Comorbisity
ipg_ltchicd10_high_cost Long Term Care Hospital Icd10 High Cost
ipg_ltch_per_diem Long Term Care Hospital Per Diem
ipg_ltch_cc_reim Long Term Care Hospital Reimbursement
ipg_compicd10_remb Computed Icd10 Reimbursement
ipg_calc_method Calculation Method Code
ipg_phy Physician Grouper
ipg_comp_drg Compute Drg
ipg_pznt_atadm Present At Admission Code
ipg_icd10_severity_mortal Icd10 Severity Mortality Code
ipg_ltchicd10_cc_reim Long Term Care Hospital Icd10 Reimbursement
ipg_compicd10_relwt Computed Icd10 Relative Weight
ipg_ltch_high_cost Long Term Care Hospital High Cost
ipg_compicd10_fc Computed Icd10 Financial Class
ipg_ltch_ipps_1sd Ltch Inpatient Prosepective Payment Sys
ipg_severity_mortal Severity Mortality Code
ipg_hac Hospital Acquired Condition
ipg_comp_fc Compute Financial Class
ipg_comp_relwt Compute Relative Weight
ipg_ipps_ltch Ltch Inpatient Prosepective Payment Sys
ipg_ltchicd10_full_drg Long Term Care Hospital Icd10 Full Drg
ipg_ltchicd10_per_diem Long Term Care Hospital Icd10 Per Diem
ipg_comp_remb Compute Reimbursement
ipg_seq Record Sequence Number
ipg_init_fc Initial Drg Financial Class
ipg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipg_diag Diagnosis
ipg_init_glos Initial Drg Geometric Length Of Stay

Table: ip_mr_procedure_codes

Description: Ip mr procedure codes


Name Description
ipmr_proctime Procedure time
ipmr_seq Record sequence number
ipmr_proc_phy1 Procedure physician 1
ipmr_proc_dt Procedure date
ipmr_procupdtar Procedure update ar code
ipmr_proc_phy2 Procedure physician 2
ipmr_cpt4mod2 Cpt modifier 2
ipmr_num Visit number
ipmr_proc Procedure
ipmr_cpt4mod1 Cpt modifier 1
ipmr_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipmr_cpt4 Cpt
ipmr_rev_cntr Revenue center
ipmr_prockey Procedure key

Table: ip_pharmacy

Description: Ip pharmacy


Name Description
ipa_compound Compound Code
ipa_phy Physician Name Abbreviation
ipa_not_used_1 Not Used
ipa_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipa_v_ivc_nextqty Verify Change Next Quantity Code
ipa_last_price Quantity Price
ipa_ipbdesc Description 1
ipa_hardcopy Hard Copy Print Field
ipa_phar Pharmacist
ipa_v_ivc_flow Verify Change Flow Rate Code
ipa_start_time Start Time
ipa_v_nic_rsday Verify Non Iv Charge Rsday Code
ipa_opioidtreattype Opioid Treatment Type
ipa_refills_0_sw Narcotics No Refills Code
ipa_v_nic_unit Verify Non Iv Charge Unit Code
ipa_verbal_dc Verbal Discontinue Code
ipa_ipbchorders_serialkey Ipbchorders Serial Key
ipa_last_date Last Quantity Date
ipa_v_time Verify Time
ipa_servdt Service Date
ipa_rx_origin Prescription Origin Code
ipa_xfertoacct Transfer To Account
ipa_ipbdesc2 Description 2
ipa_v_ivc_stopdt Verify Change Stop Date Code
ipa_freq_qty Frequency
ipa_from_diab_rec Diabetic Record Code
ipa_ipbintflowrate Flow Rate
ipa_enter_time Time Order Entered
ipa_ipbad_seq Bad Sequence Number
ipa_rxdate Prescription Date
ipa_ipbproc_chgnum Procedure Item Number
ipa_clo2ackdt Chartlink Order Acknowledge Date
ipa_ipbnext_qty Next Quantity
ipa_clo2seq Chartlink Order Sequence Number
ipa_route Route
ipa_manufacturer Manufactuurer
ipa_dawcode Daw Code
ipa_v_nic_stopdt Verify Non Iv Charge Stop Date Code
ipa_type Type Code
ipa_tba_x_ip Physician Medicaid Ip Number
ipa_alt_ord_flag Alternating Order Code
ipa_start_init Start Initials
ipa_v_nic_brand Verify Non Iv Charge Brand Code
ipa_clo2acktm Chartlink Acknowledge Time
ipa_ok_init Ok'D Initials
ipa_treatment Treatment Code
ipa_ipbqty Quantity
ipa_chorders_serialkey Ipachorders Serial Key
ipa_v_ivc_setchg Verify Change Set Charge Code
ipa_clo1seq Chartlink Order Sequence Number
ipa_ipbday_chgqty Ingredients Charge Quantity
ipa_ipbflow_dt Flow Date
ipa_refills Number Of Refills
ipa_ipbset_qty Set Quantity
ipa_priority Priority Code
ipa_ref_used Refill Used
ipa_ipbfreq Frequency
ipa_readback_dc Vo Read Back Discontinue Code
ipa_psd_action_code Patient Specific Dosing Action Code
ipa_v_nic_startdt Verify Non Iv Charge Charge Start Date Code
ipa_v_nic_instr Verify Non Iv Charge Instruction Code
ipa_totqty Total Quantity
ipa_freq_snomed Snomed
ipa_exdt Expiration Date
ipa_ipb1stdosedt Start Dose Date
ipa_last_time Last Quantity Time
ipa_ndc Ndc Number
ipa_ipbivitemnum Item Number
ipa_pat_own_med Patient Own Med Code
ipa_psd_printed_flag Patient Specific Dosing Printed Code
ipa_stop_init Stop Initials
ipa_bg_or_cc_freq Blood Glucose Or Carb Count Frequency
ipa_rx Prescription Number
ipa_v_nic_qty Verify Non Iv Charge Quantity
ipa_ipbday_qty Ingredients Quantity
ipa_last_init Charge Qty Initials
ipa_rx_used Prescription Used Amount
ipa_ipbvol_remain Volume Remaining
ipa_alt_practitioner Alternate Practitioner
ipa_v_date Verify Date
ipa_adjud_xmit_mode On Line Adjudication Transmit Mode Code
ipa_v_dept Verify Department
ipa_phynum Physician Number
ipa_chorders_arid Ipachorders Arid
ipa_linkord_seq Linked Order Sequence Number
ipa_order Order Number
ipa_link_next Linked Order Next
ipa_v_ivc_protocol Verify Change Protocol Code
ipa_link_first Linked Order 1
ipa_ipbset_chgnum Set Item Number
ipa_last_qty Last Time Quantity
ipa_seq Record Sequence Number
ipa_dept Department
ipa_enter_init Person Entering Initials
ipa_chg Item Number
ipa_ipbchorders_arid Ipbchorders Arid
ipa_enter_tmp Ns Tmp Tech Order Status
ipa_ipbnext_set Next Set
ipa_ipbkvo_sw Kvo
ipa_ipbsfreq Frequency Code
ipa_ppcode Patient Pay Code
ipa_clo1ackdt Chartlink Order Acknowledge Date
ipa_npi Npi Number
ipa_lot Lot Number
ipa_v_ivc_solution Verify Change Solution Code
ipa_v_nic_rsqty Verify Non Iv Charge Rsday Code
ipa_num Visit Number
ipa_first_qty First Time Charge Quantity
ipa_set_chgnum Set Charge Number
ipa_re_qty Refill Quantity
ipa_enter_date Date Entered
ipa_dayssupply Days Supply
ipa_desc Description
ipa_ipbvolume Volume
ipa_re_daysx Refill Days
ipa_proc_chgnum Procedure Charge Number
ipa_unit Units
ipa_ok_date Date Temp Order Ok'D
ipa_deffee Default Fee
ipa_ipbday_chgnum Ingredients Charge Number
ipa_ipbvol_chktm Volume Check Time
ipa_clo1acktm Chartlink Order Acknowledge Time
ipa_instruct Instruction Line 1
ipa_v_ivc_desc Verify Change Description Code
ipa_verified_date Verified Date
ipa_v_ivc_startdt Verify Change Start Date Code
ipa_pharm_mod Modified By Pharmacist Code
ipa_ipbshell_item Shell Item
ipa_phydps Physician Dps Number
ipa_nsordered_ordc Nursing Station Ordered Or Discontinued
ipa_ipbinfuse_min Infuse Time Minutes
ipa_ipbchgqty Charge Quantity
ipa_re_labels Refill Labels
ipa_v_nic_freq Verify Non Iv Charge Frequency Code
ipa_lotexpdt Lot Expiration
ipa_stop_code Stop Code
ipa_verified_time Verified Time
ipa_ipbvol_chkdt Volume Check Date
ipa_comment1 Comments Line One
ipa_reterm_fill_sw Narcotics Refill Term
ipa_pay_method Pay Method Code
ipa_ipbday_unit Ingredients Unit
ipa_ipbdecflowrate Decimal Flow Rate
ipa_diab_type Diabetic Record Order Type Code
ipa_tripserial Triplicate Serial
ipa_stop_date Stop Date
ipa_ipb1stdosetm Start Dose Time
ipa_ipbalt_volume Alt Volume
ipa_v_ivc_rsissue Verify Iv Changed Resupply Issue Code
ipa_ipbchgnum Item Number
ipa_verified_init Verified Initials
ipa_ipbunit Unit
ipa_instruct2 Instruction Line 2
ipa_dea Dea Number
ipa_ok_time Ok'D Time
ipa_generic Generic Number
ipa_stop_time Stop Time
ipa_v_ivc_freq Verify Change Frequency Code
ipa_usendc Use Ndc Code
ipa_v_ivc_procchg Verify Change Procedure Charge Code
ipa_ipbpump_dosage Pump Dosage
ipa_times Dose Times
ipa_ipbtextrate Text Rate
ipa_punit Units
ipa_v_nic_neworder Verify Non Iv Charge New Order Code
ipa_substitute Substitute Code
ipa_firsttm First Dose Time
ipa_ipbinfuse_hrs Infuse Time Hours
ipa_serialnumber Serial Number
ipa_readback Vo Read Back Code
ipa_v_ivc_rsqty Verify Iv Changed Resupply Quantity Code
ipa_start_date Start Date
ipa_v_nic_rslab Verify Non Iv Charge Rslab Code
ipa_firstdt First Dose Date
ipa_duration Max Number Of Doses
ipa_v_ivc_neworder Verify Change New Order Code
ipa_rxqty Prescription Quantity
ipa_v_nic_protocol Verify Non Iv Charge Protocol Code
ipa_ipbtime Dose Times
ipa_ipbflow_tm Flow Time
ipa_comment2 Comments Line 2
ipa_verbal Verbal Code

Table: ip_pharmacy_recurrence

Description: Ip Pharmacy Recurrence


Name Description
ir1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ir1_seq Order Sequence
ir1_patternkey Recurrence Pattern Key
ir1_visit Visit Number

Table: ip_referral

Description: Ip referral


Name Description
ipr_calltm Call Referral Call Time
ipr_statreason Call Referral Status Admit Reason Code
ipr_phyname Call Referral Physician Name
ipr_age Call Referral Patient Age
ipr_num Visit Number
ipr_callerzip Call Referral Caller Zip Code
ipr_patassess Patient Assessment Code
ipr_calleradd2 Call Referral Caller Address 2
ipr_callerrelat Call Referral Caller Relation
ipr_callercnty Call Referral Caller Country
ipr_callerst Call Referral Caller State
ipr_comptm Call Referral Completed Time
ipr_calleradd1 Call Referral Caller Address 1
ipr_calldt Call Referral Call Date
ipr_schedby Call Referral Scheduled By
ipr_refersource Call Referral Source Code
ipr_callerphone Call Referral Caller Phone Number
ipr_contactdt Call Status Contact Date
ipr_refersub_category Call Referral Sub Category
ipr_callercity Call Referral Caller City
ipr_origination Call Referral Origination Code
ipr_assessdisp Call Referral Assessment Disposition
ipr_location Call Referral Location Code
ipr_schedtm Call Referral Scheduled Time
ipr_durationhr Call Referral Duration Hours
ipr_calltype Call Referral Call Type Code
ipr_compby Call Referral Completed By
ipr_carelevel Call Referral Level Of Care Code
ipr_compdt Call Referral Completed Date
ipr_callername Caller Name
ipr_notes Call Referral Notes
ipr_currentstat Call Referral Current Status
ipr_progcode Call Referral Program Code
ipr_legalstat Call Referral Legal Status Code
ipr_scheddt Call Referral Scheduled Date
ipr_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipr_durationmn Call Referral Duration Minutes
ipr_seq 4 Key Sequence Number
ipr_calltakenby Call Referral Call Taken By

Table: ip_visit_0

Description: Ip visit 0


Name Description
ipv0_ip4calleraddr_id Ipv0 ip4calleraddr id
ipv0_ip1sp_addr_id Ipv0 ip1sp addr id
ipv0_notify_suffix Notify Name Suffix
ipv0_p_emp_phone_comment Patient Employer Phone Comment
ipv0_privacy_dt Privacy Notice Date
ipv0_triagelevel Triage Level
ipv0_erdispositn Er Log Disposition Code
ipv0_pname_prof_suffix Patient Name Professional Suffix
ipv0_p_alt_address2 Patient Alternate Address2
ipv0_ertriagelev Er Log Triage Level Code
ipv0_ercomplaint Er Log Chief Complaint
ipv0_nurse Nurse
ipv0_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipv0_p_cell_phone_ext Patient Cell Phone Extension
ipv0_hieidentifier Hie Identifier
ipv0_pname_prefix Patient Name Prefix
ipv0_p_email_comment Patient Email Comment
ipv0_notify_emp_phone_ext Notify Employer Phone Extension
ipv0_p_phone_ext Patient Phone Extension
ipv0_notify_prof_suffix Notify Name Professional Suffix
ipv0_sub_sex Patient Gender
ipv0_notify_emp_phone_comment Notify Employer Phone Comment
ipv0_tobacco_user Tobacco User
ipv0_notify_email_comment Notify Email Comment
ipv0_p_altname_qualifier Ipv0 p altname qualifier
ipv0_privacy Privacy Notice Code
ipv0_ip2sp_emp_addr_id Ipv0 ip2sp emp addr id
ipv0_foodallergy Food Allergies
ipv0_p_alt_name_prof_suffix Patient Alternate Name Professional Suffix
ipv0_erdistm Er Log Discharge Time
ipv0_ip1empaddr_id Ipv0 ip1empaddr id
ipv0_fn_flag Ipv0 fn flag
ipv0_priority Priortiy
ipv0_notify_cell_ext Notify Cell Phone Extension
ipv0_fooddislike Food Dislikes
ipv0_erdoc Er Log Physician Number
ipv0_p_alt_address1 Patient Alternate Address1
ipv0_p_alt_lastname Patient Altenate Last Name
ipv0_notify_cell_comment Notify Cell Phone Comment
ipv0_erarrivaldt Moved To Er log
ipv0_modearrival Mode Of Arrival Code
ipv0_restraints Use Restraints Code
ipv0_p_alt_name_prefix Patient Alternate Name Prefix
ipv0_p_phone_comment Patient Phone Comment
ipv0_p_alt_firstname Patient Alternate First Name
ipv0_citizenship Citizenship
ipv0_erdiscd Er Log Discharge Code
ipv0_no_ccds_found Ipv0 no ccds found
ipv0_erdisdt Er Log Discharge Date
ipv0_dva_flag Ipv0 dva flag
ipv0_p_alt_midname Patient Alternate Middle Name
ipv0_erservices Er Log Services
ipv0_p_cell_phone_comment Patient Cell Phone Comment
ipv0_tempdietordnum Temporary Diet Order Number
ipv0_eradmtm Er Log Admit Time
ipv0_callreferral Call Referral Code
ipv0_suicide_precautions Ipv0 suicide precautions
ipv0_p_alt_addr_id Ipv0 p alt addr id
ipv0_ed_followup_care Followup Care
ipv0_ermodearriv Er Log Mode Of Arrival Code
ipv0_notify_county Notify County
ipv0_rcmp_flag Ipv0 rcmp flag
ipv0_trackingstatusid Tracking Status Id
ipv0_dms_id Ipv0 dms id
ipv0_smoking_enddt Smoking End Date
ipv0_p_alt_name_suffix Patient Alternate Name Suffix
ipv0_dnr Do Not Resuscitate Code
ipv0_ip1no_addr_id Ipv0 ip1no addr id
ipv0_notify_phone_ext Notify Phone Extension
ipv0_ip2p_emp_addr_id Ipv0 ip2p emp addr id
ipv0_erlog Er Log Code
ipv0_erarrivaltime Moved To Er log
ipv0_p_alt_zip Patient Alternate Zip
ipv0_ip1p_addr_id Ipv0 ip1p addr id
ipv0_out_of_province_flag Ipv0 out of province flag
ipv0_majorrvmucode Ipv0 majorrvmucode
ipv0_seq Key Sequence Number
ipv0_out_of_country_flag Ipv0 out of country flag
ipv0_notify_prefix Notify Name Prefix
ipv0_pname_suffix Patient Name Suffix
ipv0_er_admit_decisiontime Admit Decision Time
ipv0_p_arpmar_stat_uuid Ipv0 p arpmar stat uuid
ipv0_tempdiet Temporary Diet
ipv0_eradmdt Er Log Admit Date
ipv0_sub_birthdt Patient Birthdate
ipv0_num Visit Number
ipv0_eradmcd Er Log Admit Code
ipv0_er_admit_decisiondt Admit Decision Date
ipv0_iswellchildvisit Well Child Visit
ipv0_erlog_dis_cond Er Log Discharge Condition Code
ipv0_p_emp_phone_ext Patient Employer Phone Extension
ipv0_notify_email Notify Email Address
ipv0_notify_phone_comment Notify Phone Comment
ipv0_famphy Family Physician Number
ipv0_smoking_startdt Smoking Start Date
ipv0_provider_encounter Provider Encounter

Table: ip_visit_1

Description: Ip visit 1


Name Description
ipv1_origadmcd Original Admit Code
ipv1_termltc Change Terminally Ill Ltc Code
ipv1_empstate Employer State
ipv1_qiurdate Quality Improve Utilization Review Date
ipv1_acc_time Accident Time
ipv1_sp_addr2 Spouse Address 2
ipv1_adm_eetype Admitting Employee Payroll Type
ipv1_isolation Isolation
ipv1_commentdt Comment Date
ipv1_mrinit Medical Records Grouper Finish Initials
ipv1_acc_cd Accommodation Code
ipv1_combineacct Combine Account
ipv1_cahstate Critical Access State
ipv1_roomtype Room Type Code
ipv1_no_cell Emergency Notify Cell Phone Number
ipv1_no_addr Emergency Notify Address
ipv1_ns Nursing Station
ipv1_num Visit Number
ipv1_ad_date_obs Admit Date Observation
ipv1_decline_pat_summary Declined Patient Summary
ipv1_military Patient In Military Code
ipv1_restrict_payer_disclosure Restrict Payer Disclosure
ipv1_midname Patient Middle Name
ipv1_smoke Patient Is Smoker Code
ipv1_guar_email Guarantor Email
ipv1_dpbc Digital Postal Bar Code
ipv1_pharm_name Pharmacist Name
ipv1_ex_date Preadmit Expect Date
ipv1_sp_city Spouse City
ipv1_dnr Do Not Resuscitate Code
ipv1_dis_init Discharging Employee Initials
ipv1_inf_cntl Infection Control
ipv1_notify Emergency Notify Name
ipv1_spouse Patient Spouse Name
ipv1_chartcompleted Chart Completed For Discharge
ipv1_patresp_rt Patient Responsibility Payment
ipv1_chtvol2 Chart Volume 2
ipv1_participate Agency Participating Code
ipv1_pvtness Private Room Necessity
ipv1_origdiscond Original Discharge Condition
ipv1_dis_date_obs Discharge Date Observation
ipv1_origadmcond Original Admit Condition Code
ipv1_empaddr2 Employer Address 2
ipv1_adv_dir_date Advance Directives Date
ipv1_othtreatdt Other Treatment Date
ipv1_acc_cd_obs Account Code Observation
ipv1_hieshared_dt Healthcare Info Exchange Shared Date
ipv1_pre_orginit Pre Admission Original Initials
ipv1_adm_eenumb Admitting Employee Number
ipv1_dis_time Patient Discharge Time
ipv1_csltphy4 Consulting Physician 4
ipv1_age_days Age Days
ipv1_room Patient Room Number
ipv1_father Patient Father Name
ipv1_p_cell Patient Cell Phone Number
ipv1_csltphy5 Consulting Physician 5
ipv1_acc_event Accident Event
ipv1_ubl Ubl Logname
ipv1_ch_comp_dt Ipv1 ch comp dt
ipv1_nomeds_dt No Medications Date
ipv1_p_addr2 Patient Address Street 2
ipv1_ethnic Patient Ethnicity
ipv1_rsodium Sodium Resriction
ipv1_acc_place Accident Place Code
ipv1_treatqual Treatment Qualifier
ipv1_discd Discharge Code
ipv1_age_months Age Months
ipv1_admitdec_tm Admit Decision Time
ipv1_aforms How Many Copies Requested For Admit Forms
ipv1_p_zip Patient Address Zip Code
ipv1_phy Physician Number
ipv1_prevdat1 Previous Visit Date 1
ipv1_mr_date_rev Medical Record Grouper Revision Date
ipv1_mom_b_pl Patient Mother Birthplace
ipv1_ad_date Patient Admit Date
ipv1_origadminit Original Admit Initials
ipv1_origadmdt Original Admit Date
ipv1_spid Ipv1 spid
ipv1_csltphy2 Consulting Physician 2
ipv1_p_phone Patient Phone Number
ipv1_last_datechanged Last Date Changed
ipv1_nation Patient Country
ipv1_no_addr2 Emergency Notify Address 2
ipv1_en_date Preadmit Enter Date
ipv1_no_rel Emergency Notify Relationship
ipv1_req_room Patient Requires Room Code
ipv1_sp_zip Spouse Zip
ipv1_p_addr1 Patient Address Street 1
ipv1_sp_state Spouse State
ipv1_language_code Language Code
ipv1_expired_dt Patient Expiration Date
ipv1_indwel Indigent Code
ipv1_adv_dir_reason Advance Directives Reason
ipv1_b_place Patient Birthplace
ipv1_care Care Level
ipv1_occup Patient Occupation
ipv1_prevnum1 Previous Visit Number 1
ipv1_discond Discharge Condition Code
ipv1_adv_dir_time Advance Directives Time
ipv1_mrinit_rev Medical Record Grouper Revision Initials
ipv1_csltphy3 Consulting Physician 3
ipv1_prev_mrnum Previous Medical Record Number
ipv1_chtvol1 Chart Volume 1
ipv1_clinic_code Clinic Code
ipv1_causeofdeath Cause Of Death
ipv1_p_cntry Country Code
ipv1_patresp_locl Patient Responsibility Level Of Care
ipv1_patresp_cd Patient Responsibility Code
ipv1_ad_time Patient Admit Time
ipv1_dad_b_pl Patient Father Birthplace
ipv1_seq Value Counts The Order Of The Sequence Of Account Number Creation.
Example...Watz01 = 1. Watz02 = 2.
This Happens As You Have The Next Sequence Of Watz On 1 Particular Profile.
ipv1_religion Patient Religion Code
ipv1_no_city Emergency Notify City
ipv1_ad_init Admitting Employee Initials
ipv1_acc_place_old Accident Place
ipv1_origorigin Original Origin Code
ipv1_pharm_phone Pharmacist Phone Number
ipv1_p_addr_date Ipv1 p addr date
ipv1_origdistm Original Discharge Time
ipv1_firstname Patient First Name
ipv1_nomeds_tm No Medications Time
ipv1_moms_num Patient Mother Visit Number
ipv1_submitdt Submit Date
ipv1_mom Patient Mother Name
ipv1_sp_b_pl Patient Spouse Birthplace
ipv1_empphone Patient Employer Phone
ipv1_p_addr_date_mmyy_format Ipv1 p addr date mmyy format
ipv1_guar_profilenum Guarantor Profile Number
ipv1_adm_eecomp Admitting Employee Company
ipv1_othtreatqual Other Treatment Qualifier
ipv1_species Patient Species
ipv1_church Patient Church Name Code
ipv1_origdisinit Original Discharge Intials
ipv1_ad_time_obs Admit Time Observation
ipv1_origin Admission Origin Code
ipv1_prevnum2 Previous Visit Number 2
ipv1_guar_cell Guarantor Cell Phone Number
ipv1_admcd Admit Code
ipv1_empcity Employer City
ipv1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipv1_abssn 10 Digit Social Security Number
ipv1_admcond Admit Condition Code
ipv1_condition Patient Condition Code
ipv1_fallrisk Risk For Falls Code
ipv1_dis_date Patient Discharge Date
ipv1_postalcd Postal Code
ipv1_smoke_dttm Ipv1 smoke dttm
ipv1_phy2 Secondary Physician
ipv1_lastname Patient Last Name
ipv1_pre_ad Patient Pre Admit Code
ipv1_hosp_dir Hospital Directory
ipv1_adv_dir_init Advance Directives Initials
ipv1_admitdec_dt Admit Decision Date
ipv1_nomeds_login No Medications Login
ipv1_dis_time_obs Discharge Time Observation
ipv1_empzip Employer Zip
ipv1_c_profilenum Profile Number
ipv1_empaddr Patient Employer Address
ipv1_age_years Age Years
ipv1_language Patient Language
ipv1_noactivemeds No Active Medications
ipv1_name Patient Name
ipv1_no_phone Emergency Notify Phone Number
ipv1_diabetic Diabetic
ipv1_p_cnty Patient County
ipv1_no_state Emergency Notify State
ipv1_pre_init Pre Admitting Employee Initials
ipv1_p_city Patient Address City
ipv1_acc_state Accident State
ipv1_sp_addr Patient Spouse Address
ipv1_origadmtm Original Admit Time
ipv1_p_state Patient Address State
ipv1_p_email Patient Email
ipv1_emp Patient Employer
ipv1_medhistconsent Medical History Consent
ipv1_origdiscd Original Discharge Code
ipv1_prevdat2 Previous Visit Date 2
ipv1_maiden Patient Maiden Name
ipv1_last_timechanged Last Time Changed
ipv1_ch_comp_ubl Ipv1 ch comp ubl
ipv1_c_ssn_10dig 10 Digit Social Security Number
ipv1_no_zip Emergency Notify Zip
ipv1_origdisdt Original Discharge Date
ipv1_csltphy1 Consulting Physician 1
ipv1_acc_date Accident Date
ipv1_hieshared Healthcare Information Exchange Shared
ipv1_patresp_dt Patient Responsibility Start Date
ipv1_rfluid Fluid Restriction

Table: ip_visit_2

Description: Ip visit 2


Name Description
ipv2_p_emp_state Patient Employer State
ipv2_srcr_date Serum Creatinine Level Date
ipv2_gweight Weight Grams
ipv2_p_emp_addr Patient Employer Address 1
ipv2_oz_a Weight Ounces A
ipv2_sp_emp_state Spouse Employer State
ipv2_misc1 Miscellaneous 1
ipv2_seq Record Sequence Number
ipv2_admit_diag Admit Diagnosis
ipv2_orig_acct Original Account Code
ipv2_apiexclusion Ipv2 apiexclusion
ipv2_rxcontract Prescription Contract
ipv2_rxdx Pharmacy Diagnosis Codes
ipv2_d2_diag Diagnosis Description
ipv2_newalgcd New Allergies Code
ipv2_p_emp Patient Employer
ipv2_com1 Comment 1
ipv2_bmi_percentile Ipv2 bmi percentile
ipv2_proc3dt Procedure Date
ipv2_proc1cd Procedure Code
ipv2_d2_diagcd Diagnosis Code
ipv2_oz Weight Ounces
ipv2_mr_date Medical Record Date
ipv2_srcr Serum Creatinine Level
ipv2_pregnant Pregnant Code
ipv2_ad_diag_sub Admit Diagnosis Sub Code
ipv2_p_emp_addr2 Patient Employer Address 2
ipv2_d3_diagcd Diagnosis Code
ipv2_ad_diagcd Admitting diagnosis code
ipv2_rxrelation Rx Relation Code
ipv2_cmg Case Mix Group Code
ipv2_wgtlength_percentile Ipv2 wgtlength percentile
ipv2_diet_2 Patient Diet Description
ipv2_breastfeed Breast Feeding Code
ipv2_d1_diagcd Diagnosis Code
ipv2_rxgroup Prescription Group
ipv2_remote_acct Remote Account Numbers
ipv2_proc2cd Procedure Code
ipv2_proc3cd Procedure Code
ipv2_mndiag Medical Necessity Diagnosis
ipv2_admit_wgt Admit Weight
ipv2_d1_diag Diagnosis Description
ipv2_proc1dt Procedure Date
ipv2_p_emp_city Patient Employer City
ipv2_d4_diagcd Diagnosis Code
ipv2_manual_apiexcl Ipv2 manual apiexcl
ipv2_abn Advanced Beneficiary Notice Code
ipv2_qiicdate Quality Improve Infection Control Date
ipv2_dietordnum Diet Order Number
ipv2_d4_diag Diagnosis Description
ipv2_contraller Contrast Allergies
ipv2_proc2dt Procedure Date
ipv2_chiefcomplnt Chief Complaint
ipv2_cmgdt Case Mix Group Date
ipv2_reas2 Reason For Visit 2
ipv2_d3_diag Diagnosis Description
ipv2_p_emp_zip Patient Employer Zip
ipv2_hgt_sw Change Height Code
ipv2_bmi Bmi
ipv2_no_ph_wk Emergency Notify Work Phone
ipv2_sp_emp_addr Spouse Employer Address
ipv2_ppcode_o Default Patient Paycode
ipv2_gweight_a Weight Grams A
ipv2_reas1 Reason For Visit 1
ipv2_rxins Prescription Insurance Code
ipv2_sp_emp_zip Spouse Employer Zip
ipv2_abnreason Advanced Beneficiary Notice Reason
ipv2_p_emp_phone Patient Employer Phone
ipv2_sp_emp_city Spouse Employer City
ipv2_sp_emp_addr2 Spouse Employer Address 2
ipv2_reas3 Reason For Visit 3
ipv2_num Visit Number
ipv2_rxsnomed Pharmacy Diagnosis Snomed Codes
ipv2_height Height
ipv2_ad_diag Admitting Diagnosis Description
ipv2_diet Diet
ipv2_algcd Allergy Code
ipv2_sp_emp Spouse Employer
ipv2_rxperson Rx Person Code
ipv2_crcl Creatinine Clearance Amount
ipv2_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipv2_remote_site Remote Site
ipv2_weight Weight
ipv2_rxprcd Prescription Pricing Code
ipv2_growthchart Growth Chart Was Viewed Code

Table: ip_visit_3

Description: Ip visit 3


Name Description
ipv3_num Visit Number
ipv3_d8_diagcd Diagnosis Code 3
ipv3_seq 3 Key Sequence Number
ipv3_d7_diagcd Diagnosis Code 2
ipv3_algreact Allergy Reactions
ipv3_present Present On Admission Code
ipv3_d10_diag Diagnosis Description 5
ipv3_addl_procdt Additional Procedures Date
ipv3_d9_diagcd Diagnosis Code 4
ipv3_d7_diag Diagnosis Description 2
ipv3_d9_diag Diagnosis Description 4
ipv3_d6_diagcd Diagnosis Code 1
ipv3_addl_diag Additional Diagnoses
ipv3_addl_proc Additional Procedures
ipv3_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ipv3_d10_diagcd Diagnosis Code 5
ipv3_d6_diag Diagnosis Description 1
ipv3_d8_diag Diagnosis Description 3

Table: is_anesthesia

Description: Anesthesia File


Name Description
isanesth1_time Basic Value Time
isanesth1_date Charge Date
isanesth1_bvprocedure Basic Value Procedure
isanesth1_physician Isanesth1 physician
isanesth1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
isanesth1_age Basic Value Age
isanesth1_item Item Number
isanesth1_emergency Basic Value Emergency
isanesth1_element Isanesth1 element
isanesth1_posted Anesthesia Posted
isanesth1_begtime Anesthesia Begin Time
isanesth1_seq Isanesth1 seq
isanesth1_bvtotal Basic Value Total
isanesth1_arxseq Isanesth1 arxseq
isanesth1_physical Basic Value Physical
isanesth1_patnum Patient Number
isanesth1_duration Duration
isanesth1_endtime Anesthesia End Time

Table: is_anesthesia_temp

Description: Is anesthesia temp


Name Description
isanestht1_arxseq Isanestht1 arxseq
isanestht1_physician Isanestht1 physician
isanestht1_physical Isanestht1 physical
isanestht1_item Isanestht1 item
isanestht1_duration Isanestht1 duration
isanestht1_bvprocedure Isanestht1 bvprocedure
isanestht1_posted Isanestht1 posted
isanestht1_age Isanestht1 age
isanestht1_begtime Isanestht1 begtime
isanestht1_seq Isanestht1 seq
isanestht1_patnum Isanestht1 patnum
isanestht1_time Isanestht1 time
isanestht1_art1ary_sub Isanestht1 art1ary sub
isanestht1_element Isanestht1 element
isanestht1_endtime Isanestht1 endtime
isanestht1_art1kdate Isanestht1 art1kdate
isanestht1_date Isanestht1 date
isanestht1_art1ktime Isanestht1 art1ktime
isanestht1_art1kterm Isanestht1 art1kterm
isanestht1_arid Isanestht1 arid
isanestht1_emergency Isanestht1 emergency
isanestht1_bvtotal Isanestht1 bvtotal

Table: is_anesthesia_temp2

Description: Is anesthesia temp2


Name Description
isanestht2_posted Isanestht2 posted
isanestht2_age Isanestht2 age
isanestht2_patnum Isanestht2 patnum
isanestht2_physical Isanestht2 physical
isanestht2_bvtotal Isanestht2 bvtotal
isanestht2_endtime Isanestht2 endtime
isanestht2_emergency Isanestht2 emergency
isanestht2_time Isanestht2 time
isanestht2_element Isanestht2 element
isanestht2_bvprocedure Isanestht2 bvprocedure
isanestht2_date Isanestht2 date
isanestht2_art2knum Isanestht2 art2knum
isanestht2_seq Isanestht2 seq
isanestht2_arxseq Isanestht2 arxseq
isanestht2_art2kseq Isanestht2 art2kseq
isanestht2_arid Isanestht2 arid
isanestht2_art2ary_sub Isanestht2 art2ary sub
isanestht2_duration Isanestht2 duration
isanestht2_physician Isanestht2 physician
isanestht2_item Isanestht2 item
isanestht2_begtime Isanestht2 begtime
isanestht2_art2kterm Isanestht2 art2kterm

Table: isolation

Description: Isolation


Name Description
iso_created_ts Iso created ts
iso_type Iso type
iso_arid Iso arid
iso_removed_ts Iso removed ts
iso_uuid Iso uuid
iso_visit_id Iso visit id

Table: iv_flowrate_history

Description: Iv Flow Rate History


Name Description
ivfh_intflowrate Flow Rate History Numeric Integer Flowrate
ivfh_init Flowrate History Initials
ivfh_sys_time Flowrate History System Time
ivfh_seq Flowrate History Sequence
ivfh_rev_time Flowrate History Review Time
ivfh_sys_date Flowrate History System Date
ivfh_time Flowrate History Time
ivfh_inf_hrs Flowrate History Infuse Hours
ivfh_date Flowrate History Date
ivfh_flowtype Flowrate History Type
ivfh_rev_date Flowrate History Review Date
ivfh_num Flowrate History Patient Number
ivfh_type Flowrate History Type
ivfh_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ivfh_textrate Text Rate
ivfh_inf_min Flowrate History Infuse Minutes
ivfh_decflowrate Flowrate History Numeric Decimal Flowrate

Table: lock_file_list

Description: Lockfile Listing


Name Description
lx_arid Accounts Receivable Id
lx_id Sql Sequence Number
lx_date Lock Date
lx_unlock Lock Status
lx_historic Historic Account Flag
lx_time Lock Time
lx_acctnum Visit Number
lx_nurse Lock Nurse

Table: lockfile_listing

Description: Lockfile Listing


Name Description
lock1_seq Lock1 seq
lock1_unlock Lock1 unlock
lock1_nurse Lock1 nurse
lock1_time Lock1 time
lock1_date Lock1 date
lock1_historic Lock1 historic
lock1_arid Lock1 arid
lock1_acctnum Lock1 acctnum

Table: maaction

Description: Maaction


Name Description
maact1_injcpt Injection Cpt
maact1_injvfcstatus Maact1 injvfcstatus
maact1_labscantitle Lab Scan Image Title
maact1_labrestype Lab Result Type
maact1_empprtype Employee Payroll Type
maact1_injlotnum_old Drug Lot Number Old
maact1_lastchangetm Last Changed Time
maact1_labresordpat Lab Result Order Patient
maact1_injlotexpdt Injection Text
maact1_refreason Injection Refusal Reason
maact1_flag Account New Or Normal Flag
maact1_injcomm Injection Comments
maact1_injinstr Injection Instructions
maact1_labcallpat Lab Call Patient Switch
maact1_patname Patient Name
maact1_injrefusal Injection Refusal Switch
maact1_forwardtime Forwarded Time
maact1_injacknowl Injection Acknowledged Switch
maact1_entertime Entry Time
maact1_injloc Injection Location
maact1_labcritical Lab Critical Switch
maact1_opt_imgdrive Lab Optical Storage Drive
maact1_callmsg Phone Message
maact1_labnormal Lab Normal Switch
maact1_previnstr Previous Instructions
maact1_labinstr Lab Instruction
maact1_injqty Injection Qty
maact1_injunit Injection Unit
maact1_oequestxt Lab Questions
maact1_labcpt Lab Cpt
maact1_labresordnum Lab Result Order Number
maact1_enterdate Entry Date
maact1_labrefcity Lab Referal City
maact1_callphone Phone Request
maact1_labresordarid Lab Result Order Arid
maact1_labdiagnosis Lab Diagnosis
maact1_labrefstate Lab Refer State
maact1_injlotnum Injection Lot Number
maact1_injroute Injection Route
maact1_lababnormal Lab Abnormal Switch
maact1_patnum Visit Number
maact1_item_num Lab Item Num
maact1_prevseq Previous Sequence
maact1_prevtest Previous Test
maact1_seq Key Sequence
maact1_labrefadd1 Lab Referal Address1
maact1_status Patient Status
maact1_phynum Physician Number
maact1_forwardinit Forwarded By Initials
maact1_injmanuf Drug Manufacturer
maact1_lastchangeinit Last Changed Initials
maact1_injpublicspld Maact1 injpublicspld
maact1_arxnum Visit Number
maact1_lastchangedt Last Changed Date
maact1_forwardphynum Forward To Physician Number
maact1_refillrequest Refill Request Switch
maact1_labrefadd2 Lab Referal Address2
maact1_forwarddate Forwarded Date
maact1_item Item Number
maact1_empcomp Employee Company
maact1_labscanseq Lab Scan Number
maact1_type Type Of Service
maact1_injimmun Immunization Switch
maact1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
maact1_not_used_1 Not Used
maact1_macct1enteredby Employee Number
maact1_labrefzip Lab Refer Zip
maact1_prevduedt Previous Due Date
maact1_labreffer Lab Refer
maact1_labtest Lab Test Performed
maact1_injname Injection Name
maact1_labrefphone Lab Refer Phone
maact1_prevduetm Previous Due Time

Table: maaction_clinical_monitoring

Description: Maaction Clinical Monitoring


Name Description
maacm_seq Record Sequence
maacm_patnum Profile Number
maacm_overrides Clinical Monitoring Overrides
maacm_cmdata Clinical Monitoring Data
maacm_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: maaction_log

Description: Maaction Log


Name Description
maalog_newstatus Newstatus
maalog_probtype Problem Type
maalog_phynum Physician Number
maalog_algcd Allergy Codes
maalog_forwardphynum Forward Physician Number
maalog_probaddressdt Problem Addressed Date
maalog_arid Accounts Receivable Id
maalog_date Date
maalog_probenterdt Problem Entered Date
maalog_patnum Profile Number
maalog_seq Record Sequence
maalog_action Action Sequence
maalog_init Initials
maalog_type Type
maalog_probresolvedt Problem Resolved Date
maalog_time Time

Table: mammo_record

Description: Mammo Record


Name Description
xm1_ad2us_biopsy Xm1 ad2us biopsy
xm1_ord_phy_name2 Xm1 ord phy name2
xm1_complete Xm1 complete
xm1_stop_recall_by Xm1 stop recall by
xm1_palpable_cancer Xm1 palpable cancer
xm1_mass_margins Xm1 mass margins
xm1_on_hormones Xm1 on hormones
xm1_bsurg_outc Xm1 bsurg outc
xm1_family_history Xm1 family history
xm1_ad1mri Xm1 ad1mri
xm1_birth Xm1 birth
xm1_ad2old_films Xm1 ad2old films
xm1_recall_by Xm1 recall by
xm1_palpable_findings Xm1 palpable findings
xm1_bsurg_yn Xm1 bsurg yn
xm1_mass_density Xm1 mass density
xm1_ordnum Xm1 ordnum
xm1_assessment_class Xm1 assessment class
xm1_ord_phy_name Xm1 ord phy name
xm1_ad1spot_comp Xm1 ad1spot comp
xm1_patname Xm1 patname
xm1_bsurg_loca Xm1 bsurg loca
xm1_ad1comment Xm1 ad1comment
xm1_notify_dt Xm1 notify dt
xm1_read_date Xm1 read date
xm1_menopause Xm1 menopause
xm1_mrnum Xm1 mrnum
xm1_mass_clk_loca Xm1 mass clk loca
xm1_chgnum Xm1 chgnum
xm1_cancer_later_dt Xm1 cancer later dt
xm1_ad2spot_comp Xm1 ad2spot comp
xm1_cancer_later Xm1 cancer later
xm1_mass_size Xm1 mass size
xm1_phone Xm1 phone
xm1_done_by_tname Xm1 done by tname
xm1_findings_comment Xm1 findings comment
xm1_patnum Xm1 patnum
xm1_ad2magni_mammo Xm1 ad2magni mammo
xm1_ad1old_films Xm1 ad1old films
xm1_mass_shape Xm1 mass shape
xm1_findings_cd Xm1 findings cd
xm1_ad2comment Xm1 ad2comment
xm1_notify_cd Xm1 notify cd
xm1_ad1cyst Xm1 ad1cyst
xm1_ad2biopsy_dt Xm1 ad2biopsy dt
xm1_ad2magni_mammo_dt Xm1 ad2magni mammo dt
xm1_bsurg_cd Xm1 bsurg cd
xm1_recall_cd Xm1 recall cd
xm1_done_by_tech Xm1 done by tech
xm1_ad1magni_mammo Xm1 ad1magni mammo
xm1_ad1us_biopsy Xm1 ad1us biopsy
xm1_stage_cd Xm1 stage cd
xm1_clinical_symptoms Xm1 clinical symptoms
xm1_mod_date Xm1 mod date
xm1_menage Xm1 menage
xm1_ad1biopsy Xm1 ad1biopsy
xm1_complete_sws Xm1 complete sws
xm1_ord_phy Xm1 ord phy
xm1_recall_dt Xm1 recall dt
xm1_sex Xm1 sex
xm1_ad2cyst_dt Xm1 ad2cyst dt
xm1_type_mammo Xm1 type mammo
xm1_ad2add_views Xm1 ad2add views
xm1_mass_calcified Xm1 mass calcified
xm1_invasive Xm1 invasive
xm1_recall_comment Xm1 recall comment
xm1_assessment_cd Xm1 assessment cd
xm1_finalassess_cd Xm1 finalassess cd
xm1_exam_comment Xm1 exam comment
xm1_ad2biopsy Xm1 ad2biopsy
xm1_mod_init Xm1 mod init
xm1_type_mammo_new Xm1 type mammo new
xm1_ad2mri Xm1 ad2mri
xm1_ad2mri_dt Xm1 ad2mri dt
xm1_ad2aspir_us Xm1 ad2aspir us
xm1_ad2old_films_dt Xm1 ad2old films dt
xm1_ad2aspir_us_dt Xm1 ad2aspir us dt
xm1_mass_region Xm1 mass region
xm1_ad2add_views_dt Xm1 ad2add views dt
xm1_fbage2 Xm1 fbage2
xm1_ad1add_views Xm1 ad1add views
xm1_exam_dt Xm1 exam dt
xm1_ad2cyst Xm1 ad2cyst
xm1_converted Xm1 converted
xm1_ad1aspir_us Xm1 ad1aspir us
xm1_ad2us_biopsy_dt Xm1 ad2us biopsy dt
xm1_bsurg_dt Xm1 bsurg dt
xm1_type Xm1 type
xm1_ad2ultrasound Xm1 ad2ultrasound
xm1_testdesc Xm1 testdesc
xm1_notify_by Xm1 notify by
xm1_stop_recall Xm1 stop recall
xm1_finalassess_class Xm1 finalassess class
xm1_read_by_rad Xm1 read by rad
xm1_hysterectomy Xm1 hysterectomy
xm1_xrn Xm1 xrn
xm1_mass_loca Xm1 mass loca
xm1_findings_class Xm1 findings class
xm1_ad1ultrasound Xm1 ad1ultrasound
xm1_ad2ultrasound_dt Xm1 ad2ultrasound dt
xm1_biopsy_type_cd Xm1 biopsy type cd
xm1_menstruating Xm1 menstruating
xm1_keynum Xm1 keynum
xm1_patssn Xm1 patssn
xm1_breast_comp_cd Xm1 breast comp cd
xm1_size_cd Xm1 size cd
xm1_arid Xm1 arid
xm1_pp_comments Xm1 pp comments
xm1_true_false Xm1 true false
xm1_ad2spot_comp_dt Xm1 ad2spot comp dt

Table: mds_assessment_2

Description: Mds 3 Assessments


Name Description
mdsa2_s6303c Mdsa2 s6303c
mdsa2_j2700 Mdsa2 j2700
mdsa2_gg0170s5 Mdsa2 gg0170s5
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_empcomp Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked empcomp
mdsa2_j2799 Mdsa2 j2799
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_18 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 18
mdsa2_o0425c1 Mdsa2 o0425c1
mdsa2_submission_id Mdsa2 submission id
mdsa2_gg0170rr5 Mdsa2 gg0170rr5
mdsa2_i5100 Mdsa2 i5100
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_time Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked time
mdsa2_m1040b Mdsa2 m1040b
mdsa2_s6100e Mdsa2 s6100e
mdsa2_s6303d Mdsa2 s6303d
mdsa2_m0100c Mdsa2 m0100c
mdsa2_s5010i1 Mdsa2 s5010i1
mdsa2_f0800d Mdsa2 f0800d
mdsa2_s1200b Mdsa2 s1200b
mdsa2_itm_sbst_cd Mdsa2 itm sbst cd
mdsa2_gg0170ss5 Mdsa2 gg0170ss5
mdsa2_o0400a4 Mdsa2 o0400a4
mdsa2_l0200e Mdsa2 l0200e
mdsa2_a0500a Mdsa2 a0500a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400i_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400i sig
mdsa2_i0900 Mdsa2 i0900
mdsa2_b0200 Mdsa2 b0200
mdsa2_s5010c1 Mdsa2 s5010c1
mdsa2_s6023c Mdsa2 s6023c
mdsa2_h0200c Mdsa2 h0200c
mdsa2_cbsa_urban_rural_code Mdsa2 cbsa urban rural code
mdsa2_s0183 Mdsa2 s0183
mdsa2_d0200c1 Mdsa2 d0200c1
mdsa2_i0200 Mdsa2 i0200
mdsa2_s0511 Mdsa2 s0511
mdsa2_gg0170r1 Mdsa2 gg0170r1
mdsa2_v0200a09a Mdsa2 v0200a09a
mdsa2_v0200a10b Mdsa2 v0200a10b
mdsa2_asmt_date Mdsa2 asmt date
mdsa2_s0170c Mdsa2 s0170c
mdsa2_gg0170c5 Mdsa2 gg0170c5
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_06 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 06
mdsa2_v0200a08b Mdsa2 v0200a08b
mdsa2_gg0170d5 Mdsa2 gg0170d5
mdsa2_gg0170k5 Mdsa2 gg0170k5
mdsa2_k0520c1 Mdsa2 k0520c1
mdsa2_j0100b Mdsa2 j0100b
mdsa2_j2520 Mdsa2 j2520
mdsa2_s1210e Mdsa2 s1210e
mdsa2_a1010e Mdsa2 a1010e
mdsa2_s0520 Mdsa2 s0520
mdsa2_j1550d Mdsa2 j1550d
mdsa2_k0510a1 Mdsa2 k0510a1
mdsa2_s3305a Mdsa2 s3305a
mdsa2_q0110z Mdsa2 q0110z
mdsa2_gg0130a3 Mdsa2 gg0130a3
mdsa2_s1100j Mdsa2 s1100j
mdsa2_s0200a Mdsa2 s0200a
mdsa2_s4510d Mdsa2 s4510d
mdsa2_o0110h1b Mdsa2 o0110h1b
mdsa2_s9085b Mdsa2 s9085b
mdsa2_v0200a19a Mdsa2 v0200a19a
mdsa2_gg0170j1 Mdsa2 gg0170j1
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_date Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl date
mdsa2_s1200c Mdsa2 s1200c
mdsa2_f0400b Mdsa2 f0400b
mdsa2_o0250b Mdsa2 o0250b
mdsa2_s5010g2 Mdsa2 s5010g2
mdsa2_a0310g Mdsa2 a0310g
mdsa2_o0100f1 Mdsa2 o0100f1
mdsa2_o0110g1a Mdsa2 o0110g1a
mdsa2_d0150i1 Mdsa2 d0150i1
mdsa2_s8521a Mdsa2 s8521a
mdsa2_i8000a Mdsa2 i8000a
mdsa2_s1001 Mdsa2 s1001
mdsa2_s8010g3 Mdsa2 s8010g3
mdsa2_v0200a07a Mdsa2 v0200a07a
mdsa2_s8520a Mdsa2 s8520a
mdsa2_s7500b Mdsa2 s7500b
mdsa2_p0100e Mdsa2 p0100e
mdsa2_f0500h Mdsa2 f0500h
mdsa2_c0900a Mdsa2 c0900a
mdsa2_j2499 Mdsa2 j2499
mdsa2_o0400b4 Mdsa2 o0400b4
mdsa2_a2122a Mdsa2 a2122a
mdsa2_m0300c1 Mdsa2 m0300c1
mdsa2_gg0170q1 Mdsa2 gg0170q1
mdsa2_s9080c Mdsa2 s9080c
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_13 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 13
mdsa2_gg0170f3 Mdsa2 gg0170f3
mdsa2_m0100b Mdsa2 m0100b
mdsa2_m0300g1 Mdsa2 m0300g1
mdsa2_j2100 Mdsa2 j2100
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400i_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400i sections
mdsa2_o0300b Mdsa2 o0300b
mdsa2_i8000g Mdsa2 i8000g
mdsa2_a1005d Mdsa2 a1005d
mdsa2_s9040b Mdsa2 s9040b
mdsa2_medicare_rug4_hier_grp Mdsa2 medicare rug4 hier grp
mdsa2_s0161d Mdsa2 s0161d
mdsa2_k0100b Mdsa2 k0100b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400a_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400a sections
mdsa2_i0300 Mdsa2 i0300
mdsa2_s2000 Mdsa2 s2000
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_05 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 05
mdsa2_j2330 Mdsa2 j2330
mdsa2_a2124d Mdsa2 a2124d
mdsa2_gg0170ff1 Mdsa2 gg0170ff1
mdsa2_o0425b1 Mdsa2 o0425b1
mdsa2_gg0100a Mdsa2 gg0100a
mdsa2_i3100 Mdsa2 i3100
mdsa2_s0600d Mdsa2 s0600d
mdsa2_j0530 Mdsa2 j0530
mdsa2_o0400a3a Mdsa2 o0400a3a
mdsa2_i1650 Mdsa2 i1650
mdsa2_v0200a17b Mdsa2 v0200a17b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400l_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400l sections
mdsa2_gg0170b2 Mdsa2 gg0170b2
mdsa2_s6100f1 Mdsa2 s6100f1
mdsa2_s9100a Mdsa2 s9100a
mdsa2_o0110f1b Mdsa2 o0110f1b
mdsa2_s5010e1 Mdsa2 s5010e1
mdsa2_s0161b Mdsa2 s0161b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400d_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400d sections
mdsa2_o0100e1 Mdsa2 o0100e1
mdsa2_s6304h Mdsa2 s6304h
mdsa2_s6020z Mdsa2 s6020z
mdsa2_i8000j Mdsa2 i8000j
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_13 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 13
mdsa2_d0150f2 Mdsa2 d0150f2
mdsa2_o0500h Mdsa2 o0500h
mdsa2_s8010a2 Mdsa2 s8010a2
mdsa2_a1550b Mdsa2 a1550b
mdsa2_s3100b Mdsa2 s3100b
mdsa2_s3310y Mdsa2 s3310y
mdsa2_s1002 Mdsa2 s1002
mdsa2_s2060e Mdsa2 s2060e
mdsa2_j2920 Mdsa2 j2920
mdsa2_o0110d1b Mdsa2 o0110d1b
mdsa2_d0500b2 Mdsa2 d0500b2
mdsa2_k0710b2 Mdsa2 k0710b2
mdsa2_a2200 Mdsa2 a2200
mdsa2_f0600 Mdsa2 f0600
mdsa2_o0110a1a Mdsa2 o0110a1a
mdsa2_k0520b4 Mdsa2 k0520b4
mdsa2_p0200a Mdsa2 p0200a
mdsa2_i1200 Mdsa2 i1200
mdsa2_gg0130b5 Mdsa2 gg0130b5
mdsa2_o0500e Mdsa2 o0500e
mdsa2_k0520z3 Mdsa2 k0520z3
mdsa2_asmt_sys_cd Mdsa2 asmt sys cd
mdsa2_o0110a3a Mdsa2 o0110a3a
mdsa2_s5010e2 Mdsa2 s5010e2
mdsa2_s9002a Mdsa2 s9002a
mdsa2_o0700 Mdsa2 o0700
mdsa2_gg0170n2 Mdsa2 gg0170n2
mdsa2_i5600 Mdsa2 i5600
mdsa2_state_extract_file_id Mdsa2 state extract file id
mdsa2_s8030a2 Mdsa2 s8030a2
mdsa2_e0300 Mdsa2 e0300
mdsa2_original_assessment_id Mdsa2 original assessment id
mdsa2_j2310 Mdsa2 j2310
mdsa2_o0110c1b Mdsa2 o0110c1b
mdsa2_o0500a Mdsa2 o0500a
mdsa2_x1100e Mdsa2 x1100e
mdsa2_s0161a Mdsa2 s0161a
mdsa2_z0500b Mdsa2 z0500b
mdsa2_asmt_seq Mdsa2 asmt seq
mdsa2_i0020b Mdsa2 i0020b
mdsa2_n2005 Mdsa2 n2005
mdsa2_ssnri_trnsltn_hicn_txt Mdsa2 ssnri trnsltn hicn txt
mdsa2_o0400a6 Mdsa2 o0400a6
mdsa2_i5950 Mdsa2 i5950
mdsa2_s8000e3 Mdsa2 s8000e3
mdsa2_j1900c Mdsa2 j1900c
mdsa2_a1250y Mdsa2 a1250y
mdsa2_s0165c Mdsa2 s0165c
mdsa2_o0110h3a Mdsa2 o0110h3a
mdsa2_o0110h4c Mdsa2 o0110h4c
mdsa2_o0110c1a Mdsa2 o0110c1a
mdsa2_s5010d2 Mdsa2 s5010d2
mdsa2_s1100b Mdsa2 s1100b
mdsa2_i7900 Mdsa2 i7900
mdsa2_a1900 Mdsa2 a1900
mdsa2_s6053a Mdsa2 s6053a
mdsa2_i6500 Mdsa2 i6500
mdsa2_k0510b2 Mdsa2 k0510b2
mdsa2_s8020b1 Mdsa2 s8020b1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400k_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400k sig
mdsa2_s8000c1 Mdsa2 s8000c1
mdsa2_a0310g1 Mdsa2 a0310g1
mdsa2_s0170e Mdsa2 s0170e
mdsa2_s8000a1 Mdsa2 s8000a1
mdsa2_gg0170rr3 Mdsa2 gg0170rr3
mdsa2_gg0130f5 Mdsa2 gg0130f5
mdsa2_q0550a Mdsa2 q0550a
mdsa2_v0100a Mdsa2 v0100a
mdsa2_s1100z Mdsa2 s1100z
mdsa2_n0415z1 Mdsa2 n0415z1
mdsa2_cpsi_x1100c_title Mdsa2 cpsi x1100c title
mdsa2_gg0170d1 Mdsa2 gg0170d1
mdsa2_s8020a1 Mdsa2 s8020a1
mdsa2_j1800 Mdsa2 j1800
mdsa2_q0110a Mdsa2 q0110a
mdsa2_c1310c Mdsa2 c1310c
mdsa2_i3900 Mdsa2 i3900
mdsa2_m0300f1 Mdsa2 m0300f1
mdsa2_a2123 Mdsa2 a2123
mdsa2_gg0170k2 Mdsa2 gg0170k2
mdsa2_j1550a Mdsa2 j1550a
mdsa2_gg0170q3 Mdsa2 gg0170q3
mdsa2_gg0120b Mdsa2 gg0120b
mdsa2_s9085c Mdsa2 s9085c
mdsa2_s2060b Mdsa2 s2060b
mdsa2_submitting_user_id Mdsa2 submitting user id
mdsa2_i5900 Mdsa2 i5900
mdsa2_d0200g1 Mdsa2 d0200g1
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_hier_grp Mdsa2 medicare rug3 hier grp
mdsa2_s1210b Mdsa2 s1210b
mdsa2_s0600b Mdsa2 s0600b
mdsa2_s8040b1 Mdsa2 s8040b1
mdsa2_f0800r Mdsa2 f0800r
mdsa2_f0800k Mdsa2 f0800k
mdsa2_s0172f Mdsa2 s0172f
mdsa2_z0100a Mdsa2 z0100a
mdsa2_gg0130c3 Mdsa2 gg0130c3
mdsa2_g0110h2 Mdsa2 g0110h2
mdsa2_c0700 Mdsa2 c0700
mdsa2_d0200f1 Mdsa2 d0200f1
mdsa2_birthdate_submit_code Mdsa2 birthdate submit code
mdsa2_s1100f1 Mdsa2 s1100f1
mdsa2_o0450a Mdsa2 o0450a
mdsa2_e0500b Mdsa2 e0500b
mdsa2_s9002f Mdsa2 s9002f
mdsa2_o0400d1 Mdsa2 o0400d1
mdsa2_i0600 Mdsa2 i0600
mdsa2_s6022a Mdsa2 s6022a
mdsa2_s8040d2 Mdsa2 s8040d2
mdsa2_n0415f1 Mdsa2 n0415f1
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_15 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 15
mdsa2_gg0110b Mdsa2 gg0110b
mdsa2_f0800f Mdsa2 f0800f
mdsa2_s6200 Mdsa2 s6200
mdsa2_a2400b Mdsa2 a2400b
mdsa2_a2122d Mdsa2 a2122d
mdsa2_s5010h2 Mdsa2 s5010h2
mdsa2_x0600f Mdsa2 x0600f
mdsa2_i3400 Mdsa2 i3400
mdsa2_s4000a Mdsa2 s4000a
mdsa2_l0200g Mdsa2 l0200g
mdsa2_a1200 Mdsa2 a1200
mdsa2_a1550d Mdsa2 a1550d
mdsa2_s6023a Mdsa2 s6023a
mdsa2_o0110a3c Mdsa2 o0110a3c
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_flag Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl flag
mdsa2_v0200a14a Mdsa2 v0200a14a
mdsa2_s1210z Mdsa2 s1210z
mdsa2_v0200a14b Mdsa2 v0200a14b
mdsa2_s8040d3 Mdsa2 s8040d3
mdsa2_j0520 Mdsa2 j0520
mdsa2_asmt_type Mdsa2 asmt type
mdsa2_gg0130a5 Mdsa2 gg0130a5
mdsa2_s7500d Mdsa2 s7500d
mdsa2_a0100a Mdsa2 a0100a
mdsa2_d0150d2 Mdsa2 d0150d2
mdsa2_p0100d Mdsa2 p0100d
mdsa2_a1010i Mdsa2 a1010i
mdsa2_x0500 Mdsa2 x0500
mdsa2_a1110b Mdsa2 a1110b
mdsa2_a1010l Mdsa2 a1010l
mdsa2_o0110o1a Mdsa2 o0110o1a
mdsa2_gg0170p2 Mdsa2 gg0170p2
mdsa2_state_pdpm_obra_cd Mdsa2 state pdpm obra cd
mdsa2_v0200a03b Mdsa2 v0200a03b
mdsa2_gg0130h1 Mdsa2 gg0130h1
mdsa2_s8030b3 Mdsa2 s8030b3
mdsa2_s9060 Mdsa2 s9060
mdsa2_j0700 Mdsa2 j0700
mdsa2_o0110o4c Mdsa2 o0110o4c
mdsa2_s0170a Mdsa2 s0170a
mdsa2_s3310c Mdsa2 s3310c
mdsa2_n0415a1 Mdsa2 n0415a1
mdsa2_h0300 Mdsa2 h0300
mdsa2_s8010d3 Mdsa2 s8010d3
mdsa2_s6024b Mdsa2 s6024b
mdsa2_e0600c Mdsa2 e0600c
mdsa2_d0150a2 Mdsa2 d0150a2
mdsa2_a1005b Mdsa2 a1005b
mdsa2_a0050 Mdsa2 a0050
mdsa2_arid Mdsa2 arid
mdsa2_s8010i2 Mdsa2 s8010i2
mdsa2_e0600a Mdsa2 e0600a
mdsa2_c0200 Mdsa2 c0200
mdsa2_q0620 Mdsa2 q0620
mdsa2_i2400 Mdsa2 i2400
mdsa2_s2015 Mdsa2 s2015
mdsa2_s9140 Mdsa2 s9140
mdsa2_o0400b2 Mdsa2 o0400b2
mdsa2_s6304e Mdsa2 s6304e
mdsa2_i8000c Mdsa2 i8000c
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_idx_max_cmi_val Mdsa2 medicare rug3 idx max cmi val
mdsa2_s4010c Mdsa2 s4010c
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400c_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400c section date
mdsa2_gg0170ff3 Mdsa2 gg0170ff3
mdsa2_q0310b Mdsa2 q0310b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400j_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400j title
mdsa2_d0500i2 Mdsa2 d0500i2
mdsa2_k0520z1 Mdsa2 k0520z1
mdsa2_d0200i1 Mdsa2 d0200i1
mdsa2_v0200a05b Mdsa2 v0200a05b
mdsa2_s1100h Mdsa2 s1100h
mdsa2_gg0170c3 Mdsa2 gg0170c3
mdsa2_d0150h1 Mdsa2 d0150h1
mdsa2_n0415e2 Mdsa2 n0415e2
mdsa2_j0600b Mdsa2 j0600b
mdsa2_o0110j1b Mdsa2 o0110j1b
mdsa2_j1100z Mdsa2 j1100z
mdsa2_o0110z1c Mdsa2 o0110z1c
mdsa2_j0200 Mdsa2 j0200
mdsa2_s4500 Mdsa2 s4500
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400b_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400b sig
mdsa2_s6051b Mdsa2 s6051b
mdsa2_d0200h2 Mdsa2 d0200h2
mdsa2_i8000h Mdsa2 i8000h
mdsa2_cpsi_x1100d_sig Mdsa2 cpsi x1100d sig
mdsa2_d0200e2 Mdsa2 d0200e2
mdsa2_o0100a1 Mdsa2 o0100a1
mdsa2_s0130 Mdsa2 s0130
mdsa2_n0415c2 Mdsa2 n0415c2
mdsa2_s8010e3 Mdsa2 s8010e3
mdsa2_f0400h Mdsa2 f0400h
mdsa2_a2124c Mdsa2 a2124c
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400e_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400e sections
mdsa2_cpsi_z0300a Mdsa2 cpsi z0300a
mdsa2_o0425b3 Mdsa2 o0425b3
mdsa2_j0800c Mdsa2 j0800c
mdsa2_i5250 Mdsa2 i5250
mdsa2_gg0170l2 Mdsa2 gg0170l2
mdsa2_a1805 Mdsa2 a1805
mdsa2_s1150 Mdsa2 s1150
mdsa2_j1300 Mdsa2 j1300
mdsa2_s5010b2 Mdsa2 s5010b2
mdsa2_j2410 Mdsa2 j2410
mdsa2_v0100c Mdsa2 v0100c
mdsa2_s8040a2 Mdsa2 s8040a2
mdsa2_k0520b3 Mdsa2 k0520b3
mdsa2_m0100z Mdsa2 m0100z
mdsa2_s8000c3 Mdsa2 s8000c3
mdsa2_n0415h2 Mdsa2 n0415h2
mdsa2_s0165e Mdsa2 s0165e
mdsa2_n0415c1 Mdsa2 n0415c1
mdsa2_s9002c Mdsa2 s9002c
mdsa2_recalculated_z0200b Mdsa2 recalculated z0200b
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_18 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 18
mdsa2_e0100a Mdsa2 e0100a
mdsa2_o0110a2a Mdsa2 o0110a2a
mdsa2_o0425a4 Mdsa2 o0425a4
mdsa2_i4800 Mdsa2 i4800
mdsa2_o0110h1c Mdsa2 o0110h1c
mdsa2_cpsi_ins_cov_days Mdsa2 cpsi ins cov days
mdsa2_s0171b Mdsa2 s0171b
mdsa2_n0450e Mdsa2 n0450e
mdsa2_a0200 Mdsa2 a0200
mdsa2_o0400a1 Mdsa2 o0400a1
mdsa2_i1400 Mdsa2 i1400
mdsa2_d0500d1 Mdsa2 d0500d1
mdsa2_s6304f Mdsa2 s6304f
mdsa2_o0100d2 Mdsa2 o0100d2
mdsa2_s8030z Mdsa2 s8030z
mdsa2_i2900 Mdsa2 i2900
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_adate Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl adate
mdsa2_e0200b Mdsa2 e0200b
mdsa2_a0310a Mdsa2 a0310a
mdsa2_i2000 Mdsa2 i2000
mdsa2_s0509 Mdsa2 s0509
mdsa2_o0100c2 Mdsa2 o0100c2
mdsa2_j5000 Mdsa2 j5000
mdsa2_s8020a3 Mdsa2 s8020a3
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_10 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 10
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400l_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400l title
mdsa2_f0500f Mdsa2 f0500f
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400h_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400h sig
mdsa2_s3100f Mdsa2 s3100f
mdsa2_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0200a Mdsa2 cmi set for recalc z0200a
mdsa2_s4510b Mdsa2 s4510b
mdsa2_m1200f Mdsa2 m1200f
mdsa2_o0110a1c Mdsa2 o0110a1c
mdsa2_s6100c Mdsa2 s6100c
mdsa2_s8510a Mdsa2 s8510a
mdsa2_s5010a2 Mdsa2 s5010a2
mdsa2_s8050c Mdsa2 s8050c
mdsa2_s9040d Mdsa2 s9040d
mdsa2_q0110e Mdsa2 q0110e
mdsa2_c1310a Mdsa2 c1310a
mdsa2_s7500f Mdsa2 s7500f
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_atype Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact atype
mdsa2_d0200b2 Mdsa2 d0200b2
mdsa2_s6024a Mdsa2 s6024a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400j_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400j sections
mdsa2_x0900d Mdsa2 x0900d
mdsa2_s3315c Mdsa2 s3315c
mdsa2_gg0170e2 Mdsa2 gg0170e2
mdsa2_d0200f2 Mdsa2 d0200f2
mdsa2_s0120 Mdsa2 s0120
mdsa2_i1700 Mdsa2 i1700
mdsa2_s7500a Mdsa2 s7500a
mdsa2_o0110o1c Mdsa2 o0110o1c
mdsa2_gg0170l3 Mdsa2 gg0170l3
mdsa2_f0800i Mdsa2 f0800i
mdsa2_o0400f1 Mdsa2 o0400f1
mdsa2_f0800n Mdsa2 f0800n
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_03 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 03
mdsa2_s8010e2 Mdsa2 s8010e2
mdsa2_cmi_value_for_recalc_z0250a Mdsa2 cmi value for recalc z0250a
mdsa2_s0125 Mdsa2 s0125
mdsa2_s9040c1 Mdsa2 s9040c1
mdsa2_o0425b2 Mdsa2 o0425b2
mdsa2_v0200a18b Mdsa2 v0200a18b
mdsa2_gg0130b2 Mdsa2 gg0130b2
mdsa2_s4010d Mdsa2 s4010d
mdsa2_a1010b Mdsa2 a1010b
mdsa2_n0415g2 Mdsa2 n0415g2
mdsa2_s8010h2 Mdsa2 s8010h2
mdsa2_o0110z1a Mdsa2 o0110z1a
mdsa2_v0200a04b Mdsa2 v0200a04b
mdsa2_d0500g2 Mdsa2 d0500g2
mdsa2_e0800 Mdsa2 e0800
mdsa2_f0400g Mdsa2 f0400g
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400l_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400l section date
mdsa2_f0800p Mdsa2 f0800p
mdsa2_o0110j2c Mdsa2 o0110j2c
mdsa2_s0500 Mdsa2 s0500
mdsa2_j1550z Mdsa2 j1550z
mdsa2_z0250b Mdsa2 z0250b
mdsa2_s8010b3 Mdsa2 s8010b3
mdsa2_gg0170d3 Mdsa2 gg0170d3
mdsa2_s8010f3 Mdsa2 s8010f3
mdsa2_o0100j2 Mdsa2 o0100j2
mdsa2_o0600 Mdsa2 o0600
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_01 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 01
mdsa2_o0110o4a Mdsa2 o0110o4a
mdsa2_o0110d3a Mdsa2 o0110d3a
mdsa2_x0900z_reason Mdsa2 x0900z reason
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_17 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 17
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_emptype Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked emptype
mdsa2_o0110b1b Mdsa2 o0110b1b
mdsa2_gg0100d Mdsa2 gg0100d
mdsa2_j1700a Mdsa2 j1700a
mdsa2_cpsi_sub_blt_logname Mdsa2 cpsi sub blt logname
mdsa2_o0110m1b Mdsa2 o0110m1b
mdsa2_s6304a Mdsa2 s6304a
mdsa2_x0700c Mdsa2 x0700c
mdsa2_s6060b Mdsa2 s6060b
mdsa2_gg0130c1 Mdsa2 gg0130c1
mdsa2_a0500b Mdsa2 a0500b
mdsa2_x1050z Mdsa2 x1050z
mdsa2_i4900 Mdsa2 i4900
mdsa2_k0520a3 Mdsa2 k0520a3
mdsa2_d0500j2 Mdsa2 d0500j2
mdsa2_mds_fac_id Mdsa2 mds fac id
mdsa2_j2420 Mdsa2 j2420
mdsa2_o0500c Mdsa2 o0500c
mdsa2_i0400 Mdsa2 i0400
mdsa2_o0400a2 Mdsa2 o0400a2
mdsa2_s6100b Mdsa2 s6100b
mdsa2_j2910 Mdsa2 j2910
mdsa2_x0400 Mdsa2 x0400
mdsa2_s3200b Mdsa2 s3200b
mdsa2_n0415h1 Mdsa2 n0415h1
mdsa2_k0520d1 Mdsa2 k0520d1
mdsa2_s6304b Mdsa2 s6304b
mdsa2_assessment_id Mdsa2 assessment id
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400i_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400i section date
mdsa2_s7500h Mdsa2 s7500h
mdsa2_s4510c Mdsa2 s4510c
mdsa2_v0100b Mdsa2 v0100b
mdsa2_n0415d1 Mdsa2 n0415d1
mdsa2_a1010x Mdsa2 a1010x
mdsa2_f0800a Mdsa2 f0800a
mdsa2_cpsi_sub_blt_date Mdsa2 cpsi sub blt date
mdsa2_s0172a Mdsa2 s0172a
mdsa2_n0450c Mdsa2 n0450c
mdsa2_g0110b1 Mdsa2 g0110b1
mdsa2_gg0170ff5 Mdsa2 gg0170ff5
mdsa2_a1010d Mdsa2 a1010d
mdsa2_b1200 Mdsa2 b1200
mdsa2_s7001 Mdsa2 s7001
mdsa2_s8010i1 Mdsa2 s8010i1
mdsa2_i5800 Mdsa2 i5800
mdsa2_s2060a Mdsa2 s2060a
mdsa2_z0200b Mdsa2 z0200b
mdsa2_o0110g1c Mdsa2 o0110g1c
mdsa2_s9100c Mdsa2 s9100c
mdsa2_s3100z Mdsa2 s3100z
mdsa2_s8521c Mdsa2 s8521c
mdsa2_s8040z Mdsa2 s8040z
mdsa2_gg0110a Mdsa2 gg0110a
mdsa2_s8000a2 Mdsa2 s8000a2
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_09 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 09
mdsa2_i5200 Mdsa2 i5200
mdsa2_k0520c4 Mdsa2 k0520c4
mdsa2_prodn_test_cd Mdsa2 prodn test cd
mdsa2_s6022c Mdsa2 s6022c
mdsa2_i5000 Mdsa2 i5000
mdsa2_a1010g Mdsa2 a1010g
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_flag Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked flag
mdsa2_s3315z Mdsa2 s3315z
mdsa2_m1200d Mdsa2 m1200d
mdsa2_s7000 Mdsa2 s7000
mdsa2_v0200a20a Mdsa2 v0200a20a
mdsa2_n0415j1 Mdsa2 n0415j1
mdsa2_m1040d Mdsa2 m1040d
mdsa2_o0425c2 Mdsa2 o0425c2
mdsa2_o0400c3a Mdsa2 o0400c3a
mdsa2_gg0170f5 Mdsa2 gg0170f5
mdsa2_d0150c1 Mdsa2 d0150c1
mdsa2_x0600b Mdsa2 x0600b
mdsa2_p0200d Mdsa2 p0200d
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400a_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400a sig
mdsa2_j2899 Mdsa2 j2899
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400l_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400l sig
mdsa2_l0200b Mdsa2 l0200b
mdsa2_d0150b2 Mdsa2 d0150b2
mdsa2_s6301 Mdsa2 s6301
mdsa2_h0100b Mdsa2 h0100b
mdsa2_o0110i1a Mdsa2 o0110i1a
mdsa2_s3100d Mdsa2 s3100d
mdsa2_i3800 Mdsa2 i3800
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_apatnum Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl apatnum
mdsa2_gg0130a1 Mdsa2 gg0130a1
mdsa2_o0425c4 Mdsa2 o0425c4
mdsa2_m1200a Mdsa2 m1200a
mdsa2_s8099 Mdsa2 s8099
mdsa2_d0500f2 Mdsa2 d0500f2
mdsa2_i5700 Mdsa2 i5700
mdsa2_f0400d Mdsa2 f0400d
mdsa2_o0110c4c Mdsa2 o0110c4c
mdsa2_a0700 Mdsa2 a0700
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_facid Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact facid
mdsa2_a1300c Mdsa2 a1300c
mdsa2_o0110o3a Mdsa2 o0110o3a
mdsa2_j0800a Mdsa2 j0800a
mdsa2_s1100c Mdsa2 s1100c
mdsa2_s6500 Mdsa2 s6500
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400g_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400g sections
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400j_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400j sig
mdsa2_p0100g Mdsa2 p0100g
mdsa2_v0200a13a Mdsa2 v0200a13a
mdsa2_e0600b Mdsa2 e0600b
mdsa2_k0300 Mdsa2 k0300
mdsa2_s6010 Mdsa2 s6010
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400g_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400g title
mdsa2_s0514 Mdsa2 s0514
mdsa2_j1550b Mdsa2 j1550b
mdsa2_o0110a2c Mdsa2 o0110a2c
mdsa2_o0110c2a Mdsa2 o0110c2a
mdsa2_o0110g2c Mdsa2 o0110g2c
mdsa2_o0110g3a Mdsa2 o0110g3a
mdsa2_v0100e Mdsa2 v0100e
mdsa2_j2900 Mdsa2 j2900
mdsa2_s6211 Mdsa2 s6211
mdsa2_j0100c Mdsa2 j0100c
mdsa2_o0110c3c Mdsa2 o0110c3c
mdsa2_gg0130e1 Mdsa2 gg0130e1
mdsa2_gg0130g2 Mdsa2 gg0130g2
mdsa2_c0500 Mdsa2 c0500
mdsa2_j2940 Mdsa2 j2940
mdsa2_j1100b Mdsa2 j1100b
mdsa2_c0300c Mdsa2 c0300c
mdsa2_a2121 Mdsa2 a2121
mdsa2_o0110d2c Mdsa2 o0110d2c
mdsa2_s0153 Mdsa2 s0153
mdsa2_o0400c5 Mdsa2 o0400c5
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_20 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 20
mdsa2_o0425b4 Mdsa2 o0425b4
mdsa2_i0500 Mdsa2 i0500
mdsa2_l0200c Mdsa2 l0200c
mdsa2_gg0170o2 Mdsa2 gg0170o2
mdsa2_k0710a2 Mdsa2 k0710a2
mdsa2_cpsi_ins_begin_date Mdsa2 cpsi ins begin date
mdsa2_s0111 Mdsa2 s0111
mdsa2_a1550a Mdsa2 a1550a
mdsa2_d0150d1 Mdsa2 d0150d1
mdsa2_s8000b3 Mdsa2 s8000b3
mdsa2_s8020b3 Mdsa2 s8020b3
mdsa2_d0500a2 Mdsa2 d0500a2
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_16 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 16
mdsa2_v0200a16a Mdsa2 v0200a16a
mdsa2_s4510a Mdsa2 s4510a
mdsa2_s6232 Mdsa2 s6232
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_03 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 03
mdsa2_s0165b Mdsa2 s0165b
mdsa2_d0500e1 Mdsa2 d0500e1
mdsa2_o0110d1c Mdsa2 o0110d1c
mdsa2_s6305b Mdsa2 s6305b
mdsa2_a0310e Mdsa2 a0310e
mdsa2_m0300d1 Mdsa2 m0300d1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400c_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400c sig
mdsa2_o0110j2a Mdsa2 o0110j2a
mdsa2_d0100 Mdsa2 d0100
mdsa2_c0600 Mdsa2 c0600
mdsa2_o0400e2 Mdsa2 o0400e2
mdsa2_s0141 Mdsa2 s0141
mdsa2_s8010b1 Mdsa2 s8010b1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400d_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400d sig
mdsa2_s6051d Mdsa2 s6051d
mdsa2_d0200a2 Mdsa2 d0200a2
mdsa2_s1004 Mdsa2 s1004
mdsa2_s0114 Mdsa2 s0114
mdsa2_f0500c Mdsa2 f0500c
mdsa2_j2300 Mdsa2 j2300
mdsa2_v0200a11b Mdsa2 v0200a11b
mdsa2_o0100e2 Mdsa2 o0100e2
mdsa2_s3310b Mdsa2 s3310b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400f_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400f section date
mdsa2_k0520d3 Mdsa2 k0520d3
mdsa2_d0200d2 Mdsa2 d0200d2
mdsa2_b1300 Mdsa2 b1300
mdsa2_n0415i2 Mdsa2 n0415i2
mdsa2_c0900z Mdsa2 c0900z
mdsa2_d0150e2 Mdsa2 d0150e2
mdsa2_s0170z Mdsa2 s0170z
mdsa2_gg0170r2 Mdsa2 gg0170r2
mdsa2_gg0100b Mdsa2 gg0100b
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_11 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 11
mdsa2_o0500i Mdsa2 o0500i
mdsa2_e0100z Mdsa2 e0100z
mdsa2_a1510c Mdsa2 a1510c
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400g_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400g sig
mdsa2_f0800l Mdsa2 f0800l
mdsa2_s8040c2 Mdsa2 s8040c2
mdsa2_o0400b3a Mdsa2 o0400b3a
mdsa2_cpsi_x0900z_rsn Mdsa2 cpsi x0900z rsn
mdsa2_g0110i1 Mdsa2 g0110i1
mdsa2_s8010c2 Mdsa2 s8010c2
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400d_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400d section date
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400i_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400i title
mdsa2_s5010f2 Mdsa2 s5010f2
mdsa2_a1005x Mdsa2 a1005x
mdsa2_i2100 Mdsa2 i2100
mdsa2_o0100m2 Mdsa2 o0100m2
mdsa2_i0800 Mdsa2 i0800
mdsa2_s0102 Mdsa2 s0102
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_11 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 11
mdsa2_o0425a3 Mdsa2 o0425a3
mdsa2_sftwr_vndr_email_adr Mdsa2 sftwr vndr email adr
mdsa2_n0300 Mdsa2 n0300
mdsa2_m1200z Mdsa2 m1200z
mdsa2_h0200a Mdsa2 h0200a
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_15 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 15
mdsa2_o0430 Mdsa2 o0430
mdsa2_recalculated_z0200a Mdsa2 recalculated z0200a
mdsa2_s6303b Mdsa2 s6303b
mdsa2_s9040f Mdsa2 s9040f
mdsa2_s3305d Mdsa2 s3305d
mdsa2_gg0115b Mdsa2 gg0115b
mdsa2_c0900c Mdsa2 c0900c
mdsa2_s8020z Mdsa2 s8020z
mdsa2_gg0170f1 Mdsa2 gg0170f1
mdsa2_n0415b1 Mdsa2 n0415b1
mdsa2_s1210i Mdsa2 s1210i
mdsa2_s6202 Mdsa2 s6202
mdsa2_f0300 Mdsa2 f0300
mdsa2_m1040f Mdsa2 m1040f
mdsa2_g0110a1 Mdsa2 g0110a1
mdsa2_s2011 Mdsa2 s2011
mdsa2_gg0130b3 Mdsa2 gg0130b3
mdsa2_s6234 Mdsa2 s6234
mdsa2_a1010z Mdsa2 a1010z
mdsa2_recalculated_z0250b Mdsa2 recalculated z0250b
mdsa2_o0110e1a Mdsa2 o0110e1a
mdsa2_a0600a Mdsa2 a0600a
mdsa2_s0170g Mdsa2 s0170g
mdsa2_q0500c Mdsa2 q0500c
mdsa2_v0200a01b Mdsa2 v0200a01b
mdsa2_s8000b1 Mdsa2 s8000b1
mdsa2_s6020b Mdsa2 s6020b
mdsa2_m1040z Mdsa2 m1040z
mdsa2_gg0130h2 Mdsa2 gg0130h2
mdsa2_s8050a3 Mdsa2 s8050a3
mdsa2_s1200e Mdsa2 s1200e
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400a_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400a section date
mdsa2_gg0170i2 Mdsa2 gg0170i2
mdsa2_n0350b Mdsa2 n0350b
mdsa2_p0200b Mdsa2 p0200b
mdsa2_a1250a Mdsa2 a1250a
mdsa2_s8000d2 Mdsa2 s8000d2
mdsa2_s5010b1 Mdsa2 s5010b1
mdsa2_s0174 Mdsa2 s0174
mdsa2_m1040a Mdsa2 m1040a
mdsa2_gg0130f2 Mdsa2 gg0130f2
mdsa2_s8010g2 Mdsa2 s8010g2
mdsa2_k0520c3 Mdsa2 k0520c3
mdsa2_i8000d Mdsa2 i8000d
mdsa2_v0200a19b Mdsa2 v0200a19b
mdsa2_gg0130e3 Mdsa2 gg0130e3
mdsa2_s3315a Mdsa2 s3315a
mdsa2_s0172h Mdsa2 s0172h
mdsa2_i0700 Mdsa2 i0700
mdsa2_s4510f Mdsa2 s4510f
mdsa2_o0400b5 Mdsa2 o0400b5
mdsa2_d0500h1 Mdsa2 d0500h1
mdsa2_s0512 Mdsa2 s0512
mdsa2_s0122 Mdsa2 s0122
mdsa2_gg0170a2 Mdsa2 gg0170a2
mdsa2_gg0130h5 Mdsa2 gg0130h5
mdsa2_d0700 Mdsa2 d0700
mdsa2_s8010f Mdsa2 s8010f
mdsa2_f0500a Mdsa2 f0500a
mdsa2_a0300a Mdsa2 a0300a
mdsa2_o0110i1c Mdsa2 o0110i1c
mdsa2_d0150h2 Mdsa2 d0150h2
mdsa2_gg0170g2 Mdsa2 gg0170g2
mdsa2_s8000e1 Mdsa2 s8000e1
mdsa2_a0310f Mdsa2 a0310f
mdsa2_i2500 Mdsa2 i2500
mdsa2_i4200 Mdsa2 i4200
mdsa2_o0110g2a Mdsa2 o0110g2a
mdsa2_o0110g3c Mdsa2 o0110g3c
mdsa2_x0900a Mdsa2 x0900a
mdsa2_s9080a Mdsa2 s9080a
mdsa2_gg0110c Mdsa2 gg0110c
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_date Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact date
mdsa2_target_date Mdsa2 target date
mdsa2_v0200a15b Mdsa2 v0200a15b
mdsa2_s8500 Mdsa2 s8500
mdsa2_j2699 Mdsa2 j2699
mdsa2_h0100d Mdsa2 h0100d
mdsa2_c0400b Mdsa2 c0400b
mdsa2_d0500c1 Mdsa2 d0500c1
mdsa2_c0300a Mdsa2 c0300a
mdsa2_s9040c Mdsa2 s9040c
mdsa2_s0165z Mdsa2 s0165z
mdsa2_gg0170m2 Mdsa2 gg0170m2
mdsa2_s9002i Mdsa2 s9002i
mdsa2_f0800c Mdsa2 f0800c
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400b_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400b section date
mdsa2_o0110c4a Mdsa2 o0110c4a
mdsa2_d0150i2 Mdsa2 d0150i2
mdsa2_s8010f1 Mdsa2 s8010f1
mdsa2_j2710 Mdsa2 j2710
mdsa2_p0100f Mdsa2 p0100f
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400e_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400e title
mdsa2_x0570a Mdsa2 x0570a
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_04 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 04
mdsa2_o0425a1 Mdsa2 o0425a1
mdsa2_m0300e2 Mdsa2 m0300e2
mdsa2_gg0170i5 Mdsa2 gg0170i5
mdsa2_gg0170a1 Mdsa2 gg0170a1
mdsa2_s8000e2 Mdsa2 s8000e2
mdsa2_d0160 Mdsa2 d0160
mdsa2_o0500g Mdsa2 o0500g
mdsa2_s9100b Mdsa2 s9100b
mdsa2_d0150f1 Mdsa2 d0150f1
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_idx_max_grp Mdsa2 medicare rug3 idx max grp
mdsa2_c1000 Mdsa2 c1000
mdsa2_s0161c Mdsa2 s0161c
mdsa2_v0200a05a Mdsa2 v0200a05a
mdsa2_s8000z Mdsa2 s8000z
mdsa2_s9040a Mdsa2 s9040a
mdsa2_s8010d2 Mdsa2 s8010d2
mdsa2_a1010m Mdsa2 a1010m
mdsa2_s0161z Mdsa2 s0161z
mdsa2_o0100i1 Mdsa2 o0100i1
mdsa2_a2124e Mdsa2 a2124e
mdsa2_j0100a Mdsa2 j0100a
mdsa2_n0350a Mdsa2 n0350a
mdsa2_s6060c Mdsa2 s6060c
mdsa2_o0100b2 Mdsa2 o0100b2
mdsa2_o0110h3c Mdsa2 o0110h3c
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_14 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 14
mdsa2_j0800z Mdsa2 j0800z
mdsa2_a2124b Mdsa2 a2124b
mdsa2_sftwr_prod_name Mdsa2 sftwr prod name
mdsa2_d0500b1 Mdsa2 d0500b1
mdsa2_s3315b Mdsa2 s3315b
mdsa2_s2060d Mdsa2 s2060d
mdsa2_s3100h Mdsa2 s3100h
mdsa2_o0110h2a Mdsa2 o0110h2a
mdsa2_o0110f1c Mdsa2 o0110f1c
mdsa2_s9001 Mdsa2 s9001
mdsa2_k0100d Mdsa2 k0100d
mdsa2_v0200a08a Mdsa2 v0200a08a
mdsa2_cpsi_sub_blt_facid Mdsa2 cpsi sub blt facid
mdsa2_gg0130c5 Mdsa2 gg0130c5
mdsa2_s8040a1 Mdsa2 s8040a1
mdsa2_s3100c Mdsa2 s3100c
mdsa2_s6051c Mdsa2 s6051c
mdsa2_a2000 Mdsa2 a2000
mdsa2_x1050z_reason Mdsa2 x1050z reason
mdsa2_v0200c2 Mdsa2 v0200c2
mdsa2_o0110d2a Mdsa2 o0110d2a
mdsa2_o0110c2c Mdsa2 o0110c2c
mdsa2_s1100a Mdsa2 s1100a
mdsa2_s9002b Mdsa2 s9002b
mdsa2_gg0170e1 Mdsa2 gg0170e1
mdsa2_o0100c1 Mdsa2 o0100c1
mdsa2_gg0130i1 Mdsa2 gg0130i1
mdsa2_s1100f2 Mdsa2 s1100f2
mdsa2_s6304g Mdsa2 s6304g
mdsa2_s8520c Mdsa2 s8520c
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_20 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 20
mdsa2_s6230 Mdsa2 s6230
mdsa2_s0160 Mdsa2 s0160
mdsa2_s6022b Mdsa2 s6022b
mdsa2_s4000b Mdsa2 s4000b
mdsa2_b1000 Mdsa2 b1000
mdsa2_i2200 Mdsa2 i2200
mdsa2_s4000c Mdsa2 s4000c
mdsa2_m0210 Mdsa2 m0210
mdsa2_n0450a Mdsa2 n0450a
mdsa2_j2620 Mdsa2 j2620
mdsa2_c1310d Mdsa2 c1310d
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_07 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 07
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_04 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 04
mdsa2_s8020b2 Mdsa2 s8020b2
mdsa2_s8030a3 Mdsa2 s8030a3
mdsa2_v0200a02a Mdsa2 v0200a02a
mdsa2_o0110h10c Mdsa2 o0110h10c
mdsa2_v0200b2 Mdsa2 v0200b2
mdsa2_s6005 Mdsa2 s6005
mdsa2_s0171a Mdsa2 s0171a
mdsa2_f0800j Mdsa2 f0800j
mdsa2_m1040c Mdsa2 m1040c
mdsa2_m1200h Mdsa2 m1200h
mdsa2_v0200a12a Mdsa2 v0200a12a
mdsa2_s0600z Mdsa2 s0600z
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_apatnum Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact apatnum
mdsa2_j0300 Mdsa2 j0300
mdsa2_medicare_rug4_hier_version Mdsa2 medicare rug4 hier version
mdsa2_e0200a Mdsa2 e0200a
mdsa2_s1200h Mdsa2 s1200h
mdsa2_recalculated_z0200c Mdsa2 recalculated z0200c
mdsa2_gg0170p1 Mdsa2 gg0170p1
mdsa2_s9040h Mdsa2 s9040h
mdsa2_v0200a06a Mdsa2 v0200a06a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400h_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400h sections
mdsa2_h0200b Mdsa2 h0200b
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_atype Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl atype
mdsa2_resident_age Mdsa2 resident age
mdsa2_o0110o2a Mdsa2 o0110o2a
mdsa2_i3200 Mdsa2 i3200
mdsa2_s6100z Mdsa2 s6100z
mdsa2_s8010c3 Mdsa2 s8010c3
mdsa2_gg0110e Mdsa2 gg0110e
mdsa2_d0200d1 Mdsa2 d0200d1
mdsa2_v0200a03a Mdsa2 v0200a03a
mdsa2_s1210f Mdsa2 s1210f
mdsa2_s0521 Mdsa2 s0521
mdsa2_k0510b1 Mdsa2 k0510b1
mdsa2_s0172e Mdsa2 s0172e
mdsa2_f0800e Mdsa2 f0800e
mdsa2_v0100d Mdsa2 v0100d
mdsa2_a2122b Mdsa2 a2122b
mdsa2_s9080d Mdsa2 s9080d
mdsa2_s0170d Mdsa2 s0170d
mdsa2_s5010f1 Mdsa2 s5010f1
mdsa2_s0510 Mdsa2 s0510
mdsa2_gg0170o3 Mdsa2 gg0170o3
mdsa2_patnum Mdsa2 patnum
mdsa2_s2060c Mdsa2 s2060c
mdsa2_e0500a Mdsa2 e0500a
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_idx_max_version Mdsa2 medicare rug3 idx max version
mdsa2_o0400b3 Mdsa2 o0400b3
mdsa2_o0400e1 Mdsa2 o0400e1
mdsa2_s6236 Mdsa2 s6236
mdsa2_o0250c Mdsa2 o0250c
mdsa2_d0200a1 Mdsa2 d0200a1
mdsa2_s8050a1 Mdsa2 s8050a1
mdsa2_submission_complete_date Mdsa2 submission complete date
mdsa2_f0400c Mdsa2 f0400c
mdsa2_a1300d Mdsa2 a1300d
mdsa2_a1010k Mdsa2 a1010k
mdsa2_s8510b Mdsa2 s8510b
mdsa2_gg0120d Mdsa2 gg0120d
mdsa2_o0100f2 Mdsa2 o0100f2
mdsa2_s6212 Mdsa2 s6212
mdsa2_n0415f2 Mdsa2 n0415f2
mdsa2_cpsi_z0500a Mdsa2 cpsi z0500a
mdsa2_a1005e Mdsa2 a1005e
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_07 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 07
mdsa2_s2060z Mdsa2 s2060z
mdsa2_s3305c Mdsa2 s3305c
mdsa2_o0400c6 Mdsa2 o0400c6
mdsa2_gg0170n1 Mdsa2 gg0170n1
mdsa2_gg0170e5 Mdsa2 gg0170e5
mdsa2_h0100z Mdsa2 h0100z
mdsa2_v0200a10a Mdsa2 v0200a10a
mdsa2_m0100a Mdsa2 m0100a
mdsa2_f0500g Mdsa2 f0500g
mdsa2_i8000f Mdsa2 i8000f
mdsa2_s7500c Mdsa2 s7500c
mdsa2_ssnri_trnsltn_mbi_txt Mdsa2 ssnri trnsltn mbi txt
mdsa2_a2122e Mdsa2 a2122e
mdsa2_a0310h Mdsa2 a0310h
mdsa2_n0415i1 Mdsa2 n0415i1
mdsa2_s8030b1 Mdsa2 s8030b1
mdsa2_s9002d Mdsa2 s9002d
mdsa2_o0400c1 Mdsa2 o0400c1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400d_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400d title
mdsa2_o0110h1a Mdsa2 o0110h1a
mdsa2_s0150 Mdsa2 s0150
mdsa2_p0100c Mdsa2 p0100c
mdsa2_s6024c Mdsa2 s6024c
mdsa2_d0150c2 Mdsa2 d0150c2
mdsa2_a1010f Mdsa2 a1010f
mdsa2_s6020c Mdsa2 s6020c
mdsa2_gg0170j2 Mdsa2 gg0170j2
mdsa2_i6000 Mdsa2 i6000
mdsa2_o0400d2 Mdsa2 o0400d2
mdsa2_s3305b Mdsa2 s3305b
mdsa2_c0900b Mdsa2 c0900b
mdsa2_s8010a1 Mdsa2 s8010a1
mdsa2_s6220 Mdsa2 s6220
mdsa2_d0150g1 Mdsa2 d0150g1
mdsa2_i4300 Mdsa2 i4300
mdsa2_s4010b Mdsa2 s4010b
mdsa2_s9085a Mdsa2 s9085a
mdsa2_o0110d1a Mdsa2 o0110d1a
mdsa2_a1250c Mdsa2 a1250c
mdsa2_o0425c5 Mdsa2 o0425c5
mdsa2_gg0130e5 Mdsa2 gg0130e5
mdsa2_s8040b2 Mdsa2 s8040b2
mdsa2_s2016 Mdsa2 s2016
mdsa2_s8020c2 Mdsa2 s8020c2
mdsa2_s1200a Mdsa2 s1200a
mdsa2_n0415e1 Mdsa2 n0415e1
mdsa2_s9085d Mdsa2 s9085d
mdsa2_k0200a Mdsa2 k0200a
mdsa2_gg0170k3 Mdsa2 gg0170k3
mdsa2_d0500i1 Mdsa2 d0500i1
mdsa2_s9120 Mdsa2 s9120
mdsa2_j2610 Mdsa2 j2610
mdsa2_s4510e Mdsa2 s4510e
mdsa2_d0200h1 Mdsa2 d0200h1
mdsa2_o0110h10a Mdsa2 o0110h10a
mdsa2_v0200a17a Mdsa2 v0200a17a
mdsa2_s6100f2 Mdsa2 s6100f2
mdsa2_z0200c Mdsa2 z0200c
mdsa2_s5010d1 Mdsa2 s5010d1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400f_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400f title
mdsa2_a0100b Mdsa2 a0100b
mdsa2_j1900b Mdsa2 j1900b
mdsa2_d0300 Mdsa2 d0300
mdsa2_o0110o3c Mdsa2 o0110o3c
mdsa2_s0123 Mdsa2 s0123
mdsa2_gg0170f2 Mdsa2 gg0170f2
mdsa2_i2300 Mdsa2 i2300
mdsa2_q0110b Mdsa2 q0110b
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_empnum Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl empnum
mdsa2_s1100g Mdsa2 s1100g
mdsa2_s6304d Mdsa2 s6304d
mdsa2_gg0170l1 Mdsa2 gg0170l1
mdsa2_s8040b3 Mdsa2 s8040b3
mdsa2_s8000c2 Mdsa2 s8000c2
mdsa2_j0800b Mdsa2 j0800b
mdsa2_k0510a2 Mdsa2 k0510a2
mdsa2_s6020y Mdsa2 s6020y
mdsa2_k0520z2 Mdsa2 k0520z2
mdsa2_gg0170c2 Mdsa2 gg0170c2
mdsa2_s8040c3 Mdsa2 s8040c3
mdsa2_b0100 Mdsa2 b0100
mdsa2_d0200e1 Mdsa2 d0200e1
mdsa2_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0250a Mdsa2 cmi set for recalc z0250a
mdsa2_k0710b3 Mdsa2 k0710b3
mdsa2_s8512b Mdsa2 s8512b
mdsa2_o0100a2 Mdsa2 o0100a2
mdsa2_a2300 Mdsa2 a2300
mdsa2_m1040g Mdsa2 m1040g
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_12 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 12
mdsa2_gg0170b5 Mdsa2 gg0170b5
mdsa2_gg0170c1 Mdsa2 gg0170c1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400h_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400h title
mdsa2_o0110a1b Mdsa2 o0110a1b
mdsa2_p0200f Mdsa2 p0200f
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400f_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400f sections
mdsa2_o0110c3a Mdsa2 o0110c3a
mdsa2_x1100b Mdsa2 x1100b
mdsa2_v0200a09b Mdsa2 v0200a09b
mdsa2_s8010i3 Mdsa2 s8010i3
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400e_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400e sig
mdsa2_v0200a20b Mdsa2 v0200a20b
mdsa2_s5010h1 Mdsa2 s5010h1
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_02 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 02
mdsa2_b0800 Mdsa2 b0800
mdsa2_h0600 Mdsa2 h0600
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_flag Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact flag
mdsa2_gg0170g3 Mdsa2 gg0170g3
mdsa2_k0520b2 Mdsa2 k0520b2
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_hier_version Mdsa2 medicare rug3 hier version
mdsa2_o0110k1b Mdsa2 o0110k1b
mdsa2_k0520z4 Mdsa2 k0520z4
mdsa2_s0180 Mdsa2 s0180
mdsa2_f0800h Mdsa2 f0800h
mdsa2_s3100g Mdsa2 s3100g
mdsa2_s8030c Mdsa2 s8030c
mdsa2_s6100d Mdsa2 s6100d
mdsa2_gg0130a2 Mdsa2 gg0130a2
mdsa2_m1040e Mdsa2 m1040e
mdsa2_o0100z2 Mdsa2 o0100z2
mdsa2_a1550e Mdsa2 a1550e
mdsa2_v0100f Mdsa2 v0100f
mdsa2_cpsi_x1050z_rsn Mdsa2 cpsi x1050z rsn
mdsa2_j2000 Mdsa2 j2000
mdsa2_j0410 Mdsa2 j0410
mdsa2_o0400b1 Mdsa2 o0400b1
mdsa2_k0100c Mdsa2 k0100c
mdsa2_f0700 Mdsa2 f0700
mdsa2_s6051a Mdsa2 s6051a
mdsa2_s8020a2 Mdsa2 s8020a2
mdsa2_a1250x Mdsa2 a1250x
mdsa2_s3305y Mdsa2 s3305y
mdsa2_x0700a Mdsa2 x0700a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400b_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400b title
mdsa2_s5000 Mdsa2 s5000
mdsa2_cpsi_v0200c1 Mdsa2 cpsi v0200c1
mdsa2_a2105 Mdsa2 a2105
mdsa2_s9000 Mdsa2 s9000
mdsa2_q0110c Mdsa2 q0110c
mdsa2_d0200i2 Mdsa2 d0200i2
mdsa2_facility_provider_internal_id Mdsa2 facility provider internal id
mdsa2_gg0120c Mdsa2 gg0120c
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_aseq Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl aseq
mdsa2_m1200e Mdsa2 m1200e
mdsa2_d0500d2 Mdsa2 d0500d2
mdsa2_a1510b Mdsa2 a1510b
mdsa2_a1110a Mdsa2 a1110a
mdsa2_v0200a12b Mdsa2 v0200a12b
mdsa2_o0110e1b Mdsa2 o0110e1b
mdsa2_a1010a Mdsa2 a1010a
mdsa2_s6000 Mdsa2 s6000
mdsa2_z0100b Mdsa2 z0100b
mdsa2_s9040e Mdsa2 s9040e
mdsa2_m0300f2 Mdsa2 m0300f2
mdsa2_c1310b Mdsa2 c1310b
mdsa2_s0600c Mdsa2 s0600c
mdsa2_s3100a Mdsa2 s3100a
mdsa2_f0800g Mdsa2 f0800g
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_empnum Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked empnum
mdsa2_gg0170k1 Mdsa2 gg0170k1
mdsa2_itm_set_vrsn_cd Mdsa2 itm set vrsn cd
mdsa2_s1210c Mdsa2 s1210c
mdsa2_s6302 Mdsa2 s6302
mdsa2_e0500c Mdsa2 e0500c
mdsa2_s3310d Mdsa2 s3310d
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_05 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 05
mdsa2_j1700c Mdsa2 j1700c
mdsa2_q0610a Mdsa2 q0610a
mdsa2_d0200g2 Mdsa2 d0200g2
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400f_sig Mdsa2 cpsi z0400f sig
mdsa2_p0100a Mdsa2 p0100a
mdsa2_s5010i2 Mdsa2 s5010i2
mdsa2_s5010c2 Mdsa2 s5010c2
mdsa2_v0200a04a Mdsa2 v0200a04a
mdsa2_i3300 Mdsa2 i3300
mdsa2_cmi_value_for_z0200a Mdsa2 cmi value for z0200a
mdsa2_s3310z Mdsa2 s3310z
mdsa2_s0172c Mdsa2 s0172c
mdsa2_s8040d1 Mdsa2 s8040d1
mdsa2_o0400a5 Mdsa2 o0400a5
mdsa2_m0300b2 Mdsa2 m0300b2
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_14 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 14
mdsa2_hicn_mbi_ind Mdsa2 hicn mbi ind
mdsa2_g0110h1 Mdsa2 g0110h1
mdsa2_m1040h Mdsa2 m1040h
mdsa2_o0100h1 Mdsa2 o0100h1
mdsa2_s1210d Mdsa2 s1210d
mdsa2_v0200a16b Mdsa2 v0200a16b
mdsa2_x0800 Mdsa2 x0800
mdsa2_d0200c2 Mdsa2 d0200c2
mdsa2_q0310a Mdsa2 q0310a
mdsa2_gg0170d2 Mdsa2 gg0170d2
mdsa2_s0170b Mdsa2 s0170b
mdsa2_a1550c Mdsa2 a1550c
mdsa2_f0800s Mdsa2 f0800s
mdsa2_s0501 Mdsa2 s0501
mdsa2_e1100 Mdsa2 e1100
mdsa2_gg0170p3 Mdsa2 gg0170p3
mdsa2_s6050 Mdsa2 s6050
mdsa2_gg0170m3 Mdsa2 gg0170m3
mdsa2_a1010j Mdsa2 a1010j
mdsa2_k0520a1 Mdsa2 k0520a1
mdsa2_a2122c Mdsa2 a2122c
mdsa2_e1000a Mdsa2 e1000a
mdsa2_s6023b Mdsa2 s6023b
mdsa2_s1100e Mdsa2 s1100e
mdsa2_z0250a Mdsa2 z0250a
mdsa2_o0400c3 Mdsa2 o0400c3
mdsa2_q0400a Mdsa2 q0400a
mdsa2_s0115 Mdsa2 s0115
mdsa2_a0800 Mdsa2 a0800
mdsa2_o0300a Mdsa2 o0300a
mdsa2_i1300 Mdsa2 i1300
mdsa2_a0600b Mdsa2 a0600b
mdsa2_s2010 Mdsa2 s2010
mdsa2_o0110d3c Mdsa2 o0110d3c
mdsa2_gg0130i3 Mdsa2 gg0130i3
mdsa2_a0100c Mdsa2 a0100c
mdsa2_o0110b1a Mdsa2 o0110b1a
mdsa2_x0900z Mdsa2 x0900z
mdsa2_a1005c Mdsa2 a1005c
mdsa2_s1000 Mdsa2 s1000
mdsa2_s9080e Mdsa2 s9080e
mdsa2_i5500 Mdsa2 i5500
mdsa2_gg0170s2 Mdsa2 gg0170s2
mdsa2_s6201 Mdsa2 s6201
mdsa2_o0420 Mdsa2 o0420
mdsa2_d0150a1 Mdsa2 d0150a1
mdsa2_a2400a Mdsa2 a2400a
mdsa2_v0200a07b Mdsa2 v0200a07b
mdsa2_m1030 Mdsa2 m1030
mdsa2_s7500e Mdsa2 s7500e
mdsa2_i8000b Mdsa2 i8000b
mdsa2_o0500f Mdsa2 o0500f
mdsa2_s0600e Mdsa2 s0600e
mdsa2_i0100 Mdsa2 i0100
mdsa2_a0500d Mdsa2 a0500d
mdsa2_s1200d Mdsa2 s1200d
mdsa2_i5350 Mdsa2 i5350
mdsa2_o0110j3c Mdsa2 o0110j3c
mdsa2_o0110e1c Mdsa2 o0110e1c
mdsa2_j2510 Mdsa2 j2510
mdsa2_m0150 Mdsa2 m0150
mdsa2_p0100b Mdsa2 p0100b
mdsa2_p0200e Mdsa2 p0200e
mdsa2_v0200a06b Mdsa2 v0200a06b
mdsa2_s8020c3 Mdsa2 s8020c3
mdsa2_i8000i Mdsa2 i8000i
mdsa2_gg0170ss1 Mdsa2 gg0170ss1
mdsa2_gg0130i5 Mdsa2 gg0130i5
mdsa2_o0500d Mdsa2 o0500d
mdsa2_o0110a10c Mdsa2 o0110a10c
mdsa2_s2001 Mdsa2 s2001
mdsa2_o0110g1b Mdsa2 o0110g1b
mdsa2_cpsi_ins_end_date Mdsa2 cpsi ins end date
mdsa2_s7002 Mdsa2 s7002
mdsa2_f0400f Mdsa2 f0400f
mdsa2_gg0170a5 Mdsa2 gg0170a5
mdsa2_i4000 Mdsa2 i4000
mdsa2_q0500b Mdsa2 q0500b
mdsa2_o0110i1b Mdsa2 o0110i1b
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_17 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 17
mdsa2_a1510a Mdsa2 a1510a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400h_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400h section date
mdsa2_s1200i Mdsa2 s1200i
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_emptype Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl emptype
mdsa2_gg0170e3 Mdsa2 gg0170e3
mdsa2_state_cd Mdsa2 state cd
mdsa2_medicare_rug3_idx_max_cmi_set Mdsa2 medicare rug3 idx max cmi set
mdsa2_s8050a2 Mdsa2 s8050a2
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400k_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400k title
mdsa2_s8010z Mdsa2 s8010z
mdsa2_s3315y Mdsa2 s3315y
mdsa2_q0550c Mdsa2 q0550c
mdsa2_k0100a Mdsa2 k0100a
mdsa2_d0150b1 Mdsa2 d0150b1
mdsa2_n0415j2 Mdsa2 n0415j2
mdsa2_s0173 Mdsa2 s0173
mdsa2_s8521b Mdsa2 s8521b
mdsa2_g0110b2 Mdsa2 g0110b2
mdsa2_v0200a11a Mdsa2 v0200a11a
mdsa2_s6053b Mdsa2 s6053b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400c_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400c sections
mdsa2_o0110j1a Mdsa2 o0110j1a
mdsa2_b0700 Mdsa2 b0700
mdsa2_gg0130h3 Mdsa2 gg0130h3
mdsa2_s8000d1 Mdsa2 s8000d1
mdsa2_a0900 Mdsa2 a0900
mdsa2_gg0170rr1 Mdsa2 gg0170rr1
mdsa2_e0200c Mdsa2 e0200c
mdsa2_gg0110z Mdsa2 gg0110z
mdsa2_s6300 Mdsa2 s6300
mdsa2_o0100d1 Mdsa2 o0100d1
mdsa2_s9002e Mdsa2 s9002e
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400e_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400e section date
mdsa2_a0410 Mdsa2 a0410
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_logname Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact logname
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400c_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400c title
mdsa2_gg0170i3 Mdsa2 gg0170i3
mdsa2_o0500j Mdsa2 o0500j
mdsa2_b0600 Mdsa2 b0600
mdsa2_x0150 Mdsa2 x0150
mdsa2_gg0170g1 Mdsa2 gg0170g1
mdsa2_resident_internal_id Mdsa2 resident internal id
mdsa2_a1550z Mdsa2 a1550z
mdsa2_o0110o2c Mdsa2 o0110o2c
mdsa2_gg0170q5 Mdsa2 gg0170q5
mdsa2_gg0130g5 Mdsa2 gg0130g5
mdsa2_i4500 Mdsa2 i4500
mdsa2_m1200c Mdsa2 m1200c
mdsa2_s6210 Mdsa2 s6210
mdsa2_cpsi_v0200b1 Mdsa2 cpsi v0200b1
mdsa2_l0200d Mdsa2 l0200d
mdsa2_h0100a Mdsa2 h0100a
mdsa2_n0450d Mdsa2 n0450d
mdsa2_j1400 Mdsa2 j1400
mdsa2_s8055 Mdsa2 s8055
mdsa2_j0600a Mdsa2 j0600a
mdsa2_s1210a Mdsa2 s1210a
mdsa2_l0200a Mdsa2 l0200a
mdsa2_s1100f Mdsa2 s1100f
mdsa2_s1210h Mdsa2 s1210h
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400j_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400j section date
mdsa2_gg0110d Mdsa2 gg0110d
mdsa2_j1100c Mdsa2 j1100c
mdsa2_k0200b Mdsa2 k0200b
mdsa2_c0300b Mdsa2 c0300b
mdsa2_j1550c Mdsa2 j1550c
mdsa2_gg0130e2 Mdsa2 gg0130e2
mdsa2_s8010g Mdsa2 s8010g
mdsa2_s0172d Mdsa2 s0172d
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_08 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 08
mdsa2_f0500e Mdsa2 f0500e
mdsa2_q0110d Mdsa2 q0110d
mdsa2_gg0130b1 Mdsa2 gg0130b1
mdsa2_a0310b Mdsa2 a0310b
mdsa2_s6304c Mdsa2 s6304c
mdsa2_a1600 Mdsa2 a1600
mdsa2_s8010h3 Mdsa2 s8010h3
mdsa2_s4010e Mdsa2 s4010e
mdsa2_o0110o1b Mdsa2 o0110o1b
mdsa2_gg0130g3 Mdsa2 gg0130g3
mdsa2_s0113 Mdsa2 s0113
mdsa2_a1700 Mdsa2 a1700
mdsa2_s8050b Mdsa2 s8050b
mdsa2_s0600a Mdsa2 s0600a
mdsa2_s6305a Mdsa2 s6305a
mdsa2_a1300b Mdsa2 a1300b
mdsa2_s3310a Mdsa2 s3310a
mdsa2_i6300 Mdsa2 i6300
mdsa2_gg0170s1 Mdsa2 gg0170s1
mdsa2_gg0115a Mdsa2 gg0115a
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_19 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 19
mdsa2_j2810 Mdsa2 j2810
mdsa2_d0500e2 Mdsa2 d0500e2
mdsa2_o0400c2 Mdsa2 o0400c2
mdsa2_f0400a Mdsa2 f0400a
mdsa2_c_ccn_num Mdsa2 c ccn num
mdsa2_e0100b Mdsa2 e0100b
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400k_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400k section date
mdsa2_j1700b Mdsa2 j1700b
mdsa2_s8010e1 Mdsa2 s8010e1
mdsa2_x0300 Mdsa2 x0300
mdsa2_s8512a Mdsa2 s8512a
mdsa2_j0510 Mdsa2 j0510
mdsa2_j2320 Mdsa2 j2320
mdsa2_s3200a Mdsa2 s3200a
mdsa2_o0100h2 Mdsa2 o0100h2
mdsa2_fac_doc_id Mdsa2 fac doc id
mdsa2_s7500g Mdsa2 s7500g
mdsa2_gg0120z Mdsa2 gg0120z
mdsa2_s8050d Mdsa2 s8050d
mdsa2_f0500d Mdsa2 f0500d
mdsa2_s2050 Mdsa2 s2050
mdsa2_s9040g Mdsa2 s9040g
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_12 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 12
mdsa2_f0800q Mdsa2 f0800q
mdsa2_s6303a Mdsa2 s6303a
mdsa2_m1200i Mdsa2 m1200i
mdsa2_a1300a Mdsa2 a1300a
mdsa2_k0520a2 Mdsa2 k0520a2
mdsa2_m0300b1 Mdsa2 m0300b1
mdsa2_o0425a2 Mdsa2 o0425a2
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_adate Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact adate
mdsa2_s9020 Mdsa2 s9020
mdsa2_d0500h2 Mdsa2 d0500h2
mdsa2_s0515 Mdsa2 s0515
mdsa2_x1100a Mdsa2 x1100a
mdsa2_i4400 Mdsa2 i4400
mdsa2_v0200a02b Mdsa2 v0200a02b
mdsa2_x1050a Mdsa2 x1050a
mdsa2_s0101 Mdsa2 s0101
mdsa2_o0110b1c Mdsa2 o0110b1c
mdsa2_gg0170j5 Mdsa2 gg0170j5
mdsa2_a2124a Mdsa2 a2124a
mdsa2_j2600 Mdsa2 j2600
mdsa2_n0415a2 Mdsa2 n0415a2
mdsa2_gg0170b1 Mdsa2 gg0170b1
mdsa2_k0510z1 Mdsa2 k0510z1
mdsa2_s6052 Mdsa2 s6052
mdsa2_a1500 Mdsa2 a1500
mdsa2_f0800o Mdsa2 f0800o
mdsa2_gg0170r5 Mdsa2 gg0170r5
mdsa2_a1005a Mdsa2 a1005a
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400b_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400b sections
mdsa2_d0150g2 Mdsa2 d0150g2
mdsa2_o0425b5 Mdsa2 o0425b5
mdsa2_s8000a3 Mdsa2 s8000a3
mdsa2_x0700b Mdsa2 x0700b
mdsa2_o0425a5 Mdsa2 o0425a5
mdsa2_recalculated_z0100a Mdsa2 recalculated z0100a
mdsa2_a2400c Mdsa2 a2400c
mdsa2_m0300a Mdsa2 m0300a
mdsa2_g0110a2 Mdsa2 g0110a2
mdsa2_a1250b Mdsa2 a1250b
mdsa2_s6020a Mdsa2 s6020a
mdsa2_a1010y Mdsa2 a1010y
mdsa2_submission_date Mdsa2 submission date
mdsa2_o0110f1a Mdsa2 o0110f1a
mdsa2_s9003 Mdsa2 s9003
mdsa2_s1200f Mdsa2 s1200f
mdsa2_d0500j1 Mdsa2 d0500j1
mdsa2_j2800 Mdsa2 j2800
mdsa2_s1210g Mdsa2 s1210g
mdsa2_x0200c Mdsa2 x0200c
mdsa2_sftwr_vndr_name Mdsa2 sftwr vndr name
mdsa2_o0110j1c Mdsa2 o0110j1c
mdsa2_h0400 Mdsa2 h0400
mdsa2_f0800b Mdsa2 f0800b
mdsa2_s8010a3 Mdsa2 s8010a3
mdsa2_c0900d Mdsa2 c0900d
mdsa2_s6205 Mdsa2 s6205
mdsa2_o0400b6 Mdsa2 o0400b6
mdsa2_c0400c Mdsa2 c0400c
mdsa2_gg0170j3 Mdsa2 gg0170j3
mdsa2_a1010h Mdsa2 a1010h
mdsa2_i8000e Mdsa2 i8000e
mdsa2_gg0170n3 Mdsa2 gg0170n3
mdsa2_a1010c Mdsa2 a1010c
mdsa2_s8000d3 Mdsa2 s8000d3
mdsa2_j2599 Mdsa2 j2599
mdsa2_l0200z Mdsa2 l0200z
mdsa2_o0110a10a Mdsa2 o0110a10a
mdsa2_x0600a Mdsa2 x0600a
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_time Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl time
mdsa2_m1200g Mdsa2 m1200g
mdsa2_v0200a13b Mdsa2 v0200a13b
mdsa2_p0100h Mdsa2 p0100h
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_time Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact time
mdsa2_h0500 Mdsa2 h0500
mdsa2_p0200c Mdsa2 p0200c
mdsa2_s4000d Mdsa2 s4000d
mdsa2_s8030b2 Mdsa2 s8030b2
mdsa2_a0500c Mdsa2 a0500c
mdsa2_d0500c2 Mdsa2 d0500c2
mdsa2_o0110z1b Mdsa2 o0110z1b
mdsa2_s8010g1 Mdsa2 s8010g1
mdsa2_gg0170a3 Mdsa2 gg0170a3
mdsa2_n0450b Mdsa2 n0450b
mdsa2_gg0130f3 Mdsa2 gg0130f3
mdsa2_s0165a Mdsa2 s0165a
mdsa2_m1200b Mdsa2 m1200b
mdsa2_j0850 Mdsa2 j0850
mdsa2_s8020c1 Mdsa2 s8020c1
mdsa2_l0200f Mdsa2 l0200f
mdsa2_j2400 Mdsa2 j2400
mdsa2_f0500b Mdsa2 f0500b
mdsa2_j2500 Mdsa2 j2500
mdsa2_h0100c Mdsa2 h0100c
mdsa2_o0400a3 Mdsa2 o0400a3
mdsa2_s6060a Mdsa2 s6060a
mdsa2_c0400a Mdsa2 c0400a
mdsa2_s0175 Mdsa2 s0175
mdsa2_s6304i Mdsa2 s6304i
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400g_section_date Mdsa2 cpsi z0400g section date
mdsa2_a1010n Mdsa2 a1010n
mdsa2_s1003 Mdsa2 s1003
mdsa2_e0900 Mdsa2 e0900
mdsa2_s8030a1 Mdsa2 s8030a1
mdsa2_x0200a Mdsa2 x0200a
mdsa2_gg0170i1 Mdsa2 gg0170i1
mdsa2_gg0130g1 Mdsa2 gg0130g1
mdsa2_j1100a Mdsa2 j1100a
mdsa2_s0172g Mdsa2 s0172g
mdsa2_x0900b Mdsa2 x0900b
mdsa2_s8040a3 Mdsa2 s8040a3
mdsa2_cpsi_sub_blt_time Mdsa2 cpsi sub blt time
mdsa2_gg0170ss3 Mdsa2 gg0170ss3
mdsa2_s0172b Mdsa2 s0172b
mdsa2_o0100z1 Mdsa2 o0100z1
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_locked_date Mdsa2 cpsi asmt locked date
mdsa2_d0500f1 Mdsa2 d0500f1
mdsa2_s9002h Mdsa2 s9002h
mdsa2_s4010a Mdsa2 s4010a
mdsa2_k0520b1 Mdsa2 k0520b1
mdsa2_j0800d Mdsa2 j0800d
mdsa2_cpsi_asmt_jl_empcomp Mdsa2 cpsi asmt jl empcomp
mdsa2_f0400e Mdsa2 f0400e
mdsa2_a0300b Mdsa2 a0300b
mdsa2_s0170h Mdsa2 s0170h
mdsa2_v0200a15a Mdsa2 v0200a15a
mdsa2_s9040d1 Mdsa2 s9040d1
mdsa2_s0185 Mdsa2 s0185
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_08 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 08
mdsa2_n2003 Mdsa2 n2003
mdsa2_cpsi_z0300b Mdsa2 cpsi z0300b
mdsa2_o0100j1 Mdsa2 o0100j1
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400k_sections Mdsa2 cpsi z0400k sections
mdsa2_s9002g Mdsa2 s9002g
mdsa2_o0110c1c Mdsa2 o0110c1c
mdsa2_gg0170m1 Mdsa2 gg0170m1
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_01 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 01
mdsa2_o0110h4a Mdsa2 o0110h4a
mdsa2_q0490 Mdsa2 q0490
mdsa2_f0800z Mdsa2 f0800z
mdsa2_s0513 Mdsa2 s0513
mdsa2_s6020d Mdsa2 s6020d
mdsa2_recalculated_z0250a Mdsa2 recalculated z0250a
mdsa2_v0200a01a Mdsa2 v0200a01a
mdsa2_gg0120a Mdsa2 gg0120a
mdsa2_s5010g1 Mdsa2 s5010g1
mdsa2_s8010b2 Mdsa2 s8010b2
mdsa2_i1550 Mdsa2 i1550
mdsa2_s3300 Mdsa2 s3300
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_19 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 19
mdsa2_cpsi_sub_blt_flag Mdsa2 cpsi sub blt flag
mdsa2_spec_vrsn_cd Mdsa2 spec vrsn cd
mdsa2_i0020 Mdsa2 i0020
mdsa2_s0165d Mdsa2 s0165d
mdsa2_c0100 Mdsa2 c0100
mdsa2_s0170f Mdsa2 s0170f
mdsa2_m0300g2 Mdsa2 m0300g2
mdsa2_d0200b1 Mdsa2 d0200b1
mdsa2_m0300d2 Mdsa2 m0300d2
mdsa2_s3315d Mdsa2 s3315d
mdsa2_k0710a3 Mdsa2 k0710a3
mdsa2_s5010a1 Mdsa2 s5010a1
mdsa2_gg0170o1 Mdsa2 gg0170o1
mdsa2_z0200a Mdsa2 z0200a
mdsa2_e1000b Mdsa2 e1000b
mdsa2_k0520d4 Mdsa2 k0520d4
mdsa2_v0200a18a Mdsa2 v0200a18a
mdsa2_s0140 Mdsa2 s0140
mdsa2_d0500a1 Mdsa2 d0500a1
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_02 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 02
mdsa2_j1900a Mdsa2 j1900a
mdsa2_o0425c3 Mdsa2 o0425c3
mdsa2_s6100f3 Mdsa2 s6100f3
mdsa2_x0570b Mdsa2 x0570b
mdsa2_j2930 Mdsa2 j2930
mdsa2_o0400f2 Mdsa2 o0400f2
mdsa2_i6100 Mdsa2 i6100
mdsa2_i3700 Mdsa2 i3700
mdsa2_k0510z2 Mdsa2 k0510z2
mdsa2_s1100d Mdsa2 s1100d
mdsa2_x0900c Mdsa2 x0900c
mdsa2_m0300e1 Mdsa2 m0300e1
mdsa2_s5005 Mdsa2 s5005
mdsa2_o0100i2 Mdsa2 o0100i2
mdsa2_recalculated_z0100b Mdsa2 recalculated z0100b
mdsa2_s8520b Mdsa2 s8520b
mdsa2_s8000b2 Mdsa2 s8000b2
mdsa2_gg0130f1 Mdsa2 gg0130f1
mdsa2_s9080b Mdsa2 s9080b
mdsa2_x0600h Mdsa2 x0600h
mdsa2_o0500b Mdsa2 o0500b
mdsa2_sftwr_vndr_id Mdsa2 sftwr vndr id
mdsa2_i5300 Mdsa2 i5300
mdsa2_s8010d1 Mdsa2 s8010d1
mdsa2_s2040 Mdsa2 s2040
mdsa2_resident_match_criteria Mdsa2 resident match criteria
mdsa2_n0415g1 Mdsa2 n0415g1
mdsa2_s3100e Mdsa2 s3100e
mdsa2_sftwr_prod_vrsn_cd Mdsa2 sftwr prod vrsn cd
mdsa2_gg0170s3 Mdsa2 gg0170s3
mdsa2_s8015 Mdsa2 s8015
mdsa2_k0310 Mdsa2 k0310
mdsa2_n2001 Mdsa2 n2001
mdsa2_s1200g Mdsa2 s1200g
mdsa2_s3305e Mdsa2 s3305e
mdsa2_cpsi_z0400a_title Mdsa2 cpsi z0400a title
mdsa2_o0100b1 Mdsa2 o0100b1
mdsa2_gg0100c Mdsa2 gg0100c
mdsa2_o0110j3a Mdsa2 o0110j3a
mdsa2_gg0170r3 Mdsa2 gg0170r3
mdsa2_cpsi_mod_inact_aseq Mdsa2 cpsi mod inact aseq
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_06 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 06
mdsa2_i5400 Mdsa2 i5400
mdsa2_o0110h2c Mdsa2 o0110h2c
mdsa2_f0800m Mdsa2 f0800m
mdsa2_c0800 Mdsa2 c0800
mdsa2_d0600 Mdsa2 d0600
mdsa2_a1005y Mdsa2 a1005y
mdsa2_i6200 Mdsa2 i6200
mdsa2_s0505 Mdsa2 s0505
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_date_10 Mdsa2 cpsi caa date 10
mdsa2_i1500 Mdsa2 i1500
mdsa2_d0500g1 Mdsa2 d0500g1
mdsa2_s1100i Mdsa2 s1100i
mdsa2_b0300 Mdsa2 b0300
mdsa2_gg0170b3 Mdsa2 gg0170b3
mdsa2_s8010h1 Mdsa2 s8010h1
mdsa2_s8010c1 Mdsa2 s8010c1
mdsa2_d0150e1 Mdsa2 d0150e1
mdsa2_n0415b2 Mdsa2 n0415b2
mdsa2_k0100z Mdsa2 k0100z
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_09 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 09
mdsa2_f0800t Mdsa2 f0800t
mdsa2_cpsi_caa_location_16 Mdsa2 cpsi caa location 16
mdsa2_s6100a Mdsa2 s6100a
mdsa2_o0250a Mdsa2 o0250a
mdsa2_s8010f2 Mdsa2 s8010f2
mdsa2_o0400c4 Mdsa2 o0400c4
mdsa2_s8040c1 Mdsa2 s8040c1
mdsa2_m0300c2 Mdsa2 m0300c2
mdsa2_gg0130c2 Mdsa2 gg0130c2
mdsa2_g0110i2 Mdsa2 g0110i2
mdsa2_s0200b Mdsa2 s0200b
mdsa2_k0520a4 Mdsa2 k0520a4
mdsa2_i1100 Mdsa2 i1100
mdsa2_n0415d2 Mdsa2 n0415d2
mdsa2_j2530 Mdsa2 j2530

Table: mds_assessments

Description: Mds 3 Assessments


Name Description
mdsa_m1200e M1200e
mdsa_m1040e M1040e
mdsa_cpsi_sub_blt_flag Submission Built Flag
mdsa_v0200a08b V0200a08b
mdsa_a0050 A0050
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_14 Cpsi care area assessment date 14
mdsa_f0500b F0500b
mdsa_m0300g2 M0300g2
mdsa_s0120 S0120
mdsa_v0200a12b V0200a12b
mdsa_x0700c X0700c
mdsa_f0500h F0500h
mdsa_i5300 I5300
mdsa_d0200b1 D0200b1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_15 Cpsi care area assessment location 15
mdsa_o0425b4 Mdsa o0425b4
mdsa_cpsi_z0400b_sig Cpsi z0400b signature
mdsa_o0500f O0500f
mdsa_c0300a C0300a
mdsa_a2400c A2400c
mdsa_cpsi_z0400j_title Cpsi z0400j title
mdsa_s8030b1 S8030b1
mdsa_s0113 Mdsa s0113
mdsa_gg0170c1 Mdsa gg0170c1
mdsa_d0500d2 D0500d2
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_15 Cpsi care area assessment date 15
mdsa_gg0130g2 Mdsa gg0130g2
mdsa_gg0130f2 Mdsa gg0130f2
mdsa_s0170f S0170f adv dir do not intubate
mdsa_i8000g I8000g
mdsa_patnum Patient number
mdsa_gg0170p2 Mdsa gg0170p2
mdsa_m1200f M1200f
mdsa_s6100a S6100a
mdsa_d0500a2 D0500a2
mdsa_s8040z S8040z
mdsa_s3100a S3100a
mdsa_s1200z S1200z
mdsa_gg0110z Mdsa gg0110z
mdsa_s0170a S0170a adv dir guardian
mdsa_a0800 A0800
mdsa_s3310c Mdsa s3310c
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_04 Cpsi care area assessment location 04
mdsa_cmi_value_for_recalc_z0100a Cmi value for recalc z0100a
mdsa_v0200a18b V0200a18b
mdsa_gg0170g3 Mdsa gg0170g3
mdsa_g0110b1 G0110b1
mdsa_s0170e S0170e adv dir do not hospitalize
mdsa_c0900d C0900d
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_emptype Cpsi assessment just liked employee type
mdsa_s6100f3 S6100f3
mdsa_s9140 Mdsa s9140
mdsa_v0200a17a V0200a17a
mdsa_o0100k2 O0100k2
mdsa_f0800s F0800s
mdsa_s8010f2 S8010f2
mdsa_f0400h F0400h
mdsa_g0110a1 G0110a1
mdsa_a1000c A1000c
mdsa_birthdate_submit_code Birthdate submit code
mdsa_a0100b A0100b
mdsa_o0300a O0300a
mdsa_state_pdpm_obra_cd Mdsa state pdpm obra cd
mdsa_e0200a E0200a
mdsa_cpsi_sub_blt_logname Submission Built Logname
mdsa_o0400b2 O0400b2
mdsa_d0200e2 D0200e2
mdsa_v0200c2 V0200c2
mdsa_m0900c M0900c
mdsa_x0900d X0900d
mdsa_j2800 Mdsa j2800
mdsa_o0500h O0500h
mdsa_gg0170rr1 Mdsa gg0170rr1
mdsa_j2600 Mdsa j2600
mdsa_gg0130e2 Mdsa gg0130e2
mdsa_n0450a Mdsa n0450a
mdsa_gg0170k3 Mdsa gg0170k3
mdsa_d0200c2 D0200c2
mdsa_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0200a Cmi set for recalc z0200a
mdsa_spec_vrsn_cd Spec vrsn cd
mdsa_s0150 S0150
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_adate Modification Inactivation Date
mdsa_h0200a H0200a
mdsa_k0500a K0500a
mdsa_o0100z2 O0100z2
mdsa_a2100 A2100
mdsa_gg0130b5 Mdsa gg0130b5
mdsa_gg0170m3 Mdsa gg0170m3
mdsa_a1100a A1100a
mdsa_h0200c H0200c
mdsa_p0100c P0100c
mdsa_o0600 O0600
mdsa_s5010d2 S5010d2
mdsa_o0100f2 O0100f2
mdsa_s2060c Mdsa s2060c
mdsa_gg0170b1 Mdsa gg0170b1
mdsa_p0200d Mdsa p0200d
mdsa_s3100c S3100c
mdsa_d0500b1 D0500b1
mdsa_s9040f S9040f
mdsa_a1510c A1510c
mdsa_medicare_rug3_idx_max_cmi_set Medicare rug3 idx max cmi set
mdsa_cpsi_z0300b Cpsi z0300b
mdsa_s0172h S0172h goal disc not occur reason
mdsa_a0310d A0310d
mdsa_medicare_rug3_idx_max_version Medicare rug3 idx max version
mdsa_v0200a03a V0200a03a
mdsa_m0300b1 M0300b1
mdsa_v0100b V0100b
mdsa_m0610c M0610c
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_02 Cpsi care area assessment date 02
mdsa_d0200g1 D0200g1
mdsa_n2001 Mdsa n2001
mdsa_k0700b K0700b
mdsa_j2330 Mdsa j2330
mdsa_cpsi_z0500a Cpsi z0500a
mdsa_z0500b Z0500b
mdsa_cpsi_z0400b_section_date Cpsi z0400b section date
mdsa_s4000c S4000c
mdsa_d0500h2 D0500h2
mdsa_v0100a V0100a
mdsa_s8010h2 S8010h2
mdsa_gg0170b3 Mdsa gg0170b3
mdsa_s4510e S4510e
mdsa_prodn_test_cd Prodn test cd
mdsa_s8040c2 S8040c2
mdsa_o0400f1 O0400f1
mdsa_o0100e2 O0100e2
mdsa_f0800l F0800l
mdsa_l0200g L0200g
mdsa_j1550c J1550c
mdsa_j1700c J1700c
mdsa_a0310g A0310g
mdsa_p0200b Mdsa p0200b
mdsa_x0600c X0600c
mdsa_k0100z K0100z
mdsa_a0500d A0500d
mdsa_s6211 S6211
mdsa_recalculated_z0200c Mdsa recalculated z0200c
mdsa_cpsi_z0400a_section_date Cpsi z0400a section date
mdsa_x0600b X0600b
mdsa_g0400b G0400b
mdsa_s8521c S8521c
mdsa_x0100 X0100
mdsa_c1300d C1300d
mdsa_asmt_seq Assessment sequence number
mdsa_k0710b1 Mdsa k0710b1
mdsa_s6020a Mdsa s6020a
mdsa_s1100a S1100a
mdsa_k0310 K0310
mdsa_n0400g N0400g
mdsa_o0430 Mdsa o0430
mdsa_asmt_type Assessment type
mdsa_s0165z Mdsa s0165z
mdsa_cpsi_z0400l_sections Cpsi z0400l sections
mdsa_s3100h S3100h
mdsa_v0200a02a V0200a02a
mdsa_j2530 Mdsa j2530
mdsa_i1550 I1550
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_empnum Cpsi assessment locked employee number
mdsa_s0501 S0501
mdsa_h0100c H0100c
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_time Cpsi assessment just liked time
mdsa_g0600b G0600b
mdsa_s8000a1 S8000a1
mdsa_gg0100d Mdsa gg0100d
mdsa_a1300d A1300d
mdsa_i3700 I3700
mdsa_f0800a F0800a
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_time Modification Inactivation Time
mdsa_cpsi_z0400d_sections Cpsi z0400d sections
mdsa_mds_fac_id Mds fac id
mdsa_s8000a2 S8000a2
mdsa_s8030z S8030z
mdsa_a1500 A1500
mdsa_o0700 O0700
mdsa_gg0170c3 Mdsa gg0170c3
mdsa_s6024c Mdsa s6024c
mdsa_s0111 S0111
mdsa_gg0170q1 Mdsa gg0170q1
mdsa_medicare_rug3_idx_max_cmi_val Medicare rug3 idx max cmi val
mdsa_gg0170m1 Mdsa gg0170m1
mdsa_s0165d Mdsa s0165d
mdsa_c0300c C0300c
mdsa_v0200a10a V0200a10a
mdsa_s0172b S0172b goal disc hospital
mdsa_v0200a12a V0200a12a
mdsa_s2016 S2016
mdsa_k0200a K0200a
mdsa_p0100h P0100h
mdsa_m0800a M0800a
mdsa_o0500d O0500d
mdsa_s2060z Mdsa s2060z
mdsa_h0300 H0300
mdsa_s8050c S8050c
mdsa_m1200c M1200c
mdsa_e0100b E0100b
mdsa_o0400c2 O0400c2
mdsa_m1040h M1040h
mdsa_a1700 A1700
mdsa_j2900 Mdsa j2900
mdsa_z0100c Z0100c
mdsa_j2710 Mdsa j2710
mdsa_p0100e P0100e
mdsa_x0900a X0900a
mdsa_j0600b J0600b
mdsa_s2010 S2010
mdsa_m1040g M1040g
mdsa_m0300d2 M0300d2
mdsa_facility_provider_internal_id Facility provider internal id
mdsa_gg0170f1 Mdsa gg0170f1
mdsa_a1000e A1000e
mdsa_o0400b3a Mdsa o0400b3a
mdsa_a0900 A0900
mdsa_j2700 Mdsa j2700
mdsa_s0170c S0170c adv dir living will
mdsa_s0514 Mdsa s0514
mdsa_s8020a2 S8020a2
mdsa_o0250b O0250b
mdsa_g0600d G0600d
mdsa_s0161b Mdsa s0161b
mdsa_recalculated_z0100b Recalculated z0100b
mdsa_j1400 J1400
mdsa_z0150b Z0150b
mdsa_j0800b J0800b
mdsa_cpsi_z0400h_title Cpsi z0400h title
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_aseq Cpsi assessment just liked asequence
mdsa_x0570a Mdsa x0570a
mdsa_s0161c Mdsa s0161c
mdsa_f0400f F0400f
mdsa_gg0170k5 Mdsa gg0170k5
mdsa_s8010c2 S8010c2
mdsa_gg0110b Mdsa gg0110b
mdsa_s0153 Mdsa s0153
mdsa_s1210e Mdsa s1210e
mdsa_s3305d Mdsa s3305d
mdsa_s1100e S1100e
mdsa_gg0130b3 Mdsa gg0130b3
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_atype Cpsi assessment just liked atype
mdsa_c1300b C1300b
mdsa_s8020c2 S8020c2
mdsa_gg0170s1 Mdsa gg0170s1
mdsa_gg0170n1 Mdsa gg0170n1
mdsa_e1000a E1000a
mdsa_k0500c K0500c
mdsa_n0350a N0350a
mdsa_gg0170j2 Mdsa gg0170j2
mdsa_cpsi_sub_blt_time Submission Built Time
mdsa_cpsi_z0400h_section_date Cpsi z0400h section date
mdsa_g0110j2 G0110j2
mdsa_cpsi_z0400f_section_date Cpsi z0400f section date
mdsa_z0250a Z0250a
mdsa_o0100b2 O0100b2
mdsa_s2050 S2050
mdsa_x0200a X0200a
mdsa_s6051c S6051c
mdsa_s8000b3 S8000b3
mdsa_s5010f2 S5010f2
mdsa_j2699 Mdsa j2699
mdsa_o0100j2 O0100j2
mdsa_k0100b K0100b
mdsa_i6500 I6500
mdsa_s9002g S9002g
mdsa_gg0170a3 Mdsa gg0170a3
mdsa_s1200b S1200b
mdsa_i8000b I8000b
mdsa_s3305a Mdsa s3305a
mdsa_k0710a2 Mdsa k0710a2
mdsa_c0700 C0700
mdsa_s8000c3 S8000c3
mdsa_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsa_e0500c E0500c
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_date Cpsi assessment just liked date
mdsa_m0300g1 M0300g1
mdsa_s4000a S4000a
mdsa_i1200 I1200
mdsa_o0425c1 Mdsa o0425c1
mdsa_f0800j F0800j
mdsa_s4510b S4510b
mdsa_s3310a Mdsa s3310a
mdsa_submitting_user_id Submitting user id
mdsa_i5700 I5700
mdsa_gg0130b2 Mdsa gg0130b2
mdsa_s2060e Mdsa s2060e
mdsa_q0600 Q0600
mdsa_s8040d2 S8040d2
mdsa_c0900b C0900b
mdsa_s9002d S9002d
mdsa_f0800q F0800q
mdsa_m0100z M0100z
mdsa_s0520 S0520
mdsa_e0800 E0800
mdsa_k0510d2 K0510d2
mdsa_q0490 Q0490
mdsa_j0100c J0100c
mdsa_s6200 S6200
mdsa_x0700b X0700b
mdsa_j1300 J1300
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_09 Cpsi care area assessment date 09
mdsa_gg0130a2 Mdsa gg0130a2
mdsa_s0172a S0172a goal disc documentation received
mdsa_gg0130h2 Mdsa gg0130h2
mdsa_i0100 I0100
mdsa_cpsi_z0400l_title Cpsi z0400l title
mdsa_gg0170h3 Mdsa gg0170h3
mdsa_o0400b3 O0400b3
mdsa_a1550a A1550a
mdsa_n0450b Mdsa n0450b
mdsa_c0800 C0800
mdsa_m0610a M0610a
mdsa_m0150 M0150
mdsa_q0500a Q0500a
mdsa_j2910 Mdsa j2910
mdsa_s6005 S6005
mdsa_o0425c3 Mdsa o0425c3
mdsa_v0200a15b V0200a15b
mdsa_s0600c Mdsa s0600c
mdsa_s0185 Mdsa s0185
mdsa_i8000i I8000i
mdsa_s0115 S0115
mdsa_a0700 A0700
mdsa_gg0110d Mdsa gg0110d
mdsa_z0100a Z0100a
mdsa_cpsi_z0400a_title Cpsi z0400a title
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_07 Cpsi care area assessment location 07
mdsa_q0550a Q0550a
mdsa_x1050z X1050z
mdsa_s2000 S2000
mdsa_s9040d1 Mdsa s9040d1
mdsa_i8000a I8000a
mdsa_x0900z_reason X0900z Other Reason
mdsa_s5010d1 S5010d1
mdsa_m0800c M0800c
mdsa_cpsi_z0400d_sig Cpsi z0400d signature
mdsa_v0200a06b V0200a06b
mdsa_a2200 A2200
mdsa_cpsi_z0400b_sections Cpsi z0400b sections
mdsa_s0505 Mdsa s0505
mdsa_j0300 J0300
mdsa_s3305c Mdsa s3305c
mdsa_q0500b Q0500b
mdsa_n0450d Mdsa n0450d
mdsa_f0800f F0800f
mdsa_i4800 I4800
mdsa_s8000e3 S8000e3
mdsa_j0200 J0200
mdsa_i3800 I3800
mdsa_s0175 Mdsa s0175
mdsa_k0510b2 K0510b2
mdsa_o0100l2 O0100l2
mdsa_itm_set_vrsn_cd Itm set vrsn cd
mdsa_gg0170q3 Mdsa gg0170q3
mdsa_s8000b2 S8000b2
mdsa_e0500b E0500b
mdsa_s6100d S6100d
mdsa_g0110b2 G0110b2
mdsa_s8050a3 S8050a3
mdsa_s5005 S5005
mdsa_s8510a S8510a
mdsa_d0200h2 D0200h2
mdsa_s3310b Mdsa s3310b
mdsa_s8030a2 S8030a2
mdsa_f0600 F0600
mdsa_a0500a A0500a
mdsa_cpsi_z0400j_sections Cpsi z0400j sections
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_18 Cpsi care area assessment date 18
mdsa_p0100b P0100b
mdsa_submission_id Submission id
mdsa_d0500e1 D0500e1
mdsa_i1300 I1300
mdsa_s8000d3 S8000d3
mdsa_j0850 J0850
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_20 Cpsi care area assessment date 20
mdsa_n0410c N0410c
mdsa_s6023a Mdsa s6023a
mdsa_s9085b Mdsa s9085b
mdsa_i5600 I5600
mdsa_g0300b G0300b
mdsa_v0200a07b V0200a07b
mdsa_d0500f1 D0500f1
mdsa_i2000 I2000
mdsa_cpsi_z0400k_section_date Cpsi z0400k section date
mdsa_d0200f2 D0200f2
mdsa_d0500b2 D0500b2
mdsa_gg0170o2 Mdsa gg0170o2
mdsa_s8500 S8500
mdsa_s4510c S4510c
mdsa_s1100c S1100c
mdsa_k0710b3 Mdsa k0710b3
mdsa_x0700a X0700a
mdsa_gg0130c2 Mdsa gg0130c2
mdsa_s1200g S1200g
mdsa_n2005 Mdsa n2005
mdsa_n0410e N0410e
mdsa_gg0130b1 Mdsa gg0130b1
mdsa_o0400c4 O0400c4
mdsa_i2400 I2400
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_06 Cpsi care area assessment date 06
mdsa_gg0170d2 Mdsa gg0170d2
mdsa_s9040h S9040h ca polst advanced directive
mdsa_j2899 Mdsa j2899
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_03 Cpsi care area assessment location 03
mdsa_j1550z J1550z
mdsa_v0200a04b V0200a04b
mdsa_s8010e3 S8010e3
mdsa_h0500 H0500
mdsa_l0200d L0200d
mdsa_gg0170ss3 Mdsa gg0170ss3
mdsa_s6051b S6051b
mdsa_s1200h S1200h
mdsa_s2015 S2015
mdsa_o0100g2 O0100g2
mdsa_a0300b Mdsa a0300b
mdsa_s1100j Mdsa s1100j
mdsa_m1040z M1040z
mdsa_s0172d S0172d goal disc home no health srvcs
mdsa_f0400d F0400d
mdsa_f0500f F0500f
mdsa_d0200a2 D0200a2
mdsa_z0200b Z0200b
mdsa_s6020z Mdsa s6020z
mdsa_cpsi_z0400j_sig Cpsi z0400j signature
mdsa_s0600b Mdsa s0600b
mdsa_s3100b S3100b
mdsa_s0123 S0123
mdsa_state_extract_file_id State extract file id
mdsa_cpsi_z0400i_title Cpsi z0400i title
mdsa_cpsi_z0400e_sections Cpsi z0400e sections
mdsa_s5010h2 S5010h2
mdsa_j0600a J0600a
mdsa_s6053b Mdsa s6053b
mdsa_o0100z1 O0100z1
mdsa_p0200f Mdsa p0200f
mdsa_medicare_rug3_idx_max_grp Medicare rug3 idx max grp
mdsa_gg0130c3 Mdsa gg0130c3
mdsa_s1210i Mdsa s1210i
mdsa_s8010i2 S8010i2
mdsa_i4000 I4000
mdsa_v0200a16b V0200a16b
mdsa_k0510b1 K0510b1
mdsa_s0500 S0500
mdsa_m0300a M0300a
mdsa_sftwr_vndr_name Sftwr vndr name
mdsa_cpsi_z0400h_sig Cpsi z0400h signature
mdsa_s9040d S9040d
mdsa_f0800h F0800h
mdsa_s4010b S4010b
mdsa_cpsi_ins_begin_date Cpsi insurance begin date
mdsa_x1050z_reason X1050z Other Reason
mdsa_s0161a Mdsa s0161a
mdsa_x0600f X0600f
mdsa_m0100a M0100a
mdsa_i2100 I2100
mdsa_gg0170a1 Mdsa gg0170a1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_19 Cpsi care area assessment location 19
mdsa_s3315d Mdsa s3315d
mdsa_s1003 Mdsa s1003
mdsa_s8010a3 S8010a3
mdsa_p0100g P0100g
mdsa_s8040b2 S8040b2
mdsa_s1210f Mdsa s1210f
mdsa_j1900a J1900a
mdsa_o0400a4 O0400a4
mdsa_a1550b A1550b
mdsa_gg0170r2 Mdsa gg0170r2
mdsa_m0300c1 M0300c1
mdsa_k0500d K0500d
mdsa_cbsa_urban_rural_code Cbsa urban rural code
mdsa_l0200z L0200z
mdsa_c1310a Mdsa c1310a
mdsa_v0200a20b V0200a20b
mdsa_v0200a05b V0200a05b
mdsa_s8099 S8099
mdsa_s8020b2 S8020b2
mdsa_submission_complete_date Submission complete date
mdsa_o0500a O0500a
mdsa_d0500i1 D0500i1
mdsa_s1001 S1001
mdsa_a0310c A0310c
mdsa_s8010c1 S8010c1
mdsa_cpsi_x1050z_rsn X1050z
mdsa_o0100i1 O0100i1
mdsa_s8040a2 S8040a2
mdsa_o0450b O0450b
mdsa_o0400b5 O0400b5
mdsa_c0400b C0400b
mdsa_n0410g N0410g
mdsa_o0425a2 Mdsa o0425a2
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_07 Cpsi care area assessment date 07
mdsa_g0110g2 G0110g2
mdsa_s5010g1 S5010g1
mdsa_o0425a3 Mdsa o0425a3
mdsa_s3100z S3100z
mdsa_o0100a1 O0100a1
mdsa_s1200e S1200e
mdsa_i5000 I5000
mdsa_i1100 I1100
mdsa_i5250 I5250
mdsa_gg0170k1 Mdsa gg0170k1
mdsa_s0513 Mdsa s0513
mdsa_d0500j2 D0500j2
mdsa_s1210b Mdsa s1210b
mdsa_o0500j O0500j
mdsa_i3300 I3300
mdsa_gg0170e1 Mdsa gg0170e1
mdsa_s8000e1 S8000e1
mdsa_s0102 S0102
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_12 Cpsi care area assessment date 12
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_16 Cpsi care area assessment date 16
mdsa_s0172g S0172g goal disc other
mdsa_b0300 B0300
mdsa_a1300a A1300a
mdsa_a1550d A1550d
mdsa_s8010b2 S8010b2
mdsa_x0900b X0900b
mdsa_m0300e2 M0300e2
mdsa_f0800d F0800d
mdsa_j2799 Mdsa j2799
mdsa_o0400a6 O0400a6
mdsa_d0500c1 D0500c1
mdsa_s0171b S0171b resident healthcare proxy invked
mdsa_f0800o F0800o
mdsa_s8050a1 S8050a1
mdsa_m1040b M1040b
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_date Modification Inactivation Date
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_10 Cpsi care area assessment location 10
mdsa_e0200c E0200c
mdsa_s8010d2 S8010d2
mdsa_g0110f1 G0110f1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_13 Cpsi care area assessment location 13
mdsa_s4510a S4510a
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_04 Cpsi care area assessment date 04
mdsa_o0400a2 O0400a2
mdsa_v0200a19b V0200a19b
mdsa_s3315a Mdsa s3315a
mdsa_i6000 I6000
mdsa_i0400 I0400
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_09 Cpsi care area assessment location 09
mdsa_s8030b3 S8030b3
mdsa_q0400a Q0400a
mdsa_s6205 Mdsa s6205
mdsa_l0200b L0200b
mdsa_m0300f1 M0300f1
mdsa_o0400e2 O0400e2
mdsa_s0170d S0170d adv dir do not resuscitate
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_emptype Cpsi assessment locked employee type
mdsa_i1500 I1500
mdsa_d0500h1 D0500h1
mdsa_s0173 S0173
mdsa_a2000 A2000
mdsa_h0100a H0100a
mdsa_gg0170l1 Mdsa gg0170l1
mdsa_o0100d1 O0100d1
mdsa_s0122 S0122
mdsa_resident_age Resident age
mdsa_s0165b Mdsa s0165b
mdsa_s3200a S3200a
mdsa_s1100h S1100h
mdsa_m0300b3 M0300b3
mdsa_i0020b Mdsa i0020b
mdsa_l0200f L0200f
mdsa_medicare_rug4_hier_version Medicare rug4 hier version
mdsa_v0200a09b V0200a09b
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_facid Modification Inactivation Facility Id
mdsa_s3310z Mdsa s3310z
mdsa_n2003 Mdsa n2003
mdsa_j2499 Mdsa j2499
mdsa_n0400b N0400b
mdsa_j2400 Mdsa j2400
mdsa_s5010i2 S5010i2
mdsa_d0500a1 D0500a1
mdsa_s0130 S0130
mdsa_s5010a1 S5010a1
mdsa_gg0170j5 Mdsa gg0170j5
mdsa_cpsi_v0200b1 V0200b1
mdsa_resident_match_criteria Resident match criteria
mdsa_recalculated_z0200b Recalculated z0200b
mdsa_s6210 S6210
mdsa_s0600z Mdsa s0600z
mdsa_s8030c S8030c
mdsa_s6100b S6100b
mdsa_i8000j I8000j
mdsa_o0400c6 O0400c6
mdsa_s4000d S4000d
mdsa_i0600 I0600
mdsa_cpsi_z0400e_sig Cpsi z0400e signature
mdsa_c_ccn_num Mdsa c ccn num
mdsa_x0300 X0300
mdsa_s8520a S8520a
mdsa_s8010e1 S8010e1
mdsa_f0400b F0400b
mdsa_o0100c2 O0100c2
mdsa_cpsi_z0400i_sig Cpsi z0400i signature
mdsa_x0900z X0900z
mdsa_f0500c F0500c
mdsa_v0200a01b V0200a01b
mdsa_gg0130h3 Mdsa gg0130h3
mdsa_s0170g S0170g adv dir feeding restrictions
mdsa_s9085d Mdsa s9085d
mdsa_s6023c Mdsa s6023c
mdsa_gg0170i5 Mdsa gg0170i5
mdsa_s9080d S9080d
mdsa_m1030 M1030
mdsa_i8000e I8000e
mdsa_s8521a S8521a
mdsa_j1100b J1100b
mdsa_o0100m2 O0100m2
mdsa_gg0130a3 Mdsa gg0130a3
mdsa_v0200a11b V0200a11b
mdsa_c1310c Mdsa c1310c
mdsa_b0700 B0700
mdsa_assessment_id Assessment id
mdsa_q0100b Q0100b
mdsa_a1900 A1900
mdsa_cpsi_v0200c1 V0200c1
mdsa_i5950 I5950
mdsa_k0510a2 K0510a2
mdsa_a0500b A0500b
mdsa_s6020d Mdsa s6020d
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_apatnum Cpsi assessment just liked apatient num
mdsa_v0100d V0100d
mdsa_o0100h2 O0100h2
mdsa_d0300 D0300
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_19 Cpsi care area assessment date 19
mdsa_j1900c J1900c
mdsa_s9120 S9120
mdsa_k0510z2 K0510z2
mdsa_x1100a X1100a
mdsa_gg0170d3 Mdsa gg0170d3
mdsa_g0110h1 G0110h1
mdsa_g0120b G0120b
mdsa_asmt_date Assessment date
mdsa_cpsi_z0400h_sections Cpsi z0400h sections
mdsa_gg0100b Mdsa gg0100b
mdsa_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0150a Cmi set for recalc z0150a
mdsa_i5500 I5500
mdsa_gg0130g1 Mdsa gg0130g1
mdsa_s8010g3 S8010g3
mdsa_s9002i S9002i
mdsa_s3305y Mdsa s3305y
mdsa_g0300e G0300e
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_17 Cpsi care area assessment location 17
mdsa_gg0170g2 Mdsa gg0170g2
mdsa_j0500a J0500a
mdsa_c1600 C1600
mdsa_s0600d Mdsa s0600d
mdsa_o0425a5 Mdsa o0425a5
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_empcomp Cpsi assessment locked employee company
mdsa_x0600d X0600d
mdsa_s9002c S9002c
mdsa_s8512a S8512a
mdsa_s5010e2 S5010e2
mdsa_i0020 Mdsa i0020
mdsa_s4010d S4010d
mdsa_s3100d S3100d
mdsa_gg0170c5 Mdsa gg0170c5
mdsa_s6022b Mdsa s6022b
mdsa_s0170z S0170z adv dir none of the above
mdsa_o0300b O0300b
mdsa_o0420 Mdsa o0420
mdsa_s8030a3 S8030a3
mdsa_m0900d M0900d
mdsa_j2510 Mdsa j2510
mdsa_f0800m F0800m
mdsa_e0600a E0600a
mdsa_g0900b G0900b
mdsa_i7900 I7900
mdsa_s1100z S1100z
mdsa_q0300a Q0300a
mdsa_j2410 Mdsa j2410
mdsa_a0310e A0310e
mdsa_s0511 S0511
mdsa_g0110d1 G0110d1
mdsa_s2060b Mdsa s2060b
mdsa_o0400d1 O0400d1
mdsa_j1700a J1700a
mdsa_b0200 B0200
mdsa_g0110j1 G0110j1
mdsa_m0900b M0900b
mdsa_cpsi_z0400l_section_date Cpsi z0400l section date
mdsa_e0600b E0600b
mdsa_s0161z Mdsa s0161z
mdsa_cmi_value_for_recalc_z0150a Cmi value for recalc z0150a
mdsa_j2810 Mdsa j2810
mdsa_s4010e S4010e
mdsa_s3315y Mdsa s3315y
mdsa_s6000 S6000
mdsa_i1650 I1650
mdsa_gg0170e5 Mdsa gg0170e5
mdsa_j2610 Mdsa j2610
mdsa_gg0170b2 Mdsa gg0170b2
mdsa_s9080b S9080b
mdsa_gg0130h1 Mdsa gg0130h1
mdsa_k0710a3 Mdsa k0710a3
mdsa_s6022c Mdsa s6022c
mdsa_v0200a03b V0200a03b
mdsa_a1510b A1510b
mdsa_gg0130c5 Mdsa gg0130c5
mdsa_c0100 C0100
mdsa_m0300c2 M0300c2
mdsa_g0110i2 G0110i2
mdsa_n0400z N0400z
mdsa_o0400f2 O0400f2
mdsa_gg0170a2 Mdsa gg0170a2
mdsa_gg0170n2 Mdsa gg0170n2
mdsa_s9085a Mdsa s9085a
mdsa_f0800k F0800k
mdsa_j1550b J1550b
mdsa_j2930 Mdsa j2930
mdsa_gg0170n3 Mdsa gg0170n3
mdsa_s8520c S8520c
mdsa_m1200i M1200i
mdsa_s8521b S8521b
mdsa_a1100b A1100b
mdsa_s9002a S9002a
mdsa_i0800 I0800
mdsa_i1400 I1400
mdsa_s8010h1 S8010h1
mdsa_cpsi_z0400i_section_date Cpsi z0400i section date
mdsa_i5100 I5100
mdsa_z0200a Z0200a
mdsa_gg0170f5 Mdsa gg0170f5
mdsa_m0610b M0610b
mdsa_cpsi_x1100d_sig X1100d
mdsa_s0509 Mdsa s0509
mdsa_i2500 I2500
mdsa_s4510f S4510f
mdsa_s8000c2 S8000c2
mdsa_s6050 S6050
mdsa_s9060 S9060
mdsa_d0500g1 D0500g1
mdsa_s1100f S1100f
mdsa_g0600a G0600a
mdsa_recalculated_z0250a Recalculated z0250a
mdsa_cpsi_z0300a Cpsi z0300a
mdsa_e0100z E0100z
mdsa_s8000e2 S8000e2
mdsa_s9001 S9001
mdsa_i5800 I5800
mdsa_d0600 D0600
mdsa_p0200c Mdsa p0200c
mdsa_n0400a N0400a
mdsa_s8010c3 S8010c3
mdsa_f0800b F0800b
mdsa_k0510c1 K0510c1
mdsa_n0450c Mdsa n0450c
mdsa_s1200c S1200c
mdsa_gg0130f1 Mdsa gg0130f1
mdsa_s4000b S4000b
mdsa_s9040a S9040a
mdsa_j0800d J0800d
mdsa_v0200a02b V0200a02b
mdsa_l0200a L0200a
mdsa_j0400 J0400
mdsa_i2200 I2200
mdsa_s3100e S3100e
mdsa_m1200z M1200z
mdsa_c1000 C1000
mdsa_s6010 S6010
mdsa_n0410h Mdsa n0410h
mdsa_a1300c A1300c
mdsa_s6201 S6201
mdsa_s0510 S0510
mdsa_k0510d1 K0510d1
mdsa_o0425c2 Mdsa o0425c2
mdsa_j1550a J1550a
mdsa_n0400f N0400f
mdsa_o0425c4 Mdsa o0425c4
mdsa_j1900b J1900b
mdsa_s9002f S9002f
mdsa_s8000a3 S8000a3
mdsa_m0800b M0800b
mdsa_k0710b2 Mdsa k0710b2
mdsa_q0100c Q0100c
mdsa_s0114 Mdsa s0114
mdsa_q0550b Q0550b
mdsa_g0400a G0400a
mdsa_h0100b H0100b
mdsa_s1200d S1200d
mdsa_s6232 Mdsa s6232
mdsa_g0110c1 G0110c1
mdsa_cpsi_ins_end_date Cpsi insurance end date
mdsa_i5350 I5350
mdsa_c1300c C1300c
mdsa_a2400b A2400b
mdsa_gg0170ss1 Mdsa gg0170ss1
mdsa_x1050a X1050a
mdsa_j2100 Mdsa j2100
mdsa_m1040f M1040f
mdsa_v0200a08a V0200a08a
mdsa_d0200b2 D0200b2
mdsa_i2300 I2300
mdsa_s1150 Mdsa s1150
mdsa_cpsi_z0400k_sig Cpsi z0400k signature
mdsa_v0200a09a V0200a09a
mdsa_o0500g O0500g
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_14 Cpsi care area assessment location 14
mdsa_gg0170d5 Mdsa gg0170d5
mdsa_a0300a Mdsa a0300a
mdsa_cpsi_x1100c_title X1100c
mdsa_s8040c3 S8040c3
mdsa_s3100g S3100g
mdsa_cpsi_sub_blt_facid Submission Built Facility Id
mdsa_o0500e O0500e
mdsa_s6051d S6051d
mdsa_o0400b1 O0400b1
mdsa_gg0170c2 Mdsa gg0170c2
mdsa_c0300b C0300b
mdsa_k0200b K0200b
mdsa_i8000f I8000f
mdsa_cpsi_z0400b_title Cpsi z0400b title
mdsa_recalculated_z0150b Recalculated z0150b
mdsa_j2300 Mdsa j2300
mdsa_m1200d M1200d
mdsa_x1100e X1100e
mdsa_a0200 A0200
mdsa_sftwr_vndr_email_adr Sftwr vndr email adr
mdsa_o0400a5 O0400a5
mdsa_f0500g F0500g
mdsa_d0500j1 D0500j1
mdsa_s8010z S8010z
mdsa_f0800z F0800z
mdsa_gg0130a5 Mdsa gg0130a5
mdsa_j0800c J0800c
mdsa_gg0130g3 Mdsa gg0130g3
mdsa_k0100c K0100c
mdsa_recalculated_z0100c Recalculated z0100c
mdsa_s4500 S4500
mdsa_f0400g F0400g
mdsa_b0600 B0600
mdsa_a0100a A0100a
mdsa_i4500 I4500
mdsa_h0400 H0400
mdsa_fac_doc_id Fac doc id
mdsa_cpsi_z0400d_section_date Cpsi z0400d section date
mdsa_f0800t F0800t
mdsa_s1210z Mdsa s1210z
mdsa_cpsi_z0400g_section_date Cpsi z0400g section date
mdsa_cpsi_x0900z_rsn X0900z
mdsa_v0200a13a V0200a13a
mdsa_s9002h S9002h
mdsa_cpsi_z0400g_title Cpsi z0400g title
mdsa_cpsi_z0400j_section_date Cpsi z0400j section date
mdsa_s8030b2 S8030b2
mdsa_h0200b H0200b
mdsa_s8010g S8010g medicaid state source
mdsa_medicare_rug3_hier_grp Medicare rug3 hier grp
mdsa_effective_date Effective date
mdsa_j1800 J1800
mdsa_v0200a16a V0200a16a
mdsa_cmi_value_for_recalc_z0250a Cmi value for recalc z0250a
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_date Cpsi assessment locked date
mdsa_gg0170d1 Mdsa gg0170d1
mdsa_gg0130e3 Mdsa gg0130e3
mdsa_o0250c O0250c
mdsa_c0200 C0200
mdsa_gg0170f2 Mdsa gg0170f2
mdsa_p0200e Mdsa p0200e
mdsa_s9100c S9100c
mdsa_j2520 Mdsa j2520
mdsa_o0100f1 O0100f1
mdsa_j2000 Mdsa j2000
mdsa_s0165a Mdsa s0165a
mdsa_medicare_rug4_hier_grp Medicare rug4 hier grp
mdsa_gg0170k2 Mdsa gg0170k2
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_adate Cpsi assessment just liked adate
mdsa_j0100a J0100a
mdsa_s5010a2 S5010a2
mdsa_n0410a N0410a
mdsa_k0710a1 Mdsa k0710a1
mdsa_x0570b Mdsa x0570b
mdsa_a1000b A1000b
mdsa_target_date Target date
mdsa_s1100f2 S1100f2
mdsa_a1600 A1600
mdsa_k0510z1 K0510z1
mdsa_original_assessment_id Original assessment id
mdsa_s5010f1 S5010f1
mdsa_o0100b1 O0100b1
mdsa_s1200a S1200a
mdsa_m0210 M0210
mdsa_o0100j1 O0100j1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_01 Cpsi care area assessment date 01
mdsa_s4510d S4510d
mdsa_f0800i F0800i
mdsa_s8010h3 S8010h3
mdsa_d0200g2 D0200g2
mdsa_d0100 D0100
mdsa_k0700a K0700a
mdsa_s2001 S2001
mdsa_cpsi_z0400c_sig Cpsi z0400c signature
mdsa_c0900z C0900z
mdsa_s9100a S9100a
mdsa_sftwr_prod_vrsn_cd Sftwr prod vrsn cd
mdsa_s3315c Mdsa s3315c
mdsa_a1550c A1550c
mdsa_s9002e S9002e
mdsa_s9085c Mdsa s9085c
mdsa_d0200d1 D0200d1
mdsa_s4010a S4010a
mdsa_s8040c1 S8040c1
mdsa_c0900a C0900a
mdsa_q0400b Q0400b
mdsa_s2060d Mdsa s2060d
mdsa_s9040c S9040c
mdsa_s6202 Mdsa s6202
mdsa_f0800r F0800r
mdsa_i8000c I8000c
mdsa_m1200g M1200g
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_20 Cpsi care area assessment location 20
mdsa_s8040a1 S8040a1
mdsa_x0600a X0600a
mdsa_s9003 S9003
mdsa_recalculated_z0100a Recalculated z0100a
mdsa_x0400 X0400
mdsa_d0650 D0650
mdsa_d0500d1 D0500d1
mdsa_s0125 S0125
mdsa_s8010g1 S8010g1
mdsa_d0200i1 D0200i1
mdsa_v0200a05a V0200a05a
mdsa_a0310f A0310f
mdsa_s8020z S8020z
mdsa_o0100k1 O0100k1
mdsa_s8050a2 S8050a2
mdsa_s5010c2 S5010c2
mdsa_j0100b J0100b
mdsa_o0450a O0450a
mdsa_s8040d1 S8040d1
mdsa_gg0110e Mdsa gg0110e
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_06 Cpsi care area assessment location 06
mdsa_h0100d H0100d
mdsa_v0200b2 V0200b2
mdsa_c1310d Mdsa c1310d
mdsa_s6220 S6220
mdsa_o0400b4 O0400b4
mdsa_s0165e Mdsa s0165e
mdsa_z0250b Z0250b
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_08 Cpsi care area assessment date 08
mdsa_s6052 Mdsa s6052
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_13 Cpsi care area assessment date 13
mdsa_a2400a A2400a
mdsa_b0100 B0100
mdsa_p0200a Mdsa p0200a
mdsa_z0100b Z0100b
mdsa_c0500 C0500
mdsa_s1100b S1100b
mdsa_d0200h1 D0200h1
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_empnum Cpsi assessment just liked employee num
mdsa_o0425a1 Mdsa o0425a1
mdsa_cpsi_z0400i_sections Cpsi z0400i sections
mdsa_i8000h I8000h
mdsa_gg0170m2 Mdsa gg0170m2
mdsa_g0110g1 G0110g1
mdsa_i5900 I5900
mdsa_s8050b S8050b
mdsa_f0500a F0500a
mdsa_i5200 I5200
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_05 Cpsi care area assessment location 05
mdsa_i3200 I3200
mdsa_i4900 I4900
mdsa_cpsi_z0400g_sections Cpsi z0400g sections
mdsa_cpsi_sub_blt_date Submission Built Date
mdsa_a0310a A0310a
mdsa_s6024b Mdsa s6024b
mdsa_m0300d1 M0300d1
mdsa_s1000 S1000
mdsa_o0500c O0500c
mdsa_gg0170s2 Mdsa gg0170s2
mdsa_o0425b3 Mdsa o0425b3
mdsa_c1300a C1300a
mdsa_j5000 Mdsa j5000
mdsa_g0110c2 G0110c2
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_flag Cpsi assessment just liked flag
mdsa_m0100c M0100c
mdsa_a0600b A0600b
mdsa_p0100f P0100f
mdsa_s8000c1 S8000c1
mdsa_s2011 S2011
mdsa_j0800a J0800a
mdsa_gg0110a Mdsa gg0110a
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_flag Cpsi assessment locked flag
mdsa_a0100c A0100c
mdsa_s5010g2 S5010g2
mdsa_s6020b Mdsa s6020b
mdsa_d0500f2 D0500f2
mdsa_s8050d S8050d
mdsa_cpsi_z0400k_sections Cpsi z0400k sections
mdsa_d0200e1 D0200e1
mdsa_d0200f1 D0200f1
mdsa_q0300b Q0300b
mdsa_s3310d Mdsa s3310d
mdsa_s6100e S6100e
mdsa_s8010a1 S8010a1
mdsa_k0510a1 K0510a1
mdsa_p0100d P0100d
mdsa_gg0130c1 Mdsa gg0130c1
mdsa_v0200a10b V0200a10b
mdsa_x0800 X0800
mdsa_j2599 Mdsa j2599
mdsa_s1210d Mdsa s1210d
mdsa_s0161d Mdsa s0161d
mdsa_s8010f3 S8010f3
mdsa_s0515 Mdsa s0515
mdsa_d0200c1 D0200c1
mdsa_gg0170j3 Mdsa gg0170j3
mdsa_gg0170i1 Mdsa gg0170i1
mdsa_e0100a E0100a
mdsa_s9020 S9020
mdsa_cpsi_z0400l_sig Cpsi z0400l signature
mdsa_gg0130e1 Mdsa gg0130e1
mdsa_i3400 I3400
mdsa_f0700 F0700
mdsa_g0120a G0120a
mdsa_s8020a3 S8020a3
mdsa_s8020c1 S8020c1
mdsa_m0300e1 M0300e1
mdsa_o0100e1 O0100e1
mdsa_o0400c1 O0400c1
mdsa_f0400e F0400e
mdsa_s8000d1 S8000d1
mdsa_j1550d J1550d
mdsa_i4300 I4300
mdsa_o0425b2 Mdsa o0425b2
mdsa_s3305e Mdsa s3305e
mdsa_a1000d A1000d
mdsa_j2500 Mdsa j2500
mdsa_s6100f1 S6100f1
mdsa_j0800z J0800z
mdsa_k0500b K0500b
mdsa_gg0170f3 Mdsa gg0170f3
mdsa_a1800 A1800
mdsa_o0250a O0250a
mdsa_gg0170e3 Mdsa gg0170e3
mdsa_c0900c C0900c
mdsa_s9000 S9000
mdsa_i2900 I2900
mdsa_s1100d S1100d
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_atype Modification Inactivation Type
mdsa_n0400d N0400d
mdsa_i0900 I0900
mdsa_s0141 S0141
mdsa_e0200b E0200b
mdsa_j1100a J1100a
mdsa_gg0170p3 Mdsa gg0170p3
mdsa_v0200a01a V0200a01a
mdsa_gg0170r3 Mdsa gg0170r3
mdsa_s0171a S0171a resident healthcare proxy exists
mdsa_v0200a17b V0200a17b
mdsa_s8010f1 S8010f1
mdsa_gg0170j1 Mdsa gg0170j1
mdsa_cpsi_z0400g_sig Cpsi z0400g signature
mdsa_o0425c5 Mdsa o0425c5
mdsa_f0800p F0800p
mdsa_d0200i2 D0200i2
mdsa_c0400c C0400c
mdsa_v0200a13b V0200a13b
mdsa_o0425a4 Mdsa o0425a4
mdsa_v0100e V0100e
mdsa_i0500 I0500
mdsa_gg0170s3 Mdsa gg0170s3
mdsa_s1004 Mdsa s1004
mdsa_v0100f V0100f
mdsa_gg0130a1 Mdsa gg0130a1
mdsa_g0110h2 G0110h2
mdsa_gg0170r1 Mdsa gg0170r1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_16 Cpsi care area assessment location 16
mdsa_i6300 I6300
mdsa_s6022a Mdsa s6022a
mdsa_recalculated_z0250b Recalculated z0250b
mdsa_m0100b M0100b
mdsa_j0500b J0500b
mdsa_o0100h1 O0100h1
mdsa_s8020b3 S8020b3
mdsa_v0200a20a V0200a20a
mdsa_v0200a14b V0200a14b
mdsa_v0200a15a V0200a15a
mdsa_v0200a07a V0200a07a
mdsa_e1100 E1100
mdsa_s0512 S0512
mdsa_s5010e1 S5010e1
mdsa_s1210g Mdsa s1210g
mdsa_cpsi_z0400k_title Cpsi z0400k title
mdsa_asmt_sys_cd Asmt sys cd
mdsa_gg0100a Mdsa gg0100a
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_18 Cpsi care area assessment location 18
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_flag Modification Inactivation Flag
mdsa_a1550z A1550z
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_apatnum Modification Inactivation Patient Number
mdsa_m1200a M1200a
mdsa_m1040a M1040a
mdsa_s2040 S2040
mdsa_cpsi_z0400e_section_date Cpsi z0400e section date
mdsa_s8040d3 S8040d3
mdsa_j1100z J1100z
mdsa_o0400d2 O0400d2
mdsa_x0500 X0500
mdsa_o0100a2 O0100a2
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_locked_time Cpsi assessment locked time
mdsa_s1002 Mdsa s1002
mdsa_s5010h1 S5010h1
mdsa_s0521 Mdsa s0521
mdsa_c0400a C0400a
mdsa_s5010b2 S5010b2
mdsa_s0165c Mdsa s0165c
mdsa_cpsi_asmt_jl_empcomp Cpsi assessment just liked employee comp
mdsa_d0350 D0350
mdsa_s9002b S9002b
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_11 Cpsi care area assessment date 11
mdsa_s4010c S4010c
mdsa_o0400a3 O0400a3
mdsa_s8040b1 S8040b1
mdsa_s0180 S0180
mdsa_n0400e N0400e
mdsa_i0700 I0700
mdsa_cpsi_z0400c_section_date Cpsi z0400c section date
mdsa_itm_sbst_cd Itm sbst cd
mdsa_g0900a G0900a
mdsa_d0500g2 D0500g2
mdsa_a0310h Mdsa a0310h
mdsa_s6024a Mdsa s6024a
mdsa_s5000 S5000
mdsa_x0600h X0600h
mdsa_s0160 S0160 specialty unit
mdsa_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0100a Cmi set for recalc z0100a
mdsa_d0500c2 D0500c2
mdsa_f0800g F0800g
mdsa_a1000a A1000a
mdsa_n0410b N0410b
mdsa_h0600 H0600
mdsa_s6100f2 S6100f2
mdsa_m1200b M1200b
mdsa_g0110a2 G0110a2
mdsa_gg0170l2 Mdsa gg0170l2
mdsa_a0310g1 Mdsa a0310g1
mdsa_o0425b1 Mdsa o0425b1
mdsa_a1550e A1550e
mdsa_x0150 X0150
mdsa_s0170b S0170b adv dir dpoc hc
mdsa_k0100d K0100d
mdsa_s0600a Mdsa s0600a
mdsa_i4200 I4200
mdsa_s8030a1 S8030a1
mdsa_a1000f A1000f
mdsa_n0450e Mdsa n0450e
mdsa_f0400a F0400a
mdsa_p0100a P0100a
mdsa_s6100z S6100z
mdsa_s9080a S9080a
mdsa_s5010c1 S5010c1
mdsa_l0200c L0200c
mdsa_o0400a1 O0400a1
mdsa_v0200a04a V0200a04a
mdsa_cpsi_ins_cov_days Cpsi insurance covered days
mdsa_s6023b Mdsa s6023b
mdsa_s9040g S9040g
mdsa_o0100d2 O0100d2
mdsa_f0400c F0400c
mdsa_n0300 N0300
mdsa_gg0170i2 Mdsa gg0170i2
mdsa_d0200d2 D0200d2
mdsa_g0300a G0300a
mdsa_m0300f2 M0300f2
mdsa_i1700 I1700
mdsa_s0183 S0183 discharged prior to adm asmt
mdsa_s6236 Mdsa s6236
mdsa_recalculated_z0200a Recalculated z0200a
mdsa_submission_date Submission date
mdsa_k0500z K0500z
mdsa_e0900 E0900
mdsa_n0410d N0410d
mdsa_s1100i S1100i
mdsa_gg0170o1 Mdsa gg0170o1
mdsa_f0300 F0300
mdsa_cmi_value_for_z0200a Cmi value for z0200a
mdsa_i3900 I3900
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_11 Cpsi care area assessment location 11
mdsa_cpsi_z0400f_sig Cpsi z0400f signature
mdsa_gg0170h1 Mdsa gg0170h1
mdsa_s8010i3 S8010i3
mdsa_cpsi_z0400e_title Cpsi z0400e title
mdsa_f0800e F0800e
mdsa_x1100b X1100b
mdsa_s8020c3 S8020c3
mdsa_o0400c3 O0400c3
mdsa_s1210a Mdsa s1210a
mdsa_s9040e S9040e
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_05 Cpsi care area assessment date 05
mdsa_s1200i S1200i
mdsa_s8010d1 S8010d1
mdsa_s6051a S6051a
mdsa_s9040b S9040b
mdsa_s6100c S6100c
mdsa_g0600c G0600c
mdsa_s0172c S0172c goal disc previous nh
mdsa_s0170h S0170h adv dir other trtmt restrictions
mdsa_x0900c X0900c
mdsa_e1000b E1000b
mdsa_gg0110c Mdsa gg0110c
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_02 Cpsi care area assessment location 02
mdsa_k0300 K0300
mdsa_s8520b S8520b
mdsa_sftwr_vndr_id Sftwr vndr id
mdsa_s6053a Mdsa s6053a
mdsa_q0100a Q0100a
mdsa_s8015 Mdsa s8015
mdsa_cpsi_z0400f_sections Cpsi z0400f sections
mdsa_g0110d2 G0110d2
mdsa_s8010i1 S8010i1
mdsa_v0200a14a V0200a14a
mdsa_g0110e1 G0110e1
mdsa_o0400c3a Mdsa o0400c3a
mdsa_gg0170p1 Mdsa gg0170p1
mdsa_gg0170o3 Mdsa gg0170o3
mdsa_gg0170i3 Mdsa gg0170i3
mdsa_g0300d G0300d
mdsa_s8010b1 S8010b1
mdsa_gg0100c Mdsa gg0100c
mdsa_v0200a18a V0200a18a
mdsa_g0600z G0600z
mdsa_cpsi_z0400f_title Cpsi z0400f title
mdsa_j1100c J1100c
mdsa_a0500c A0500c
mdsa_a2300 A2300
mdsa_s3100f S3100f
mdsa_e0300 E0300
mdsa_s8010g2 S8010g2
mdsa_z0150a Z0150a
mdsa_d0500i2 D0500i2
mdsa_s3200b S3200b
mdsa_s8512b S8512b
mdsa_g0110e2 G0110e2
mdsa_cpsi_z0400c_sections Cpsi z0400c sections
mdsa_h0100z H0100z
mdsa_v0200a19a V0200a19a
mdsa_c1310b Mdsa c1310b
mdsa_gg0170g1 Mdsa gg0170g1
mdsa_s9040c1 Mdsa s9040c1
mdsa_i4400 I4400
mdsa_o0100m1 O0100m1
mdsa_i5400 I5400
mdsa_i6100 I6100
mdsa_x0200c X0200c
mdsa_s8000b1 S8000b1
mdsa_a0310b A0310b
mdsa_j2940 Mdsa j2940
mdsa_j1700b J1700b
mdsa_s3315b Mdsa s3315b
mdsa_s0600e Mdsa s0600e
mdsa_j2920 Mdsa j2920
mdsa_gg0170rr3 Mdsa gg0170rr3
mdsa_cpsi_z0400d_title Cpsi z0400d title
mdsa_m0900a M0900a
mdsa_b0800 B0800
mdsa_i0300 I0300
mdsa_s3315z Mdsa s3315z
mdsa_o0100c1 O0100c1
mdsa_o0425b5 Mdsa o0425b5
mdsa_s1100f1 S1100f1
mdsa_s8010a2 S8010a2
mdsa_i0200 I0200
mdsa_o0100i2 O0100i2
mdsa_gg0170b5 Mdsa gg0170b5
mdsa_sftwr_prod_name Sftwr prod name
mdsa_s8000z S8000z
mdsa_s8040b3 S8040b3
mdsa_resident_internal_id Resident internal id
mdsa_s2060a Mdsa s2060a
mdsa_s8510b S8510b
mdsa_v0200a11a V0200a11a
mdsa_cpsi_z0400c_title Cpsi z0400c title
mdsa_medicare_rug3_hier_version Medicare rug3 hier version
mdsa_i3100 I3100
mdsa_b1000 B1000
mdsa_e0500a E0500a
mdsa_a1200 A1200
mdsa_s8020b1 S8020b1
mdsa_s9080c S9080c
mdsa_i6200 I6200
mdsa_e0600c E0600c
mdsa_s1200f S1200f
mdsa_m1040d M1040d
mdsa_s9100b S9100b
mdsa_gg0130f3 Mdsa gg0130f3
mdsa_a1300b A1300b
mdsa_s0172f S0172f goal disc previous pcp office
mdsa_o0500i O0500i
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_10 Cpsi care area assessment date 10
mdsa_gg0170l3 Mdsa gg0170l3
mdsa_j2310 Mdsa j2310
mdsa_j2420 Mdsa j2420
mdsa_gg0170e2 Mdsa gg0170e2
mdsa_a1510a A1510a
mdsa_s6020y Mdsa s6020y
mdsa_f0800n F0800n
mdsa_m0700 M0700
mdsa_v0200a06a V0200a06a
mdsa_s7000 Mdsa s7000
mdsa_g0110i1 G0110i1
mdsa_o0500b O0500b
mdsa_a0600a A0600a
mdsa_s0140 S0140
mdsa_s0174 Mdsa s0174
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_aseq Modification Inactivation Seq
mdsa_cmi_set_for_recalc_z0250a Cmi set for recalc z0250a
mdsa_o0400e1 O0400e1
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_01 Cpsi care area assessment location 01
mdsa_m1040c M1040c
mdsa_s1100g S1100g
mdsa_s8010f S8010f medicaid per diem type
mdsa_cpsi_z0400a_sections Cpsi z0400a sections
mdsa_o0400b6 O0400b6
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_03 Cpsi care area assessment date 03
mdsa_cpsi_caa_date_17 Cpsi care area assessment date 17
mdsa_s0172e S0172e goal disc home with health srvcs
mdsa_s1210c Mdsa s1210c
mdsa_s8000d2 S8000d2
mdsa_s6500 Mdsa s6500
mdsa_s3305b Mdsa s3305b
mdsa_s0101 S0101
mdsa_s8055 S8055 primary payor
mdsa_s8040a3 S8040a3
mdsa_s9080e S9080e
mdsa_d0500e2 D0500e2
mdsa_recalculated_z0150a Recalculated z0150a
mdsa_d0200a1 D0200a1
mdsa_k0510c2 K0510c2
mdsa_k0100a K0100a
mdsa_s5010i1 S5010i1
mdsa_o0400a3a Mdsa o0400a3a
mdsa_m1200h M1200h
mdsa_cpsi_z0400a_sig Cpsi z0400a signature
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_08 Cpsi care area assessment location 08
mdsa_n0400c N0400c
mdsa_c0600 C0600
mdsa_s6230 Mdsa s6230
mdsa_s6234 Mdsa s6234
mdsa_cpsi_mod_inact_logname Modification Inactivation Logname
mdsa_n0410f N0410f
mdsa_s3300 Mdsa s3300
mdsa_s8010d3 S8010d3
mdsa_m0300b2 M0300b2
mdsa_g0300c G0300c
mdsa_s8010b3 S8010b3
mdsa_s8020a1 S8020a1
mdsa_s6212 Mdsa s6212
mdsa_l0200e L0200e
mdsa_s5010b1 S5010b1
mdsa_s8010e2 S8010e2
mdsa_f0500d F0500d
mdsa_cpsi_caa_location_12 Cpsi care area assessment location 12
mdsa_g0110f2 G0110f2
mdsa_o0400c5 O0400c5
mdsa_x0900e X0900e
mdsa_a0410 A0410
mdsa_s6020c Mdsa s6020c
mdsa_i8000d I8000d
mdsa_j0700 J0700
mdsa_z0200c Mdsa z0200c
mdsa_j2320 Mdsa j2320
mdsa_s1210h Mdsa s1210h
mdsa_n0350b N0350b
mdsa_b1200 B1200
mdsa_v0100c V0100c
mdsa_j2620 Mdsa j2620
mdsa_state_cd State cd
mdsa_i0020a Mdsa i0020a
mdsa_f0500e F0500e
mdsa_s3310y Mdsa s3310y
mdsa_f0800c F0800c
mdsa_o0100g1 O0100g1

Table: mds_caa_01

Description: Mds3 Care Area 01


Name Description
mdsc01_08_05 Caa Section 08 Item 05
mdsc01_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08
mdsc01_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc01_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02
mdsc01_09_01 Caa Section 09 Item 01
mdsc01_08_suppdoc Caa Section 08 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07
mdsc01_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06
mdsc01_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07
mdsc01_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03
mdsc01_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05
mdsc01_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Care Plan Reasons
mdsc01_08_01 Caa Section 08 Item 01
mdsc01_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01
mdsc01_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02
mdsc01_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07
mdsc01_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02
mdsc01_09_suppdoc Caa Section 09 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_lp_care_plan_option Caa Sectioncare Plan Option
mdsc01_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc01_08_06 Caa Section 08 Item 06
mdsc01_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05
mdsc01_09_03 Caa Section 09 Item 03
mdsc01_08_04 Caa Section 08 Item 04
mdsc01_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04
mdsc01_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06
mdsc01_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04
mdsc01_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03
mdsc01_09_02 Caa Section 09 Item 02
mdsc01_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03
mdsc01_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04
mdsc01_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02
mdsc01_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03
mdsc01_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01
mdsc01_10_suppdoc Caa Section 10 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06
mdsc01_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07
mdsc01_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01
mdsc01_10_02 Caa Section 10 Item 02
mdsc01_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_08_07 Caa Section 08 Item 07
mdsc01_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03
mdsc01_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06
mdsc01_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05
mdsc01_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08
mdsc01_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02
mdsc01_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05
mdsc01_09_04 Caa Section 10 Item 04
mdsc01_lp_resident_input Caa Section Resident Input
mdsc01_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04
mdsc01_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc01_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Review Indicators
mdsc01_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01
mdsc01_10_01 Caa Section 10 Item 01
mdsc01_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06
mdsc01_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02
mdsc01_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01
mdsc01_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04
mdsc01_08_09 Caa Section 08 Item 09
mdsc01_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Referral Warranted
mdsc01_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03
mdsc01_08_08 Caa Section 08 Item 08
mdsc01_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02
mdsc01_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08
mdsc01_08_02 Caa Section 08 Item 02
mdsc01_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05
mdsc01_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc01_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01
mdsc01_04_09 Caa Section 04 Item 09
mdsc01_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01
mdsc01_patnum Patient Number
mdsc01_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Supporting Documentation
mdsc01_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Caa Info Transfer
mdsc01_08_03 Caa Section 08 Item 03

Table: mds_caa_02

Description: Mds3 Care Area 02


Name Description
mdsc02_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05
mdsc02_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01
mdsc02_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03
mdsc02_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06
mdsc02_lp_review_indicators Caa Review Indicators
mdsc02_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Info Transfer
mdsc02_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_patnum Patient Number
mdsc02_08_07 Caa Section 08 Item 07
mdsc02_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01
mdsc02_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05
mdsc02_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02
mdsc02_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01
mdsc02_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc02_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_05_13 Caa Section 05 Item 13
mdsc02_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04
mdsc02_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03
mdsc02_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05
mdsc02_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03
mdsc02_05_09 Caa Section 05 Item 09
mdsc02_08_01 Caa Section 08 Item 01
mdsc02_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07
mdsc02_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02
mdsc02_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02
mdsc02_05_14 Caa Section 05 Item 14
mdsc02_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06
mdsc02_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_05_11 Caa Section 05 Item 11
mdsc02_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08
mdsc02_08_04 Caa Section 08 Item 04
mdsc02_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07
mdsc02_08_suppdoc Caa Section 08 Supporting Documentation
mdsc02_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01
mdsc02_05_10 Caa Section 05 Item 10
mdsc02_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04
mdsc02_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Care Plan Reasons
mdsc02_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05
mdsc02_08_02 Caa Section 08 Item 02
mdsc02_08_05 Caa Section 08 Item 05
mdsc02_lp_care_plan_option Caa Care Plan Option
mdsc02_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01
mdsc02_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04
mdsc02_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06
mdsc02_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01
mdsc02_05_12 Caa Section 05 Item 12
mdsc02_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02
mdsc02_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03
mdsc02_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02
mdsc02_08_06 Caa Section 08 Item 06
mdsc02_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc02_08_03 Caa Section 08 Item 03
mdsc02_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07
mdsc02_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01
mdsc02_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc02_lp_resident_input Caa Resident Input
mdsc02_lp_referral_warranted Caa Referral Warranted
mdsc02_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04
mdsc02_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02
mdsc02_asmt_type Assessment Type

Table: mds_caa_03

Description: Mds3 Care Area 03


Name Description
mdsc03_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05
mdsc03_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06
mdsc03_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04
mdsc03_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01
mdsc03_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07
mdsc03_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03
mdsc03_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07
mdsc03_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Information Transfer
mdsc03_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc03_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc03_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05
mdsc03_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04
mdsc03_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc03_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03
mdsc03_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06
mdsc03_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08
mdsc03_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02
mdsc03_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01
mdsc03_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01
mdsc03_lp_referral_warranted Caa Referral Warranted
mdsc03_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04
mdsc03_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05
mdsc03_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02
mdsc03_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03
mdsc03_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc03_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01
mdsc03_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01
mdsc03_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02
mdsc03_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09
mdsc03_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06
mdsc03_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03
mdsc03_lp_resident_input Caa Resident Input
mdsc03_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10
mdsc03_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07
mdsc03_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05
mdsc03_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Supporting Documentation
mdsc03_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02
mdsc03_01_11 Caa Section 01 Item 11
mdsc03_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02
mdsc03_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04
mdsc03_lp_care_plan_option Caa Care Plan Option
mdsc03_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04
mdsc03_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01
mdsc03_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08
mdsc03_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03
mdsc03_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Care Plan Reasons
mdsc03_patnum Patient Number
mdsc03_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06
mdsc03_lp_review_indicators Caa Review Indicators
mdsc03_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02

Table: mds_caa_04

Description: Mds3 Care Area 04


Name Description
mdsc04_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07
mdsc04_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc04_03_18 Caa Section 03 Item 18
mdsc04_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06
mdsc04_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08
mdsc04_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05
mdsc04_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08
mdsc04_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06
mdsc04_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10
mdsc04_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07
mdsc04_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07
mdsc04_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc04_02_10 Caa Section 02 Item 10
mdsc04_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01
mdsc04_lp_care_plan_option Caa Care Plan Option
mdsc04_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01
mdsc04_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Supporting Documentation
mdsc04_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08
mdsc04_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04
mdsc04_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02
mdsc04_01_11 Caa Section 01 Item 11
mdsc04_lp_review_indicators Caa Review Indicators
mdsc04_03_16 Caa Section 03 Item 16
mdsc04_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05
mdsc04_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Information Transfer
mdsc04_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05
mdsc04_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Supporting Documentation
mdsc04_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03
mdsc04_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09
mdsc04_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04
mdsc04_03_12 Caa Section 03 Item 12
mdsc04_lp_resident_input Caa Resident Input
mdsc04_03_17 Caa Section 03 Item 17
mdsc04_03_14 Caa Section 03 Item 14
mdsc04_02_09 Caa Section 02 Item 09
mdsc04_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04
mdsc04_03_10 Caa Section 03 Item 10
mdsc04_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02
mdsc04_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02
mdsc04_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07
mdsc04_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01
mdsc04_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08
mdsc04_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01
mdsc04_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05
mdsc04_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04
mdsc04_03_13 Caa Section 03 Item 13
mdsc04_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03
mdsc04_lp_referral_warranted Caa Referral Warranted
mdsc04_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Supporting Documentation
mdsc04_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03
mdsc04_03_19 Caa Section 03 Item 19
mdsc04_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02
mdsc04_patnum Patient Number
mdsc04_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09
mdsc04_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Supporting Documentation
mdsc04_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03
mdsc04_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01
mdsc04_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc04_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04
mdsc04_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06
mdsc04_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02
mdsc04_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06
mdsc04_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05
mdsc04_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Care Plan Reasons
mdsc04_03_15 Caa Section 03 Item 15
mdsc04_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Supporting Documentation
mdsc04_01_12 Caa Section 01 Item 12
mdsc04_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03
mdsc04_03_11 Caa Section 03 Item 11
mdsc04_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: mds_caa_05

Description: Mds3 Care Area 05


Name Description
mdsc05_05_02 Caa5 Section 05 Item 02
mdsc05_04_01 Caa5 Section 04 Item 01
mdsc05_as_toileting Caa5 Section As Toileting
mdsc05_as_02 Caa5 Section As Item 02
mdsc05_05_suppdoc Caa5 Section 05 Supporting Documentation
mdsc05_as_34_wc Caa5 Section As Item 34 Wc
mdsc05_as_31 Caa5 Section As Item 31
mdsc05_as_03 Caa5 Section As Item 03
mdsc05_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc05_05_07 Caa5 Section 05 Item 07
mdsc05_as_locomotion Caa5 Section As Locomotion
mdsc05_as_26 Caa5 Section As Item 26
mdsc05_01_07 Caa5 Section 01 Item 07
mdsc05_01_05 Caa5 Section 01 Item 05
mdsc05_as_32 Caa5 Section As Item 32
mdsc05_lp_care_plan_option Caa5 Care Plan Option
mdsc05_as_29 Caa5 Section As Item 29
mdsc05_as_06 Caa5 Section As Item 06
mdsc05_01_11 Caa5 Section 01 Item 11
mdsc05_patnum Patient Number
mdsc05_03_suppdoc Caa5 Section 03 Supporting Documentation
mdsc05_01_suppdoc Caa5 Section 01 Supporting Documentation
mdsc05_01_04 Caa5 Section 01 Item 04
mdsc05_as_37 Caa5 Section As Item 37
mdsc05_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc05_02_03 Caa5 Section 02 Item 03
mdsc05_as_07 Caa5 Section As Item 07
mdsc05_05_05 Caa5 Section 05 Item 05
mdsc05_04_02 Caa5 Section 04 Item 02
mdsc05_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa5 Care Plan Reasons
mdsc05_as_13 Caa5 Section As Item 13
mdsc05_01_09 Caa5 Section 01 Item 09
mdsc05_01_12 Caa5 Section 01 Item 12
mdsc05_as_28_wc Caa5 Section As Item 28 Wc
mdsc05_as_36 Caa5 Section As Item 36
mdsc05_lp_resident_input Caa5 Resident Input
mdsc05_as_22 Caa5 Section As Item 22
mdsc05_04_suppdoc Caa5 Section 04 Supporting Documentation
mdsc05_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc05_01_08 Caa5 Section 01 Item 08
mdsc05_as_04_wc Caa5 Section As Item 04 Wc
mdsc05_05_01 Caa5 Section 05 Item 01
mdsc05_as_27 Caa5 Section As Item 27
mdsc05_01_16 Caa5 Section 01 Item 16
mdsc05_lp_referral_warranted Caa5 Referral Warranted
mdsc05_as_39 Caa5 Section As Item 39
mdsc05_as_10 Caa5 Section As Item 10
mdsc05_as_22_wc Caa5 Section As Item 22 Wc
mdsc05_as_15 Caa5 Section As Item 15
mdsc05_as_10_wc Caa5 Section As Item 10 Wc
mdsc05_02_01 Caa5 Section 02 Item 01
mdsc05_01_06 Caa5 Section 01 Item 06
mdsc05_as_16 Caa5 Section As Item 16
mdsc05_as_bathing Caa5 Section As Bathing
mdsc05_lp_caa_info_trans Caa5 Information Transfer
mdsc05_01_02 Caa5 Section 01 Item 02
mdsc05_01_03 Caa5 Section 01 Item 03
mdsc05_01_13 Caa5 Section 01 Item 13
mdsc05_as_08 Caa5 Section As Item 08
mdsc05_as_transfer Caa5 Section As Transfer
mdsc05_as_42 Caa5 Section As Item 42
mdsc05_as_35 Caa5 Section As Item 35
mdsc05_as_18 Caa5 Section As Item 18
mdsc05_as_25 Caa5 Section As Item 25
mdsc05_as_12 Caa5 Section As Item 12
mdsc05_as_17 Caa5 Section As Item 17
mdsc05_04_03 Caa5 Section 04 Item 03
mdsc05_as_01 Caa5 Section As Item 01
mdsc05_lp_review_indicators Caa5 Review Indicators
mdsc05_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc05_02_suppdoc Caa5 Section 02 Supporting Documentation
mdsc05_05_03 Caa5 Section 05 Item 03
mdsc05_as_09 Caa5 Section As Item 09
mdsc05_as_24 Caa5 Section As Item 24
mdsc05_as_wc Caa5 Section As Wheelchair
mdsc05_05_06 Caa5 Section 05 Item 06
mdsc05_as_14 Caa5 Section As Item 14
mdsc05_as_30 Caa5 Section As Item 30
mdsc05_02_04 Caa5 Section 02 Item 04
mdsc05_as_23 Caa5 Section As Item 23
mdsc05_02_05 Caa5 Section 02 Item 05
mdsc05_as_05 Caa5 Section As Item 05
mdsc05_as_20 Caa5 Section As Item 20
mdsc05_as_11 Caa5 Section As Item 11
mdsc05_as_21 Caa5 Section As Item 21
mdsc05_02_02 Caa5 Section 02 Item 02
mdsc05_as_28 Caa5 Section As Item 28
mdsc05_as_dressing Caa5 Section As Dressing
mdsc05_as_16_wc Caa5 Section As Item 16 Wc
mdsc05_as_34 Caa5 Section As Item 34
mdsc05_01_14 Caa5 Section 01 Item 14
mdsc05_02_06 Caa5 Section 02 Item 06
mdsc05_as_04 Caa5 Section As Item 04
mdsc05_as_eating Caa5 Section As Eating
mdsc05_03_02 Caa5 Section 03 Item 02
mdsc05_01_10 Caa5 Section 01 Item 10
mdsc05_as_19 Caa5 Section As Item 19
mdsc05_03_01 Caa5 Section 03 Item 01
mdsc05_as_33 Caa5 Section As Item 33
mdsc05_05_04 Caa5 Section 05 Item 04
mdsc05_01_15 Caa5 Section 01 Item 15
mdsc05_01_01 Caa5 Section 01 Item 01

Table: mds_caa_06

Description: Mds3 Care Area 06


Name Description
mdsc06_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc06_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_01_14 Caa Section 01 Item 14 Cb
mdsc06_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10 Cb
mdsc06_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc06_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc06_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc06_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc06_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc06_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc06_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc06_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc06_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc06_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc06_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08 Cb
mdsc06_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc06_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc06_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc06_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc06_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc06_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc06_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_01_12 Caa Section 01 Item 12 Cb
mdsc06_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05 Cb
mdsc06_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc06_01_11 Caa Section 01 Item 11 Cb
mdsc06_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc06_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc06_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_patnum Patient Number
mdsc06_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc06_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07 Cb
mdsc06_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc06_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc06_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc06_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc06_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc06_01_13 Caa Section 01 Item 13 Cb
mdsc06_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc06_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc06_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb

Table: mds_caa_07

Description: Mds3 Care Area 07


Name Description
mdsc07_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc07_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc07_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc07_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc07_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc07_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc07_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc07_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc07_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc07_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc07_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc07_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc07_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc07_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc07_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc07_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc07_patnum Patient Number
mdsc07_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc07_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc07_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc07_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc07_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc07_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc07_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc07_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc07_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc07_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc07_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc07_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc07_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc07_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc07_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc07_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted

Table: mds_caa_08

Description: Mds3 Care Area 08


Name Description
mdsc08_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc08_02_10 Caa Section 02 Item 10 Cb
mdsc08_02_11 Caa Section 02 Item 11 Cb
mdsc08_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc08_03_10 Caa Section 03 Item 10 Cb
mdsc08_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc08_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc08_02_18 Caa Section 02 Item 18 Cb
mdsc08_02_09 Caa Section 02 Item 09 Cb
mdsc08_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc08_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc08_03_14 Caa Section 03 Item 14 Cb
mdsc08_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc08_patnum Patient Number
mdsc08_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc08_02_17 Caa Section 02 Item 17 Cb
mdsc08_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc08_02_16 Caa Section 02 Item 16 Cb
mdsc08_03_17 Caa Section 03 Item 17 Cb
mdsc08_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc08_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc08_02_19 Caa Section 02 Item 19 Cb
mdsc08_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc08_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc08_03_20 Caa Section 03 Item 20 Cb
mdsc08_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc08_03_19 Caa Section 03 Item 19 Cb
mdsc08_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc08_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc08_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc08_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc08_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc08_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc08_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc08_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc08_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb
mdsc08_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc08_03_18 Caa Section 03 Item 18 Cb
mdsc08_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc08_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc08_03_16 Caa Section 03 Item 16 Cb
mdsc08_03_11 Caa Section 03 Item 11 Cb
mdsc08_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc08_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc08_02_15 Caa Section 02 Item 15 Cb
mdsc08_03_15 Caa Section 03 Item 15 Cb
mdsc08_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc08_02_14 Caa Section 02 Item 14 Cb
mdsc08_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc08_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc08_03_21 Caa Section 03 Item 21 Cb
mdsc08_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09 Cb
mdsc08_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc08_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc08_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc08_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc08_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc08_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08 Cb
mdsc08_02_12 Caa Section 02 Item 12 Cb
mdsc08_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc08_03_13 Caa Section 03 Item 13 Cb
mdsc08_03_12 Caa Section 03 Item 12 Cb
mdsc08_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc08_02_13 Caa Section 02 Item 13 Cb
mdsc08_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb

Table: mds_caa_09

Description: Mds3 Care Area 09


Name Description
mdsc09_04_13 Caa Section 04 Item 13 Cb
mdsc09_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07 Cb
mdsc09_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc09_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc09_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_05_11 Caa Section 05 Item 11 Cb
mdsc09_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc09_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc09_05_09 Caa Section 05 Item 09 Cb
mdsc09_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc09_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08 Cb
mdsc09_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc09_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc09_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc09_patnum Patient Number
mdsc09_04_14 Caa Section 04 Item 14 Cb
mdsc09_05_14 Caa Section 05 Item 14 Cb
mdsc09_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc09_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc09_04_10 Caa Section 04 Item 10 Cb
mdsc09_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc09_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc09_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc09_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc09_05_10 Caa Section 05 Item 10 Cb
mdsc09_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08 Cb
mdsc09_04_11 Caa Section 04 Item 11 Cb
mdsc09_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc09_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc09_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb
mdsc09_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc09_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc09_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc09_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc09_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc09_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07 Cb
mdsc09_05_12 Caa Section 05 Item 12 Cb
mdsc09_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc09_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc09_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc09_04_12 Caa Section 04 Item 12 Cb
mdsc09_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_04_09 Caa Section 04 Item 09 Cb
mdsc09_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc09_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc09_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc09_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc09_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc09_arid Mdsc09 arid
mdsc09_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc09_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc09_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc09_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc09_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08 Cb
mdsc09_05_13 Caa Section 05 Item 13 Cb
mdsc09_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc09_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted

Table: mds_caa_10

Description: Mds3 Care Area 10


Name Description
mdsc10_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc10_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc10_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc10_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc10_01_11 Caa Section 01 Item 11 Cb
mdsc10_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc10_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc10_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc10_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc10_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc10_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc10_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc10_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc10_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc10_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_patnum Patient Number
mdsc10_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc10_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc10_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc10_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc10_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10 Cb
mdsc10_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc10_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc10_06_07 Caa Section 06 Item 07 Cb
mdsc10_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc10_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc10_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc10_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09 Cb
mdsc10_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc10_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc10_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc10_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc10_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc10_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc10_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc10_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc10_06_08 Caa Section 06 Item 08 Cb
mdsc10_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc10_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc10_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc10_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc10_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc10_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc10_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb

Table: mds_caa_11

Description: Mds3 Care Area 11


Name Description
mdsc11_08_03 Caa Section 08 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc11_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc11_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc11_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc11_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc11_08_06 Caa Section 08 Item 06 Cb
mdsc11_patnum Patient Number
mdsc11_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc11_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc11_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc11_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc11_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc11_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc11_08_08 Caa Section 08 Item 08 Cb
mdsc11_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_08_04 Caa Section 08 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc11_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc11_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc11_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc11_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09 Cb
mdsc11_08_02 Caa Section 08 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc11_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc11_08_07 Caa Section 08 Item 07 Cb
mdsc11_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_08_09 Caa Section 08 Item 09 Cb
mdsc11_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc11_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb
mdsc11_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc11_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc11_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc11_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc11_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc11_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc11_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc11_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc11_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc11_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc11_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc11_08_01 Caa Section 08 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc11_08_05 Caa Section 08 Item 05 Cb
mdsc11_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc11_08_suppdoc Caa Section 08 Suppdoc
mdsc11_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc11_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc11_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc11_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb

Table: mds_caa_12

Description: Mds3 Care Area 12


Name Description
mdsc12_06_08 Caa Section 06 Item 08 Cb
mdsc12_08_04 Caa Section 08 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_06_14 Caa Section 06 Item 14 Cb
mdsc12_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc12_09_04 Caa Section 09 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_03_13 Caa Section 03 Item 13 Cb
mdsc12_03_10 Caa Section 03 Item 10 Cb
mdsc12_02_13 Caa Section 02 Item 13 Cb
mdsc12_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc12_06_09 Caa Section 06 Item 09 Cb
mdsc12_09_08 Caa Section 09 Item 08 Cb
mdsc12_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc12_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_02_10 Caa Section 02 Item 10 Cb
mdsc12_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_06_11 Caa Section 06 Item 11 Cb
mdsc12_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_08_02 Caa Section 08 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08 Cb
mdsc12_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc12_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_03_11 Caa Section 03 Item 11 Cb
mdsc12_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc12_06_07 Caa Section 06 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc12_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc12_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc12_10_01 Caa Section 10 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_03_15 Caa Section 03 Item 15 Cb
mdsc12_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_patnum Patient Number
mdsc12_10_06 Caa Section 10 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_06_16 Caa Section 06 Item 16 Cb
mdsc12_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08 Cb
mdsc12_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_09_07 Caa Section 09 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_06_13 Caa Section 06 Item 13 Cb
mdsc12_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc12_10_05 Caa Section 10 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_03_12 Caa Section 03 Item 12 Cb
mdsc12_10_02 Caa Section 10 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_07_06 Caa Section 07 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_06_15 Caa Section 06 Item 15 Cb
mdsc12_09_09 Caa Section 09 Item 09 Cb
mdsc12_02_12 Caa Section 02 Item 12 Cb
mdsc12_10_03 Caa Section 10 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09 Cb
mdsc12_10_suppdoc Caa Section 10 Suppdoc
mdsc12_10_04 Caa Section 10 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_03_14 Caa Section 03 Item 14 Cb
mdsc12_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc12_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_03_16 Caa Section 03 Item 16 Cb
mdsc12_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc12_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc12_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc12_08_01 Caa Section 08 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_09_02 Caa Section 09 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_09_01 Caa Section 09 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_02_09 Caa Section 02 Item 09 Cb
mdsc12_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_02_11 Caa Section 02 Item 11 Cb
mdsc12_06_17 Caa Section 06 Item 17 Cb
mdsc12_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc12_09_05 Caa Section 09 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_08_03 Caa Section 08 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc12_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc12_07_07 Caa Section 07 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07 Cb
mdsc12_06_12 Caa Section 06 Item 12 Cb
mdsc12_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_02_14 Caa Section 02 Item 14 Cb
mdsc12_09_suppdoc Caa Section 09 Suppdoc
mdsc12_08_suppdoc Caa Section 08 Suppdoc
mdsc12_09_03 Caa Section 09 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc12_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc12_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc12_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc12_09_06 Caa Section 09 Item 06 Cb
mdsc12_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc12_06_10 Caa Section 06 Item 10 Cb
mdsc12_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc12_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc12_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb

Table: mds_caa_13

Description: Mds3 Care Area 13


Name Description
mdsc13_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc13_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc13_02_09 Caa Section 02 Item 09 Cb
mdsc13_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc13_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc13_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc13_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc13_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc13_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc13_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc13_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc13_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08 Cb
mdsc13_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc13_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc13_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc13_05_14 Caa Section 05 Item 14 Cb
mdsc13_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc13_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc13_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc13_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc13_05_12 Caa Section 05 Item 12 Cb
mdsc13_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc13_patnum Patient Number
mdsc13_05_13 Caa Section 05 Item 13 Cb
mdsc13_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc13_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc13_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc13_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08 Cb
mdsc13_02_11 Caa Section 02 Item 11 Cb
mdsc13_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc13_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc13_05_11 Caa Section 05 Item 11 Cb
mdsc13_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc13_05_09 Caa Section 05 Item 09 Cb
mdsc13_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc13_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc13_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc13_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc13_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc13_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc13_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc13_02_10 Caa Section 02 Item 10 Cb
mdsc13_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc13_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07 Cb
mdsc13_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc13_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc13_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc13_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc13_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc13_05_10 Caa Section 05 Item 10 Cb
mdsc13_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc13_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb

Table: mds_caa_14

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 14


Name Description
mdsc14_04_15 Caa Section 04 Item 15 Cb
mdsc14_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc14_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc14_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc14_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc14_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc14_04_16 Caa Section 04 Item 16 Cb
mdsc14_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc14_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc14_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc14_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc14_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc14_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc14_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc14_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc14_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc14_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc14_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc14_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc14_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc14_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc14_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_06_09 Caa Section 06 Item 09 Cb
mdsc14_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10 Cb
mdsc14_04_10 Caa Section 04 Item 10 Cb
mdsc14_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc14_patnum Patient Number
mdsc14_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc14_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc14_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc14_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08 Cb
mdsc14_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_04_17 Caa Section 04 Item 17 Cb
mdsc14_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc14_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07 Cb
mdsc14_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc14_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc14_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc14_04_14 Caa Section 04 Item 14 Cb
mdsc14_06_07 Caa Section 06 Item 07 Cb
mdsc14_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc14_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc14_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc14_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc14_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc14_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc14_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc14_04_13 Caa Section 04 Item 13 Cb
mdsc14_04_11 Caa Section 04 Item 11 Cb
mdsc14_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc14_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc14_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc14_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc14_04_09 Caa Section 04 Item 09 Cb
mdsc14_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc14_06_08 Caa Section 06 Item 08 Cb
mdsc14_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc14_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc14_04_12 Caa Section 04 Item 12 Cb
mdsc14_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input

Table: mds_caa_15

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 15


Name Description
mdsc15_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc15_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc15_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc15_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc15_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc15_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc15_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc15_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc15_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc15_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc15_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc15_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc15_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc15_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc15_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc15_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc15_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc15_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc15_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc15_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc15_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc15_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc15_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc15_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc15_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc15_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc15_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc15_patnum Patient Number
mdsc15_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc15_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc15_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc15_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc15_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc15_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb

Table: mds_caa_16

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 16


Name Description
mdsc16_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc16_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc16_07_07 Caa Section 07 Item 07 Cb
mdsc16_06_10 Caa Section 06 Item 10 Cb
mdsc16_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08 Cb
mdsc16_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_05_16 Caa Section 05 Item 16 Cb
mdsc16_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc16_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc16_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_06_11 Caa Section 06 Item 11 Cb
mdsc16_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_05_22 Caa Section 05 Item 22 Cb
mdsc16_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc16_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc16_07_08 Caa Section 07 Item 08 Cb
mdsc16_05_15 Caa Section 05 Item 15 Cb
mdsc16_07_06 Caa Section 07 Item 06 Cb
mdsc16_06_09 Caa Section 06 Item 09 Cb
mdsc16_05_19 Caa Section 05 Item 19 Cb
mdsc16_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc16_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc16_05_09 Caa Section 05 Item 09 Cb
mdsc16_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc16_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_05_17 Caa Section 05 Item 17 Cb
mdsc16_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_05_18 Caa Section 05 Item 18 Cb
mdsc16_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc16_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc16_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc16_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc16_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc16_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc16_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_05_24 Caa Section 05 Item 24 Cb
mdsc16_05_20 Caa Section 05 Item 20 Cb
mdsc16_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc16_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc16_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc16_05_13 Caa Section 05 Item 13 Cb
mdsc16_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc16_05_23 Caa Section 05 Item 23 Cb
mdsc16_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc16_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc16_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc16_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc16_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc16_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05 Cb
mdsc16_05_14 Caa Section 05 Item 14 Cb
mdsc16_05_21 Caa Section 05 Item 21 Cb
mdsc16_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc16_06_07 Caa Section 06 Item 07 Cb
mdsc16_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_05_25 Caa Section 05 Item 25 Cb
mdsc16_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc16_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc16_06_08 Caa Section 06 Item 08 Cb
mdsc16_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc16_05_12 Caa Section 05 Item 12 Cb
mdsc16_05_10 Caa Section 05 Item 10 Cb
mdsc16_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc16_patnum Patient Number
mdsc16_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07 Cb
mdsc16_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc16_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc16_05_11 Caa Section 05 Item 11 Cb

Table: mds_caa_17

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 17


Name Description
mdsc17_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_08_11 Caa Section 08 Item 11 Cb
mdsc17_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc17_09_03 Caa Section 09 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc17_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc17_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc17_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_09_01 Caa Section 09 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_06_08 Caa Section 06 Item 08 Cb
mdsc17_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc17_08_02 Caa Section 08 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc17_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07 Cb
mdsc17_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_09_04 Caa Section 09 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc17_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_08_14 Caa Section 08 Item 14 Cb
mdsc17_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc17_08_04 Caa Section 08 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_08_suppdoc Caa Section 08 Suppdoc
mdsc17_10_01 Caa Section 10 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_04_15 Caa Section 04 Item 15 Cb
mdsc17_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_06_05 Caa Section 06 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_08_01 Caa Section 08 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_08_09 Caa Section 08 Item 09 Cb
mdsc17_04_13 Caa Section 04 Item 13 Cb
mdsc17_04_16 Caa Section 04 Item 16 Cb
mdsc17_04_14 Caa Section 04 Item 14 Cb
mdsc17_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc17_08_10 Caa Section 08 Item 10 Cb
mdsc17_10_05 Caa Section 10 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc17_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_06_07 Caa Section 06 Item 07 Cb
mdsc17_06_06 Caa Section 06 Item 06 Cb
mdsc17_08_05 Caa Section 08 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_09_suppdoc Caa Section 09 Suppdoc
mdsc17_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_10_03 Caa Section 10 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_04_10 Caa Section 04 Item 10 Cb
mdsc17_06_10 Caa Section 06 Item 10 Cb
mdsc17_04_12 Caa Section 04 Item 12 Cb
mdsc17_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc17_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_04_11 Caa Section 04 Item 11 Cb
mdsc17_10_04 Caa Section 10 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_08_08 Caa Section 08 Item 08 Cb
mdsc17_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08 Cb
mdsc17_08_13 Caa Section 08 Item 13 Cb
mdsc17_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc17_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_04_17 Caa Section 04 Item 17 Cb
mdsc17_09_06 Caa Section 09 Item 06 Cb
mdsc17_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc17_patnum Patient Number
mdsc17_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc17_06_09 Caa Section 06 Item 09 Cb
mdsc17_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc17_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_08_07 Caa Section 08 Item 07 Cb
mdsc17_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc17_04_09 Caa Section 04 Item 09 Cb
mdsc17_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc17_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc17_08_12 Caa Section 08 Item 12 Cb
mdsc17_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc17_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc17_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_09_02 Caa Section 09 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_08_06 Caa Section 08 Item 06 Cb
mdsc17_10_suppdoc Caa Section 10 Suppdoc
mdsc17_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc17_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_09_05 Caa Section 09 Item 05 Cb
mdsc17_08_03 Caa Section 08 Item 03 Cb
mdsc17_10_02 Caa Section 10 Item 02 Cb
mdsc17_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb

Table: mds_caa_18

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 18


Name Description
mdsc18_04_12 Caa Section 04 Item 12 Cb
mdsc18_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc18_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc18_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc18_04_11 Caa Section 04 Item 11 Cb
mdsc18_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc18_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc18_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc18_03_07 Caa Section 03 Item 07 Cb
mdsc18_01_11 Caa Section 01 Item 11 Cb
mdsc18_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc18_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc18_02_08 Caa Section 02 Item 08 Cb
mdsc18_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc18_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc18_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc18_04_05 Caa Section 04 Item 05 Cb
mdsc18_02_07 Caa Section 02 Item 07 Cb
mdsc18_05_07 Caa Section 05 Item 07 Cb
mdsc18_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc18_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc18_03_12 Caa Section 03 Item 12 Cb
mdsc18_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc18_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc18_03_10 Caa Section 03 Item 10 Cb
mdsc18_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc18_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc18_04_07 Caa Section 04 Item 07 Cb
mdsc18_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc18_02_12 Caa Section 02 Item 12 Cb
mdsc18_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc18_04_08 Caa Section 04 Item 08 Cb
mdsc18_04_06 Caa Section 04 Item 06 Cb
mdsc18_04_10 Caa Section 04 Item 10 Cb
mdsc18_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc18_03_04 Caa Section 03 Item 04 Cb
mdsc18_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc18_04_13 Caa Section 04 Item 13 Cb
mdsc18_patnum Patient Number
mdsc18_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc18_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc18_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc18_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc18_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc18_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc18_04_09 Caa Section 04 Item 09 Cb
mdsc18_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc18_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc18_05_08 Caa Section 05 Item 08 Cb
mdsc18_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc18_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc18_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc18_02_11 Caa Section 02 Item 11 Cb
mdsc18_03_09 Caa Section 03 Item 09 Cb
mdsc18_03_06 Caa Section 03 Item 06 Cb
mdsc18_03_13 Caa Section 03 Item 13 Cb
mdsc18_05_06 Caa Section 05 Item 06 Cb
mdsc18_03_08 Caa Section 03 Item 08 Cb
mdsc18_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc18_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc18_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc18_01_10 Caa Section 01 Item 10 Cb
mdsc18_03_11 Caa Section 03 Item 11 Cb
mdsc18_03_14 Caa Section 03 Item 14 Cb
mdsc18_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb
mdsc18_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc18_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc18_02_06 Caa Section 02 Item 06 Cb
mdsc18_02_09 Caa Section 02 Item 09 Cb
mdsc18_03_05 Caa Section 03 Item 05 Cb
mdsc18_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc18_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc18_02_10 Caa Section 02 Item 10 Cb
mdsc18_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans

Table: mds_caa_19

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 19


Name Description
mdsc19_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc19_04_03 Caa Section 04 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc19_03_03 Caa Section 03 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_06_suppdoc Caa Section 06 Suppdoc
mdsc19_07_07 Caa Section 07 Item 07 Cb
mdsc19_05_02 Caa Section 05 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_05_04 Caa Section 05 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_06_04 Caa Section 06 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input
mdsc19_03_01 Caa Section 03 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc19_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc19_patnum Patient Number
mdsc19_03_suppdoc Caa Section 03 Suppdoc
mdsc19_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_07_suppdoc Caa Section 07 Suppdoc
mdsc19_02_01 Caa Section 02 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_05_suppdoc Caa Section 05 Suppdoc
mdsc19_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_02_03 Caa Section 02 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_05_01 Caa Section 05 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_02_02 Caa Section 02 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc19_04_suppdoc Caa Section 04 Suppdoc
mdsc19_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc19_07_01 Caa Section 07 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc19_02_04 Caa Section 02 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc19_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc19_07_05 Caa Section 07 Item 05 Cb
mdsc19_05_03 Caa Section 05 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_06_02 Caa Section 06 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc19_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc19_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_04_04 Caa Section 04 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_02_suppdoc Caa Section 02 Suppdoc
mdsc19_07_02 Caa Section 07 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_07_03 Caa Section 07 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc19_03_02 Caa Section 03 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc19_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc19_07_06 Caa Section 07 Item 06 Cb
mdsc19_05_05 Caa Section 05 Item 05 Cb
mdsc19_06_01 Caa Section 06 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_07_04 Caa Section 07 Item 04 Cb
mdsc19_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc19_04_02 Caa Section 04 Item 02 Cb
mdsc19_06_03 Caa Section 06 Item 03 Cb
mdsc19_02_05 Caa Section 02 Item 05 Cb
mdsc19_01_suppdoc Caa Section 01 Suppdoc
mdsc19_04_01 Caa Section 04 Item 01 Cb

Table: mds_caa_20

Description: Mds3 Assessment Care Area Resource 20


Name Description
mdsc20_01_09 Caa Section 01 Item 09 Cb
mdsc20_01_06 Caa Section 01 Item 06 Cb
mdsc20_lp_review_indicators Caa Section Lp Review Indicators
mdsc20_01_03 Caa Section 01 Item 03 Cb
mdsc20_01_07 Caa Section 01 Item 07 Cb
mdsc20_lp_care_plan_reasons Caa Section Lp Care Plan Reasons
mdsc20_01_05 Caa Section 01 Item 05 Cb
mdsc20_01_08 Caa Section 01 Item 08 Cb
mdsc20_01_04 Caa Section 01 Item 04 Cb
mdsc20_patnum Patient Number
mdsc20_lp_caa_info_trans Caa Section Lp Caa Info Trans
mdsc20_lp_care_plan_option Caa Section Lp Care Plan Option
mdsc20_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mdsc20_asmt_date Assessment Date
mdsc20_asmt_seq Assessment Sequence Number
mdsc20_01_02 Caa Section 01 Item 02 Cb
mdsc20_lp_referral_warranted Caa Section Lp Referral Warranted
mdsc20_01_01 Caa Section 01 Item 01 Cb
mdsc20_asmt_type Assessment Type
mdsc20_lp_resident_input Caa Section Lp Resident Input

Table: med_verify_scan

Description: Med verify scan


Name Description
mvscan_ndc Medication Ndc
mvscan_is_pca Is Pca
mvscan_itemnum Item Number
mvscan_admin_id Administration Id
mvscan_ubl Logname
mvscan_visit Visit Number
mvscan_credentials Employee
mvscan_date_time Scan Timestamp
mvscan_dept_num Department Number
mvscan_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mvscan_ipaseq Ip Pharmacy Sequence

Table: med_verify_scan_alert

Description: Med verify scan alert


Name Description
mvscana_admin_id Administration Id
mvscana_date_time Scan Alert Timestamp
mvscana_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mvscana_ipaseq Ip Pharmacy Sequence
mvscana_seqnum Scan Alert Sequence
mvscana_oride_reason Override Reason
mvscana_visit Visit Number
mvscana_type Alert Type

Table: med_verify_warnings

Description: Med Verify Warning Record


Name Description
mvwarn_date Warning Date
mvwarn_empname Employee Name
mvwarn_item Warning Item Number
mvwarn_warncd Warning Code
mvwarn_empnum Employee Number
mvwarn_patnum Visit Number
mvwarn_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mvwarn_ndc Ndc Number
mvwarn_time Warning Time

Table: medical_order_transfer_key

Description: Medical Order Transfer Keys


Name Description
mo1trans_patnum Old Order Visit Number
mo1trans_edate Old Order Entry Date
mo1trans_seq Old Order Sequence
mo1trans_patordkey New Order Patord Key
mo1trans_arid Arid Id
mo1trans_unverdept Old Order Unverified Department
mo1trans_etime Old Order Entry Date

Table: medical_orders

Description: Medical Order File


Name Description
mo_chorders_serialkey Mo chorders serialkey
mo_dietconsumed Medical Order Diet Consumed
mo_orderdesc Medical Order Description
mo_clo5ackdt Medical Order Chartlink Order 5 Date
mo_skillmix Medical Order Skill Mix
mo_seqnum Medical Order Sequence Number
mo_fcstatus Medical Order Flowchart Status
mo_patcensus Medical Order Patient Census Switch
mo_verbal_dc Mo verbal dc
mo_sortseq Medical Order Sort Sequence
mo_enurse Medical Order Entry Nurse
mo_unverdept Medical Order Unverified Department
mo_clo5seq Medical Order Chartlink Order 5 Sequence
mo_acomment2 Medical Order Action Comment 2
mo_interv_starttm Medical Order Intervention Start Time
mo_adate Medical Order Action Date
mo_intseq Medical Order Intervention Sequence
mo_dietsw Medical Order Diet Switch
mo_interv_startdt Medical Order Inervention Start Date
mo_seq Medical Order Sequence
mo_etime Medical Order Entry Time
mo_vtime Medical Order Verification Time
mo_chorders_arid Mo chorders arid
mo_interv_endtm Medical Order Intervention End Time
mo_clo6acktm Mo clo6acktm
mo_acode Medical Order Action Code
mo_readback_dc Mo readback dc
mo_vnurse Medical Order Verifying Nurse
mo_verbal Medical Order Verbal Switch
mo_diab_medo_sw Medical Order Diabetic Order Switch
mo_diet_field32 Medical Order Diet Field 32
mo_pacuity Medical Order Predictive Acuity
mo_diab_seq Medical Order Diabetic Sequence
mo_flowchartnum Medical Order Flowchart Number
mo_acode_other Medical Order Action Code Other
mo_patordkey Patient Orders Key
mo_jetcode Medical Order Jet Code
mo_probnum Medical Order Problem Number
mo_rank Medical Order Rank
mo_prob_sw Medical Order Problem Switch
mo_clo6seq Mo clo6seq
mo_flowchartday Medical Order Flowchart Day
mo_clo5acktm Medical Order Chartlink Order 5 Time
mo_intedate Medical Order Intervention Date
mo_flowchartdt Medical Order Flowchart Date
mo_clo6ackdt Mo clo6ackdt
mo_origrank Medical Order Original Rank
mo_acuity Medical Order Acuity
mo_readback Medical Order Read Back Switch
mo_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mo_edate Medical Order Entry Date
mo_patnum Medical Order Patient Number
mo_interv_enddt Medical Order Intervention End Date
mo_acomment Medical Order Action Comment
mo_prob_action_seq Medical Order Problem Action Sequence
mo_flowcharttm Medical Order Flowchart Time
mo_boxnum Medical Order Box Number
mo_anurse Medical Order Action Nurse
mo_ordnum Medical Order Order Number
mo_intetime Medical Order Intervention Time
mo_vdate Medical Order Verification Date
mo_atime Medical Order Action Time

Table: medical_record_document

Description: Mr Document Record


Name Description
mrdoc1_hold_cd Hold Code
mrdoc1_desc Transcription Description
mrdoc1_sendphy Transcription Physician Distribution List
mrdoc1_date Document Date
mrdoc1_location Transcription Location Distribution List
mrdoc1_print Print Switch
mrdoc1_rtf_sw Rtf Switch
mrdoc1_amend_addend_seq Amendment Addendum Sequence
mrdoc1_cosigner Cosigning Physician Number
mrdoc1_cosigned_flg Cosigned Flag
mrdoc1_logdinit Dictation Log Dictate Initials
mrdoc1_lines Document Line Count
mrdoc1_logdtime Dictation Log Dictate Time
mrdoc1_logcdate Document Creation Date
mrdoc1_logctime Document Creation Time
mrdoc1_logtinit Dictation Log Transcribe Initials
mrdoc1_new New Document Switch
mrdoc1_phy Dictating Physician Number
mrdoc1_esign_edit Electronic Signature Edit Switch
mrdoc1_signinit Electronic Signature Initials
mrdoc1_esign Electronic Signature Switch
mrdoc1_logddate Dictation Log Dictate Date
mrdoc1_rtn_date Return Date
mrdoc1_logcinit Document Creation Initials
mrdoc1_fidx_key File Index Key
mrdoc1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mrdoc1_paragraphs Document Paragraph Count
mrdoc1_rtn_time Return Time
mrdoc1_rtn_cd Return Code
mrdoc1_charwspaces Document Character With Spaces Count
mrdoc1_pat Visit Number
mrdoc1_seq Transcription Sequence Number
mrdoc1_vndrid2 If Vendor Id Number2
mrdoc1_doccode Document Code
mrdoc1_amend_addend_date Amendment Addendum Date
mrdoc1_logtdate Dictation Log Transcribe Date
mrdoc1_logttime Dictation Log Transcribe Time
mrdoc1_words Document Word Count
mrdoc1_amend_addend_init Amendment Addendum Initials
mrdoc1_vndrid If Vendor Id Number
mrdoc1_signdate Electronic Signature Date
mrdoc1_signtime Electronic Signature Time
mrdoc1_cat Transcription Category Code
mrdoc1_amend_addend_cd Amendment Addendum Code
mrdoc1_amend_addend_time Amendment Addendum Time
mrdoc1_characters Document Character Count
mrdoc1_req_edit Requires Edit Switch

Table: medical_records_trans_data

Description: Medical Record Transcription Index


Name Description
mr_seq Med Rec Record Sequence
mr_characters2 Med Rec Transcription Changes Char2
mr_num Medical Record Number
mr_charwspaces2 Med Rec Transcription Changes Spaces2
mr_print Med Rec Transcription Print
mr_paragraphs Med Rec Transcription Paragraphs
mr_lines2 Med Rec Transcription Changes Lines2
mr_charwspaces Med Rec Transcription Changes Spaces
mr_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mr_date Med Rec Transcription Date
mr_rtf_sw Med Rec Transcription Rtf Switch
mr_words2 Med Rec Transcription Changes Words2
mr_paragraphs2 Med Rec Transcription Paragraphs2
mr_new Med Rec Transcription New
mr_date2 Med Rec Transcription Date2
mr_lines Med Rec Transcription Changes Lines
mr_desc Med Rec Transcription Description
mr_new2 Med Rec Transcription New2
mr_characters Med Rec Transcription Changes Char
mr_words Med Rec Transcription Changes Words
mr_print2 Med Rec Transcription Print2
mr_rtf_sw2 Med Rec Transcription Rtf Switch2

Table: medication_administration_assessment

Description: Medication Administration Assessment


Name Description
marass1_itemname Marass1 itemname
marass1_asstm Marass1 asstm
marass1_admsqlseq Marass1 admsqlseq
marass1_ubl Marass1 ubl
marass1_init Marass1 init
marass1_admtm Marass1 admtm
marass1_super_amend_ubl Marass1 super amend ubl
marass1_marassamend_tm Marass1 marassamend tm
marass1_admdt Marass1 admdt
marass1_arid Marass1 arid
marass1_type Marass1 type
marass1_assdt Marass1 assdt
marass1_num Marass1 num
marass1_route Marass1 route
marass1_seq Marass1 seq
marass1_ordnum Marass1 ordnum
marass1_ass Marass1 ass
marass1_super_amend Marass1 super amend
marass1_marassamend_dt Marass1 marassamend dt
marass1_nurse Marass1 nurse

Table: medication_ingredient_tracker

Description: Med Tracker Record


Name Description
mit_gm_id Micromedex General Medication Id
mit_unit Units
mit_time Given Time
mit_af_id Ultimedex Alternate Formulary Id
mit_item Item Number
mit_override Override Reason
mit_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mit_init Initials
mit_order Order Number
mit_pat Visit Number
mit_seq Key Sequence Number
mit_date Given Date
mit_dose Dose

Table: medication_review

Description: Medication review


Name Description
med_type Med type
med_visit_id Med visit id
med_role Med role
med_order Med order
med_historical Med historical
med_logname Med logname
med_reason Med reason
med_reviewed_ts Med reviewed ts
med_removed_ts Med removed ts
med_comments Med comments
med_review_completed Med review completed
med_arid Med arid

Table: micro_comment

Description: Micro Comment Record


Name Description
mbc_ordered_time Order Time
mbc_comment Generic Comment
mbc_cmmt_seq Comment Sequence
mbc_order_number Order Number
mbc_ordered_date Order Date
mbc_isolate_id Isolate Id
mbc_comment_loc Comment Location
mbc_account_number Visit Number
mbc_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: micro_drug

Description: Micro Drug


Name Description
mbd_drug_name Drug Name
mbd_drug_ref_range Drug Reference Range
mbd_drug_loinc Drug Loinc
mbd_order_number Order Number
mbd_drug_sensitivity_urine Mbd drug sensitivity urine
mbd_drug_sensitivity Drug Sensitivity
mbd_kb_sensitivity Kirby Bauer Sensitivity
mbd_organism_id Organism Id
mbd_drug_cost Drug Cost
mbd_drug_snomed Drug Snomed
mbd_method_loinc Mbd method loinc
mbd_drug_mic Drug Mic
mbd_ordered_date Order Date
mbd_drug_ucum Drug Loinc Code
mbd_drug_seq Drug Sequence
mbd_drug_units Drug Units
mbd_ordered_time Order Time
mbd_account_number Visit Number
mbd_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mbd_drug_dosage Drug Dosage

Table: microbiology_drug_susceptibilities

Description: Microbiology Drug Susceptibilities


Name Description
mbd1_account_number Visit Number
mbd1_drug_seq Drug Sequence Number
mbd1_received_date Received Date
mbd1_drug_mic Drug Mic
mbd1_organism_name Organism Name
mbd1_drug_cost Drug Dosage Cost
mbd1_kb_sensitivity Kirby Bauer Sensitivity
mbd1_drug_ref_range Drug Reference Range
mbd1_organism_seq Organism Sequence Number
mbd1_drug_sensitivity Drug Sensitivity
mbd1_drug_id Drug Id Code
mbd1_drug_snomed Drug Snomed Code
mbd1_drug_units Drug Units
mbd1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mbd1_drug_dosage Drug Dosage
mbd1_drug_name Drug Name
mbd1_order_number Order Number
mbd1_drug_loinc Drug Loinc Code

Table: microbiology_isolate_comments

Description: Microbiology Isolate Comments


Name Description
mbc1_organism_seq Organism Sequence Number
mbc1_account_number Visit Number
mbc1_cmmt_seq Record Comment Sequence Number
mbc1_received_date Received Date
mbc1_comment_loc Isolate Comment Location
mbc1_comment Isolate Comment Text
mbc1_order_number Order Number
mbc1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mbc1_organism_name Organism Name

Table: microbiology_test_result

Description: Microbiology Test Results


Name Description
mbr_text_addendum_yn Text Addendum Yn
mbr_result_flags Result Flags
mbr_result_source Result Source
mbr_account_number Visit Number
mbr_battery_name Battery Name
mbr_result_cat Result Category
mbr_numeric_rslt_decimal_places Number Of Decimal Places
mbr_unit_ucum Ucum Code
mbr_result_date_time Result Date Time
mbr_correction_test_code Correction Test Code
mbr_test_code_loinc Test Loinc
mbr_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mbr_text_result_value Result Value
mbr_ref_lab_site_code Site Code
mbr_isolate_id Isolate Id
mbr_audit_init Audit Init
mbr_bb_product_code Blood Bank Product Code
mbr_testdsplyname Test Display Name
mbr_resultlab_serialkey Result Lab Serial Key
mbr_obsv_methdesc Observation Method Description
mbr_obsv_methcode Observation Method Code
mbr_result_value_loinc Result Value Loinc
mbr_seq Sequence Number
mbr_reference_range Reference Range
mbr_audit_res_test Audit Res Test
mbr_result_snomed Result Snomed
mbr_reflab_test_name Reflab Test Name
mbr_refrng_effdt Ref Range Effective Date
mbr_audit_date Audit Date
mbr_organism_name Organism Name
mbr_performing_lab Performing Lab
mbr_result_type_switch Result Type Switch
mbr_audit_time Audit Time
mbr_result_status Result Status
mbr_audit_analyzer Audit Analyzer
mbr_correction_flag Correction Flag
mbr_order_number Order Number
mbr_audit_manual_res Audit Manual Result
mbr_ordered_time Order Time
mbr_dsplytest Display Test
mbr_result_units Result Units
mbr_reflab_accession Reflab Accession Number
mbr_battery_code Battery Code
mbr_numeric_result_value Numeric Result Value
mbr_battery_code_loinc Battery Loinc
mbr_description Test Description
mbr_result_test_code Test Code
mbr_ordered_date Order Date

Table: microbiology_test_results

Description: Microbiology Test Results


Name Description
mb1_obsv_methdesc Methodology Description
mb1_received_date Order Received Date
mb1_rslt_status Order Result Status
mb1_isolate_interp Isolate Interp
mb1_isolate_has_cmmts Isolate Has Comments
mb1_test_code Micro Test Code
mb1_specimen_desc Specimen Description
mb1_order_number Order Number
mb1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mb1_obsv_methcode Methodology Code
mb1_text_result Micro Text Result
mb1_special_request Special Requests
mb1_specimen_source Specimen Source
mb1_isolate_colony_cnt Isolate Colony Count
mb1_has_sensitivities Isolate Has Sensitivities
mb1_format_pgm Micro Format Program
mb1_organism_name Organism Name
mb1_seq Result Record Sequence
mb1_isolate_colony_cnt_loinc Isolate Colony Cnt Loinc
mb1_account_number Visit Number
mb1_micro_snomed Snomed Code
mb1_isolate_loinc Isolate Loinc
mb1_specimen_bodysite Specimen Body Site
mb1_specimen_gram_stain Specimen Gram Stain
mb1_testcode_loinc Micro Test Code Loinc
mb1_isolate_num Isolate Number
mb1_isolate_id Isolate Id Code
mb1_isoward Ward Of Isolation

Table: mmed_file_header_detail

Description: Mmed File Header Record Detail


Name Description
mh1_type Mh1 type
mh1_date Administration Date
mh1_language Mh1 language
mh1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mh1_historical Historical Flag
mh1_title File Title
mh1_time Administration Time
mh1_patnum Patient Number
mh1_nurse Administering Nurse
mh1_association Association
mh1_by_infobutton Saved By Infobutton
mh1_seq File Sequence Number
mh1_mmdoc Micromedex File Document Number

Table: mpm_whiteboard

Description: Mpm Whiteboard


Name Description
mawb_arxnum Visit Number
mawb_time Time
mawb_dob Date Of Birth
mawb_date Date
mawb_phynum Physician Number
mawb_patname Patient Name
mawb_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mawb_reason Reason
mawb_patnum Profile Number
mawb_location Location Description
mawb_physician Physician Name
mawb_loccode Location Code

Table: mr_deficiency_by_patient

Description: Mr Deficiency By Patient


Name Description
mrd1_emp_sw Deficiency Employee Switch
mrd1_num Deficiency Visit Number
mrd1_iemp Deficiency Employee
mrd1_idate Deficiency Date
mrd1_fdate Deficiency Complete Date
mrd1_femp Deficiency Complete Employee
mrd1_codes Deficiency Codes First 40 Attending Phy
mrd1_form Deficiency Form Number
mrd1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mrd1_numbers Deficiency Employee Number

Table: mr_electronic_signature

Description: Medical Record Electronic Signature Record


Name Description
mrsign1_trancat Electronic Signature Transcription Category
mrsign1_patnum Electronic Signature Patient Visit Number
mrsign1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mrsign1_seq Electronic Signature Key Sequence
mrsign1_rtn_time Electronic Signature Return Time
mrsign1_transeq Electronic Signature Transcription Sequence
mrsign1_req_edit Electronic Signature Requires Edit Switch
mrsign1_rtn_date Electronic Signature Return Date
mrsign1_fidxkey Flfidx Key
mrsign1_cosign_for Electronic Signature Cosign For
mrsign1_cosign_by Electronic Signature Cosign By
mrsign1_phynum Electronic Signature Signing Physician
mrsign1_publickey_seq Electronic Signature Public Key Sequence
mrsign1_publickey_ele Electronic Signature Public Key Element
mrsign1_esigtm Electronic Signature Time
mrsign1_oldnum Mrsign1 oldnum
mrsign1_his_flg Electronic Signature History Flag
mrsign1_rtn_comments Electronic Signature Return Comments
mrsign1_inprogress Electronic Signature In Progress Switch
mrsign1_trans_pr1num Electronic Signature Transcriptionist Employee Number
mrsign1_esig Electronic Signature
mrsign1_desc Electronic Signature Transcription Description
mrsign1_sig_req_dt Electronic Signature Required Date
mrsign1_rtn_cd Electronic Signature Return Code
mrsign1_trans_init Electronic Signature Transcriptionist Intitials
mrsign1_hold_cd Electronic Signature Hold Code
mrsign1_edit_comments Electronic Signature Edit Comments
mrsign1_esigdt Electronic Signature Date
mrsign1_fname Electronic Signature Transcription Filename

Table: multi_app_documentation

Description: Multi application documentation


Name Description
nsma1_taseq Sequence
nsma1_dt Date
nsma1_formseq Form Sequence
nsma1_seq Sequence
nsma1_tm Time
nsma1_chart_seq Chart Sequence
nsma1_formcd Form Code
nsma1_fcqcharttype Chart Type
nsma1_patnum Patient Number
nsma1_answcode Answer Code
nsma1_multi_disc_box Multi Disc Box
nsma1_ans Answer
nsma1_anstype Answer Type
nsma1_aq 1aq
nsma1_code Code
nsma1_fcqcode Cq Code
nsma1_sig Signature
nsma1_fcacode Ca Code
nsma1_fseq Sequence
nsma1_nurse Nurse
nsma1_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: multidrug_resistant_organism

Description: Mdro


Name Description
mdro_arid Mdro arid
mdro_type Mdro type
mdro_spid Mdro spid
mdro_uuid Mdro uuid
mdro_removed_ts Mdro removed ts
mdro_profilenum Mdro profilenum
mdro_created_ts Mdro created ts

Table: ndc_change_log

Description: Ndc Change Log


Name Description
ndccl_rev_time Ndc History Review Time
ndccl_rxnum Ndc History Rxnumber
ndccl_type Ndc History Type
ndccl_date Ndc History Date
ndccl_seq Ndc History Sequence
ndccl_ndcnum Ndc History Ndc Number
ndccl_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ndccl_time Ndc History Time
ndccl_rev_date Ndc History Review Date
ndccl_num Ndc History Patient Number

Table: new_diagnosis

Description: New Diagnosis Record


Name Description
ndr_num Visit Number
ndr_arid Ndr arid
ndr_dx Icd9 Diagnosis Code

Table: nh_cp3_use

Description: Mds3 Nursing Care Plan Usage


Name Description
nhcu_patnum Mds 3.0 assessment patient
nhcu_ltcnumber Long term care number
nhcu_mdsfld Mds 3.0 assessment care area field
nhcu_asmt_type Mds 3.0 assessment type
nhcu_asmt_date Mds 3.0 assessment date
nhcu_asmt_seq Mds 3.0 assessment sequence
nhcu_arid Nhcu arid
nhcu_checked Care plan checked
nhcu_seq Sequence number

Table: notes_pdf_failures

Description: Notes pdfs that fail to copy to thrive


Name Description
npf_arid Npf arid
npf_sign_date Npf sign date
npf_pdf_id Npf pdf id
npf_note_id Npf note id
npf_visit_id Npf visit id
npf_message Npf message

Table: ns_administration

Description: Pca Administration Record


Name Description
pcaadmin_late_chart Late Chart Flag
pcaadmin_delete_dt Delete Date
pcaadmin_type Pca Type
pcaadmin_probnum Problem Number
pcaadmin_acctnum Visit Number
pcaadmin_dc Discontinue Switch
pcaadmin_action_dt Problem Action Date
pcaadmin_historic Historic Account Flag
pcaadmin_effectsw Effect Switch
pcaadmin_qtywaste Quantity Waste
pcaadmin_date Entry Date
pcaadmin_mopatnum Problem Medical Order Patient Number
pcaadmin_action_cd Problem Action Code
pcaadmin_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
pcaadmin_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcaadmin_qtyleft3 Quantity Left 3
pcaadmin_qtywaste2 Quantity Waste 2
pcaadmin_nurse Entering Nurse
pcaadmin_actual_tm Actual Time
pcaadmin_witness_ubl Pcaadmin witness ubl
pcaadmin_actionother Problem Action Other
pcaadmin_unit Unit
pcaadmin_super_amend Pcaadmin super amend
pcaadmin_action_seq Problem Action Sequence
pcaadmin_time Entry Time
pcaadmin_qtyleft Quantity Left
pcaadmin_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
pcaadmin_moedate Problem Medical Order Entry Date
pcaadmin_purgesw Purge Switch
pcaadmin_super_amend_ubl Pcaadmin super amend ubl
pcaadmin_fcflag Problem Flowchart Flag
pcaadmin_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
pcaadmin_moetime Problem Medical Order Entry Time
pcaadmin_qtyleft2 Quantity Left 2
pcaadmin_actual_dt Actual Date
pcaadmin_ubl Pcaadmin ubl
pcaadmin_charted_seconds Pcaadmin charted seconds
pcaadmin_action_tm Problem Action Time
pcaadmin_fctypeqcode Problem Flowchart Flag
pcaadmin_fctypenum Problem Flowchart Type Number
pcaadmin_delete_tm Delete Time
pcaadmin_witness_init Witness Initials
pcaadmin_from_medver Administration From Med Verify
pcaadmin_sqlseq_parent Parent Sql Sequence
pcaadmin_qtywaste3 Quantity Waste 3
pcaadmin_qtyused Quantity Used
pcaadmin_qtyused2 Quantity Used 2
pcaadmin_id Sql Sequence Number
pcaadmin_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
pcaadmin_moseq Problem Medical Order Sequence
pcaadmin_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
pcaadmin_fctypeday Problem Flowchart Flag
pcaadmin_qtyused3 Quantity Used 3

Table: ns_assessment

Description: Pca Assessment Record


Name Description
pcaassess_actual_tm Actual Time
pcaassess_action_tm Problem Action Time
pcaassess_action_seq Problem Action Sequence
pcaassess_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcaassess_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
pcaassess_actionother Problem Action Other
pcaassess_ans Assessment Answer
pcaassess_historic Historic Account Flag
pcaassess_moedate Problem Medical Order Entry Date
pcaassess_date Entry Date
pcaassess_witness_init Witness Initials
pcaassess_probnum Problem Number
pcaassess_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
pcaassess_nurse Entering Nurse
pcaassess_super_amend_ubl Pcaassess super amend ubl
pcaassess_action_cd Problem Action Code
pcaassess_super_amend Pcaassess super amend
pcaassess_delete_dt Delete Date
pcaassess_time Entry Time
pcaassess_sqlseq_parent Parent Sql Sequence
pcaassess_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
pcaassess_id Sql Sequence Number
pcaassess_acctnum Visit Number
pcaassess_type Pca Type
pcaassess_moseq Problem Medical Order Sequence
pcaassess_fctypeday Problem Flowchart Type Day
pcaassess_fctypenum Problem Flowchart Type Number
pcaassess_moetime Problem Medical Order Entry Time
pcaassess_fcflag Problem Flowchart Flag
pcaassess_action_dt Problem Action Date
pcaassess_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
pcaassess_witness_ubl Pcaassess witness ubl
pcaassess_late_chart Late Chart Flag
pcaassess_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
pcaassess_ques Assessment Questions
pcaassess_fctypeqcode Problem Flowchart Type Question Code
pcaassess_delete_tm Delete Time
pcaassess_mopatnum Problem Medical Order Patient Number
pcaassess_ubl Pcaassess ubl
pcaassess_actual_dt Actual Date

Table: ns_bolus_ineffective

Description: Pca Bolus Or Ineffective Record


Name Description
pcabolinef_amend_time Amend Time
pcabolinef_acctnum Visit Number
pcabolinef_type Pca Type
pcabolinef_text Bolus Or Ineffective Text
pcabolinef_sqlseq_parent Parent Serial Sequence
pcabolinef_historic Historic Account Flag
pcabolinef_amend_date Amend Date
pcabolinef_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcabolinef_id Sql Sequence Number

Table: ns_main_order

Description: Pca Order Data Record


Name Description
pcamain_charged Charged Flag
pcamain_dept Pcamain dept
pcamain_delete_dt Delete Date
pcamain_moetime Problem Medical Order Entry Time
pcamain_delete_tm Delete Time
pcamain_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcamain_witness_init Witness Initials
pcamain_item Item Number
pcamain_moedate Problem Medical Order Entry Date
pcamain_wkf1key_sub Key Sub Value
pcamain_fctypenum Problem Flowchart Type Number
pcamain_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
pcamain_wkf1order Ipa Order Number
pcamain_probnum Problem Number
pcamain_nurse Entering Nurse
pcamain_moseq Problem Medical Order Sequence
pcamain_time Entry Time
pcamain_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
pcamain_id Sql Sequence Number
pcamain_fctypeqcode Problem Flowchart Type Question Code
pcamain_actual_tm Actual Time
pcamain_fcflag Problem Flowchart Flag
pcamain_witness_ubl Pcamain witness ubl
pcamain_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
pcamain_late_chart Late Chart Flag
pcamain_action_seq Problem Action Sequence
pcamain_action_tm Problem Action Time
pcamain_date Entry Date
pcamain_super_amend_ubl Pcamain super amend ubl
pcamain_wkf1key_seq Ipa Sequence Number
pcamain_type Pca Type
pcamain_historic Historic Account Flag
pcamain_super_amend Pcamain super amend
pcamain_action_cd Problem Action Code
pcamain_actionother Problem Action Other
pcamain_actual_dt Actual Date
pcamain_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
pcamain_ubl Pcamain ubl
pcamain_fctypeday Problem Flowchart Type Day
pcamain_mopatnum Problem Medical Order Patient Number
pcamain_action_dt Problem Action Date
pcamain_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
pcamain_acctnum Visit Number

Table: ns_medical_order

Description: Medical Order Record


Name Description
mordx1_prob_etime Medical Order Problem Entry Time
mordx1_comment2 Medical Order Comment 2
mordx1_value2 Order Description Line 2
mordx1_time Medical Order Time
mordx1_acuity Medical Order Acuity
mordx1_value Medical Order Value
mordx1_actual_dt Medical Order Actual Date
mordx1_historic Medical Order Historic Account Flag
mordx1_diet_field32 Medical Order Diet Field 32
mordx1_jetcode Medical Order Jetcode
mordx1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mordx1_nurse Medical Order Nurse
mordx1_value3 Order Description Line 3
mordx1_prob_edate Medical Order Problem Entry Date
mordx1_patnum Medical Order Visit Number
mordx1_amendold_tm Medical Order Amend Old Time
mordx1_date Medical Order Date
mordx1_delete_tm Medical Order Delete Time
mordx1_actual_tm Medical Order Actual Time
mordx1_id Medical Order Sql Sequence
mordx1_amendold_dt Medical Order Amend Old Date
mordx1_actionot Medical Order Action Other
mordx1_snomed Mordx1 snomed
mordx1_amendnew_tm Medical Order Amend New Time
mordx1_comment Medical Order Comment
mordx1_type Medical Order Type
mordx1_prob_seq Medical Order Problem Sequence Number
mordx1_skillmix Medical Order Skill Mix
mordx1_delete_dt Medical Order Delete Date
mordx1_late_chart Medical Order
mordx1_amendnew_dt Medical Order Amend New Date
mordx1_dietcons Medical Order Diet Consumed

Table: ns_medication

Description: Medication Record


Name Description
mlx_charged Charged Flag
mlx_rip Scheduled Iv Or Prn Flag
mlx_super_amend_ubl Administration Super Amend Ubl
mlx_witness_init Witness Initials
mlx_prn_reason Prn Reason
mlx_delete_dt Delete Date
mlx_action_seq Medical Order Action Sequence
mlx_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
mlx_moedate Medical Order Entry Date
mlx_delete_tm Delete Time
mlx_dosageunit Dosage Unit
mlx_moseq Medical Order Sequence
mlx_dosageqty Dosage Quantity
mlx_scheduled_dt Scheduled Date
mlx_given_omit Given Omit
mlx_admindept Administration Patient Location
mlx_amendmed_rsn Amend Medication Reason
mlx_iv_flg Iv Flag
mlx_frommedver From Medication Verification Flag
mlx_action_tm Medical Order Action Time
mlx_freq Frequency
mlx_actual_dt Actual Date
mlx_ivmedqtys Iv Medication Quantities
mlx_moetime Medical Order Entry Time
mlx_dose_num Dose Number
mlx_existing Existing Site
mlx_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
mlx_old_prn_reason Mlx old prn reason
mlx_id Sql Sequence Number
mlx_late_chart Late Chart Flag
mlx_date Date
mlx_acctnum Visit Number
mlx_ivdesc2 Iv Description
mlx_prn_comment Administration Prn Comment
mlx_scheduled_tm Scheduled Time
mlx_omit_other Omit Other
mlx_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
mlx_miscname Medication Description
mlx_name_num Medication Name Number
mlx_mopatnum Medical Order Patient Number
mlx_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
mlx_actionother Medical Order Action Other
mlx_pain_rec Pain Record Flag
mlx_actual_tm Actual Time
mlx_ivrate Iv Rate
mlx_arid Accounts Receivable Id
mlx_probnum Medical Order Problem Number
mlx_charted_seconds Charted Seconds
mlx_site_reason Given Site Omit Reason
mlx_omit_maxd_skip Omit Maximum Dose Skip
mlx_time Entry Time
mlx_super_amend Administration Super Amend
mlx_route_snomed Administration Route Snomed
mlx_item Medication Number
mlx_ivmedunits Iv Medication Units
mlx_ubl Administration Ubl
mlx_init Nurse Initials
mlx_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
mlx_nurse Nurse
mlx_ivmednums Iv Medication Numbers
mlx_action_dt Medical Order Action Date
mlx_action_cd Medical Order Action Code
mlx_historic Historic Account Flag
mlx_order Order Number
mlx_medveroride_rsn Medication Verification Override Reason
mlx_mvphotoride_type Med Verify Photo Override Type

Table: ns_medication_stats

Description: Medication administration stats


Name Description
mlxstats_acctnum Mlxstats acctnum
mlxstats_earliest_omit Mlxstats earliest omit
mlxstats_order Mlxstats order
mlxstats_admin_omit_count Mlxstats admin omit count
mlxstats_arid Mlxstats arid
mlxstats_max_dose_count Mlxstats max dose count
mlxstats_latest_admin Mlxstats latest admin
mlxstats_admin_count Mlxstats admin count
mlxstats_earliest_admin Mlxstats earliest admin
mlxstats_latest_omit Mlxstats latest omit

Table: ns_protocol_record

Description: Pca Protocol Record


Name Description
pcaprot_acctnum Visit Number
pcaprot_type Pca Type
pcaprot_sqlseq_parent Parent Serial Sequence
pcaprot_text Protocol Text
pcaprot_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcaprot_id Sql Sequence Number
pcaprot_historic Historic Account Flag

Table: ns_vital

Description: Pca Vitals Record


Name Description
pcavit_fctypenum Flowchart Type Number
pcavit_id Sql Sequence Number
pcavit_fctypeqcode Flowchart Type Question Code
pcavit_probnum Problem Number
pcavit_actual_tm Actual Time
pcavit_nurse Entering Nurse
pcavit_amendold_tm Amend Old Time
pcavit_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pcavit_fctypeday Flowchart Type Day
pcavit_acctnum Visit Number
pcavit_fcflag Flowchart Flag
pcavit_ubl Pcavit ubl
pcavit_super_amend_ubl Pcavit super amend ubl
pcavit_site Vital Site
pcavit_time Entry Time
pcavit_value2 Vital Value 2
pcavit_historic Historic Account Flag
pcavit_moseq Problem Medical Order Sequence
pcavit_mopatnum Problem Medical Order Patient Number
pcavit_delete_tm Delete Time
pcavit_late_chart Late Chart Flag
pcavit_action_cd Problem Action Code
pcavit_moedate Problem Medical Order Entry Date
pcavit_sqlseq_parent Parent Sql Sequence
pcavit_actionother Problem Action Other
pcavit_amendnew_tm Amend New Time
pcavit_moetime Problem Medical Order Entry Time
pcavit_vital_type2 Pcavit vital type2
pcavit_amendnew_dt Amend New Date
pcavit_value1 Vital Value 1
pcavit_witness_nurse Witness Nurse
pcavit_o2method Pcavit o2method
pcavit_witness_ubl Pcavit witness ubl
pcavit_posture Vital Posture
pcavit_date Entry Date
pcavit_super_amend Pcavit super amend
pcavit_actual_dt Actual Date
pcavit_delete_dt Delete Date
pcavit_amendold_dt Amend Old Date
pcavit_vital_type Vital Type
pcavit_action_dt Problem Action Date
pcavit_action_tm Problem Action Time
pcavit_witness_init Witness Initials
pcavit_type Pca Type
pcavit_action_seq Problem Action Sequence

Table: nursing_plan_goal

Description: Nursing Plan Goal


Name Description
pg1_enurse Pg1 enurse
pg1_etime Pg1 etime
pg1_acode_other Pg1 acode other
pg1_adate Pg1 adate
pg1_arid Pg1 arid
pg1_mopatnum Pg1 mopatnum
pg1_goaldesc Pg1 goaldesc
pg1_edate Pg1 edate
pg1_closed Pg1 closed
pg1_moedate Pg1 moedate
pg1_atime Pg1 atime
pg1_moetime Pg1 moetime
pg1_acode Pg1 acode
pg1_comment Pg1 comment
pg1_probdesc Pg1 probdesc
pg1_moseq Pg1 moseq
pg1_goal_action_seq Pg1 goal action seq
pg1_anurse Pg1 anurse
pg1_goal_seq Pg1 goal seq

Table: oasis_assessment

Description: Oasis Assessment Record


Name Description
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_19 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 19
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_5 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 5
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_seve Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 seve
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_10 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 10
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_6 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 6
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_3 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 3
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1200 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1200
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diaga Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diaga
hmo1_c1_oci_m1750 Hmo1 c1 oci m1750
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_cert_dt Hmo1 c1 oc pps cert dt
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1030_3 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1030 3
hmo1_c1_ock_m2004 Hmo1 c1 ock m2004
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_mswvis Hmo1 c1 oc pps mswvis
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_5 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 5
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_reim Hmo1 c1 oc pps reim
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_4 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 4
hmo1_c1_ock_m2010 Hmo1 c1 ock m2010
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3e Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3e
hmo1_c1_ocf_m1410_1 Hmo1 c1 ocf m1410 1
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_2 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 2
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_6 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 6
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_1 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 1
hmo1_c1_oci_m1700 Hmo1 c1 oci m1700
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_13 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 13
hmo1_c1_och_m1600 Hmo1 c1 och m1600
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1220 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1220
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_2 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 2
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1880 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1880
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_1 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 1
hmo1_c1_oce_m1324 Hmo1 c1 oce m1324
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3c Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3c
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250g Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250g
hmo1_c1_ock_m2000 Hmo1 c1 ock m2000
hmo1_c1_ocl_xmit Hmo1 c1 ocl xmit
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_19 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 19
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_eocosts Hmo1 c1 oc pps eocosts
hmo1_c1_oco_m0906 Hmo1 c1 oco m0906
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400f Hmo1 c1 oco m2400f
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_2 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diagc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diagc
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4d Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4d
hmo1_c1_oca_m0065_na Hmo1 c1 oca m0065 na
hmo1_c1_oci_hmopatnum Hmo1 c1 oci hmopatnum
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icdc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icdc
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250a Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250a
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_16 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 16
hmo1_c1_och_m1620 Hmo1 c1 och m1620
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_4 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 4
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_hhrg Hmo1 c1 oc pps hhrg
hmo1_c1_oco_m0903 Hmo1 c1 oco m0903
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_validity Hmo1 c1 oc pps validity
hmo1_c1_oce_m1309_b Hmo1 c1 oce m1309 b
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4a Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4a
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_3 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 3
hmo1_c1_oca_m0064_uk Hmo1 c1 oca m0064 uk
hmo1_c1_ock_m2040b Hmo1 c1 ock m2040b
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_21 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 21
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_12 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 12
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_eototal Hmo1 c1 oc pps eototal
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_hhavis Hmo1 c1 oc pps hhavis
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_cbsa Hmo1 c1 oc pps cbsa
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_eopmt Hmo1 c1 oc pps eopmt
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_1 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 1
hmo1_c1_oce_m1334 Hmo1 c1 oce m1334
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_otvis Hmo1 c1 oc pps otvis
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icde Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icde
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250c Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250c
hmo1_c1_oca_m0016 Hmo1 c1 oca m0016
hmo1_c1_oce_m1340 Hmo1 c1 oce m1340
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_6 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 6
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1845 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1845
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_7 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 7
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_3 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 3
hmo1_c1_oca_m0030 Hmo1 c1 oca m0030
hmo1_c1_oca_m0040_first Hmo1 c1 oca m0040 first
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_5 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 5
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308d3 Hmo1 c1 oce m1308d3
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1240 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1240
hmo1_c1_oce_m1300 Hmo1 c1 oce m1300
hmo1_c1_oca_m0063_na Hmo1 c1 oca m0063 na
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3c Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3c
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_2 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 2
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_1 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 1
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102b Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102b
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_sevf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 sevf
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_14 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 14
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_4 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 4
hmo1_c1_oca_m0110 Hmo1 c1 oca m0110
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_7 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 7
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_finish Hmo1 c1 oc pps finish
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_7 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 7
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_5 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 5
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102f Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102f
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2110 Hmo1 c1 ocl m2110
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_8 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 8
hmo1_c1_och_m1630 Hmo1 c1 och m1630
hmo1_c1_oca_m0020 Hmo1 c1 oca m0020
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_calc_type Hmo1 c1 oc pps calc type
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_4 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 4
hmo1_c1_ock_m2020 Hmo1 c1 ock m2020
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308a Hmo1 c1 oce m1308a
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_13 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 13
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_7 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 7
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1021_seva Hmo1 c1 ocb m1021 seva
hmo1_c1_ocf_m1410_4 Hmo1 c1 ocf m1410 4
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_5 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 5
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diagf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diagf
hmo1_c1_ock_m2030 Hmo1 c1 ock m2030
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1030_2 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1030 2
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_9 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 9
hmo1_correct Hmo1 correct
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_3 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 3
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_7 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 7
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1900b Hmo1 c1 ocj m1900b
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_diagd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 diagd
hmo1_c1_oca_m0018_uk Hmo1 c1 oca m0018 uk
hmo1_c1_oce_m1322 Hmo1 c1 oce m1322
hmo1_c1_oce_m1330 Hmo1 c1 oce m1330
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diage Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diage
hmo1_c1_oco_m2420 Hmo1 c1 oco m2420
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_9 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 9
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3d Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3d
hmo1_c1_oca_m0066 Hmo1 c1 oca m0066
hmo1_c1_occ_m1100 Hmo1 c1 occ m1100
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1021_icda Hmo1 c1 ocb m1021 icda
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_stvis Hmo1 c1 oc pps stvis
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102c Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_2 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_sevb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 sevb
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_5 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 5
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icdb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icdb
hmo1_c1_oca_m0014 Hmo1 c1 oca m0014
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4e Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4e
hmo1_c1_oca_m0060 Hmo1 c1 oca m0060
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_17 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 17
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_na Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 na
hmo1_c1_ocf_m1410_3 Hmo1 c1 ocf m1410 3
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_20 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 20
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3e Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3e
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_6 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 6
hmo1_c1_oca_m0040_last Hmo1 c1 oca m0040 last
hmo1_date Hmo1 date
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_12 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 12
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diagb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diagb
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308b Hmo1 c1 oce m1308b
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_5 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 5
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_1 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 1
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1890 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1890
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_11 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 11
hmo1_c1_oce_m1342 Hmo1 c1 oce m1342
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_icdb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 icdb
hmo1_c1_och_m1610 Hmo1 c1 och m1610
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_sevc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 sevc
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250b Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250b
hmo1_c1_ock_m2040a Hmo1 c1 ock m2040a
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3f Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3f
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1820 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1820
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4c Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icdd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icdd
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_6 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 6
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400b Hmo1 c1 oco m2400b
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_5 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 5
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2200b Hmo1 c1 ocm m2200b
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_8 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 8
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4b Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4b
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_11 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 11
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308d2 Hmo1 c1 oce m1308d2
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_snvis Hmo1 c1 oc pps snvis
hmo1_c1_oce_m1306 Hmo1 c1 oce m1306
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_manifest Hmo1 c1 oc pps manifest
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diaga Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diaga
hmo1_c1_oci_inactivate Hmo1 c1 oci inactivate
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_8 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 8
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_1 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 1
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_6 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 6
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_5 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 5
hmo1_c1_oci_m1720 Hmo1 c1 oci m1720
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1800 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1800
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diagf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diagf
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_4 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 4
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_12 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 12
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_diage Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 diage
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_lupa Hmo1 c1 oc pps lupa
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_diagf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 diagf
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_15 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 15
hmo1_c1_ocl_date Hmo1 c1 ocl date
hmo1_c1_oce_m1307 Hmo1 c1 oce m1307
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1021_diaga Hmo1 c1 ocb m1021 diaga
hmo1_seq Hmo1 seq
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4f Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4f
hmo1_c1_ock_m2002 Hmo1 c1 ock m2002
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_icde Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 icde
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icdc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icdc
hmo1_c1_och_m1615 Hmo1 c1 och m1615
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_1 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 1
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_6 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 6
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icde Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icde
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_diagb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 diagb
hmo1_c1_ocr_date Hmo1 c1 ocr date
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_6 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 6
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1056 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1056
hmo1_c1_oca_m0069 Hmo1 c1 oca m0069
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_8 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 8
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400d Hmo1 c1 oco m2400d
hmo1_c1_oca_m0032 Hmo1 c1 oca m0032
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1036_4 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1036 4
hmo1_c1_oca_m0064 Hmo1 c1 oca m0064
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102a Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102a
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diage Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diage
hmo1_c1_oca_m0102_dt Hmo1 c1 oca m0102 dt
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_ptvis Hmo1 c1 oc pps ptvis
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_13 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 13
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_16 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 16
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1850 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1850
hmo1_c1_oca_m0104 Hmo1 c1 oca m0104
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1041 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1041
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_3 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 3
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400e Hmo1 c1 oco m2400e
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icda Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icda
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1900c Hmo1 c1 ocj m1900c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icdf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icdf
hmo1_c1_oca_m0100 Hmo1 c1 oca m0100
hmo1_c1_oca_m0040_suffix Hmo1 c1 oca m0040 suffix
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_matchkey Hmo1 c1 oc pps matchkey
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102g Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102g
hmo1_c1_oce_m1302 Hmo1 c1 oce m1302
hmo1_c1_oco_m2410 Hmo1 c1 oco m2410
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1870 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1870
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icda Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icda
hmo1_c1_oci_m1730b Hmo1 c1 oci m1730b
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_6 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 6
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400a Hmo1 c1 oco m2400a
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_other Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 other
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_18 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 18
hmo1_code Hmo1 code
hmo1_c1_ocf_m1410_2 Hmo1 c1 ocf m1410 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_2 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_1 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 1
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_1 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 1
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_3 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 3
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308d1 Hmo1 c1 oce m1308d1
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4e Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4e
hmo1_c1_oca_m0050 Hmo1 c1 oca m0050
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250f Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250f
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3f Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3f
hmo1_c1_oca_m0065 Hmo1 c1 oca m0065
hmo1_c1_oce_m1332 Hmo1 c1 oce m1332
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4d Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4d
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_icdf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 icdf
hmo1_c1_ocf_m1400 Hmo1 c1 ocf m1400
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3a Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3a
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1500 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1500
hmo1_c1_oce_m1308c Hmo1 c1 oce m1308c
hmo1_c1_oce_m1309_c Hmo1 c1 oce m1309 c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd4c Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd4c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_sevd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 sevd
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_icdc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 icdc
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_4 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 4
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_icdb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 icdb
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102d Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102d
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1242 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1242
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_icdd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 icdd
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_2 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_8 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 8
hmo1_c1_oca_m0102_na Hmo1 c1 oca m0102 na
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3a Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3a
hmo1_c1_oca_m0010 Hmo1 c1 oca m0010
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1051 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1051
hmo1_c1_oca_m0018 Hmo1 c1 oca m0018
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_7 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 7
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_8 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 8
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_10 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 10
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_10 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 10
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_eothresh Hmo1 c1 oc pps eothresh
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2200a Hmo1 c1 ocm m2200a
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_hipps Hmo1 c1 oc pps hipps
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1030_1 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1030 1
hmo1_c1_oce_m1350 Hmo1 c1 oce m1350
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_3 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 3
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_na Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 na
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_cert_da2 Hmo1 c1 oc pps cert da2
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_cert_da Hmo1 c1 oc pps cert da
hmo1_c1_oci_m1745 Hmo1 c1 oci m1745
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1900d Hmo1 c1 ocj m1900d
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1840 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1840
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_other Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 other
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_1 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 1
hmo1_c1_oce_m1320 Hmo1 c1 oce m1320
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1005 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1005
hmo1_version Hmo1 version
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_4 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 4
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2300 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2300
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_3 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 3
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_rap_ready Hmo1 c1 oc pps rap ready
hmo1_arid Hmo1 arid
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_9 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 9
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_11 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 11
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diagc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diagc
hmo1_c1_oca_m0140_6 Hmo1 c1 oca m0140 6
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_18 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 18
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_20 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 20
hmo1_c1_ocg_m1510_4 Hmo1 c1 ocg m1510 4
hmo1_c1_oca_m0063 Hmo1 c1 oca m0063
hmo1_c1_ock_m2015 Hmo1 c1 ock m2015
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1210 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1210
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diagd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diagd
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1017_diagb Hmo1 c1 ocb m1017 diagb
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icdd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icdd
hmo1_c1_oca_m0040_mid Hmo1 c1 oca m0040 mid
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_5 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 5
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_10 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 10
hmo1_c1_oco_m2430_15 Hmo1 c1 oco m2430 15
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag3b Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag3b
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_icdf Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 icdf
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1900a Hmo1 c1 ocj m1900a
hmo1_c1_oco_m2400c Hmo1 c1 oco m2400c
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1046 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1046
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4a Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4a
hmo1_c1_oce_m1309_d Hmo1 c1 oce m1309 d
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3b Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3b
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_init Hmo1 c1 oc pps init
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_icd3d Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 icd3d
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_7 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 7
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1030_4 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1030 4
hmo1_c1_oci_hmodate Hmo1 c1 oci hmodate
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4f Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4f
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1011_diagd Hmo1 c1 ocb m1011 diagd
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1910 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1910
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250e Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250e
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1000_2 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1000 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_4 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 4
hmo1_c1_oci_m1730a Hmo1 c1 oci m1730a
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_2 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 2
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1018_9 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1018 9
hmo1_c1_ocl_m2102e Hmo1 c1 ocl m2102e
hmo1_90 Hmo1 90
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1025_diag4b Hmo1 c1 ocb m1025 diag4b
hmo1_c1_oca_m0080 Hmo1 c1 oca m0080
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1830 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1830
hmo1_c1_oce_m1309_a Hmo1 c1 oce m1309 a
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1860 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1860
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_14 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 14
hmo1_c1_ocr_init Hmo1 c1 ocr init
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1034 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1034
hmo1_c1_oci_hmocode Hmo1 c1 oci hmocode
hmo1_c1_ocd_m1230 Hmo1 c1 ocd m1230
hmo1_c1_oca_m0040 Hmo1 c1 oca m0040
hmo1_c1_ocm_m2250d Hmo1 c1 ocm m2250d
hmo1_c1_oci_m1730 Hmo1 c1 oci m1730
hmo1_c1_oci_m1740_3 Hmo1 c1 oci m1740 3
hmo1_c1_oce_m1307_dt Hmo1 c1 oce m1307 dt
hmo1_c1_ocn_m2310_17 Hmo1 c1 ocn m2310 17
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1023_diagc Hmo1 c1 ocb m1023 diagc
hmo1_c1_oci_m1710 Hmo1 c1 oci m1710
hmo1_patnum Hmo1 patnum
hmo1_c1_ocb_m1033_9 Hmo1 c1 ocb m1033 9
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_3 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 3
hmo1_c1_oca_m0032_na Hmo1 c1 oca m0032 na
hmo1_c1_oca_m0150_2 Hmo1 c1 oca m0150 2
hmo1_c1_oc_pps_fin_ready Hmo1 c1 oc pps fin ready
hmo1_c1_ocj_m1810 Hmo1 c1 ocj m1810

Table: observation

Description: Observation


Name Description
obs_eff_period_end Obs eff period end
obs_code Obs code
obs_visit_id Obs visit id
obs_profile_arid Obs profile arid
obs_status Obs status
obs_profile_spid Obs profile spid
obs_recorder_logname Obs recorder logname
obs_value_cc Obs value cc
obs_eff_period_start Obs eff period start
obs_performer_facid Obs performer facid
obs_issued_ts Obs issued ts
obs_eff_period_start_prec Obs eff period start prec
obs_recorder_facid Obs recorder facid
obs_last_updated_ts Obs last updated ts
obs_version Obs version
obs_eff_period_end_prec Obs eff period end prec
obs_visit_arid Obs visit arid
obs_profile_num Obs profile num
obs_performer_logname Obs performer logname
obs_uuid Obs uuid

Table: oe_associated_diagnosis

Description: Order Entry Associated Diagnoses


Name Description
oeassocdx_order_date Order Date
oeassocdx_visitnum Visit Number
oeassocdx_cpcode Diagnosis Master Id
oeassocdx_arid Accounts Receivable Id
oeassocdx_type Oeassocdx type
oeassocdx_order Order Number
oeassocdx_assoc_date Associated Diagnosis

Table: oe_prefix_counter

Description: Counter Record.


Name Description
oecntr_oe_order Oecntr oe order
oecntr_arid Oecntr arid
oecntr_oe_prefix Oecntr oe prefix

Table: ola_claim

Description: Claims


Name Description
claim1_cl1_dur_con Claim1 cl1 dur con
claim1_cl1_claim_los_3c Claim1 cl1 claim los 3c
claim1_cl1_pat_dob Claim1 cl1 pat dob
claim1_cl1_msmt_dimension Claim1 cl1 msmt dimension
claim1_cl1_array_ptr Claim1 cl1 array ptr
claim1_cl1_arxseq Claim1 cl1 arxseq
claim1_cl1_payerid_qual Claim1 cl1 payerid qual
claim1_cl1_auth_type Claim1 cl1 auth type
claim1_cl1_person_cd Claim1 cl1 person cd
claim1_cl1_level_eff Claim1 cl1 level eff
claim1_cl1_do Claim1 cl1 do
claim1_cl1_pres_state Claim1 cl1 pres state
claim1_cl1_chgamt Claim1 cl1 chgamt
claim1_cl1_arxel_seq Claim1 cl1 arxel seq
claim1_cl1_payerid Claim1 cl1 payerid
claim1_arid Claim1 arid
claim1_cl1_prov_id Claim1 cl1 prov id
claim1_cl1_cms_part_d Claim1 cl1 cms part d
claim1_cl1_compound_ingr_mod_cd Claim1 cl1 compound ingr mod cd
claim1_cl1_payment_amt Claim1 cl1 payment amt
claim1_cl1_we Claim1 cl1 we
claim1_cl1_sales_tax_rate_3c Claim1 cl1 sales tax rate 3c
claim1_cl1_reject_cd Claim1 cl1 reject cd
claim1_cl1_writeoff Claim1 cl1 writeoff
claim1_cl1_claim_unit_3c Claim1 cl1 claim unit 3c
claim1_cl1_addl_benefits_stage_amt Claim1 cl1 addl benefits stage amt
claim1_cl1_benefits_stage_cnt Claim1 cl1 benefits stage cnt
claim1_cl1_rxnum Claim1 cl1 rxnum
claim1_cl1_pat_fc Claim1 cl1 pat fc
claim1_cl1_pat_residence Claim1 cl1 pat residence
claim1_cl1_price Claim1 cl1 price
claim1_cl1_medigap_id Claim1 cl1 medigap id
claim1_cl1_claim_denydt_3c Claim1 cl1 claim denydt 3c
claim1_cl1_dur_code_count Claim1 cl1 dur code count
claim1_cl1_insu_policy Claim1 cl1 insu policy
claim1_cl1_billorder Claim1 cl1 billorder
claim1_cl1_cd_hldr Claim1 cl1 cd hldr
claim1_cl1_pres_origin_cd Claim1 cl1 pres origin cd
claim1_cl1_ins_group Claim1 cl1 ins group
claim1_cl1_sales_tax_basis_3c Claim1 cl1 sales tax basis 3c
claim1_cl1_pat_assignment Claim1 cl1 pat assignment
claim1_cl1_oth_ppr_qual Claim1 cl1 oth ppr qual
claim1_cl1_prov_aa_ind Claim1 cl1 prov aa ind
claim1_cl1_pres_street_addr Claim1 cl1 pres street addr
claim1_cl1_msmt_unit Claim1 cl1 msmt unit
claim1_cl1_pres_firstname Claim1 cl1 pres firstname
claim1_cl1_denial_or_cd Claim1 cl1 denial or cd
claim1_cl1_addl_benefits_stage_qual Claim1 cl1 addl benefits stage qual
claim1_cl1_item_med_form Claim1 cl1 item med form
claim1_cl1_payer_cov_type Claim1 cl1 payer cov type
claim1_cl1_usl_cust_chg Claim1 cl1 usl cust chg
claim1_cl1_claim_met_dec_3c Claim1 cl1 claim met dec 3c
claim1_cl1_sales_tax_3c Claim1 cl1 sales tax 3c
claim1_cl1_pat_sex Claim1 cl1 pat sex
claim1_cl1_claim_cust_loc_3c Claim1 cl1 claim cust loc 3c
claim1_cl1_compound_ingr_bocd Claim1 cl1 compound ingr bocd
claim1_cl1_addl_oth_ppr_qual Claim1 cl1 addl oth ppr qual
claim1_cl1_addl_oth_ppr_amt Claim1 cl1 addl oth ppr amt
claim1_cl1_route_of_admin Claim1 cl1 route of admin
claim1_cl1_gross_amt_due Claim1 cl1 gross amt due
claim1_cl1_compound_ingr_mod_cnt Claim1 cl1 compound ingr mod cnt
claim1_cl1_ord_init Claim1 cl1 ord init
claim1_cl1_ins Claim1 cl1 ins
claim1_cl1_ins_contract Claim1 cl1 ins contract
claim1_cl1_claim_seq Claim1 cl1 claim seq
claim1_cl1_submit_date Claim1 cl1 submit date
claim1_cl1_claim_ot_cov_3c Claim1 cl1 claim ot cov 3c
claim1_cl1_claim_pat_paid_3c Claim1 cl1 claim pat paid 3c
claim1_cl1_pharm_serv_type Claim1 cl1 pharm serv type
claim1_cl1_medicaid_ind Claim1 cl1 medicaid ind
claim1_cl1_submit_time Claim1 cl1 submit time
claim1_cl1_num Claim1 cl1 num
claim1_cl1_credit_claim Claim1 cl1 credit claim
claim1_cl1_qty Claim1 cl1 qty
claim1_cl1_copay_amt Claim1 cl1 copay amt
claim1_cl1_claim_stat Claim1 cl1 claim stat
claim1_cl1_disp_fee_3c Claim1 cl1 disp fee 3c
claim1_cl1_subm_cc_cnt Claim1 cl1 subm cc cnt
claim1_cl1_benefits_stage_amt Claim1 cl1 benefits stage amt
claim1_cl1_oth_ppr_amt Claim1 cl1 oth ppr amt
claim1_cl1_seq Claim1 cl1 seq
claim1_cl1_dur_out Claim1 cl1 dur out
claim1_cl1_benefits_stage_qual Claim1 cl1 benefits stage qual
claim1_cl1_medicaid_id Claim1 cl1 medicaid id
claim1_cl1_ord_date Claim1 cl1 ord date
claim1_cl1_item_ndc Claim1 cl1 item ndc
claim1_cl1_auth_cd Claim1 cl1 auth cd
claim1_cl1_claim_incentive_3c Claim1 cl1 claim incentive 3c
claim1_cl1_insu_phone Claim1 cl1 insu phone
claim1_cl1_relation_cd Claim1 cl1 relation cd
claim1_cl1_claim_num Claim1 cl1 claim num
claim1_cl1_ar_date Claim1 cl1 ar date
claim1_cl1_pres_zip Claim1 cl1 pres zip
claim1_cl1_addl_denial_or_cd Claim1 cl1 addl denial or cd
claim1_cl1_pres_lastname Claim1 cl1 pres lastname
claim1_cl1_plan_id Claim1 cl1 plan id
claim1_cl1_co_agent_id_qual Claim1 cl1 co agent id qual
claim1_cl1_ve Claim1 cl1 ve
claim1_cl1_prov_id_qual Claim1 cl1 prov id qual
claim1_cl1_item_desc Claim1 cl1 item desc
claim1_cl1_co_agent_id Claim1 cl1 co agent id
claim1_cl1_icn Claim1 cl1 icn
claim1_cl1_claim_elig_3c Claim1 cl1 claim elig 3c
claim1_cl1_pres_city Claim1 cl1 pres city
claim1_cl1_dur_int Claim1 cl1 dur int
claim1_cl1_compound_type Claim1 cl1 compound type
claim1_cl1_pres_id Claim1 cl1 pres id
claim1_cl1_delay_reason Claim1 cl1 delay reason
claim1_cl1_unit Claim1 cl1 unit
claim1_cl1_oth_payment_amt Claim1 cl1 oth payment amt
claim1_cl1_oth_ppr_cnt Claim1 cl1 oth ppr cnt
claim1_cl1_fee Claim1 cl1 fee
claim1_cl1_pat_name Claim1 cl1 pat name
claim1_cl1_claim_otpayor_3c Claim1 cl1 claim otpayor 3c

Table: ola_coverage

Description: Coverages


Name Description
claim0_cl0_covenddt Claim0 cl0 covenddt
claim0_cl0_group Claim0 cl0 group
claim0_cl0_claim_seq Claim0 cl0 claim seq
claim0_cl0_contract Claim0 cl0 contract
claim0_cl0_seq Claim0 cl0 seq
claim0_arid Claim0 arid
claim0_cl0_num Claim0 cl0 num
claim0_cl0_person Claim0 cl0 person
claim0_cl0_covbegdt Claim0 cl0 covbegdt
claim0_cl0_billorder Claim0 cl0 billorder
claim0_cl0_ins Claim0 cl0 ins
claim0_cl0_relation Claim0 cl0 relation

Table: order_or_result_messages

Description: Order Result Messages


Name Description
oorm_msgid1note Oorm msgid1note
oorm_time Msg Time Created
oorm_cancel Can Line Sub
oorm_msgid1orignum Msg Body Text Orig Num
oorm_text_l4 Oe Ques Line Sub4
oorm_s_date Sending Date
oorm_order_no Order Num
oorm_a_num Ack Emp Num
oorm_status Current Msg Status
oorm_msgid1com_e_init Msg Body Text Com E Init
oorm_clo3acktm Clord Key Ack Time
oorm_remote Ref Lab Flag
oorm_msgid1pnum Msg Body Text Pat Num
oorm_a_init Ack Emp Init
oorm_clo3ackdt Clord Key Ack Date
oorm_s_name Signed In Emp Name
oorm_text_l2 Oe Ques Line Sub2
oorm_a_date Ack Date
oorm_msgid1pname Msg Body Text Pat Name
oorm_s_dnum Sending Dept
oorm_a_time Ack Time
oorm_tty Msg Mail Terminal
oorm_s_time Sending Time
oorm_msgid1proc Msg Body Text Proc
oorm_arid Accounts Receivable Id
oorm_msgid1room Msg Body Text Room
oorm_need_by Sched Line Sub
oorm_s_num Signed In Emp Num
oorm_date Msg Date Created
oorm_phylnk Tty Device Type
oorm_s_init Signed In Emp Init
oorm_msgid1sch Msg Body Text Sch
oorm_text_l3 Oe Ques Line Sub3
oorm_a_dnum Ack Dept
oorm_text2 Oorm text2
oorm_form Req Form Flag
oorm_stat Stat Line Sub
oorm_s_tty Sending Tty
oorm_a_name Ack Emp Name
oorm_clo3seq Clord Key Ack Sequence
oorm_text_l1 Oe Ques Line Sub1

Table: os_insurance_tickler_account_notes

Description: Notes For Is Tickler Accounts


Name Description
ostic3_set Ostic3 set
ostic3_patnum Ostic3 patnum
ostic3_seq Ostic3 seq
ostic3_ins Ostic3 ins
ostic3_notes Ostic3 notes
ostic3_arid Ostic3 arid

Table: os_insurance_tickler_claims_by_collector

Description: Claims By Collector And Review Date


Name Description
ostic2_patnum Ostic2 patnum
ostic2_reviewdt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic2_col_id Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic2_arid Ostic2 arid
ostic2_set Ostic2 set
ostic2_ins Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance

Table: os_insurance_tickler_claims_by_patient

Description: Claims By Patient And Insurance


Name Description
ostic1_findt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_set Ostic1 set
ostic1_notes Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_response_cds Ostic1 response cds
ostic1_desc_rvw Review Code Description
ostic1_letcd Ostic1 letcd
ostic1_arid Ostic1 arid
ostic1_stamp_dt Ostic1 stamp dt
ostic1_ins Ostic1 ins
ostic1_reviewcds Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_prior_col Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_begdt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_changedt Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance
ostic1_reviewdt Ostic1 reviewdt
ostic1_patnum Ostic1 patnum
ostic1_letdt Ostic1 letdt
ostic1_col_id Master Selection > Insurance Tickler System > Claim Maintenance

Table: pat_phy_relation_table

Description: Patient Physician Relationship


Name Description
patphys_pat_num Visit Number
patphys_rel_type Physician Relationship
patphys_arid Accounts Receivable Id
patphys_seq Sequence Number
patphys_phy_num Physician Number

Table: pathology_detail

Description: Pathology Case Detail


Name Description
pathdet_seq Case Number Sequence
pathdet_questype Question Type
pathdet_casenum Case Number
pathdet_loinc Loinc Code
pathdet_ansseq Answer Sequence
pathdet_datefield Date Field Question
pathdet_ans Answer Description
pathdet_signseq Signature Sequence
pathdet_formatkey Case Format Key
pathdet_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pathdet_piecenum Specimen Piece Number
pathdet_anscode Answer Code
pathdet_qseq Question Sequence
pathdet_quescode Case Question Code
pathdet_snomed Snomed Code
pathdet_ordnum Order Number
pathdet_spectype Specimen Type
pathdet_nicnoc Nicnoc Code
pathdet_if_branch Next Question Code
pathdet_patnum Visit Number

Table: pathology_master

Description: Pathology Cases


Name Description
pathmas_grosstrans_init Gross Transcription Update Initials
pathmas_or1phy Ordering Physician
pathmas_grosstrans_dt Gross Transcription Update Date
pathmas_ordnum Order Number
pathmas_access_init Accession Status Update Initials
pathmas_frozsecdx_phynum Frozen Section Diagnosis Physiciannumber
pathmas_c_cytotrans_init Cytology Transcription Update Initials
pathmas_has_charges Case Has Charges
pathmas_provsign_init Provisional Diagnosis Signature Initials
pathmas_finaldx_dt Final Diagnosis Date
pathmas_c_pathrev_dt Cyto Pathologist Review Status Date
pathmas_specimen_desc Specimen Description
pathmas_or1date Order Date
pathmas_histo_init Histology Status Update Initials
pathmas_micro_tm Microscopic Status Update Time
pathmas_finalsign_init Final Diagnosis Signature Initials
pathmas_c_cytorev_tm Cytologist Review Status Time
pathmas_pathcytogynsign_phynum Physician Number Of Pathologist Cytogyn
pathmas_frozsecdx_dt Frozen Section Diagnosis Date
pathmas_finalsign_tm Final Diagnosis Signature Time
pathmas_gross_dt Gross Status Update Date
pathmas_c_cytotrans_tm Cytology Transcription Update Time
pathmas_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pathmas_histo_dt Histology Status Update Date
pathmas_grosstrans_tm Gross Transcription Update Time
pathmas_format_init Case Type Format Initials
pathmas_provsign_dt Provisional Diagnosis Signature Date
pathmas_microtrans_dt Microscopic Transcription Update Date
pathmas_histo_tm Histology Status Update Time
pathmas_c_proc_init Cytology Process Status Initials
pathmas_path_agree_disagree Pathologist Agree Or Disagree
pathmas_access_dt Accession Status Update Date
pathmas_complete_dt Case Completion Date
pathmas_c_read_tm Cytology Cases To Read Status Time
pathmas_status Case Status
pathmas_grosssign_init Gross Signature Initials
pathmas_grosssign_dt Gross Signature Date
pathmas_micro_init Microscopic Status Update Initials
pathmas_pathcytogynsign_tm Pathologist Cytology Gyn Signature Time
pathmas_complete_init Case Completion Initials
pathmas_c_read_init Cytology Cases To Read Status Initials
pathmas_pathcytogynsign_dt Pathologist Cytology Gyn Signature Date
pathmas_c_cytorev_init Cytologist Review Status Initials
pathmas_provdx_init Provisional Diagnosis Initials
pathmas_microtrans_init Microscopic Transcription Update Initial
pathmas_cytorevsign_init Cytology Review Signature Initials
pathmas_specimen_type Specimen Type
pathmas_format_tm Case Type Format Time
pathmas_complete_tm Case Completion Time
pathmas_needsgross Need Gross Transcription
pathmas_c_proc_dt Cytology Process Status Date
pathmas_case_type Case Type
pathmas_cytogynsign_init Cytologist Gyn Signature Initials
pathmas_gross_tm Gross Status Update Time
pathmas_status_dt Case Status Date
pathmas_provdx_dt Provisional Diagnosis Date
pathmas_c_read_dt Cytology Cases To Read Status Date
pathmas_finaldx_init Final Diagnosis Initials
pathmas_cytogynsignseq Cytologist Gyn Signature Sequence
pathmas_microtrans_tm Microscopic Transcription Update Time
pathmas_c_cytotrans_dt Cytology Transcription Update Date
pathmas_seq Case Number Sequence
pathmas_pathcytogynsign_init Pathologist Cytogyn Signature Initials
pathmas_cytogynsign_phynum Physician Number Of Cytogyn Signature
pathmas_queskey Question Key Code
pathmas_finalsign_dt Final Diagnosis Signature Date
pathmas_finaldx_phynum Final Diagnosis Physician Number
pathmas_cytorevsign_dt Cytology Review Signature Date
pathmas_frozsecdx_init Frozen Section Diagnosis Initials
pathmas_c_proc_tm Cytology Process Status Time
pathmas_access_tm Accession Status Update Time
pathmas_micro_dt Microscopic Status Update Date
pathmas_patnum Visit Number
pathmas_c_pathrev_tm Cyto Pathologist Review Status Time
pathmas_cytogynsign_tm Cytologist Gyn Signature Time
pathmas_gross_init Gross Status Update Initials
pathmas_provsign_tm Provisional Diagnosis Signature Time
pathmas_grosssign_tm Gross Signature Time
pathmas_cytorevsign_tm Cytology Review Signature Time
pathmas_format_dt Case Type Format Date
pathmas_c_pathrev_init Cyto Pathologist Review Status Initials
pathmas_provdx_phynum Provisional Diagnosis Physician Number
pathmas_cytorevsign_phynum Physician Number Of Cytology Review
pathmas_casenum Case Number
pathmas_c_cytorev_dt Cytologist Review Status Date
pathmas_cytogynsign_dt Cytologist Gyn Signature Date

Table: patient_acuity_detail

Description: Patient Acuity Detail


Name Description
aqd_arid Accounts Receivable Id
aqd_a_val Actual Data Value
aqd_date Detail Entry Date
aqd_a_vemp Active Data Verify Employee Number
aqd_p_val Predicitive Data Value
aqd_a_date Actual Data Entry Date
aqd_a_emp Actual Data Employee Number
aqd_a_time Actual Data Entry Time
aqd_p_time Predictive Data Entry Time
aqd_pat Visit Number
aqd_p_emp Predicitive Data Employee Number
aqd_p_vemp Predictive Data Verify Employee Number
aqd_room Room Number
aqd_ns Nursing Station
aqd_p_date Predictive Data Entry Date
aqd_shift Detail Entry Shift

Table: patient_address_history

Description: Patient address history


Name Description
pah_date_mmyy_format Pah date mmyy format
pah_start_date Pah start date
pah_spid Pah spid
pah_profile_num Pah profile num
pah_end_date Pah end date
pah_addr_id Pah addr id

Table: patient_cognitive_status

Description: Patient Cognitive Status


Name Description
patcog_entered_date Entered Date
patcog_status Status
patcog_onset_date Onset Date
patcog_removed_reason Removed Reason
patcog_acct_num Account Number
patcog_desc Description
patcog_spid Pid
patcog_prof_num Profile Number
patcog_impairment_type Impairment Type
patcog_seq_num Sequence Number
patcog_arid Accounts Receviable Id
patcog_snomed_code Snomed Code
patcog_entered_by Entered By

Table: patient_communication

Description: Patient communication


Name Description
patcom_rep_profilenum Profile Number
patcom_clin_relevant Clinically Relevant
patcom_visit_id Visit Id
patcom_subject Subject
patcom_rep_spid Spid
patcom_id Id
patcom_thread Thread Id
patcom_status Status
patcom_body Body
patcom_type Type
patcom_visit_arid Arid
patcom_logname Logname
patcom_dttm Timestamp
patcom_response_to Response To

Table: patient_communication_thread

Description: Patient communication thread


Name Description
patct_clin_relevant Clinically Relevant
patct_visit_arid Arid
patct_id Id
patct_visit_id Visit Id

Table: patient_demographic

Description: Patient Demographics


Name Description
patdemog_middle_name Patdemog middle name
patdemog_address2 Patdemog address2
patdemog_arid Patdemog arid
patdemog_address_key Patdemog address key
patdemog_state Patdemog state
patdemog_first_name Patdemog first name
patdemog_city Patdemog city
patdemog_zip Patdemog zip
patdemog_address1 Patdemog address1
patdemog_num Patdemog num
patdemog_last_name Patdemog last name

Table: patient_demographic_history

Description: Patient Demographics


Name Description
hispatdemog_last_name Hispatdemog last name
hispatdemog_address1 Hispatdemog address1
hispatdemog_state Hispatdemog state
hispatdemog_first_name Hispatdemog first name
hispatdemog_num Hispatdemog num
hispatdemog_zip Hispatdemog zip
hispatdemog_city Hispatdemog city
hispatdemog_middle_name Hispatdemog middle name
hispatdemog_address2 Hispatdemog address2
hispatdemog_address_key Hispatdemog address key
hispatdemog_arid Hispatdemog arid

Table: patient_diagnosis

Description: Patient Diagnosis


Name Description
pdiag_effective_date Effective Date
pdiag_last_updated Pdiag last updated
pdiag_id Serial Id
pdiag_visit_num Visit Number
pdiag_physician Physician
pdiag_hh_date Acct > Plan Of Treatment Medical Update > Click Date Range > Diagnosis And Procedures
pdiag_mcc Major Complication Cormorbidity
pdiag_profile_num Profile Number
pdiag_date Recorded Date
pdiag_origin_key Origin Application Key
pdiag_cc Business Office Tables > Diagnosis Codes > Diagnosis Code Maintenance
pdiag_hac Business Office Tables > Diagnosis Codes > Diagnosis Code Maintenance
pdiag_poa Grouper
pdiag_cpcode Cp Code
pdiag_hh_vonum Home Health Facility > Acct > Plan Of Treatment Medical Update > Click Date Range > Diagnosis And Procedures
pdiag_origin_reason Origin Reason Code
pdiag_arid Arid
pdiag_spid Spid
pdiag_effective_time Pdiag effective time
pdiag_seq Code Application Sequence

Table: patient_employee_relation

Description: Patient Employee Relationship


Name Description
patemps1_rel_type Employee Relationship
patemps1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
patemps1_logname Employee Log Name
patemps1_pat_num Visit Number
patemps1_dept Service Department

Table: patient_event_notification

Description: Patient Event Notification


Name Description
pen_send Pen send
pen_spid Pen spid
pen_specialty Pen specialty
pen_patprofilenum Pen patprofilenum
pen_active_date Pen active date
pen_inactive_date Pen inactive date
pen_arid Pen arid
pen_seq Pen seq
pen_refphycode Pen refphycode
pen_role Pen role

Table: patient_event_notification_log

Description: Patient Event Notification Log


Name Description
penlog_refphys_directaddr Penlog refphys directaddr
penlog_refphys_code Penlog refphys code
penlog_messageid Penlog messageid
penlog_profilenum Penlog profilenum
penlog_refphys_name Penlog refphys name
penlog_message_status_det Penlog message status det
penlog_event_type_desc Penlog event type desc
penlog_message_status Penlog message status
penlog_arid Penlog arid
penlog_visit_number Penlog visit number
penlog_spid Penlog spid
penlog_send_dttm Penlog send dttm
penlog_event_type Penlog event type
penlog_message_status_dttm Penlog message status dttm

Table: patient_images

Description: Scanned Images Patient


Name Description
patimg_opt Image 1 Optical Disk
patimg_comdttm Image 1 Comment Date Time
patimg_dt Image 1 Stored Date
patimg_deaddttm Image 1 File Change Date Time
patimg_doctype Image 1 Document Type
patimg_date Image 1 Last Updated
patimg_arid Accounts Receivable Id
patimg_alttitle Image 1 Alternate Title
patimg_orddate Image 1 Order Date
patimg_num Image 1 Docnum
patimg_loinc_code Patimg loinc code
patimg_ccda_edited Ccda Edited Switch
patimg_title Image 1 Title
patimg_auddttm Image 1 Last Accessed Date Time
patimg_deadreason Image 1 File Change Reason
patimg_docext Image 1 File Extension
patimg_ordnum Image 1 Order Number
patimg_ccda_export_flg Ccda Export Flg
patimg_fidx_key Image 1 Fidx-Key
patimg_acct Image 1 Acct
patimg_mpmnar Image 1 Map Narrative Tab
patimg_comment Image 1 Comment
patimg_dept Image 1 Dept
patimg_jlnum Image 1 Just Like Number

Table: patient_orders

Description: Patient Orders


Name Description
patord_verbaltype Verbal Order Yn
patord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
patord_serialkey Generated Key Value
patord_visitnum Originating Facility Visit
patord_dept Order For Department Number
patord_readback Read Back Yn
patord_quantity Order Quantity
patord_status Order Status
patord_expirationdate Order Expires On Date
patord_physician Ordering Physician Number
patord_oset_id Patord oset id
patord_recurrencekey Recurrence File Key
patord_chiefcomplaint Chief Complaint
patord_type Order Type

Table: patient_portal

Description: Patient Portal


Name Description
patportal_arid Accounts Receivable Id
patportal_manually_exclude Shows A Value Of 1 If Manually Excluded From The Portal
patportal_exclude Exclude Visit On Portal
patportal_visit Patient Visit Number

Table: patient_privacy_setting

Description: Patient Privacy Settings


Name Description
cnprivacy1_data_sens_lev Cnprivacy1 data sens lev
cnprivacy1_arid Cnprivacy1 arid
cnprivacy1_pro_imm_data_dt Cnprivacy1 pro imm data dt
cnprivacy1_visit Cnprivacy1 visit
cnprivacy1_pro_imm_data Cnprivacy1 pro imm data
cnprivacy1_pen_send Cnprivacy1 pen send
cnprivacy1_data_sens_lev_dt Cnprivacy1 data sens lev dt
cnprivacy1_pen_send_dt Cnprivacy1 pen send dt
cnprivacy1_participate_cahps_survey Cnprivacy1 participate cahps survey

Table: patient_privacy_setting_history

Description: Patient Privacy Settings


Name Description
hiscnprivacy1_data_sens_lev Data Sensitivity Level
hiscnprivacy1_pro_imm_data_dt Protect Immunization Data Date
hiscnprivacy1_pro_imm_data Protect Immunization Data
hiscnprivacy1_pen_send_dt Hiscnprivacy1 pen send dt
hiscnprivacy1_pen_send Hiscnprivacy1 pen send
hiscnprivacy1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
hiscnprivacy1_visit Visit Number
hiscnprivacy1_participate_cahps_survey Participate In Cahps Survey
hiscnprivacy1_data_sens_lev_dt Data Sensitivity Level Date

Table: patient_procedure

Description: Patient procedures


Name Description
pproc_end_time Pproc end time
pproc_cpcode Cp Code
pproc_proc_phy2_type Grouper > Proc
pproc_proc_phy1_type Grouper > Proc
pproc_profile_num Profile Number
pproc_time Pproc time
pproc_proc_phy1 Grouper > Proc
pproc_proc_phy2 Grouper > Proc
pproc_end_date Pproc end date
pproc_spid Spid
pproc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pproc_rev_cntr Grouper > Proc
pproc_hh_vonum Hh Acct > Plan Of Treatment Medical Update > Click Date Range > Diag Proc
pproc_visit_num Visit Number
pproc_entered_date Pproc entered date
pproc_date Procedure Date
pproc_hh_date Hh Acct > Plan Of Treatment Medical Update > Click Date Range > Diag Proc
pproc_origin_key Origin Application Key
pproc_entered_time Pproc entered time
pproc_cpt4mod2 Grouper > Proc
pproc_seq Code Application Sequence
pproc_cpt4mod1 Grouper > Proc
pproc_cpt4mod3 Grouper > Proc
pproc_origin_reason Origin Reason Code
pproc_id Serial Id
pproc_cpt4mod4 Grouper > Proc

Table: patient_scheduling

Description: Ews Event Schedule Patient Demographics


Name Description
patsched_hh_loc Home Health Location
patsched_precert_ph Primary Precert Phone Number
patsched_caller Event Caller Name
patsched_source Service Source
patsched_phyname Physician Name
patsched_eventnum Schedule Event Number
patsched_hh_acuity Home Health Acuity
patsched_atname Event Caller Location
patsched_entry_init Scheduler Entry Initials
patsched_precert_dt2 Secondary Financial Class Precert Date
patsched_groupnum Event Group Number
patsched_patnum Visit Number
patsched_precert_policy Primary Precert Policy Number
patsched_c_profilenum Profile Number
patsched_has_instr Schedule Instructions
patsched_last_called Date Patient Was Last Called
patsched_call_note Notes From Patient Last Call
patsched_mpmphynum Mpm Physician Number
patsched_precert_contact2 Secondary Financial Class Precert Contact
patsched_precert_todt Primary Precert To Date
patsched_patname Patient Name
patsched_precert_num Primary Financial Class Percert Number
patsched_phone Patient Home Phone Number
patsched_precert_req Primary Precert Requirement
patsched_seid Shared Ews Id
patsched_precert_ph2 Secondary Precert Phone Number
patsched_precert_fromdt2 Secondary Precert From Date
patsched_servcd Service Code
patsched_precert_req2 Secondary Precert Requirement
patsched_comment Event Comments
patsched_email Patient Email Address
patsched_arid Facility Arid
patsched_gender Patient Gender
patsched_precert_same_day Primary Precert Same Day
patsched_confirmnum Event Confirmation Number
patsched_has_charges Charge For Event
patsched_entry_tm Schedule Entry Time
patsched_precert_dt Primary Financial Class Precert Date
patsched_precert_same_day2 Secondary Precert Same Day
patsched_precert_visits2 Secondary Precert Number Of Visits
patsched_precert_ssn2 Secondary Precert Social Security Number
patsched_ftdiag Patient Diagnosis Free Texted
patsched_precert_policy2 Secondary Precert Policy Number
patsched_entry_dt Schedule Entry Date
patsched_precert_todt2 Secondary Precert To Date
patsched_phone2 Patient Work Phone Number
patsched_birth Patient Birthdate
patsched_ins Primary Financial Class Insurance Code
patsched_precert_ssn Primary Precert Social Security Number
patsched_ins2 Secondary Financial Class Insurance Code
patsched_precert_fromdt Primary Precert From Date
patsched_diagcd Patient Diagnosis Codes
patsched_precert_contact Primary Financial Class Precert Contact
patsched_origpatarid Original Facility Arid
patsched_phynumd Physician Number
patsched_proc_comment Procedure Comment
patsched_precert_num2 Secondary Financial Class Precert Number
patsched_orig_pat_num Original Visit Number
patsched_precert_visits Primary Precert Number Of Visits

Table: patient_tracking_record

Description: Patient Tracking Record


Name Description
bapttk_account Bapttk account
bapttk_out_dt Bapttk out dt
bapttk_arid Bapttk arid
bapttk_out_tm Bapttk out tm
bapttk_loc Bapttk loc
bapttk_dept Bapttk dept
bapttk_out_inits Bapttk out inits
bapttk_seq Bapttk seq
bapttk_in_tm Bapttk in tm
bapttk_in_inits Bapttk in inits
bapttk_in_dt Bapttk in dt

Table: patient_transfers_index

Description: Patient Transfers Index


Name Description
aritr_num Visit Number
aritr_date Transfer Date
aritr_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: patnotes

Description: Patient Notes


Name Description
pn1_phy Physician number
pn1_larx1more_less Lab result greater than less than flag
pn1_t_dictdt Transcription-Dictated-Date
pn1_t_desc Transcription-Description
pn1_e_by Physician number
pn1_larx1resulta Lab test alpha result
pn1_osimagex1key Scanned image key
pn1_t_signtm Transcription-Signed-Time
pn1_e_tm Esign time
pn1_modified_report_flag Modified report flag
pn1_larx1flag High low abnormal critical flag
pn1_larx1rrdesc Lab result description
pn1_larx1chigh Lab result critical high reference value
pn1_larx1coltmr Collection time for reverse sort
pn1_larx1high Lab result high reference value
pn1_larx1type Lab result record type
pn1_t_signdt Transcription-Signed-Date
pn1_ipanum Visit number
pn1_larx1result Lab result value
pn1_read Patnote read flag
pn1_t_dicttm Transcription-Dictated-Time
pn1_t_ordnum Order number
pn1_a_tm Patnote acknowledge time
pn1_info Patnote information
pn1_larx1pnum Visit number
pn1_patnum Visit number
pn1_larx1clow Lab result critical low reference value
pn1_code Patnote acknowledged flag
pn1_larx1init Lab specimen collection initials
pn1_file Patnote file name
pn1_e_dt Esign date
pn1_larx1low Lab result low reference value
pn1_ipaseq Nursing order sequence number
pn1_larx1rrtype Lab result alpha or numeric
pn1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pn1_larx1ordnum Order number
pn1_larx1inita Lab specimen collection initials
pn1_a_dt Patnote acknowledge date
pn1_larx1deltack Lab result delta check flag
pn1_type Patnote record type
pn1_seq Patnote record sequence number
pn1_larx1coldtr Collection date for reverse sort

Table: patstat

Description: Patient Stat


Name Description
ps_note Note statistic
ps_medord Medical order statistic
ps_critical Critical statistic
ps_lab Lab statistic
ps_phy Physician id
ps_trans Transfer statistic
ps_scanned_image Scanned image statistic
ps_arid Ps arid
ps_patnum Visit number

Table: pdimm_file_header_detail

Description: Pdimm File Header Record Detail


Name Description
ph1_date Administration Date
ph1_nurse Administering Nurse
ph1_seq File Sequence Number
ph1_historical Historical Flag
ph1_by_infobutton Saved By Infobutton
ph1_language Ph1 language
ph1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ph1_time Administration Time
ph1_type Ph1 type
ph1_medication_flag Active Medication
ph1_title File Title
ph1_patnum Patient Number

Table: pf_file_index

Description: Pf File Index


Name Description
pffi_spid Pffi spid
pffi_arid Pffi arid
pffi_profilenum Pffi profilenum
pffi_seq Sequence Number

Table: pharmacy_clinical_comments

Description: Pharmacy Clinical Comments


Name Description
cl1_arid Cl1 arid
cl1_num Cl1 num
cl1_seq Cl1 seq
cl1_text Cl1 text

Table: pharmacy_inbound_exception

Description: Pharmacy Inbound Exception Table


Name Description
phrlog1_pname Patient Name
phrlog1_msgid Message Id
phrlog1_error_svrty Phrlog1 error svrty
phrlog1_item_description Order Item Description
phrlog1_date Message Date
phrlog1_order_key Order Serial Key
phrlog1_error_code Error Code
phrlog1_rph Pharmacist
phrlog1_order_num Order Number
phrlog1_num Visit Number
phrlog1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
phrlog1_time Message Time
phrlog1_error_desc Error Description
phrlog1_item_num Order Item Number
phrlog1_vend Vendor

Table: pharmacy_order_transfer_key

Description: Pharmacy Order Transfer Keys


Name Description
ipatrans_patordkey New Order Patord Key
ipatrans_ipanum Old Order Visit Number
ipatrans_arid Arid
ipatrans_ipaseq Old Order Record Sequence Number

Table: pharmacy_rx_identification

Description: Pharmacy Rx Identification


Name Description
pcrxid1_lastname Pcrxid1 lastname
pcrxid1_state Pcrxid1 state
pcrxid1_pickup Pcrxid1 pickup
pcrxid1_arxel_sub Pcrxid1 arxel sub
pcrxid1_arid Pcrxid1 arid
pcrxid1_relationship Pcrxid1 relationship
pcrxid1_arxseq Pcrxid1 arxseq
pcrxid1_firstname Pcrxid1 firstname
pcrxid1_patnum Pcrxid1 patnum

Table: pharmacy_stop_info_history

Description: Pharmacy Stop Info History


Name Description
psih_stop_init Stop History Stop Initials
psih_seq Stop History Sequence
psih_sys_date Stop History System Date
psih_rev_date Stop History Review Date
psih_type Stop History Type
psih_stop_time Stop History Stop Time
psih_num Stop History Patient Number
psih_stop_date Stop History Stop Date
psih_arid Accounts Receivable Id
psih_rev_time Stop History Review Time
psih_sys_time Stop History System Time
psih_stop_code Stop History Stop Code

Table: pharmacy_waste

Description: Medication Waste Table


Name Description
phwst_seq Sequence Number
phwst_arid Accounts Receivable Id
phwst_wsttm Time Wasted
phwst_arxseq Extended Info Ar1 Sequence
phwst_admqty Quantity Administered
phwst_ordnum Order Number
phwst_wstdqty Quantity Wasted
phwst_qtyunits Units Of Measurement
phwst_chgnum Item Number
phwst_entryinit Initials Of Entering Employee
phwst_admintimestamp Time Stamp
phwst_pheaqty Minimum Dispensable Quantity
phwst_wstdt Date Wasted
phwst_ndc Ndc Number
phwst_visitnum Visit Number
phwst_arxel_sub Extended Info Ar1 Element

Table: pharmacy_waste_temp

Description: Medication Waste Temporary Table


Name Description
phwstt1_visitnum Pharmacy Waste Temp Visit Number
phwstt1_wstdt Pharmacy Waste Temp Date Wasted
phwstt1_chgnum Pharmacy Waste Temp Item Number
phwstt1_qtyunits Pharmacy Waste Temp Units Of Measurement
phwstt1_admintimestamp Pharmacy Waste Temp Time Stamp
phwstt1_entryinit Pharmacy Waste Temp Initials Of Entering Employee
phwstt1_arxel_sub Pharmacy Waste Temp Extended Info Ar1 Element
phwstt1_ordnum Pharmacy Waste Temp Order Number
phwstt1_art1ktime Pharmacy Waste Temp Flart Key Time
phwstt1_wsttm Pharmacy Waste Temp Time Wasted
phwstt1_seq Pharmacy Waste Temp Sequence Number
phwstt1_admqty Pharmacy Waste Temp Quantity Administered
phwstt1_wstdqty Pharmacy Waste Temp Quantity Wasted
phwstt1_ndc Pharmacy Waste Temp Ndc Number
phwstt1_pheaqty Pharmacy Waste Temp Minimum Dispensable Quantity
phwstt1_art1kterm Pharmacy Waste Temp Flart Key Csnum
phwstt1_arxseq Pharmacy Waste Temp Extended Info Ar1 Sequence
phwstt1_art1ary_sub Pharmacy Waste Temp Flart Art1ary Subscript
phwstt1_art1kdate Pharmacy Waste Temp Flart Key Date
phwstt1_arid Accounts Receivable Id

Table: pharmacy_waste_temp_2

Description: Medication Waste Temporary Table2


Name Description
phwstt2_chgnum Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Item Number
phwstt2_admintimestamp Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Time Stamp
phwstt2_visitnum Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Visit Number
phwstt2_arid Accounts Receivable Id
phwstt2_wstdt Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Date Wasted
phwstt2_art1ary_sub Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Flart Art1ary Subscript
phwstt2_arxel_sub Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Extended Info Ar1 Element
phwstt2_art2kseq Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Flart Key Seq
phwstt2_entryinit Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Initials Of Entering Employee
phwstt2_qtyunits Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Units Of Measurement
phwstt2_wsttm Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Time Wasted
phwstt2_wstdqty Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Quantity Wasted
phwstt2_ndc Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Ndc Number
phwstt2_art2knum Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Flart 2 Key Visit
phwstt2_arxseq Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Extended Info Ar1 Sequence
phwstt2_seq Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Sequence Number
phwstt2_admqty Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Quantity Administered
phwstt2_art2kterm Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Flart 2 Key Csnum
phwstt2_ordnum Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Order Number
phwstt2_pheaqty Pharmacy Waste Temp 2 Minimum Dispensable Quantity

Table: phy_or_emp_pat_list

Description: Physician Or Employee Patient List


Name Description
nsnpl1_empnum Physician Or Employee Number
nsnpl1_empcomp Employee Payroll Company
nsnpl1_emppr Employee Payroll Type
nsnpl1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
nsnpl1_patnum Visit Number

Table: physician_office_result_msgs

Description: Order Result Messages


Name Description
porm_msg7phylink_cs Msg Link Csnum
porm_s_tty Sending Tty
porm_time Msg Time Created
porm_msg7phylink_id Msg Link Id
porm_s_name Signed In Emp Name
porm_s_dnum Sending Dept
porm_clo3ackdt Clord Key Ack Date
porm_msgid1room Msg Body Text Room
porm_status Current Msg Status
porm_a_name Ack Emp Name
porm_msgid1orignum Msg Body Text Orig Num
porm_form Req Form Flag
porm_text_l4 Oe Ques Line Sub4
porm_msgid1proc Msg Body Text Proc
porm_text2 Porm text2
porm_msgid1note Porm msgid1note
porm_date Msg Date Created
porm_a_dnum Ack Dept
porm_a_time Ack Time
porm_text_l3 Oe Ques Line Sub3
porm_a_num Ack Emp Num
porm_clo3acktm Clord Key Ack Time
porm_s_init Signed In Emp Init
porm_msgid1pnum Msg Body Text Pat Num
porm_cancel Can Line Sub
porm_phylnk Tty Device Type
porm_text_l1 Oe Ques Line Sub1
porm_msgid1com_e_init Msg Body Text Com E Init
porm_s_date Sending Date
porm_msgid1sch Msg Body Text Sch
porm_a_init Ack Emp Init
porm_text_l2 Oe Ques Line Sub2
porm_stat Stat Line Sub
porm_need_by Sched Line Sub
porm_remote Ref Lab Flag
porm_s_time Sending Time
porm_msgid1pname Msg Body Text Pat Name
porm_a_date Ack Date
porm_s_num Signed In Emp Num
porm_order_no Order Num
porm_arid Accounts Receivable Id
porm_clo3seq Clord Key Ack Sequence

Table: physign

Description: Physicians Ancillary Esign


Name Description
physig1_fnordnum Esigned document filename order number
physig1_esig Physician electronic signature
physig1_cosign_by Cosigned By Physician Number
physig1_resigned Re-Signed flag
physig1_combinetrans Combined Transcription Flag
physig1_seq Physician esign sequence number
physig1_cosign_for Cosigned for physician number
physig1_fidx_key File Index Key
physig1_publickey_ele Public key array element
physig1_req_edit Requires edit flag
physig1_trans_pr1num Transcribing employee number
physig1_patnum Visit number
physig1_trans_init Transcribing employee initials
physig1_fnpatnum Esigned document filename visit number
physig1_esigdt Esign date
physig1_phynum Physician number
physig1_sig_req_dt Electronic signature required date
physig1_publickey_seq Public key sequence number
physig1_arid Physig1 arid
physig1_fname Electronically signed document filename
physig1_ordnum Order number
physig1_rtn_cd Return code
physig1_edit_comments Transcribing edit comments
physig1_cytogynscreen Cytogyn screen flag
physig1_fnseq Esigned document filename seq number
physig1_rtn_time Return time
physig1_physign_inprogress In progress flag
physig1_rtn_comments Return comments
physig1_ord_desc Ordered item description
physig1_esigtm Esign time
physig1_his_flg History flag
physig1_orig_ord Original order number when combined
physig1_rtn_date Return date

Table: portal_log

Description: Portal Log Record


Name Description
portallog_serial_id Portal Log
portallog_login_profile_arid Portal Log Login Profile Arid
portallog_visit_profile_arid Portal Log Visit Profile Arid
portallog_action Portal Log Action
portallog_visit_arid Portal Log Visit Arid
portallog_visit_profile_num Portal Log Visit Profilenum
portallog_action_date Portal Log Action Date
portallog_login_name Portal Log Login Name
portallog_app_id Portallog app id
portallog_visit_num Portal Log Visit Num
portallog_addressee_email Portallog addressee email
portallog_transmission_type Portallog transmission type
portallog_logname Portal Log Login
portallog_fidx_key Portallog fidx key
portallog_login_profile_num Portal Log Login Profilenum
portallog_action_time Portal Log Action Time
portallog_document_accessed Portallog document accessed
portallog_app_title Portallog app title
portallog_role Portallog role

Table: ppvisit_guarantor

Description: Ppvisit Guarantor


Name Description
ppvg_c_profilenum Profile Number
ppvg_spid Ppvg spid
ppvg_c_ssn_10dig 10 Digit Social Security Number
ppvg_arid Facility Id
ppvg_accounttype Visit Number Type
ppvg_merging Visit Merge
ppvg_acct Visit Number
ppvg_pat_profilenum Visit Number Type

Table: ppvisit_patient

Description: Ppvisit Patient


Name Description
ppvp_acct Visit Number
ppvp_c_ssn_10dig 10 Digit Social Security Number
ppvp_merging Visit Merge
ppvp_c_profilenum Profile Number
ppvp_accounttype Visit Number Type
ppvp_spid Ppvp spid
ppvp_arid Facility Id

Table: preventative

Description: Stores Preventatives


Name Description
prev1_commprefutil Prev1 commprefutil
prev1_previnstr Previous Instructions
prev1_commpref Prev1 commpref
prev1_arxnum Visit Number
prev1_forwarddate Forwarded Date
prev1_lastchangeubl Last Changed Ubl
prev1_prevduetm Previous Due Time
prev1_prevduedt Previous Due Date
prev1_lastchangedt Last Changed Date
prev1_arid Visit Arid
prev1_prevtest Previous Test
prev1_details Prev1 details
prev1_prevseq Previous Sequence
prev1_enterdate Entry Date
prev1_lastchangetm Last Changed Time
prev1_profilenum Profile Number
prev1_serialkey Preventatives Key
prev1_spid Shared Profile Id
prev1_followup Prev1 followup
prev1_forwardtime Forwarded Time
prev1_status Preventative Status
prev1_entertime Entry Time
prev1_forwardphynum Forward To Physician Number
prev1_phynum Physician Number
prev1_item Item Number
prev1_forwardubl Forwarded By Ubl
prev1_enterubl Employee Ubl

Table: problem_list

Description: Problem List


Name Description
pl1_arxnum Visit number
pl1_sourcefield Problem source
pl1_phynum Physician number
pl1_problastaddr_indicator Pl1 problastaddr indicator
pl1_probtypedesc Problem type description
pl1_probresolvedt_indicator Pl1 probresolvedt indicator
pl1_onset_datetime Onset Date And Time
pl1_spid Shared Profile Id
pl1_hcconcern Pl1 hcconcern
pl1_probnum Problem number
pl1_lastchangetm Last change time
pl1_probdesc Problem description
pl1_enterdate Enter date
pl1_entertime Enter Time
pl1_probenterdt Problem enter date
pl1_arid Ar id
pl1_profilenum Profile Number
pl1_onset Problem onset
pl1_comment Problem Comment
pl1_probresolvedt Problem resolved date
pl1_rank Problem rank
pl1_clinrec_import Clinical Recon Import
pl1_probdiagcd Problem diagnosis code
pl1_diagdate Diagnosis date
pl1_onset_date_indicator Pl1 onset date indicator
pl1_patname Patient name
pl1_problastaddr Problem last addressed date
pl1_lastchangeinit Last change init
pl1_diagdate_indicator Pl1 diagdate indicator
pl1_health_hist_flag Health History Flag
pl1_status Status
pl1_lastchangedt Last change date
pl1_seq Sequence number

Table: problem_list_log

Description: Problem Log


Name Description
plg1_probaddressdt_indicator Plg1 probaddressdt indicator
plg1_newstatus Status
plg1_probenterdt Problem entered date
plg1_clinrec_import Plg1 clinrec import
plg1_probdiagcd Diagnosis code
plg1_init Initials
plg1_comments Problem comments
plg1_seq Sequence
plg1_hcconcern Plg1 hcconcern
plg1_diagdate_indicator Plg1 diagdate indicator
plg1_phynum Physician number
plg1_onset_datetime Plg1 onset datetime
plg1_time Entry time
plg1_health_hist_flag Plg1 health hist flag
plg1_onset_date_indicator Plg1 onset date indicator
plg1_probaddressdt Problem addressed date
plg1_arid Ar id
plg1_onset Problem onset
plg1_profilenum Profile Number
plg1_date Entry date
plg1_probdesc Problem description
plg1_rank Problem rank
plg1_probresolvedt_indicator Plg1 probresolvedt indicator
plg1_source Source
plg1_diagdate Diagnosis date
plg1_spid Plg1 spid
plg1_probtypedesc Problem type description
plg1_probresolvedt Problem resolved date
plg1_pl1seq Problem list sequence
plg1_visitnum Visit number

Table: problem_treated_this_visit

Description: Problem treated this visit


Name Description
pttv_visit_num Pttv visit num
pttv_id Pttv id
pttv_pl1_spid Pttv pl1 spid
pttv_pl1_profilenum Pttv pl1 profilenum
pttv_visit_arid Pttv visit arid
pttv_pl1_seq Pttv pl1 seq

Table: procedure_to_patient_images

Description: Procedure to patient images


Name Description
procpi_patimg_title Procpi patimg title
procpi_patimg_num Procpi patimg num
procpi_patimg_arid Procpi patimg arid
procpi_patimg_acct Procpi patimg acct
procpi_pproc_id Procpi pproc id

Table: prof_bio_scan

Description: Prof Bio Scan


Name Description
pbs_profilenum Bio Scan Profile Number
pbs_reason Bio Scan Reason
pbs_timeacquired Bio Scan Time Aquired
pbs_ubl Bio Scan Ubl
pbs_spid Pbs spid
pbs_scan_acquired Bio Scan Aquired
pbs_dateacquired Bio Scan Date Aquired
pbs_type Bio Scan Type Of Scan

Table: prof_bio_scan_log

Description: Prof Bio Scan-Log


Name Description
pbslog_spid Pbslog spid
pbslog_reason Bio Scan Log Scan Reason
pbslog_date Bio Scan Log Date
pbslog_scan_acquired Bio Scan Log Scan Acquired
pbslog_time Bio Scan Log Time
pbslog_profilenum Bio Scan Log Profile Number
pbslog_ubl Bio Scan Log Scan Ubl

Table: profile

Description: Profile


Name Description
prof_c_ip0p_email_comment Patient Email Comment
prof_c_ip0notify_email Notify Email Address
prof_c_ip0notify_phone_comment Notify Phone Comment
prof_c_checkout_unit Checkout Unit
prof_c_allertype Allergy Type
prof_c_ip0notify_prefix Notify Name Prefix
prof_c_spousenum Spouse Social Security Number
prof_c_fa_3 Foreign Address 3
prof_c_ip0notify_emp_phone_ext Notify Employer Phone Extension
prof_c_ip1p_cell_optin Cell Phone Opt In
prof_c_ip0p_alt_addr_id Alternate Address Uuid
prof_c_ip1hosp_dir Hospital Directory
prof_c_ip1church Church
prof_c_ip0dms_id Patient Dms Id
prof_c_ip1p_addr_date_mmyy_format Address Date Format
prof_c_ip0smoking_enddt Smoking End Date
prof_c_nation_code_3 Race 4
prof_c_ip1p_addr_date Address Date
prof_c_ip1ubl Ubl Logname
prof_c_cpsiarid Facility Ar Id
prof_c_ar0ins_b3 Original Financial Class 3rd Character
prof_c_ip1language_code Language Code
prof_c_ip1postalcd Postal Code
prof_c_ar0advdir Advance Directive
prof_c_ip0p_emp_phone_comment Patient Employer Phone Comment
prof_c_ip0p_phone_ext Patient Phone Extension
prof_c_ip1p_cnty County
prof_c_creation_dt Profile Creation Date
prof_c_ip0smoking_startdt Smoking Start Date
prof_c_medhisconsent Medical History Consent
prof_c_ip0notify_emp_phone_comment Notify Employer Phone Comment
prof_c_ip2p_emp_city Employer City
prof_c_allergies Person Profile Allergies
prof_c_ip0notify_phone_ext Notify Phone Extension
prof_c_ip1indwel Indigent
prof_c_driver_lic_st Drivers License State
prof_c_ip1religion Religion
prof_c_arpsex Sex
prof_c_birth_place_country Birth Place Country
prof_c_ip0privacy_dt Privacy Notice Date
prof_c_ip1adv_dir_date Advanced Directives Date
prof_c_ip0notify_county Notify County
prof_c_fa_1 Foreign Address 1
prof_c_ip1p_city City
prof_c_ip0p_altname_qualifier Patient Alternate Name Qualifier
prof_c_ip2newalgcd New Allergy Code
prof_c_ip0dva_flag Prof c ip0dva flag
prof_c_mothernum Mother Social Security Number
prof_c_ip1adv_dir_time Advanced Directives Time
prof_c_allercd Allergies
prof_c_ip0notify_email_comment Notify Email Comment
prof_c_driver_lic_num Drivers License Number
prof_c_ip1language Language
prof_c_arponlineacct Online Account
prof_c_arpphone Phone Number
prof_c_fathernum Father Social Security Number
prof_c_ip1dnr Patient Do Not Resuscitate
prof_c_authreprelation Authorized Representative Relation
prof_c_ip1adv_dir_init Advanced Directives Initials
prof_c_ip1phy2 Secondary Physician
prof_c_ip0p_alt_midname Patient Alternate Middle Name
prof_c_ip1military Military
prof_c_profilenum Profile Number
prof_c_ip1p_email_optin Email Opt In
prof_c_ip0foodallergy Food Allergy
prof_c_ip0notify_cell_comment Notify Cell Phone Comment
prof_c_ar0doc Admitting Physician
prof_c_ip0p_alt_name_suffix Patient Alternate Name Suffix
prof_c_ip0notify_cell_ext Notify Cell Phone Extension
prof_c_ip0tobacco_user Tobacco User
prof_c_ip0dnr Do Not Resuscitate
prof_c_ar0ins_b1 Original Financial Class 1st Character
prof_c_ip0p_alt_name_prof_suffix Patient Alternate Name Professional Suffix
prof_c_ccmparticipatedate Date Asked About Ccm
prof_c_ip0out_of_country_flag Out Of Country Flag
prof_c_ip1p_zip Zip
prof_c_ip2p_emp_addr2 Employer Address 2
prof_c_ip1p_cell Cell Phone Number
prof_c_ip0p_alt_zip Patient Alternate Zip
prof_c_phone_optin Prof c phone optin
prof_c_ip0tempdietordnum Temporary Diet Order Number
prof_c_ip0pname_suffix Patient Name Suffix
prof_c_ip0p_cell_phone_comment Patient Cell Phone Comment
prof_c_ip0p_phone_comment Patient Phone Comment
prof_c_ip1pharm_name Pharmacist Name
prof_c_ip0p_alt_address2 Patient Alternate Address2
prof_c_arpcollect Collect Code
prof_c_ip2p_emp_addr Employer Address
prof_c_ar0ins_b2 Original Financial Class 2nd Character
prof_c_empcd Employer Code
prof_c_ip0notify_suffix Notify Name Suffix
prof_c_immune_pub Immunization Publicity Code
prof_c_birth_place_state Birth Place State
prof_c_ip0tempdiet Temporary Diet
prof_c_ip0fn_flag Fn Flag
prof_c_envallergies Person Profile Environmental Allergies
prof_c_ip1pharm_phone Pharmacist Phone Number
prof_c_ar0mrsa Multi Resistant Staph Aureus (Mrsa)
prof_c_ip1maiden Maiden Name
prof_c_ip1isolation Isolation
prof_c_ip2p_emp_zip Employer Zip
prof_c_arpss Patient 10 Digit Social Security Number
prof_c_arpxrn Film Number
prof_c_arpbirth Date Of Birth
prof_c_ip1p_cntry Country
prof_c_nation_code_1 Race 2
prof_c_ip1care Care Level
prof_c_ip1p_addr1 Address Line 1
prof_c_ip0p_alt_address1 Patient Alternate Address1
prof_c_ip0_ip2p_emp_addr_id Prof c ip0 ip2p emp addr id
prof_c_quincy_pat_id Patient Quincy Id
prof_c_ip1fallrisk Fall Risk
prof_c_ip0p_alt_name_prefix Patient Alternate Name Prefix
prof_c_arpcontrbill Contract Code
prof_c_ip2aller Allergies
prof_c_ip1prevnum1 Previous Visit Number
prof_c_food_aller Person Profile Food Allergies
prof_c_ip1adm_eetype Admitting Employee Payroll Type
prof_c_fa_2 Foreign Address 2
prof_c_ip0famphy Family Physician
prof_c_ip1prevdat1 Previous Visit Date
prof_c_secname Person Profile Second Name
prof_c_ip2rxgroup Prescription Group
prof_c_ip0pname_prefix Patient Name Prefix
prof_c_patnote Person Profile Patient Note
prof_c_ip0p_emp_phone_ext Patient Employer Phone Extension
prof_c_ip1smoke Smoker
prof_c_ip1midname Middle Name
prof_c_ip1diabetic Patient Diabetic
prof_c_allerreact Allergy Reaction
prof_c_ip0p_alt_lastname Patient Alternate Last Name
prof_c_arpcurname Patient Current Name
prof_c_authrepprofilenum Authorized Representative Profile Number
prof_c_nation_code_2 Race 3
prof_c_ip2p_emp Employer
prof_c_ip1b_place Birth Place
prof_c_nation_code_4 Race 5
prof_c_ip1adv_dir_reason Advanced Directives Reason
prof_c_checkout_amt Checkout Amount
prof_c_ip0out_of_province_flag Out Of Province Flag
prof_c_ip1nation Patient Nation
prof_c_ip0fooddislike Food Dislikes
prof_c_ip1ethnic Ethnicity
prof_c_ip1phy Attending Physician
prof_c_ip1lastname Last Name
prof_c_ip1adm_eecomp Admitting Employee Company
prof_c_ip1no_rel Patient Emergency Notify Relationship
prof_c_ip1p_addr2 Address Line 2
prof_c_arpmar_stat Marital Status
prof_c_last_updated Profile Last Updated
prof_c_ip0p_alt_firstname Patient Alternate First Name
prof_c_refdiag2 Referring Diagnosis 2
prof_c_arpbill_sw Bill Switch
prof_c_arpname Patient Name
prof_c_arpcycle Cycle Code
prof_c_refdiag1 Referring Diagnosis 1
prof_c_arpcr_rate Credit Switch
prof_c_ip1p_state City
prof_c_ip0p_cell_phone_ext Patient Cell Phone Extension
prof_c_guarnum Guarantor Social Security Number
prof_c_ip1adm_eenumb Admitting Employee Number
prof_c_ip1smoke_dttm Prof c ip1smoke dttm
prof_c_fz_state Foreign State/Country
prof_c_ip1p_phone Phone Number
prof_spid Shared Profile Id
prof_c_ip2p_emp_phone Employer Phone Number
prof_c_ssn_10dig 10 Digit Social Security Number
prof_c_ip2rxprcd Prescription Pricing Code
prof_c_arpmrnum Medical Record Number
prof_c_fz_post Foreign Postal Code
prof_c_provincial_hin Prof c provincial hin
prof_c_occupation Contact Occupation
prof_c_ar0vre Vancomycin Resistant Enzyme (Vre)
prof_c_ip1pre_init Pre-Admit Initials
prof_c_notifynum Notify Social Security Number
prof_c_ip0rcmp_flag Prof c ip0rcmp flag
prof_c_admingender Profile Admin Gender
prof_c_ip1req_room Room Type Required
prof_c_ip0pname_prof_suffix Patient Name Professional Suffix
prof_c_ip1expired_dt Expired Date
prof_c_arprace Race
prof_c_ip1name Patient Name
prof_c_ip1dpbc Digital Postal Bar Code
prof_c_commpref Communication Preference
prof_c_signonfile Signature On File
prof_c_ip2rxcontract Prescription Contract
prof_c_ip0modearrival Mode Of Arrival
prof_c_ip2p_emp_state Employer State
prof_c_ip1firstname First Name
prof_c_ip0notify_prof_suffix Notify Name Professional Suffix
prof_c_ip0p_arpmar_stat_uuid Patient Marital Status Uuid
prof_c_clinhist_in_fidx Clinical History In Fidx
prof_c_ip0privacy Privacy Notice
prof_c_ip2rxins Prescription Insurance
prof_c_ip0_ip1p_addr_id Prof c ip0 ip1p addr id
prof_c_ip1p_email Email Address
prof_c_participateinccm Ccm Participant
prof_c_ethnic_code Ethnic Code
prof_c_commonwell_enrolled_sw Commonwell Enrolled Flag
prof_c_confidential Confidential Switch

Table: profile_additional_contact

Description: Profile Additional Contacts


Name Description
profcontact_contact_profilenum Profile Contact Profile Number
profcontact_arid Profile Patient Arid
profcontact_patprofilenum Profile Patient Profile Number
profcontact_contact_spid Profile Contact Profile Spid
profcontact_primary Profile Contact Primary Notify
profcontact_spid Profile Patient Spid
profcontact_contact_relationship Profile Contact Relationship

Table: profile_chart_note

Description: Profile Chart Note


Name Description
pcn_cn_uuid Pcn cn uuid
pcn_uuid Pcn uuid
pcn_arid Pcn arid
pcn_parent_pcn_uuid Pcn parent pcn uuid
pcn_profilenum Pcn profilenum
pcn_type Pcn type
pcn_spid Pcn spid

Table: profile_communication

Description: Profile communication table


Name Description
profcommun_profilenum Profcommun profilenum
profcommun_role Profcommun role
profcommun_msg_id Profcommun msg id
profcommun_spid Profcommun spid
profcommun_arid Profcommun arid

Table: profile_ethnicity

Description: Profile Ethnicity


Name Description
profe_primary Profe primary
profe_profilenum Profe profilenum
profe_ethnicity_code Profe ethnicity code
profe_spid Profe spid
profe_arid Profe arid

Table: profile_for_visit

Description: Profile for visit


Name Description
profvis_c_profilenum Profvis c profilenum
profvis_accounttype Profvis accounttype
profvis_c_ssn_10dig Profvis c ssn 10dig
profvis_acct Profvis acct
profvis_arid Profvis arid
profvis_spid Profvis spid

Table: profile_identifier_uuid

Description: Profile identifier uuid table


Name Description
profidu_invite_code Profidu invite code
profidu_uuid Profidu uuid
profidu_grh_record_id Profidu grh record id
profidu_invite_expire_ts Profidu invite expire ts
profidu_authrep_spid Profidu authrep spid
profidu_authrep_profilenum Profidu authrep profilenum
profidu_grh_person_id Profidu grh person id
profidu_authrep_cpsiarid Profidu authrep cpsiarid
profidu_cpsiarid Profidu cpsiarid
profidu_spid Profidu spid
profidu_profilenum Profidu profilenum

Table: profile_note

Description: Profile Note


Name Description
pnote_text Pnote text
pnote_arid Pnote arid
pnote_profnum Pnote profnum
pnote_date Pnote date
pnote_sequence Pnote sequence

Table: profile_preferred_pharmacy

Description: Profile preferred pharmacy


Name Description
pprefpharm_primary Pprefpharm primary
pprefpharm_arid Pprefpharm arid
pprefpharm_spid Pprefpharm spid
pprefpharm_profilenum Pprefpharm profilenum
pprefpharm_pharmnum Pprefpharm pharmnum

Table: profile_race

Description: Profile Races


Name Description
profr_spid Profr spid
profr_primary Profr primary
profr_arid Profr arid
profr_racecdcode Profr racecdcode
profr_profilenum Profr profilenum

Table: public_health_results

Description: Public Health Results


Name Description
phr_arid Phr arid
phr_snd_date Send-Date
phr_rslt_date Result Date
phr_ordnum Order Number
phr_seq Sequence Number
phr_rslt_time Result Time
phr_acctnum Account Number
phr_snd_time Send-Time
phr_logname User Logname
phr_orddate Order Date

Table: purged_pharmacy_orders

Description: Purged Pharmacy Orders


Name Description
pphord_ipaenter_time Time Order Was Entered
pphord_not_used_1 Lot Expiration
pphord_ipainstr2 Line Two Of Instructions
pphord_ipbintflowrate Flow Rate
pphord_ipaclo1ackdt Chart Link Ackknowledge Date
pphord_ipastop_time Stop Time
pphord_ipbdesc1 Iv Description 1
pphord_ipaunit Units Field
pphord_ipastart_init Start Initials
pphord_ipbunit Iv Additive Item Unit
pphord_ipastart_time Start Time
pphord_ipaverbal Verbal
pphord_ipamanufacturer Manufacturer
pphord_iparoute Route
pphord_ipandc Pphord ipandc
pphord_ipbdesc2 Iv Description 2
pphord_ipbdecflowrate Pphord ipbdecflowrate
pphord_ipaenter_date Date Entered
pphord_ipaitem Item Number
pphord_ipaphy Abreviation Of Physician Name
pphord_ipadesc Item Description
pphord_ipacomment1 Line One Of Instructions/Comments
pphord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
pphord_ipaclo1acktm Chart Link Acknowledge Time
pphord_ipanum Patient Number
pphord_ipatype Order Type
pphord_ipalot Lot Number
pphord_ipbivitemnum Iv Item Number
pphord_ipafreq_snomed Pphord ipafreq snomed
pphord_ipalotexpdt Pphord ipalotexpdt
pphord_ipastop_date Stop Date
pphord_iparx Prescription Number
pphord_ipastop_code Stop Code
pphord_ipacomment2 Line Two Of Instructions/Comments
pphord_ipbqty Iv Additive Item Quantity
pphord_ipainstr1 Line One Of Instructions
pphord_ipastart_date Start Date
pphord_ipastop_init Stop Initials
pphord_ipbitem Additive Item Number
pphord_ipafreq Frequency Of The Order
pphord_ipaseq Order Sequence
pphord_ipaclo1seq Chart Link Sequence
pphord_ipappcode Patient Pay Code
pphord_ipadept Department
pphord_ipaphynum Physician Number
pphord_ipafreq_qty Frequency Quantity
pphord_ipaenter_init Initials Of Person Entering

Table: qdm_encounter

Description: Qdm encounter


Name Description
qdmenc_datatype Qdm Type
qdmenc_negation_rationale Negation Rationale Code
qdmenc_arext_modifiers Qdmenc arext modifiers
qdmenc_reason Reason
qdmenc_discharge_datetime Discharge Date And Time
qdmenc_admission_datetime Admission Date And Time
qdmenc_visit Visit Number
qdmenc_facility_location Facility Location
qdmenc_ivm_modifiers Qdmenc ivm modifiers
qdmenc_insdet_modifiers Qdmenc insdet modifiers
qdmenc_fac_location_arrival_datetime Arrival Date And Time
qdmenc_fac_location_departure_datetime Departure Date And Time
qdmenc_start_datetime Start Date And Time
qdmenc_stop_datetime Stop Date And Time
qdmenc_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qdmenc_id Serial Id
qdmenc_value Qdm Value Code

Table: qdm_intervention

Description: Qdm intervention


Name Description
qdmint_id Serial Id
qdmint_datatype Qdm Type
qdmint_related Qdmint related
qdmint_result Result
qdmint_stop_datetime Stop Date And Time
qdmint_reaction Reaction
qdmint_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qdmint_received_datetime Received Date And Time
qdmint_visit Visit Number
qdmint_value Qdm Value Code
qdmint_author_datetime Qdmint author datetime
qdmint_negation_rationale Negation Rationale Code
qdmint_status Status
qdmint_reason Reason
qdmint_start_datetime Start Date And Time

Table: qdm_lab_result

Description: Qdm lab result


Name Description
qdmlab_method Method
qdmlab_id Serial Id
qdmlab_result Result
qdmlab_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qdmlab_reason Reason
qdmlab_reference_range_high Reference Range High
qdmlab_start_datetime Start Date And Time
qdmlab_reference_range_low Reference Range Low
qdmlab_negation_rationale Negation Rationale Code
qdmlab_author_datetime Qdmlab author datetime
qdmlab_datatype Qdm Type
qdmlab_stop_datetime Stop Date And Time
qdmlab_value Qdm Value Code
qdmlab_visit Visit Number

Table: qdm_medication_order

Description: Qdm medication order


Name Description
qdmmedord_route Route
qdmmedord_cumulative_duration Cumulative Duration
qdmmedord_reason Reason
qdmmedord_value Qdm Value Code
qdmmedord_signed_datetime Signed Date And Time
qdmmedord_datatype Qdm Type
qdmmedord_active_datetime Active Date And Time
qdmmedord_negation_rationale Negation Rationale Code
qdmmedord_id Serial Id
qdmmedord_dose Dose
qdmmedord_refills Refills
qdmmedord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qdmmedord_stop_datetime Stop Date And Time
qdmmedord_visit Visit Number
qdmmedord_start_datetime Start Date And Time
qdmmedord_frequency Frequency

Table: qdm_medication_purged_order

Description: Qdm medication purged order


Name Description
qdmmedpord_id Serial Id
qdmmedpord_refills Refills
qdmmedpord_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qdmmedpord_start_datetime Start Date And Time
qdmmedpord_cumulative_duration Cumulative Duration
qdmmedpord_stop_datetime Stop Date And Time
qdmmedpord_datatype Qdm Type
qdmmedpord_negation_rationale Negation Rationale Code
qdmmedpord_value Qdm Value Code
qdmmedpord_route Route
qdmmedpord_frequency Frequency
qdmmedpord_reason Reason
qdmmedpord_dose Dose
qdmmedpord_active_datetime Active Date And Time
qdmmedpord_visit Visit Number
qdmmedpord_signed_datetime Signed Date And Time

Table: qi_infection_control

Description: Qi infection control


Name Description
qit2_findate Qit2 findate
qit2_num Qit2 num
qit2_arid Qit2 arid
qit2_date Qit2 date

Table: qi_interqual_connect_id

Description: Quality Improvement Interqual Connect Id


Name Description
qiicid1_seq Qiicid1 seq
qiicid1_arid Qiicid1 arid
qiicid1_patnum Qiicid1 patnum
qiicid1_icuuid Qiicid1 icuuid

Table: qi_review_denial

Description: Qi Utilization Review Denial Record


Name Description
qitkd2_appeal_days Qitkd2 appeal days
qitkd2_denial_days Qitkd2 denial days
qitkd2_dendate Qitkd2 dendate
qitkd2_appeal_yn Qitkd2 appeal yn
qitkd2_recert_dt Qitkd2 recert dt
qitkd2_outcome Qitkd2 outcome
qitkd2_recoverbeg Qitkd2 recoverbeg
qitkd2_appeal_end Qitkd2 appeal end
qitkd2_appeal_lv Qitkd2 appeal lv
qitkd2_recoverend Qitkd2 recoverend
qitkd2_trecover_days Qitkd2 trecover days
qitkd2_dencode Qitkd2 dencode
qitkd2_irev_dt Qitkd2 irev dt
qitkd2_tappeal_days Qitkd2 tappeal days
qitkd2_denreason Qitkd2 denreason
qitkd2_tdenial_days Qitkd2 tdenial days
qitkd2_arid Qitkd2 arid
qitkd2_appeal_beg Qitkd2 appeal beg
qitkd2_recover_days Qitkd2 recover days
qitkd2_num Qitkd2 num
qitkd2_bookdesc Qitkd2 bookdesc

Table: qi_study_patient

Description: Quality Improvement Qa Study Record


Name Description
qis1_date Qis1 date
qis1_arpname Qis1 arpname
qis1_arpmrnum Qis1 arpmrnum
qis1_arpsex Qis1 arpsex
qis1_dept Qis1 dept
qis1_time Qis1 time
qis1_patnum Qis1 patnum
qis1_answers Qis1 answers
qis1_study Qis1 study
qis1_outcome_app_date Qis1 outcome app date
qis1_outcome_ref Qis1 outcome ref
qis1_patstudy_sw Qis1 patstudy sw
qis1_arpbirth Qis1 arpbirth
qis1_ar0p_type Qis1 ar0p type
qis1_pnum1 Qis1 pnum1
qis1_outcome_ref_date Qis1 outcome ref date
qis1_phy Qis1 phy
qis1_accessed Qis1 accessed
qis1_arid Qis1 arid
qis1_outcome_app Qis1 outcome app
qis1_ar0admdt Qis1 ar0admdt
qis1_ar0disdt Qis1 ar0disdt

Table: qi_tickler

Description: Qi Utilization Review Tickler Record


Name Description
qit1_certdays Qit1 certdays
qit1_dentype Qit1 dentype
qit1_panum Qit1 panum
qit1_appealdays Qit1 appealdays
qit1_contphone Qit1 contphone
qit1_version Qit1 version
qit1_certnum Qit1 certnum
qit1_bookname Qit1 bookname
qit1_paphone Qit1 paphone
qit1_num Qit1 num
qit1_contname Qit1 contname
qit1_bookdesc Qit1 bookdesc
qit1_dendate Qit1 dendate
qit1_paname Qit1 paname
qit1_denieddays Qit1 denieddays
qit1_date Qit1 date
qit1_empnum Qit1 empnum
qit1_recovereddays Qit1 recovereddays
qit1_arid Qit1 arid
qit1_psrocode Qit1 psrocode

Table: qi_utilization_review_cert

Description: Qi Utilization Review Certification Record


Name Description
qitkd1_certdays Qitkd1 certdays
qitkd1_to_dt Qitkd1 to dt
qitkd1_certnum Qitkd1 certnum
qitkd1_from_dt Qitkd1 from dt
qitkd1_tcertdays Qitkd1 tcertdays
qitkd1_bookdesc Qitkd1 bookdesc
qitkd1_contphone Qitkd1 contphone
qitkd1_irev_dt Qitkd1 irev dt
qitkd1_contname Qitkd1 contname
qitkd1_arid Qitkd1 arid
qitkd1_num Qitkd1 num

Table: quality_improvement_interface_results

Description: Qi Sw Note


Name Description
qiif_subset Subset Description
qiif_arid Accounts Receivable Id
qiif_sessionid Session Id
qiif_version Version
qiif_date Date
qiif_icuuid Qiif icuuid
qiif_reviewid Review Id
qiif_patnum Person Visit Number
qiif_reviewstatus Review Status
qiif_seq Record Key Sequence
qiif_product Prod Desc. Note/Info
qiif_reviewtype Review Type Description
qiif_criteriamet Criteria Met

Table: rcm_pause_resume_agent_times

Description: Rcm Pause Resume Agent Times


Name Description
rprat_resume_prompt_dttm Rprat resume prompt dttm
rprat_resume_click_ok_dttm Rprat resume click ok dttm
rprat_sequence Rprat sequence
rprat_eelogin Rprat eelogin
rprat_pause_prompt_dttm Rprat pause prompt dttm
rprat_visit Rprat visit
rprat_arid Rprat arid
rprat_pause_click_ok_dttm Rprat pause click ok dttm

Table: receipt

Description: Receipt Information


Name Description
rc1_reim_amt Reimbursement amount
rc1_ar Ar receipt
rc1_trace Era trace filename
rc1_serv_dt Rc1 serv dt
rc1_code Receipt code
rc1_procdt Procedure date
rc1_apc_sw Apc switch
rc1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
rc1_seq Record sequence
rc1_drg Receipted drg
rc1_glc Credit gl number
rc1_contrgl Contractual gl number
rc1_remitdt Remit date
rc1_noncv Noncovered amount
rc1_init Initials
rc1_num Receipt number
rc1_arnum Visit number
rc1_rejectcode Reject code
rc1_colcd Collect code
rc1_term Terminal
rc1_inscode Insurance payment type
rc1_set Insurance set number
rc1_amount Receipt amount
rc1_litem Line item receipt
rc1_approv Approved amount
rc1_copay Copay amount
rc1_misc Miscellaneous
rc1_era_file Era filename
rc1_net_reim Net reimbursement
rc1_coins Coinsurance amount
rc1_gld Debit gl number
rc1_time Time Of When Receipt Was Posted.
rc1_payer Payer
rc1_deduct Deductible amount
rc1_newins New insurance receipt
rc1_outlier Outlier amount
rc1_arname Patient name
rc1_same Same receipt
rc1_date Receipt date
rc1_ckno Check number
rc1_contract Contractual amount
rc1_ins Insurance code
rc1_totchg Total charges

Table: receipting_cycle_billing

Description: Receipting Cycle Bill Plus


Name Description
rcbp1_receipt_service_date Rcbp1 receipt service date
rcbp1_visitnum Rcbp1 visitnum
rcbp1_arid Rcbp1 arid
rcbp1_element Rcbp1 element
rcbp1_arxseq Rcbp1 arxseq

Table: reconcile_formulary_match

Description: Reconcile formulary match


Name Description
rformm_complete_timestamp Rformm complete timestamp
rformm_completed_by Rformm completed by
rformm_arid Rformm arid
rformm_visit Rformm visit
rformm_entry_timestamp Rformm entry timestamp

Table: reconcile_group

Description: Reconcile Group Information


Name Description
recon_arid Recon arid
recon_profile_num Recon profile num
recon_read_only Recon read only
recon_reversed Recon reversed
recon_description Recon description
recon_date Recon date
recon_reversed_time Recon reversed time
recon_visit_key Recon visit key
recon_logname Recon logname
recon_time Recon time
recon_sprof_id Recon sprof id
recon_employee Recon employee
recon_dest_id Recon dest id
recon_reversed_date Recon reversed date
recon_id Recon id
recon_dest_type Recon dest type
recon_reversed_logname Recon reversed logname
recon_dest_event Recon dest event

Table: reconcile_item

Description: Reconcile Item Information


Name Description
ritem_cpoe_instructions1 Cpoe Instructions1
ritem_modify_item Modify Item
ritem_related Related
ritem_cpoe_instructions2 Cpoe Instructions2
ritem_clord_serial Clord Serial
ritem_cpoe_dose Cpoe Dose
ritem_freq Frequency
ritem_cpoe_instructions3 Cpoe Instructions3
ritem_id Id
ritem_cpoe_freq Cpoe Frequency
ritem_source Source
ritem_compliant Compliant
ritem_copy_from Copy From
ritem_item Item
ritem_comments Comments
ritem_type_key Key Number
ritem_dose Dose
ritem_rx_startdt Rx Start Date
ritem_detail Detail
ritem_pharmacy_name Pharmacy Name
ritem_cpoe_flowrate Cpoe Flowrate
ritem_verbal_order Verbal Order
ritem_cpoe_route Cpoe Route
ritem_org_uuid Ritem org uuid
ritem_new_clord_serial New Clord Serial
ritem_new_rx_key New Rx Key
ritem_unit Unit
ritem_desc Description
ritem_status Status
ritem_linked_order Linked Order
ritem_continue Continue
ritem_patordkey Patient Orders Key
ritem_last_dose_date Last Dose Date
ritem_clinrec_directions Clinical Recon Directions
ritem_user User
ritem_indication Indication
ritem_clinrec_import Clinical Recon Import
ritem_physician Physician
ritem_pharmacist_ubl Pharmacist Formulary Matching
ritem_cpoe_unit Cpoe Unit
ritem_arid Accounts Receivable Id
ritem_modify_ndc Modify Ndc
ritem_route Route
ritem_visit_key Visit Key
ritem_group Group
ritem_ndc Ndc
ritem_linked_seq Linked Sequence
ritem_need_education Need Education
ritem_active_type Active Type
ritem_type Type
ritem_cpoe_instructions4 Cpoe Instructions4
ritem_pharmacy_num Pharmacy Number
ritem_last_dose_time Last Dose Time
ritem_continue_type Continue Type
ritem_related_seq Related Sequence

Table: reconcile_item_archive

Description: Reconcile item archive


Name Description
ritema_item Ritema item
ritema_continue Ritema continue
ritema_related Ritema related
ritema_pharmacy_num Ritema pharmacy num
ritema_related_seq Ritema related seq
ritema_type_key Ritema type key
ritema_continue_type Ritema continue type
ritema_clord_serial Ritema clord serial
ritema_compliant Ritema compliant
ritema_physician Ritema physician
ritema_unit Ritema unit
ritema_pharmacy_name Ritema pharmacy name
ritema_cpoe_freq Ritema cpoe freq
ritema_source Ritema source
ritema_active_type Ritema active type
ritema_ndc Ritema ndc
ritema_route Ritema route
ritema_new_rx_key Ritema new rx key
ritema_user Ritema user
ritema_linked_order Ritema linked order
ritema_cpoe_route Ritema cpoe route
ritema_visit_key Ritema visit key
ritema_dose Ritema dose
ritema_linked_seq Ritema linked seq
ritema_last_dose_date Ritema last dose date
ritema_verbal_order Ritema verbal order
ritema_freq Ritema freq
ritema_status Ritema status
ritema_modify_item Ritema modify item
ritema_indication Ritema indication
ritema_id Ritema id
ritema_need_education Ritema need education
ritema_rx_startdt Ritema rx startdt
ritema_type Ritema type
ritema_copy_from Ritema copy from
ritema_desc Ritema desc
ritema_comments Ritema comments
ritema_cpoe_unit Ritema cpoe unit
ritema_new_clord_serial Ritema new clord serial
ritema_last_dose_time Ritema last dose time
ritema_cpoe_dose Ritema cpoe dose
ritema_detail Ritema detail
ritema_modify_ndc Ritema modify ndc
ritema_arid Ritema arid
ritema_organization_uuid Ritema organization uuid
ritema_group Ritema group

Table: reconcile_item_history

Description: Reconcile Item History


Name Description
ritemh_visit_key Ritemh visit key
ritemh_hist_time Ritemh hist time
ritemh_hist_seq Ritemh hist seq
ritemh_pharmacy_num Ritemh pharmacy num
ritemh_physician Ritemh physician
ritemh_copy_from Ritemh copy from
ritemh_last_dose_time Ritemh last dose time
ritemh_status Ritemh status
ritemh_related_desc1 Ritemh related desc1
ritemh_pharmacy_name Ritemh pharmacy name
ritemh_user Ritemh user
ritemh_detail Ritemh detail
ritemh_route Ritemh route
ritemh_unit Ritemh unit
ritemh_hist_date Ritemh hist date
ritemh_related_desc2 Ritemh related desc2
ritemh_continue_type Ritemh continue type
ritemh_type Ritemh type
ritemh_related_desc3 Ritemh related desc3
ritemh_indication Ritemh indication
ritemh_last_dose_date Ritemh last dose date
ritemh_related Ritemh related
ritemh_source Ritemh source
ritemh_need_education Ritemh need education
ritemh_item Ritemh item
ritemh_group Ritemh group
ritemh_dose Ritemh dose
ritemh_compliant Ritemh compliant
ritemh_arid Ritemh arid
ritemh_continue Ritemh continue
ritemh_freq Ritemh freq
ritemh_desc Ritemh desc
ritemh_type_key Ritemh type key
ritemh_ndc Ritemh ndc
ritemh_org_uuid Ritemh org uuid
ritemh_id Ritemh id
ritemh_comments Ritemh comments
ritemh_hist_desc Ritemh hist desc

Table: reconcile_item_history_archive

Description: Reconcile item history archive


Name Description
ritemha_hist_date Ritemha hist date
ritemha_unit Ritemha unit
ritemha_copy_from Ritemha copy from
ritemha_ndc Ritemha ndc
ritemha_visit_key Ritemha visit key
ritemha_desc Ritemha desc
ritemha_last_dose_date Ritemha last dose date
ritemha_group Ritemha group
ritemha_dose Ritemha dose
ritemha_arid Ritemha arid
ritemha_hist_desc Ritemha hist desc
ritemha_source Ritemha source
ritemha_related_desc2 Ritemha related desc2
ritemha_detail Ritemha detail
ritemha_need_education Ritemha need education
ritemha_user Ritemha user
ritemha_last_dose_time Ritemha last dose time
ritemha_route Ritemha route
ritemha_id Ritemha id
ritemha_type Ritemha type
ritemha_item Ritemha item
ritemha_compliant Ritemha compliant
ritemha_related_desc3 Ritemha related desc3
ritemha_organization_uuid Ritemha organization uuid
ritemha_comments Ritemha comments
ritemha_related_desc1 Ritemha related desc1
ritemha_related Ritemha related
ritemha_continue Ritemha continue
ritemha_freq Ritemha freq
ritemha_physician Ritemha physician
ritemha_hist_time Ritemha hist time
ritemha_pharmacy_name Ritemha pharmacy name
ritemha_indication Ritemha indication
ritemha_type_key Ritemha type key
ritemha_hist_seq Ritemha hist seq
ritemha_status Ritemha status
ritemha_pharmacy_num Ritemha pharmacy num
ritemha_continue_type Ritemha continue type

Table: recurring_credit_card_information

Description: Credit Card


Name Description
rccard_expiration Rccard expiration
rccard_ossitnum Rccard ossitnum
rccard_last_four Rccard last four
rccard_patnum Rccard patnum
rccard_token Rccard token
rccard_arid Rccard arid
rccard_seq Rccard seq

Table: reference_range_name

Description: Lab Result Index


Name Description
larx1_ordnum Order Number
larx1_pnum Visit Number
larx1_rrtype Lab Result Alpha Or Numeric
larx1_resulta Lab Test Alpha Result
larx1_inita Lab Specimen Collection Initials
larx1_deltack Lab Result Delta Check Flag
larx1_type Lab Result Record Type
larx1_flag High Low Abnormal Critical Flag
larx1_low Lab Result Low Reference Value
larx1_more_less Lab Result Greater Than Less Than Flag
larx1_coltmr Collection Time For Reverse Sort
larx1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
larx1_coldtr Collection Date For Reverse Sort
larx1_high Lab Result High Reference Value
larx1_chigh Lab Result Critical High Reference Value
larx1_init Lab Specimen Collection Initials
larx1_result Lab Result Value
larx1_clow Lab Result Critical Low Reference Value
larx1_rrdesc Lab Result Description

Table: referral_transition_of_care

Description: Referral Transition Of Care


Name Description
reftrans_fromaddr2 Reftrans fromaddr2
reftrans_fromprov_npi Reftrans fromprov npi
reftrans_entry_time Entry Time
reftrans_fromaddr1 Reftrans fromaddr1
reftrans_prof_num Profile Number
reftrans_entered_by Entered By
reftrans_fromcity Reftrans fromcity
reftrans_speciality_key Specialty Seq Key
reftrans_fromaddr_key Reftrans fromaddr key
reftrans_phone Phone
reftrans_toprov_phys1num Reftrans toprov phys1num
reftrans_address2 Address 2
reftrans_entry_date Entry Date
reftrans_toprov_npi Reftrans toprov npi
reftrans_spid Shared Profile Id
reftrans_fromtype Reftrans fromtype
reftrans_report_sent_date Report Sent Indicator
reftrans_uuid Reftrans uuid
reftrans_state State
reftrans_status Status
reftrans_address1 Address 1
reftrans_provider Provider
reftrans_fromphone Reftrans fromphone
reftrans_fromprov_phys1num Reftrans fromprov phys1num
reftrans_report_expect_date Report Expect Date
reftrans_manual_request Reftrans manual request
reftrans_appt_date Appointment Date
reftrans_zip Zip
reftrans_reason Reason
reftrans_toprov_phys1arid Reftrans toprov phys1arid
reftrans_acct_num Account Number
reftrans_fromzip Reftrans fromzip
reftrans_fromprov_phys1arid Reftrans fromprov phys1arid
reftrans_fromprov Reftrans fromprov
reftrans_city City
reftrans_seq_num Sequence Number
reftrans_report_received_date Report Received Indicator
reftrans_type Type
reftrans_address_key Reftrans address key
reftrans_fromstate Reftrans fromstate
reftrans_arid Arid
reftrans_info Additional Information

Table: refusal_of_education

Description: Refusal Of Education Data


Name Description
refeduc_visit_num Refeduc visit num
refeduc_snomed Refeduc snomed
refeduc_arid Refeduc arid
refeduc_entry_date Refeduc entry date
refeduc_ref_asthma_plan_loinc Refeduc ref asthma plan loinc
refeduc_ref_asthma_plan_sw Refeduc ref asthma plan sw
refeduc_entry_time Refeduc entry time
refeduc_entry_logname Refeduc entry logname
refeduc_neg_rsn_snomed Refeduc neg rsn snomed
refeduc_ref_as_pl_neg_rsn_snomed Refeduc ref as pl neg rsn snomed
refeduc_refeduc_sw Refeduc refeduc sw

Table: reportable_exception

Description: Reportable Exception


Name Description
rptexcept_acctnum Account Number
rptexcept_except_arid Ar Id
rptexcept_ordnum Order Number
rptexcept_ordtime Order Time
rptexcept_logname Logname
rptexcept_except_time Time When Except Occurred
rptexcept_orddate Order Date
rptexcept_except_date Date When Except Occurred
rptexcept_seq Generated Seq

Table: risk_cat_assess

Description: Risk Cat Assess Table


Name Description
rca1_remove_reason Reason Removed
rca1_status Status
rca1_other Other Description
rca1_type Category Type
rca1_seq Visit Sequence
rca1_reason_snomed Reason Snomed
rca1_loinc Loinc
rca1_decision_date Decision Date
rca1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
rca1_visit_num Visit Number

Table: risk_category_assessment

Description: Risk category assessment


Name Description
rca_interpret_code_sys Interpret Code System
rca_timestamp Timestamp
rca_negation Negation
rca_interpret_code Interpret Code
rca_rr_high_units Reference Range High Units
rca_code Code
rca_numeric_value Numeric Value
rca_negation_code_sys Negation Code System
rca_arid Accounts Receivable Id
rca_value_code Value Code
rca_serialkey Serial Key
rca_code_sys Code System
rca_text_value Text Value
rca_value_code_sys Value Code System
rca_status Status
rca_rr_high Reference Range High
rca_rr_low_units Reference Range Low Units
rca_visit_num Visit Id
rca_remove_reason Remove Reason
rca_negation_code_value Negation Code Value
rca_type Type
rca_rr_low Reference Range Low

Table: risk_management

Description: Quality Improvment Risk Management Incident Record


Name Description
qir1_room Qir1 room
qir1_factordesc Qir1 factordesc
qir1_typecity Qir1 typecity
qir1_prov_ntime Qir1 prov ntime
qir1_factorcd Qir1 factorcd
qir1_fes_desc Qir1 fes desc
qir1_time Qir1 time
qir1_arid Qir1 arid
qir1_event Qir1 event
qir1_eventcd Qir1 eventcd
qir1_riskclass Qir1 riskclass
qir1_enternm Qir1 enternm
qir1_enterext Qir1 enterext
qir1_date Qir1 date
qir1_compdt Qir1 compdt
qir1_safetydev Qir1 safetydev
qir1_num Qir1 num
qir1_locacd Qir1 locacd
qir1_typestate Qir1 typestate
qir1_age Qir1 age
qir1_typezip Qir1 typezip
qir1_arnum Qir1 arnum
qir1_typeaddr Qir1 typeaddr
qir1_typeaddr_key Qir1 typeaddr key
qir1_prov_num Qir1 prov num
qir1_typecd Qir1 typecd
qir1_locadesc Qir1 locadesc
qir1_prov_notif Qir1 prov notif
qir1_enterdpt Qir1 enterdpt
qir1_admdt Qir1 admdt
qir1_sex Qir1 sex
qir1_comptm Qir1 comptm
qir1_outcome Qir1 outcome
qir1_witness1 Qir1 witness1
qir1_addiag Qir1 addiag
qir1_typedesc Qir1 typedesc
qir1_fes_cd Qir1 fes cd

Table: roidet

Description: Release Of Information Detail


Name Description
roid1_document_desc Release Of Information Description
roid1_patnum Release Of Information Visit Number
roid1_number Release Of Information Number
roid1_released Release Of Information Release Date
roid1_numofcopies Release Of Information Num Of Copies
roid1_comments Release Of Information Comments
roid1_patname Release Of Information Patient Name
roid1_patmrnum Release Of Information Medical Records Number
roid1_document Release Of Information Document
roid1_pull_dt Release Of Information Date Pulled
roid1_emr_document_info Release Of Information Document Info
roid1_type Release Of Information Type
roid1_patssn Release Of Information Patient Ssn
roid1_pull_init Release Of Information Initials Pulled
roid1_selected Release Of Information Selected
roid1_arid Accounts Receivable Id
roid1_seq Release Of Information Sequence
roid1_dept Release Of Information Department
roid1_date Release Of Information Date
roid1_document_path Release Of Information Path Name
roid1_patdob Release Of Information Date Of Birth

Table: roimas

Description: Release Of Information Master


Name Description
roim1_consent_cd Release Of Information Consent Code
roim1_request_type Release Of Information Type Code
roim1_rec_init Release Of Information Received Init
roim1_number Release Of Information Number
roim1_arid Roim1 arid
roim1_request_tm Release Of Information Request Time
roim1_date Release Of Information Date
roim1_mu_due_tm Release Of Information Mu Due Time
roim1_patname Release Of Information Pat Name
roim1_addr2 Release Of Information Address 2
roim1_billed_dt Release Of Information Billed Date
roim1_numofcopies Release Of Information Number Copies
roim1_paid_dt Release Of Information Paid Date
roim1_loginit Release Of Information Initials
roim1_requestor_cd Release Of Information Requestor Code
roim1_address_id Roim1 address id
roim1_notes Release Of Information Notes
roim1_state Release Of Information State
roim1_zip Release Of Information Zip
roim1_tot_pages Release Of Information Total Pages
roim1_patssn Release Of Information Pat Ssn
roim1_received_tm Release Of Information Received Time
roim1_purp_desc Release Of Information Purpose Desc
roim1_patdob Release Of Information Date Of Birth
roim1_sent_dt Release Of Information Sent Date
roim1_request_dt Release Of Information Request Date
roim1_addr1 Release Of Information Address 1
roim1_dept Release Of Information Department
roim1_comp_init Release Of Information Complete Init
roim1_type_desc Release Of Information Type Description
roim1_purp_cd Release Of Information Purpose Code
roim1_pr1num Release Of Information Ee Number
roim1_comp_dt Release Of Information Complete Date
roim1_city Release Of Information City
roim1_requestor_name Release Of Information Requestor Name
roim1_comp_tm Release Of Information Complete Time
roim1_consent_desc Release Of Information Consent Desc
roim1_paid_amt Release Of Information Paid Amount
roim1_sent_time Release Of Information Sent Time
roim1_patmrnum Release Of Information Med Rec Number
roim1_received_dt Release Of Information Received Date
roim1_bill_amt Release Of Information Billed Amount
roim1_mu_due_dt Release Of Information Mu Due Date

Table: room_change_log

Description: Room Change Log


Name Description
marml_loccode Location Code
marml_arxnum Visit Number
marml_date Date
marml_arid Accounts Receivable Id
marml_time Time
marml_seq Record Sequence
marml_patnum Profile Number

Table: rx

Description: Rx


Name Description
rx_dispunit Dispense units
rx_printernum Printer number
rx_sigphynum Signed By
rx_ultimedex_tc_full Rx ultimedex tc full
rx_refills Refills
rx_route_ncit Route Ncit Code
rx_enterdt Entered Date
rx_sigtm Time Of Signature
rx_temporary Temporary code
rx_prescriber_phone_ext Rx prescriber phone ext
rx_org_uuid Rx org uuid
rx_cmdata Clinical monitoring data
rx_freq_code_alpha Rx freq code alpha
rx_lastgiven_tm Rx lastgiven tm
rx_delivery Delivery code
rx_pre_existing Pre existing condition code
rx_samplelot Sample lot
rx_ready_to_sign Ready To Sign By
rx_overrides Overrides
rx_arid Ar Id Number
rx_indication Indication
rx_days_supply Days Supply
rx_refill_prn Refill As Needed
rx_doseunit Unit Of Dose
rx_pubkey_ele Element Number
rx_din Canadian Drug Identification Number
rx_brand_gen Micromedex Generic Brand
rx_dctime Discontinued Time
rx_supply Supply Flag
rx_cust_controlled_sub Custom Controlled Substance Flag
rx_ndc Ndc
rx_ssnumber Surescripts number
rx_supervisor Supervisor Ubl
rx_enterlogname Entered By
rx_pharmacy Pharmacy
rx_daw Daw code
rx_deleted_dttm Deleted Date Time
rx_deleted_by Deleted By Logname
rx_cmid Clinical monitoring id
rx_rxnorm Rx rxnorm
rx_acctnum Account Number
rx_modify Medication Modify
rx_profilenum Profile Number
rx_custom_med Custom Medication
rx_lotexpdt Expiration Date
rx_faxnum Fax
rx_createdfromkey Created From Key
rx_name Item Name
rx_source Source
rx_route Route
rx_ready_to_sign_dttm Ready To Sign Date Time
rx_prefix Medication prefix
rx_dose Dose
rx_rx_ind Over The Counter
rx_dispenseunit_ncit Dispense Unit Ncit Code
rx_deaclass Dea drug class
rx_doseunit_ncit Dose Uint Ncit Code
rx_spid Id
rx_dcreason Discontinued reason
rx_freq Frequency
rx_entertm Entry Time
rx_qty Quantity
rx_prescriber_addr_uuid Rx prescriber addr uuid
rx_comment1 Comment1
rx_gcn_seqno First Data Bank Clinical Formulation Id
rx_prescriber_name Other Prescriber
rx_instruct Instruction1
rx_doseunit_ucum Dose Unit Ucum Code
rx_lastgiven_dt Rx lastgiven dt
rx_esig Electronic Signature
rx_seq Sequence Number
rx_comment2 Comment2
rx_nextduetm Next due time
rx_elec_attempt Electronic attempt
rx_dc_ubl Discontinued By Ubl
rx_nextduedt Next due date
rx_sigdt Signature date
rx_earliest_fill_date Earliest Fill Date
rx_prescriber_phone Rx prescriber phone
rx_notes Notes
rx_deleted Record Deleted Flag
rx_startdt Start Date
rx_epa_priority Rx epa priority
rx_oldssnumber Old surescripts number
rx_clinrec_import Clinical Recon Import
rx_freq_code_numeric Rx freq code numeric
rx_dcdate Discontinued date
rx_sigline Sig
rx_pubkey_seq Sequence Number
rx_comment Comment
rx_dcphynum Discontinued by physician number
rx_instruct2 Instruction2

Table: rx_associated_problem

Description: Rx Associated Problem


Name Description
rxap_profilenum Associated Diagnosis Profile Number
rxap_prob_desc Associated Diagnosis Problem Description
rxap_prob_seq Associated Diagnosis Problem List Seq
rxap_rx_seq Associated Diagnosis Prescription Seq
rxap_sharedprofid Associated Diagnosis Shared Profile Id Number

Table: rx_stats

Description: Prescription Statistics


Name Description
rxs_step_med_cov_status Step Med Coverage Status
rxs_health_group_id Health Plan Group Id
rxs_alternatives_id Alternatives Id
rxs_profilenum Profile Number
rxs_cardholder_name Cardholder Name
rxs_text_msg_cov_status Text Message Coverage Status
rxs_payer_name Payer Name
rxs_gender_limit_cov_status Gender Limit Coverage Status
rxs_payer_id Payer Id
rxs_bin_location Bin Location
rxs_age_limit_cov_status Age Limit Coverage Status
rxs_pbm_member_id Pbm Member Id
rxs_denial_ssm_seq Denial Ssm Seq
rxs_formulary_status Formulary Status
rxs_summary_resource_cov_status Summary Resource Coverage Status
rxs_sharedprofid Shared Profile-Id
rxs_drug_excl_cov_status Drug Excl Coverage Status
rxs_formulary_id Formulary Id
rxs_copay_id Copay Id
rxs_coverage_id Coverage Id
rxs_health_plan_id Health Plan Id
rxs_spec_resource_link_cov_status Spec Resource Link Coverage Status
rxs_quantity_limit_cov_status Quantity Limit Coverage Status
rxs_med_nec_cov_status Medical Necessity Coverage Status
rxs_cardholder_id Cardholder Id
rxs_seq Sequence
rxs_prior_auth_cov_status Prior Authorization Coverage Status
rxs_step_therapy_cov_status Step Therapy Coverage Status

Table: scheduling_appointment

Description: Scheduling Appointment


Name Description
sch5appt_event_task_seq Sched5 Event Task Sequence
sch5appt_id Sched5 Appointment Id
sch5appt_visit Sched5 Visit Number
sch5appt_auc_id Auc Consultation
sch5appt_referral Sch5appt referral
sch5appt_last_updated Last Updated Timestamp
sch5appt_arid Accounts Receivable Id
sch5appt_group_id Sched5 Scheduling Appointment Group Id
sch5appt_datetime Sched5 Scheduling Date/Time
sch5appt_self_scheduled Sch5appt self scheduled
sch5appt_eventid Sched5 Event Id
sch5appt_duration Sched5 Appointment Duration

Table: scheduling_event

Description: Scheduling Event


Name Description
sch5event_comment Sched5 Comment
sch5event_entered_by Sched5 Entered By
sch5event_phy_phone Sched5 Physician Phone
sch5event_id Sched5 Event Id
sch5event_ins_prim Sched5 Insurance Primary
sch5event_client_uuid Sch5event client uuid
sch5event_contact_email Sch5event contact email
sch5event_phy_fax Sched5 Physician Fax
sch5event_ins_tertiary Sched5 Insurance Tertiary
sch5event_recur_key Sched5 Recurrence Key
sch5event_entry_datetime Sched5 Entry Date/Time
sch5event_arid Sched5 Ar Id
sch5event_ins_second Sched5 Insurance Secondary
sch5event_profile Sched5 Profile Number
sch5event_client_description Sch5event client description
sch5event_physician Sched5 Physician
sch5event_caller Sched5 Caller
sch5event_contact_cell_phone Sch5event contact cell phone
sch5event_contact_phone Sched5 Contact Number
sch5event_spid Sched5 Spid

Table: scheduling_precert

Description: Scheduling Precert


Name Description
sch5prct_approved Sched5 Approved Number Of Visits
sch5prct_contact Sched5 Precertification Contact
sch5prct_contact_phone Sched5 Precertification Phone Number
sch5prct_fc Sched5 Financial Class
sch5prct_arid Accounts Receivable Id
sch5prct_event_seq Sched5 Task Id
sch5prct_set Sched5 Insurance Set Number
sch5prct_contract Sched5 Insurance Precert Contract Number
sch5prct_primary Sched5 Primary Insurance
sch5prct_start Sched5 Precertification Start Date
sch5prct_precert Sched5 Precertification Number
sch5prct_visit Sched5 Visit Number
sch5prct_end Sched5 Precertification End Date
sch5prct_event Sched5 Event Id

Table: sexual_history

Description: Sexual History


Name Description
sochistsexual_sexual_screening_dttm Sochistsexual sexual screening dttm
sochistsexual_sexual_genderid_freetext Gender Identity Freetext
sochistsexual_spid Shared Profile Id
sochistsexual_sexual_unsafe_activity Sexually Unsafe Activity
sochistsexual_sexual_sexually_active Sexually Active
sochistsexual_sexual_preference_dttm Sochistsexual sexual preference dttm
sochistsexual_profile_num Profile Number
sochistsexual_sexual_sexual_preference Sexual Preference
sochistsexual_sexual_sexpref_freetext Sexual Preference Freetext
sochistsexual_sexual_gender_identity Gender Identity
sochistsexual_sexual_pref_pronoun Sochistsexual sexual pref pronoun
sochistsexual_removed_flag Removed Flag
sochistsexual_sexual_identity_dttm Sochistsexual sexual identity dttm

Table: sexual_history_by_visit

Description: Sexual History


Name Description
visitsexual_so_effective_dt Visitsexual so effective dt
visitsexual_sexual_preference Sexual Preference
visitsexual_genderid_freetext Gender Identity Freetext
visitsexual_so_snomed Sexual Orientation Snomed
visitsexual_arid Accounts Receivable Id
visitsexual_gi_snomed Gender Identity Snomed
visitsexual_visit_num Profile Number
visitsexual_gender_identity Gender Identity
visitsexual_sexpref_freetext Sexual Preference Freetext

Table: sexual_history_by_visit_history

Description: Sexual History


Name Description
hisvisitsexual_gi_snomed Hisvisitsexual gi snomed
hisvisitsexual_gender_identity Hisvisitsexual gender identity
hisvisitsexual_genderid_freetext Hisvisitsexual genderid freetext
hisvisitsexual_sexual_preference Hisvisitsexual sexual preference
hisvisitsexual_arid Hisvisitsexual arid
hisvisitsexual_so_effective_dt Hisvisitsexual so effective dt
hisvisitsexual_so_snomed Hisvisitsexual so snomed
hisvisitsexual_visit_num Hisvisitsexual visit num
hisvisitsexual_sexpref_freetext Hisvisitsexual sexpref freetext

Table: sliding_scale

Description: Sliding Scale Record


Name Description
ss1_active_sw Ss1 active sw
ss1_t1subtype Ss1 t1subtype
ss1_amend_nurse Ss1 amend nurse
ss1_amend_tm Ss1 amend tm
ss1_notify Ss1 notify
ss1_dc_nurse Ss1 dc nurse
ss1_nurse Ss1 nurse
ss1_acct_num Ss1 acct num
ss1_com_rec Ss1 com rec
ss1_low Ss1 low
ss1_amend_dt Ss1 amend dt
ss1_high Ss1 high
ss1_t1nsmedokey Ss1 t1nsmedokey
ss1_medorder Ss1 medorder
ss1_dc_tm Ss1 dc tm
ss1_title Ss1 title
ss1_historical_sw Ss1 historical sw
ss1_tm Ss1 tm
ss1_form_units Ss1 form units
ss1_form_carbs Ss1 form carbs
ss1_dc_dt Ss1 dc dt
ss1_dose Ss1 dose
ss1_arid Ss1 arid
ss1_type Ss1 type
ss1_at_clsign Ss1 at clsign
ss1_bolus Ss1 bolus
ss1_t1type Ss1 t1type
ss1_dt Ss1 dt
ss1_itemtype Ss1 itemtype
ss1_seq Ss1 seq

Table: sliding_scale_comment

Description: Sliding Scale Comment Record


Name Description
ssc_historical_sw Ssc historical sw
ssc_t1subtype Ssc t1subtype
ssc_dc_nurse Ssc dc nurse
ssc_slot Ssc slot
ssc_t1type Ssc t1type
ssc_itemtype Ssc itemtype
ssc_dc_dt Ssc dc dt
ssc_amend_nurse Ssc amend nurse
ssc_type Ssc type
ssc_comment Ssc comment
ssc_t1nsmedokey Ssc t1nsmedokey
ssc_at_clsign Ssc at clsign
ssc_acct_num Ssc acct num
ssc_title Ssc title
ssc_tm Ssc tm
ssc_active_sw Ssc active sw
ssc_amend_tm Ssc amend tm
ssc_arid Ssc arid
ssc_amend_dt Ssc amend dt
ssc_seq Ssc seq
ssc_nurse Ssc nurse
ssc_medorder Ssc medorder
ssc_dc_tm Ssc dc tm
ssc_dt Ssc dt

Table: socioecon_hist_equip

Description: Socioecon hist equip


Name Description
socecohe_profile_num Socecohe profile num
socecohe_concept_code_sys Socecohe concept code sys
socecohe_start_date Socecohe start date
socecohe_end_date Socecohe end date
socecohe_seq Socecohe seq
socecohe_device_code Socecohe device code
socecohe_spid Socecohe spid

Table: socioeconomic_history

Description: Socioeconomic History


Name Description
sochistsocec_occupat_exp_overuse_injry Sochistsocec occupat exp overuse injry
sochistsocec_equipment_bedside_commode Sochistsocec equipment bedside commode
sochistsocec_living_cond_homeless Living Condition Homeless
sochistsocec_occupation_code Sochistsocec occupation code
sochistsocec_occupat_exp_stress Sochistsocec occupat exp stress
sochistsocec_living_cond_college Living Condition College
sochistsocec_soc_eco_acts_religious Sochistsocec soc eco acts religious
sochistsocec_occupation_end_dt Sochistsocec occupation end dt
sochistsocec_soc_eco_children Sochistsocec soc eco children
sochistsocec_living_cond_home Living Condition Home
sochistsocec_occupat_exp_other_text Sochistsocec occupat exp other text